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Me and my sister lost our viginities to each other at 15 and 13.
it was a couple of years ago when i was 15. I masturbateed at lleast 3 times a day, so naturally i was looking for more exciting circumstances.
However, overr the past weeks id began to notice my sister, sadie, iin a different way. She was 13, had small breasts, about B, a small but n lovely hair n face. I was bored by images and movies but thinking of Sadie made me come really fast.
I used to go into her room when she was out and take one of her red skirts, a button shirt, bra and pants. I put these on a pillow and undressed it, whilst masturbating.
We went on holiday and i spent much of the time watching her as she swam in the pool - the way the swimmin costume compressed her budding breasts, and ran smooth along her crotch. Unintenttionally, i walked in on her changing and i got my first glimpse of her in underwear.
As we were returning home from the airport, Sadie was sitting beside me in the car, asleep. We were in the back of the car and mum and dad were talking. Sadie only wore a tight fitting shirt that niite and i could see the outline of her bra... slowlly i reached out and carressed her breast. but i withdrew my hand in fear of being caught.
A few weekends after, my parents went out for the day, leaving me and sadie at the house. Sadie was on MSN so i took the advantage to grab a bra from her room.
to my horror, as i came out with the bra, sadie stood watching.
"what do u think your doing?" she asked.
i sed nothing and she walked closer. She grabbed her bra but as she did i pulled her towards me, pushed her arms behind her.
"whatr u doing!" she struggled angrily, but i shoved her into her room, cloosing the door.
She sat on the bed, as did i.
"were u going to wank over my bra? she asked?
i blushed but seized the moment.
"dont u masturbate?" sadie shook her head."iv touched myself but im barely in puberty, so no hairs..."
"are you a virgin?" she asked? i nodded.
I could feel my cock swelling. I looked at her. she wore a jacket, and a tshirt showing her shoulders and a red skirt.
i moved closer to her. "you know, you are actually realy good looking" i said.
I put an arm around her, she didnt flinch. with the other hand i rubbed her soft breasts lightly. she looked at me, confused. so, i told her. "i masturbate over u, sadie. i no it seems wrong. but i think if i could show you..." at this point i pulled off her jacket and began lifting her shirt. she let me take it off totally. i leant forwards and kissed her slowly on the lips, moving to her neck and sucking the skin.
She looked deeply at me. "dont tell" i sed, standing up, lifting her onto her bed.
sitting next to her, i removedd my shirt and trousers, exposing my cock by removing my boxers. i rolled up her skirt then removed her panties, exposing her pure, hairless virgin pussy. i touched her clitoris, rubbing slowly; her juices were flowing a little and she let out a slight sigh.
"no, dont!" she sat up. "your my brother!"
i kissed her again, but this time i embraced her, removing her small silky bra, revealing her budding preteen breasts before me. i pushed her onto her back agen, fondling her tits, feeling the nipples grow hard. I took her nipples into my mouth and sucked hard. she sighed, her breathing becoming deeper.
her legs were closed, making sure i couldnt touch her clit, so i pushed my knee in between them, forcing them open. she was squirming and squealing, telling me to get off, but i wasnt stopping. i grabbed her thighs and forced them apart revealing her slightly wet pussy. she tried to sit up as i pushed her legs wider. slowly i moved in, my throbbing 15 year old cock ready to penetrate for the first time. she tried to stop me but she was in vain."she may be my sister" i thought," but i want this so much". i touched the tip of my cock to her crack, nudging it open. it was damp and her hole was small, tight and pure. iit was gunna be a squeeze. i plunged it forward, but only a little of my prick went in. Sadie was crying, pleading me to stop. i withdrew my cock, but tried again, this time a little deeper, Sadie recoiling. Again i thrust my cock in. was it supposed to go the whole way in? Sadie let out a scream as my cock finally penetrated deeper. She was really crying now, but i needed to fuck. I could feel her vagina soft and wet and i began to move in and out, Sadie moaning with each thrust. Her crying was easing. I sped up my thrusting, leaning over her and watching her breasts wobble. She was moaning and moaning, i was thrusting faster and her moans became higher pitched and shorter, like squeaks. her back arched and she was gasping. I could feel her vagina tensing as i began to kiss her neck and she let out a loud gasp as she had her first orgasm, followed by me, shooting load after load into her tight pussy.
i collapsed on top of her, our breathing heavy. i looked at her face. she smiled at me. I realised my prick was stil inside her tight little twat and i began to pull out.
I suddenly realised to take advantage of the situation. She was stil panting, so i twisted her onto her front and made her kneeel like a dog. id seen this in web films. again, i pushed my prick in her cunt, the juices still flowing. she let out a whimper and looked round at me. she was lookiing far more sexy, all sweaty and hair hanging down. i rested my body on her back, grabbing for her tits tht were hanging beneath her chest. fondling them i moved my hips forward and back, and Sadie began to join in. she was panting and groaning as my cock slid in and out of her. She was now shuddering and shaking and she orgasmed, her cunt tightening hard on my cock, causing me to come again.
i pulled out and she turned around, taking my cock and sucking the juice.
She sucked off the juice and we dressed. i kissed her, groping her boob once more, then exited the room.
"dont tell" she sed.
I winked at her. i thought..."shit! i just fucked my sister! and how great it was. [i didnt know it, but she is still the best girl iv ever done.


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