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She Struggled to sit up, last nights events left her hungover. At the meer age of sixteen Riley Hawskins was the only one in her group that refused to have sex, well up untill now. You see Riley drank, she smoked - pot and ciggerettes, and she ran away from home quite frequently; but on top of all of that she refused to get sexual with a man.

"I'm not going back to school!" Riley yelled at her mother.

"If you drop out I'm not supporting you, you can go live with your dirt bag of a father!" Her mother replied.

Riley ran upstairs to call her father and pack her stuff up.

"She doesn't want me here." Riley whined.


"I'm dropping out of school. All my friends hate me and I'm the laughing stock of the
whole Junior and Senior halls. Can I please live with you?" Riley had a way of wooing her father to do anything she wanted, and this is one thing she wanted.

"Fine, I'll be there tomorrow morning to get you." Her father hung up.

She went to her dresser and grabbed some pain killers and took them for her hangover. She went to bed at nearly six in the morning and woke up at nearly five in the afternoon. She took all the essentials, and shoved them into a duffelbag and her backpack.

"SLUT! DOOR!" Her mother yelled up at her.

"Send who ever it is up!" Riley replied.

Riley was in the middle of cleaning up what would now be her mothers new guest room when her guest interupted her.

"Rye! Whats up?" It was her best friend Charlie Cooper, he lived out by her father and Riley was happy she would get to see him on a daily basis.

"Nothing Charlie, I'm moving to my dads though."


Charlie walked up to her and hugged her, Riley turned him on. Riley had a curvy sexy body. She enjoyed the whole ripped jeans, dark or white tee shirt look. She frequently dyed her hair some different color, and she had the lower left side of her lip pierced. Outcast, loner, her friends were nothing but drinkign and smoking buddies, Charlie and Cheyanne were her real only friends.

Riley looked up at Charlie. For some reason she was just turned on by the way he was looking at her. She wanted him, and she had never wanted any guy before, she often thought she would end up lesbian. But now, she didn't know if she wanted to be lesbian or pull down Charlie's pants and make his cock rock hard.

Charlie pulled her into a deep kiss, not expecting a kiss back let alone for Riley to Stick her tongue into his mouth. Riley pushed him onto her bed, and straddeled him, she felt his cock begin to grow next to her clit. God for some reason she wanted to experience the whole thing. She wanted him inside her and she wanted to taste him and god who knows what else. Riley got up and began to take off her shirt, at the moment she was in a white tee shirt and boxer shorts. So it was simple to undress, her shirt was off, exposing her perfect breasts.

"Are you sure about this Rye?" Charlie questioned her motives for a second.

"Why wouldn't I be." And with that she knelt down to get to him.

She began to unbutton his pants and pull them down.

"Whoa, Rye...are you sure about this. I know how you ---" She stuck the head of his penis in her mouth, causing his mind to breifly forget about everything but pleasure. She ran her tongue on the underside of his penis, attempting to tease him. She looked up at him and then back down at the monster in front of her. He was only seventeen, but he was better than average. She traced her tongue around the head, then a little further down; and a little further. She wiggled her tongue back into her mouth and stopped for a second causing him to groan, she was teasing him and she loved it.

"C'mon, Riley! Get to it." He waved his penis in her face which only made her want him more.

She stuck his penis in her mouth and began to suck, she would bob her head up and down. At one point in time she tried to stick the whole thing in her mouth but as the head was entering her throat she decided length and width were a problem for a first time, she needed experience first. Charlie stuck his hand down and grabbed her left breast, they weren't to big and they weren't to small they were perfect. Riley continued to bob her head as Charlie continued to grope her breast.

"Oh my god! Riley! I'M ABOUT TO COME!!!!" Riley lifted her head and stepped back, she didn't want him to have all the fun and expect her to swallow his huge load without something in return first.

"Your turn to play." Riley was acting as sexy, she knew Charlie loved it.

Riley had been standing up, she cooly took off her shorts. She sat down on her bed knees up and slowly opened her legs so he could get a good look. His mouth dropped, Riley was clean shaven, not even a stray hair, her vagina dewy and moist begging to be tasted and used.

"Hot Damn. I want some of that." Charlie got onto his knees and began to do what any other guy would, eat that bitch out. He had heard from a buddy if you spell the alphabet with your tongue its better than just wiggeling it around. Both of them not being very educated about sex, just did what they saw in movies or heard from friends. He stiffened his tongue and began to fuck her with it, she moaned and grabbed the sheets.

"Oh Charlie, dont stop!" She whispered.

"I wont." Charlie muffeled out. "Well I might." Charlie lifted his head up and crawled up so they were face to face his hard cock touching her wet and hot vagina.

"Do it."

"I was waiting for that." Charlie slowly eased the head of his cock into her vagina, and with one quick motion he rammed his cock into her as far as it would go.

"OH MY GOD!" This had surprised Riiley, she almost wanted it out of her; but Charlie was slowly moving his penis back and forth within her, trying to make it a little better.

"Its ok, its ok." Within meer seconds she had calmed down and Charlie was about to go crazy, if only his cell phone hadn't gone off.

"Hold on babe." He said to Riley. He grabbed his cell and looked at the caller. "Shit fuck, shit fuck, shit fuck! It's my girl."

"Answer it. Tell her your helping me pack."

"Good good."

"In the mean time..." She lowered her head and began to suck on his cock, he approvingly put one of his hands on the back of her head and helped her bob up and down.

"Uhnn... Hey swe-etie.." Charlie said, the pleasure was soarign through the roof.

"You ok?" She questioned.

"Yeah, I'm helping my bud Rye clean and pack her shit. Uhnn...Oh god."

"Are you in pain...?"

"Oh my god! Uh..yeah I bumped my knee and Rye is cleaning it."

"Awwh baby does it hurt?"

"Just uhnnn... OH MY GOD!" He was about to come, the feeling of on the verge of being caught just made him so much hornier. He started to fuck her mouth, pulling his cock in and out of her mouth causing it to go all the way in, which surprised them both. He shoved it all the way in, and came. "OH MY GOD!"

"Charlie..Are you ok?! Should I call the cops for you?" She was clueless.

"No, the bandage is on it now." His breathing was heavy, why couldn't she put two and two together?

"Charlie come help me lift this up!" Rye had ran to the other side of the room and pretended to need help she wanted Charlie off the phone now.

"Ok." Then he directed his voice back to his girlfriend. "Gotta go sweetie, It should be ok. I'll see you tomorrow?"

"No, let your leg rest."

"Aww you're such a doll."

"I lo-"

"Gotta go she's about to hurt herself." He hung up and wandered over to Riley. "Thank you!"

"No problem, next time you feel sexually flustered come to me." She gace him a quick peck on the cheek and wandered over to the top drawer of her dresser and emptied the contents of it in a different bag. She had clothes, important things, and her junk. Her room almost looked empty, she would be back for the rest.

On the way out of the house she walked over to her mom while her mom was in the middle of watching porn and masturbating.

"Get a man cheap whore. Call you later." She said to her mom.

"Nice one slut. I'll be waiting." They had a weird bond.

She walked out the door heading over to Charlie's for the night so her dad didn't have to travel as far to get her; with her bags, her hangover, her new sex partener, and a new attitude on that whole subject. Fun times were on her way.

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Utter crap !!!
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Oh tto be a teenage fuck toy


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come on sweetheart give me your adress, I will come over & fuck you


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