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Hi, there…. My name is Amber, I`m a 25 years old biology teacher and I’m single since over a year now. This is a problem because I really love sex. To relieve the withdrawal symptoms I bought some dildos and other sex toys. My favorite one is called “butterfly”. It is something like a slip with an integrated vibrator. I wear it sometimes at work while I discuss with my students about sex. This is always like a lesson in self control, because I have at least three orgasms during one lesson and the students aren`t allowed to notice something. Therefore I have to wear a tampon and a sanitary towel; otherwise my pussy juices would run down on the floor. After the lesson I always go to toilet because after these climaxes I need to piss. I pull the now big and wet tampon out of my pussy and suck at it. Mmmm, I love my sweet juice.
But all my toys can`t replace a men with a rock hard cock and the most important, a huge load of fresh, white, salty and sticky cum. Since my first blow job in age of 12 at school, where I sucked off a classmate, I loved and needed the taste of cum.
This evening I`m going to meet Rachel, my best friend from High school. She shares my preference for semen. Rachel is girlish figured, with small tits and narrow hips, but she was 25 years old too. Her childish look hid a very grown-up gift: Rachel is able to squirt. I have seen it a several times because we are both bi-sexual and so we spent some time with each other to “explore our bodies”. One time she squirted in a cognac-glass until it was more than half full. It was white and creamy and looks like cum, but it tastes like pussy juice. Normally it is transparent, but at her fertile days it is milky.
Maybe this evening we are going to get some more girl-girl experiences.
I met her in an Italian restaurant were we ate something. For dessert Rachel ordered two pieces of cream gateau. After I ate the half piece, Rachel said: Last week I found a very interesting Web-page with a special cream gateau recipe. I thought about it and it is all arranged.
You like to bake this evening, I thought we do some more exciting stuff, I said.
Here is the recipe. Rachel gave me a sheet of paper with something written. 500 grams flour, 4 eggs, 300 grams sugar, gelatin, a pinch of salt, 350 ml fresh cum and 350 ml of female ejaculate.
I was shocked. Cum in a cream gateau, that is impossible, it is to liquid, I said to her.
No, No it is the same like cream. After beating it is stiff and with gelatin it stays stiff.
But 350 ml is a lot, you need at least forty men.
No, not I, we need at last forty men, but I sad, it is all arranged. You knew, my aunt has a Swinger club, and today the whole club is ours. In one hour there wait 52 men for us.
Wow 52 men? That’s crazy
But what about the female ejaculate?
The same like cum. After beating it is like cream and the gateau has five floors: biscuit, men cream, biscuit, female cream and again biscuit.
And I think you would take your own pussy cream, do you?
Of course, I have enough of it.
And do you think it taste good? You knew I love cum, but a cum gateau….?
It taste in any case better than this dessert and now hurry up, we have to go!
I was so wet down there only by thinking about so many cum and that I would cook with it.
Later at the Swinger club Rachel told me at the changing room that until she get fucked I have to milk the guys through a funnel into a measuring cup and when she is going to cum I have to hold a other measuring cup and a clean funnel in front of her pussy to border her juice.
In the “fuck-room” were still waiting all 65 men and all they were just ready to shoot their sex cream out of their rock hard cocks. In the centre of the room was a gynecologic chair and Rachel sat down immediately. She spread her legs, so everyone could see her dripping wet cunt.
The first guy aimed his dick at her pussy and thrust into her. Rachel yelped at the sudden penetration, but after a few strokes she moaned loudly. A second Guy thrust his prick into her mouth and down her throat. After a few minutes the first guy came over to me and like a good boy he shoot a huge load of fresh white semen trough the funnel into the measuring cup. After twelve guys we had even 200 ml of cum and each dick I sucked dry after it was empty.
After these twelve men Rachel screamed that she is cumming. I took a new funnel and a new measuring cup and held it in front of her pussy while she was rubbing her clit. Gush after Gush squirt out of her cunt into the measuring cup. Wow 130 ml the same set like eight guys.
After one hour both half liter measuring cubs were full and the other seven loads of cum I had to swallow. What a pleasure!
After nine climaxes Rachel was totally exhausted. We thanked the men for their gifts and went to Rachel’s apartment. I always wear my butterfly because I didn`t had an orgasm this evening but at the way to Rachel´s apartment I had two and my pussy juice run down to my shoes.
After two hours of bake and beating cum it was done, the hottest and dirtiest cream gateau at the world. I tried first the layer of Rachel`s ejaculate and it tastes great, like creamy pussy juice. Then I tried the cum-layer and it was also great. But the absolute highlight was the mixture of both. When I had cum and pussy juice in my mouth I had suddenly an orgasm, without any penetration. Also Rachel had one and was totally surprised. This cream gateau was for sure better than the dessert at the evening.


2007-11-18 18:28:28
good job very original


2007-01-08 18:01:59
Wow, what a great story. The grammar is a little off, though its probably no worse than some people who have english as their first language. Perhaps try and find someone to proof read for you, and also try and read more other stories (not necessarily sex stories) to get a better grasp of the sentence structures.

In general, I thought the story was very good though, and a very interesting plot. Something different is nice.

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