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This is a continuation of Christmas Break. Hope you enjoy!!
This is fiction people
All feedback appreciated - its only my second story

After leaving the room and showering, I set to work. First, I made some dinner. I decided not to give any food to the girls figuring that my cum should be all the nutrients they needed for at least a few days. Besides, they were probably asleep anyways.

When I finished eating I went to my bag and got out some cameras. I had about a dozen small spy cameras that I could hide virtually anywhere which were capable of filming my holiday adventures so that I would have a souvenir to remember my holiday long after it ended. I mounted cameras around the girls bedroom, throughout the bathroom (even in the shower), in the living room, and finally, in the dining room.

After my cameras were set up, I began to hang my ropes. The girls would need to be bound for our next adventure. I tied some long ropes to each of the four legs on the dining room table. I then drilled some holes in the floor so that I could secure some hooks which I would need to tie more ropes to. I then put some footstools down on the ground which I fastened to the floor next to the legs of the table. My setup was done.

All that was left for me to do was find a suitable wardrobe for my presents to get fucked in. I went back up to the girl’s bedroom to search their panty drawer. For two sexually inexperienced girls, Sara and Nadine had some extremely sexy outfits. I found two garter belts with matching stockings which each girl would be able to wear. They were both black. I then found some dark blue lace thongs with matching bras. The bras appeared to be the first bras the girls ever wore. My presents easily had B-cup tits, and these bras were barely a full size A. I decided that these clothes along with collars that I had in my bag would combine to form an excellent fucking outfit.

When I was rummaging through the teens’ panty drawer, I came across their glass dildo again. I wanted to see if it could fit in Sara’s pussy now that she didn’t have a cherry to get in the way. After a short nap, I would find out.

When I woke-up, I had a massive boner. It was time for some more sex. I went upstairs to find the girls sleeping in each others arms. I walked over to them and decided that it was time for the alarm to go off. I swung my cock and started to hit the girls’ pretty faces. I must say, they woke up rather quickly. I gave them their outfits and told them to get changed. Sara complained that she was hungry, so I ensured her that she would be eating dinner very soon. She didn’t know what her dinner would consist of.

I decided it would be easier to tie the girls up one at a time. I took Nadine first and locked Sara in the room all alone. As Nadine walked down stairs, her tits bounced out of her small bra. I took the opportunity to reach around her and maul her firm tits. After pinching her nipples, I moved the bra back over her boobs. I knew there would be better things to play with soon.

Nadine’s face had an expression of horror when she saw the dining room setup. She tried to struggle away, but I easily controlled her. I brought her to the side of the table and bent her over, crushing her tits into the table. I tied her feet to the legs of the table forcing her to spread wide. I then tied her hands to the hooks I had screwed into the floor. I finished by tying a rope stretching from her collar to one last I bolt on the floor. It was so tempting to fuck her right then, but I thought her sister would like to watch.

I went upstairs and told Sara that we were going to the dining room where she would be able to eat. Her smile was short lived, however, because, like her sister, she tried to run when she saw the contraption I had built. I easily controlled her too, though and had her tied up in just a few minutes. I stood her on top of the footstools and tied down her feet. In this position, she was straddling her sister’s head. I thought I heard her moan a little when her pussy began rubbing t=on the back of Nadine’s hair. I then bent Sara over her sister tying her arms and collar to the hooks in the floor. Sara’s chin was resting right in the crack of Nadine’s ass. Finally, I managed to tie the girls’ hair together, pulling their heads back, and causing them to strain against their collars. Nadine’s hair was being pulled across her sister’s thong covered pussy creating a camel toe. The girls looked stunning bound in this fashion. I was happy I had three hidden cameras capturing what was happening.

All I needed to do was insert the toys. I got out two ring gags which I forced into the girls’ mouths. I now had full and safe access to their throats which were incredibly tight. I got the glass dildo out and stuck it into Nadine’s stretched mouth. Her sister would probably appreciate some lubrication. After she had sufficiently coated it with saliva I walked around the table and began to warm up Sara’s cunt. I pulled her thong to the side, stuck my hand through Nadine’s hair, and slid two fingers into Sara’s precious pussy and began pumping. She tried to fight her feelings but a small moan still escaped. In only two minutes her pussy was flowing. I then began to insert the dildo. It was a tight squeeze and Sara was uncomfortable. But I didn’t care; she was going to take it all. I got the fake dick up into her about an inch and then pulled out. I then forced three fingers in to stretch her out. After several minutes, I slipped in a fourth finger. Her pussy was leaking like a funnel. Her juices ran down her cunt and onto the back of her sister’s neck. She was definitely getting into it. I then put the dildo back in and slowly started to push. When it was four inches in I backed out a little and began to fuck her with it. After 5 or 6 pumps, I rammed the fake dick all the way into her freshly deflowered pussy. She tried to squirm but my ropes were holding her down. Her pussy must have been spasming. I pulled her thong back over her cunt trapping the toy inside. It was now time to play with Nadine.

I walked around the table and positioned myself between Nadine’s spread legs. I stared deep into Sara’s eyes as I moved Nadine’s thong to the side. I chuckled when I saw that there was still some dried cum on Sara’s face from earlier. I was excited to see if Nadine too had lied to me about her virginity. I stuck my finger all the way into her still dry cunt but failed to find a cherry. She was still tight though, so I knew she couldn’t have had more than one partner. I pumped my finger in and out for a while until her juices started flowing. When my finger was well lubricated, I decided to give Sara some of her dinner. I hoped that she enjoyed her sister’s cum. I then took my hard cock and rubbed it against little Nadine’s now wet pussy. I began to push the head of my dick into her incredibly tight cunt at a slow pace. God she felt good. I pushed into her with a little more force and succeeded in getting my dick about three inches in. Never before had I experienced such a warm tight, juicy, cunt, like the one before me. Nadine wasn’t expressing the same pleasure as her sister though. Not once did she moan. I continued to work my dick into her as her sister looked on. I inched my dick forward a little more and then thrust the last 2 inches into her vice-grip cunt. I nearly came right then inside her twat. I managed to control myself and backed my dick up almost all the way out of her cunt. I then rammed all six inches back in with such a force the table moved.

Within minutes I was moving in and out of Nadine’s pussy at breakneck speed. Her cunt was tightly stretched around my cock and every time I would pump in and out the outer edge of her fuck-hole would turn inside out. This was heaven.

After several minutes of fucking, I pulled out of Nadine’s twat, and inserted my pussy-juice-covered cock into the ring gag in Sara’s mouth. The fake dick in Sara’s mouth must have been turning my little present on because she willingly participated in sucking her sister’s juices from my dick. Her tongue wrapped itself around my dick as I moved it in and out. After only a minute or so I moved my dick back into Nadine’s still stretched cunt. I kept switching back and forth between Sara’s mouth and Nadine’s cunt. Both holes felt terrific. I decided it was safe to remove Sara’s gag, seeing as she was being such a good participant. This allowed her to wrap her lips around my wet cock. I had trouble getting my dick down her throat with the positioning of her neck, so only the first couple inches of my cock got a bath. Every so often, I would swing my dick and spank Sara’s cheeks. Her sister’s cum covered her face and eyes making Sara look like a little whore. The sight was so erotic that I began to cum. I stuck my dick back into Nadine’s cunt and shot my load. Spurt after spurt rushed into her pussy. Some of my cum began to leak out of Nadine’s treasure, so I had to quickly scoop it up and feed it to Sara, who eagerly ate her dinner. When my dick became limp I pulled it out and admired Nadine’s now gaping cunt. Her thong snapped back into place absorbing my cum as it continued to flow from her freshly fucked twat.

Walking around the table, I saw that Sara’s panties were soaked. She must have cum with the dildo stuck in her cunt. I moved her thong to the side and let the glass toy slide out. I then stuck it through the ring gag in Nadine’s mouth so that she could taste her sister. I was sure that Nadine was very upset about what happening to her but I didn’t care. I pulled the dildo from her mouth and let it drop to the floor. I cut off Sara’s thong and walked around the table. Her blue panties were absolutely soaked. I then moved Nadine’s thong to the side, and shoved Sara’s panties into her cunt. I pulled them out and held them up for Sara to admire. The lace thong was covered in both of the girls’ juices and my cum as well. I then told Sara to open up, at which time I shoved her panties into her mouth, so that she could enjoy all of our sex juices. I tied a rope around her head holding her thong inside her mouth.

I walked back around to the other side of the table and pulled up a chair. Who wouldn’t want to gaze at a beautiful girl’s cunt resting on her ‘sister’s neck while also being able to look into the small sister’s eyes. Nadine’s mouth looked like a fish with the ring gag in it which made me grin. I removed the gag allowing her mouth to relax. I than began to finger Sara’s juicy cunt, which was still oozing cum. I had Nadine suck on my wet fingers making her taste her sister some more. Within minutes my cock was hard again.

Unlike her sister’s position, Nadine’s neck and head were in a fairly straight line. In this position, I knew I would be able to fuck her throat for the second time that day. I dipped my cock back into Sara’s cunt so that it would have some flavor for Nadine and then began to fuck Nadine’s mouth and throat. I couldn’t believe how inactive her gag reflex was. I swore I could have shoved my entire arm down her throat if I had wanted to. Luckily for her, I didn’t. Her tight throat gripped my dick almost as well as her cunt had. Her eyes would bulge every time I pressed deep into her mouth. After several minutes of this enjoyment I decided that I wanted my cock to explore an even tighter hole.

I put my fingers back into Sara’s twat to lubricate them. I then pressed my middle finger up into Sara’s asshole. I could tell by her movements that Sara was uncomfortable having her ass violated, but once again I didn’t care. I then slipped a second and eventually a third finger into her virgin ass. After I felt her anus was sufficiently stretched, I put the head of my dick against her hole and pressed forward. Once again the table started to move but after a hard thrust the head of my dick popped into her sphincter. She thrashed against her restraints but all of the ropes held strong. I applied more pressure and my cock started to slide up her ass; it was an incredibly tight squeeze. It was slow moving all the way in, but I eventually buried my dick to the balls in her anus. I backed out nearly all the way and then fucked forward. Sara moaned, not out of pleasure but out of pain.

I continued fucking this poor girl’s tight ass until I managed to build up a quick pace. Every few pumps, I would take my dick all the way out and force it into Nadine’s mouth. I don’t think she appreciated the taste of her sister’s shit very much but her spit provided nice lubrication. I could tell from the sound of Sara’s moans that she was becoming more comfortable with the stretching of her ass. After about thirty minutes of butt fucking I was ready to cum again. I rammed my cock all the way into Sara’s ass and squirted a massive load; my forth climax of the day. I continued to pump in and out as my semen rushed into her butt. I could hear the splashing of my cum inside her as I continued to pump in and out. My sticky secretion began to ooze from Sara’s ass; the lost cum ran down the crack of her ass, over her pussy, and onto Nadine’s neck. I continued to move my dick between Sara’s anus and Nadine’s mouth. I hoped she enjoyed the shitty cum, as it was her main course of dinner.

When my cock could no longer stand rigid I removed it from Sara’s ass. Her anus was gaping wide open and looked like an endless cave. I walked around the table and untied the rope which was holding Sara’s thong in her mouth. I removed her panties and put my dick in its place. It was her job to clean off the remaining shit and cum which was on my limp cock. It didn’t take her long, but I don’t think she enjoyed eating her own shit. Oh well, that wasn’t my problem.

I walked back around the table and untied Nadine’s right arm. I told her to finger her sister’s gaping asshole. She reluctantly complied. After a minute or so I told her to stick her fingers in her mouth. I wanted my bitch to feed herself her sister’s shit and my cum. She didn’t comply without some encouragement. I retrieved some loose rope and whipped Sara across the ass with it. Sara let out a loud yelp and begged her Sister to eat. Nadine still didn’t move so I whipped Sara’s ass again. The poor girl now had two long red welts on her ass. When Nadine heard her sister begin to cry in pain she sucked her fingers clean. I had her finger her sister’s ass for food until I was sure there was no more food in the teen’s bum.

It was time for the girls to eat dessert. I cut off Nadine’s thong which was caked with my cum and forced it into her mouth. Her pussy juices and my cum must have combined to make an excellent dessert for Nadine. I then united Sara and led her by the collar over to Nadine’s recently pounded pussy. I had Sara probe her sister’s still dripping cunt with her long tongue. While Sara lapped at her treat, I stuck a dry finger hard up Nadine’s ass. It was her punishment for not immediately complying with my orders earlier. Her squeal was muffled by her thong in her mouth. I pulled my finger out and had Sara clean it off. She obeyed immediately not wanting to find out what punishment would await her if she didn’t.

I then decided it was time for my own dessert. I tied Sara’s ankles wide apart forcing her pussy to split open while she continued to eat her sister. I proceeded to go into their kitchen where I found some chocolate sauce and whipped cream. I got on my back and put my head between my present’s legs and covered her cunt with chocolate and whipped cream. The extra sugar made her twat taste even sweeter than it had earlier. I continued to cover her cunt in chocolate and cream forcing the nozzles of the bottles up into her before squirting out their contents. This forced me to dig my tongue deep into her pussy if I wanted to eat all the sauce. After several minutes of feasting, Sara added her own sauce to the mix cumming all over my face as she let out a lust filled moan. It was the best desert I had ever had.

When we all finished eating, I took the girls back upstairs so that we could shower together. The master bathroom was beautiful and huge. It had both a jacuzzi tub and a separate large shower. The girls were definitely excited that they would have the opportunity to clean up, but I wanted to play a little more first. The girls looked very slutty in their garter belts and tiny bras. I made both teens jump up and down so that their tits bounced out of their bras. I then took them off and had the girls lay over the edge of the tub. Their asses were in the air and their boobs were hanging low. I was tempted to fuck Nadine’s ass but I decided to save one last hole to explore tomorrow. I spanked both girls and watched their ass cheeks jiggle. I then got in the tub, which I had filled with warm soapy water, and started fingering the girls pussies. I also probed Sara’s ass which was still a gaping hole. I hoped that it would tighten up for tomorrows activities. I filled their twats with the warm soapy water and prepared for one last fuck for the day.

I had to bend at the knees and brace my hands on the girls hips. I decided to fuck Sara first, so I bent my knees, grabbed her hips, and thrust my cock into twat. She still felt like a virgin with a tight warm juicy pussy. I took hold of the bands on her garter belt and snapped them against her bare thigh. She squealed a little, but her pain was worth my pleasure, as I loved the tiny welts which the straps left. I pounded away at her cunt as hard as I could. Her tits swung back and forth nearly slapping her shoulders and stomach. Also, water from the tub constantly splashed up and out of the tub creating a large puddle on the floor. After several minutes I switched girls. I didn’t want to let them cum because I wanted them to beg for my cock in the morning.

Nadine’s cunt felt just as good as Sara’s, and she too squealed when I snapped the straps on her garter belt. Her tits swung rapidly back and forth too, giving me a great idea. I was sure that my dick would appreciate riding in the valley of these teens’ titties.

I decided that Sara’s tits would be the best to fuck because they were the biggest. I got out of the tub and forced Sara on her back. I straddled her stomach and gave her boobs a good massage and her nipples a hard pinch. I then put my dick in the crevice they created, pushed her boobs together and started to pump. While I was fucking those gorgeous tits, I had Nadine straddle her sister’s face. I figured Sara could have one last snack as long as she could earn it by making her sister cum. I could hear her tongue slip in and out of her sister’s cunt. As Nadine rode her sister’s face, I had her lick my face. As she did this, her tits would bounce into my chest like firm water balloons. It didn’t take long for me to climax in this position. I sprayed my final load of the evening all over Sara’s chest and chin. Some of my cum also got onto Nadine’s belly, which I proceeded to scoop up and feed to Nadine. Surprisingly, Nadine greedily sucked my finger clean. Evidently, her sister had succeeded in pleasuring her cunt with only a tongue.

The girls and I got cleaned up after our final escapade. I decided that the three of us would spend the night together in their parent’s bed. The girls fell asleep rather quickly, but I stayed awake thinking about the day’s activities and the great video I had filmed for later use. I had found two hot twins to fuck for my 10 day vacation, and I had already violated their pussies, mouths, throats, tits, and Sara’s ass in just one day. Tomorrow I would take Nadine’s anal cherry completing my exploration of the girls’ six fuck holes. Their mouths pussies and Sara’s ass had all been tight, so I expected the same from tiny Nadine’s butt. I also thought that it might be fun if I took the girls on a little fieldtrip tomorrow. I knew of a fun play area that I wanted to share with them. I fell asleep with my fingers in each girls’ pussy thinking about what the upcoming week would bring.


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ok 1st 1 was better but this was gud i cummed a lil bit but on the 1st i shot loads! wheres my bf when u need him?!!


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im nadine yall want my pussy


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