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A long night after a few drinks and a lot of people
My girl and I were both 19 at the time. Her name is Becky mine is James.She has a younger sister (Karen) who at the time was 15 years old. Becky has an amazing body. She is 100% italain dark brown hair beautiful face and a body you couldnt imagine. She has a perfect handful of tits and an ass like BAMMM with a shaved pussy thats tastes so sweet.

I have always fantasised about her sister Karen though. She is just as beautiful in the face with a great tan with tits just a little smaller than Becky's but i like them small but she has an even better ass that kindof makes you wanna just grab and hold it for dear life. She is bi-sexual and i always wanted to have a threesome with them. But it was hard to ask Becky to do that with her sister so I figured i wait for the right time to ask her about it.

But anyways it was on new years eve and Becky and I were in charge (her parents went out). We had an older couple we knew (Jessica and Danny) buy us alcohol and they hung out. Jessica was the only blonde there and she has to be the hottest blonde ever. Also wit just a hand ful of tits but she has those long tanned beautiful legs.

During diner all i could think about was the three beautiful girls i had in my sight.
During diner we all had a drink but after diner is when we really started to drink. Also Beck and I decieded it was time for Karen to get high with us. She has gotten drunk before but we wanted to wait till it was the right time. So we're all sitting there baout 6:30 now and we're pretty high and we just continue to drink. We started to play truth or Dare Just for the fuck of it. We all agreed it was only fair that the youngest goes first and that was Karen.
She asked Jessica Truth or Dare.
Jess answered truth
Karen asked have you ever done anything with a female before.
Now im sitting there thinking no she would never she really diddnt seem like the type.
Boy was i surprised when she said Yes she has in fact her and Danny have had a lot of threesomes before.
All i could think about is fucking her from behind while her face is buried in Becky's pussy.

So it was her turn now. She asked Becky.
Becky the daring bitch she is says dare.
So Jessica said ok then i dare you to let me eat your pussy for 30 sec. Becky had to agree. So we all sat there and Jessica lifted Becky's skirt to her waist and pulled her thong to the side and started sucking on her clit. Man that got me hard instantly.
Now its Becky's turn and she looks at me then Danny and says "hum you two the only guys here" all the girls start gigling. She looks at Danny and Asks.
Danny takes truth afraid of what she was thinking. Becky asked Danny ok if you had to choose between losig your dick or sucking one which would you chose. Danny had gotten all upset and stormed out. Jessica diddnt even care we are all pretty high and pretty drunk by now so we just let him go. About a 1/2 hour went by and we went to look for him and couldnt find him. Jessica called him he said he got upset and went not to worry just to stay and have fun with us.
That made me so happy now Im the only Man with three beutiful girls. We continued our game and it got even more naughty. Since Danny left i took his turn and i asked Karen.

She also like her sister isnt afraid she took a dare. I Dared her to get fully naked and allow Jessica do what ever she wanted. She was a little hesitant at first because of me and Becky but she always had a crush on Jessica. So she proceeded to take her shirt of then she reached around her back unstrapped her bra and let it fall to the floor. When i saw her tits outside of a shirt i had the biggest boner I mean she was prob. a full B cup with the smallest nipples that were so hard they could cut glass. Becky noticed my hard on and told me to enjoy the show she had a surprise when it was her turn. Karen started to take off her jeans as she slid them down i noticed she was wearin a thong and her ass was so nice it was like i almost came in my pants. She sat dowm and slowly removed har thong revealling her little big pussy with just a little landing strip of hair. Jessica got up walked to her rgave her a big kiss on the mouth and told to just enjoy.She slowly started kissing her way down stoppin on her tits to suck on them. She finally made it to her pussy and almost as soon as she started sucking or her clit karen started cummin. After she was finished Jessica got up sat back down on the couch.

Now it was Karens turn and she asked Becky. Ofcourse Becky took dare. So Karen said ok since Jessica tasted both our Pussies I dare you to eat her pussy. Becky never did anything with a girl before so she hesitated but unwilling to not complete her dare. She walked up to Jessica and said I may not be the best but I will try my hardest. She takes Jessica skirt and pulls it down to reveal that she had no panties on. She had a clean shaved pussy that looked so sweet. Becky was eating her pussy for awhile and finally Jessica came.

Not it was Becky's turn and all i could think about was what she said earlier. She looked at me and said " fuck truth or dare we are now playing just dare" she said i Dare you to let Karen and Jessica suck your dick while i sit on your face. Now im not one to decline a dare and especially not one like this. So i stood up dropped my pants and slowly slid off my boxers. I am well endowed and when my boxers came off Jessica gasped and said "DAMN I wish Danny had that he is a lot smaller than you" So i lied down on the couch and Becky positioned her pussy over my face the sweet smell of her pussy made my dick sping right up. Just as i Started to suck on her clit i felt a mouth over the head of my cock and another kissig the inside of my thighs and liking my ball sack. About 10-15 min. went by and I was bringing Becky to her climax finally she came and when she did she came all over my face which made me almost blow my load. She proceeded to rub her pussy on my face and now all of us are naked i look behind Becky to see her younger sister Karen deep throating my cock i thought it was Jessica. I looked up at Becky and she said she wanted me to spill my load deep in her sisters mouth and as she said that i did just that and she kept sucking my dick till every last drop came out. All of us in need of a rest went and got a drink( all just in bottoms no tops girls are wearing thongs). Jessica siad the game isnt over. She pulled Becky in the other room and they were talking for awhile Me and Karen started talking and I said thank you for the very best blow job i ever got. we stared laughin and then i said i would like to return the favor. She asked how. We were in the kithen i grabbed her by her nice firm tight ass lifted her or the counter pulled her thong off and started to eat her pussy. She was moanig so loud and grinding her pussy on my face. I made her cum in a matter of 5 min. Just as she pulled her thong up Becky and Jessica came back and said they have a surprise for me but they needed to talk to Karen first so they all talked quietly then Karen gigled. Jessica and Karen went to the bedroom and Becky stayed. I asked whats up she said dont worry about it then she kissed me and said its almost the newyear i wanna finish the year off with a bang. She took me by the hand led me to the bedroom when we got in Karen a Jessica were in the 69 postion sucking at each others pussy. Beck said to go over and get mixed in she wanted to watch. At first i diddnt know what to do i already tasted Karens sweet pussy so i decieded to have Karen Suck my dick again while i sucked on Jessica Clit. I was loving having jessica pussy im my mouth. I felt karen stop sucking my dick and heard her and Becky wispering all i heard was go ahead have fun sis. Just then i felt Karen Sraddel me in the reverse cowboy and she slowly slid my now extreamly swollen dick throgh her warm wet pussy lips and she slid down inch by inch after her tight pussy worked her way down she started bouncing faster and harder. I was in my glory. Hten i feel a toung slide up the shaft of my cock as Karen slid down it. Now it was really a dream cum true i had Jessicas Pussy in my mouth Karens Pussy on my cock and now my girls toung liking my cock and her younger sisters pussy. A few moments went by and Karen came to her peek and had an overwhelming orgasm she almost fell off the bed. She slid off my cock and i was just making Jessica cum again and after she came on my face(she was a real squirter too i loved it) she climbed off. Now i took control and siad i want Karen to lay flat or her back told Becky to straddle her younger sisters face ond told Jessica to get on all fours and eat Karens Pussy. I sat there for two min. enjoying the site then i came up behind Jessica and I slippped my cock through her now soaked pussy lips and slid in to her tight pussy(she felt so tight i guess Danny is really that small) Her moans were muffled by Karens pussy i couldnt take anymore i blasted my whole load in her sweet pussy as i did that it brought her to anoter body shakig orgasm which caused her to slighty bite Karen pussy which made Karen cum again. Then we all had to bring Becky to cum so I went down started so sunk on her clit and Karen and Jessica suck on a nipple each. It took but maybe 2 mins. to get Becky to cum and when she did dhe let out the loudest moan lifted her back then dropped to the bed.
we all got dressed went to the kitcken got a drink and still had time to watch the ball drop. After that we decieded we have to bring in the new year the same way we ended last year. This time I wanted to surprise Becky for allowing all that to happen BUT thats a story for next time Comment this Story and i write the other one

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2013-12-09 09:17:06
i think an illiterate ten year old wrote this. the spell sucks and pulls you out of the story. this needs a total rewrite by a GOOD WRITER THAT KNOWS ENOUGH TO USE A GOOD EDITOR.


2007-12-27 15:58:28
Damn my pussy is still throbbing from the orgasm i got reading this thong is soaked i gotta go take a shower now...Bye!


2007-07-12 08:26:52
awesome story but fuck. spellin pissed me off something hardcore. next time use spellcheck. otherwise. a 9

p.s.what kind of name is fuckin tex?


2007-02-04 16:40:29
Good story ... spoiled by the spelling!


2007-01-27 09:02:31
AWESM Dude. Mind Blowing, Magnificent,Exellent, Heart Throbbing.
I Long to join U Next Time. Plzzzzzz
Ha Ha Ha ....................

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