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I'm a single mum with a daughter of 14 years old, i loved her dearly as she was my little gem. We had just moved from a bad estate, in fairness i only did this so that my daughter didn't turn out bad. We moved into the countryside you know fresh air and cows in your garden trying to chew your grass, from the city to the country it was a massive change. My daughter Jemma started her new school, like anyone she was scared that she wouldn't make friends but i just knew that she would she was very outgoing for her age.

After a couple of months adjusting to our new surroundings Jemma make new friends, i found work at a hair salon and everything was just right. Only problem was that i had noticed that Jemma was changing she thought she was the Queen of Bling, she'd stay out late and take drugs. She even began talking to me like i was a piece of shit. I knew something had to be done about it after long it would too out of control. But what i had in mind was something very cruel, but i knew it was the only way i could make her see sense.

The day started like normal she would go off to school with her makeup done in hundreds of layers her pink trakkies and pink "I'm cute" T-shirt on. She left without even saying one word to me, only giving me digusted looks when she ate her breakfast. I left for work on time, but this time on the way to work i stopped on at a some to get some rope for what i had in plan later that evening when Jemma got home for school. At work i could only think about what i could do to her, i could have her under my control and make her do anything that i wanted, in actual fact it turned me on thinking about how my little innocent girl that turned into a bitch was going to be straightened out by her mother, i felt great. Driving home i was restless thinking that i was only 2 hours away from getting my revenge on my daughter.

I got home it was half seven exactly and Jemma was already at home, i heard voices coming from her room and i knew that she was upstairs in her room with her friends smoking weed again. I paced up the strairs heading straight for her room. I burst through her bedroom door looking at the circle of friends that she had home, she didn't even care about it when i looked at her. I told her friends to get away from my house or i'll tell their parents that they've been smoking weed at my house, and with that they all ran away slamming the front door behind. Jemma was still sitting on the floor alone, never once looking at me and that angered me anymore. Then from nowhere i screamed at her "YOU SAD LITTLE BITCH SITTING ALONE ON THE FUCKING FLOOR WHERE'S YOUR MATES NOW". She looked stunned at me with her piercing brown eyes, she got up slowly and shouted back "IT'S YOUR FUCKING FAULT IF WE HADN'T HAVE MOVED TO THE COUNTRY NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED". I stood there frozen on the spot finally figuring out who she was, she was her dad.

After standing there for a minute or two and i rushed over to Jemma and grabbed by the neck and slammed her down on the bed, i came close up to her face and said calmly, "now you will pay for what you have done". I tied her hands up to the bed posts, with a fight that she put up, i finally had her hands tied. She was still trying to kick me to get me off the bed but i put up with it because i knew that if she won then she would be just as bad. I sat down next to her stroking her soft face, i didn't want her to be alert of what was going to happened to her so i did everything very calmly and quietly. I was saying things to make sure she wasn't too upset, i looked at my angel in the eyes all i could see was anger, it made me upset i didn't want it too get this far but i knew i had to.

I took my top and bra off along with my pants and thong i led there beside my daughter naked. I put my hand through her silky blond hair and said "You tell anyone and i'll make sure you'll pay even more". With saying that i lifted myself up so that my pussy was right over her nose. I looked down at my daughter trying to move and looked away. "OPEN YOUR MOUTH YOUR DIRTY BITCH AND MAKE SURE YOU SALLOW EVERY LAST BIT UP, DON'T WASTE A DROP" She looked at me with fear, but she didn't open her mouth. I grabbed her throat and told her to open her mouth and this time she did. She led there with her mouth open, so i positioned my pussy over her mouth. I played with my clit for a bit so that i could relaxed my muscles. I felt the warm piss hit her mouth and spraying over her face. She trying hard to swallow it all but most went over her bed. Gushes of golden piss came from my pussy and went into my daughters mouth. I pushed the last few drips into my daughters mouth as she continued to lap up my piss. I looked down at her to see her hair and bedding was wet i knew that i wasn't finished with her but i wanted to give her a break.

I could smell the piss on her face and i said "this isn't over you haven't learn and i haven't finished, now be a good girl and lick mummy's pussy clean". She didn't do anything just looked scared and full of fear. I slapped her hard giving her a white hand mark on her cheek "DO IT NOW OR YOU'LL BE DOING THIS FORVER". She stuck out her tongue and licked my clit then moved down to my pussy hole. I moaned from pleasure loving how my daughter was under my control licking my wet pussy.

I told her to stop and her did, her eyes streaming with tears but i was too turned on for me to even care about how she was feeling. I turned round so my ass was in her face, i parted my ass cheeks and place my asshole right under her nose. I squatted there for half a minute just waiting till the time was right and when she wasn't expecting it, i let out a huge wet fart, I could her Jemma coughing and gagging from the smell that filled the room. Just when i expected i had finished teaching my daughter a lesson i pushed out this large shit that landed on her closed mouth, it followed another two or three shits that landed her mouth and neck.

I turned around and faced her i told her to pick it up and eat every last bit i was so horny from watching my daughter eat my shit. I was confident that she had learnt her lesson. So i let her hands free and i left her while i took a shower. All i heard in the shower were sobs and her being sick. I did feel sorry for her but i knew what had happened tonight would change her alot. I left the shower and went to bed i heard her going to the shower and after going to bed herself.

The next day she was a perfect angel she made me breakfast and we had a conversation about her school, i was proud of her, she made new friends and she was back to being my perfect little girl.

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2013-04-22 00:56:11
Omg eat shit u r seriously SCREWED up FUCKING BAD why would u do that go fuck your mother

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2010-11-03 05:01:48
Great story,
very sexy & extreme.
You should right more

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2010-08-19 12:05:20
what the fuck person at the bottom why would u want this dun to u

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2009-11-28 14:20:04
That's fucking nasty. What the fuck is wrong with your fucking mind. Your so dirty... Fuck your parenting you dirty whore.

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2009-11-16 22:24:22
what the fuck, nice parenting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck me....
i've heard of sometimes hitting your kids but taking a shit on them and then pissing on them. thats fucked up. if i was that girl, as soon as you un-tied me i would of gone to get the biggest fucking blade i could find in that house and put it in that bitch that calls herself my mum who just happened to of just took a shit on my face. now who's fucking laughing . see you in hell bitch... i dont believe in god or the devil, or as a matter of fact heaven or hell, but if there are such places i hope that you pay for these sins and your daughter lives forever in the eternal bliss of heaven.
catch you on the flip-side. or maybe not in your case. yours faithfully, robert haste of the town ipswich,suffolk,england.......

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