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Some people might say that the way I behaved in Hong Kong last week was reckless, or even stupid and irresponsible, others might call it brave, it was none of those, what happened had to happen, the choices I made were the choices I had to make. It all started ten years ago during the planning of the handover of Hong Kong from the British to the Chinese. There was a high degree of uncertainty amongst many wealthy Hong Kong Chinese and they began to make contingency plans. Many bought property in places that they might emigrate to if it all went belly up such as Australia and Canada, often selling off property investments in Hong Kong to raise the funds. I always had confidence that the transition would be successful and HK would continue to boom. So when the property prices started to suffer due to all this ‘fire sale’ activity I bought three apartments on ten year mortgages to rent out to fellow expatriates. The rent would cover the mortgages and I would sell them sometime after stability returned and make a killing.

Well that was the plan anyway and I have to say it went pretty well. I found a local lawyer and we set up a HK company. I was the sole director and owned all the shares, the company owned the apartments. They rented easily and halfway through last year were paid off. By now I was pretty comfortable financially and these had become just a small part of my property portfolio. To be honest I never gave them much thought. The rent was coming in and I never needed to get too involved. Cindy was my lawyer’s daughter and had managed the properties for me since she graduated three years ago. Funny, we had met only once at Lee’s office ten years ago when she was fourteen. I had spoken with her on the phone and exchanged professional letters but always saw her in my minds eye as that pretty bubbly little girl.

Well, a couple of months ago I got a letter from Cindy suggesting that it would be a good time to sell off the apartments and that she had a buyer in mind who would offer a fair price. I was doing a lot of travelling at the time and never got around to replying. Its funny lawyers always use mail or fax never email. If she had sent me an email I probably would have replied straight away and given her the go ahead, then the dramatic events of last week would never have happened, but as always the letter just sat in my in tray waiting for me to get around to it. Then I got a fax, it was a firm offer ten percent above current market valuation. “Why not?” I thought and promptly forgot to deal with it. Then came another fax imploring me to give an answer or risk losing the deal. Now I started to have doubts about Cindy, whose interests was she serving, mine or this ‘buyer’?

I phoned Cindy, “Oh thank goodness you have called,” she said, “the buyer has given us a deadline of Wednesday this week to agree to the sale or he will withdraw his offer.” She sounded far more concerned than she should have, after all I had never even asked her to try and sell them. “So what”, I replied, “I’ll just keep them; I’m getting good rent and am in no hurry to sell.”

“But sir this is an exceptional offer and all indications are that the market is softening, you could clear two million US dollars.”

“Then why pray, is this buyer offering ten percent over market valuation?”

“He’s come over from mainland China and is trying to become a big wheel over here, he has bought hotels, nightclubs and a number of other properties. In fact I believe he owns a few in the same blocks as you.”

Now this got my attention, OK so what is his real intention? “Cindy, set up a meeting with him, I’ll fly in on Saturday and we can sort things out.”

“Thank you sir, what flight will you be on? I’ll have a car pick you up.”

“No need, my secretary will make all of the necessary arrangements you just tell her where and what time we are to meet.”

I decided I would head out on Thursday and do a bit of digging around ahead of the meeting. I flew on British Airway and took advantage of the beds that they now offer in first class on long haul flights. I fell asleep moments after take off and only awoke as we came into land. The new airport at Chek Lap Kok is amazing; it can handle up to eighty seven million passengers a year and has over thirty thousand square metres of shopping malls as well as a high speed train straight to the centre of the island. You know I swear it was easier to get from Heathrow airport to the centre of Hong Kong than it was to get from London to Heathrow. I stayed at the Peninsular, it has always been one of my favourite hotels, had dinner and a drink at the bar and headed off to bed. I could not sleep due to the time zone difference and after having slept so long on the plane.

I called the concierge and asked him if he could arrange for a visiting masseuse to ease my aching back. “She will be with you within half an hour sir.” He promised. Just twenty minutes later the doorbell to my suite rang and I opened it to reveal a beautiful young Thai girl, she put her briefcase down placed her hands together and gave a subtle bow. “Thai massage sir?” she said, I nodded and stood aside to let her into the room. She was dressed in a full length pencil slim silk dress looking more like a supermodel than a masseuse. She went over to my cocktail cabinet, “My name is Mai Lin, may I prepare a drink for you sir to enjoy while I run you a bath?” “Thank you Mai Lin, I’ll have a scotch and coke.” I replied. She handed me a drink and as I sipped it she brought my bathrobe and asked me to change.

Mai Lin went to run my bath while I got undressed and put my robe on. I sat on my sofa and drank my scotch. When she returned from my bathroom she was wearing a short white silk robe, she had filled my sunken bath with steaming hot water and had added scented oils from her briefcase. “Come,” she said beckoning me with her finger with a beautifully demure smile on her face. I just might, I thought as I walked towards her. She took my robe from me and held my hand as I stepped into the bath. It was as hot as it could be without scalding as I let myself sink fully into the water. She knelt at the side of the bath and poured some scented oil onto a natural sponge. She started to sponge my upper body, my skin was tingling from the heat, but the sensations from the sponge as she gently stroked my chest left me feeling more relaxed than at anytime I could remember.

As she leaned forward I caught sight of her breasts and longed to touch them, but this was a professional masseuse from one of the finest hotels in the world not a cheap whore. I just relaxed and enjoyed my bath. The heat from the water helped me preserve my dignity as it ruled out any chance of an embarrassing erection. The bath seemed to last for hours as I drifted in and out of hazy half sleep.

Mai Lin stood, “Please wait a moment.” She said a she left the room, with two large towels. When she returned she took my hand and led me from the bath. I stood in front of her as she started to slowly towel me dry. She wrapped my hair in one towel and dried my shoulders, then my back then my chest with the other. Then she knelt in front of me as she towelled my legs. I could see her beautiful breasts down her top and felt my cock start to swell as she dried my thighs, occasionally ever so lightly stroking the towel or her hand against my cock or balls. By the time she had towelled my buttocks I had a full erection. “I’m sorry,” I said, clearly embarrassed. “Oh sir, its natural, please don’t worry, I am going to help you relax. She took me by the hand and led me to the bed.

Mai Lin removed her robe, she was perfect, absolutely perfect, possibly one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. She had warmed some oils in hot water in the sink and now poured some into her hands. She climbed onto the bed straddling my left leg. I could feel her breasts against my back and her pussy lips on the back of my leg as she leaned forward to rub the oil gently into my neck and shoulders. The combination of relaxation and arousal was almost mystical. As she moved her hands across and down my back she adjusted herself further down my leg. With each movement it felt like her pussy lips were kissing my leg. My cock was aching for her but I knew to leave myself in her expert hands and not to try to take the lead. By the time her hands were massaging the small of my back she had reached the bottom of my left leg and shuffled across to straddle my right. This time starting at the bottom and working her way up. She was far more deliberate now about rubbing her breasts against my oily back. Oh, how my cock ached.

She motioned me to turn over and straddled me again her pussy pressing down hard against my dick. She oiled her hands and started to rub my chest as she slid herself slowly up and down my shaft. Never letting me enter her just gently humping against me, she poured some of her oil onto her chest and took my hands placing one on each breast. I looked into her beautiful eyes and she smiled in that demure Asian way that looks like innocence but is so seductive. Her beauty was more than I could bare and I felt the most almighty ejaculation fire up onto my chest. She slid down the bed and used her oily breast to send magnificent sensations through my entire body as she milked my climax to its glorious end. She used her sponges and towels to clean me before handing me her business card. “I will charge your massage to your room, please call me again,” she said as she kissed my forehead and left. I drifted off into the sleep of the innocent.

was awoken by a tapping on my door; I drowsily got out of bed and put on my robe to find Mai Lin had returned. “I am very sorry to disturb sir, I got to the lift and realised I had forgotten my keys.” She said pointing towards the desk. I stood aside and she walked over to my desk, I stood behind her and put my arms around her and whispered “spend the night with me?” in her ear.

“I can sir, I have no more appointments at the moment, let me phone my office and let them know I won’t be taking any more tonight.” She used my phone speaking briefly in Chinese. “OK that’s arranged, I am free for the rest of the night” she said. “What should I pay you?” I asked tentatively, not wanting to offend her. “I am not a prostitute sir, I will make you very happy and you can give me whatever present you think I deserve.” I thought it was a little strange, here she was about to spend the night with me, clearly for money, but by leaving it as an undisclosed sum, she did not feel like a prostitute. Well, if that helped her preserve her dignity then I was fine with it. I decided to treat her like a lady in return, she was now here as my guest.

“Mai Lin, please don’t call me sir anymore, my name is Peter, would you like a drink?”

“Thank you sir, I’m sorry, thank you Peter, may I have some orange juice?”

“Of course would you like some gin or vodka with it?”

“No sir, oh I am sorry, no thank you Peter, I don’t drink.

I poured myself a scotch and coke and we chatted, Mai Lin was a medical student in her second year at the University of Hong Kong. She had come from Thailand to study at the Li Ka Shing faculty of medicine. It was a world leader in research, education and healthcare and her parents had funded her studies. They had no idea how expensive living in Hong Kong was compared to their small town in Thailand. They gave her as much as they could and she never let them know it was not enough. So after a seventy hour week of study and work at the university’s Queen Mary hospital she would spend two or more hours every night working the fine hotels as a masseuse. She was clearly very proud that she was going to be a doctor and planned to return to Thailand to serve her community. I was very impressed by her nobility, beauty and intelligence. I understood why she was so concerned not to be considered a prostitute. She was not selling herself, she was using her great beauty to make her dream of becoming a doctor come true.

We chatted for ages, she was effusive and charismatic, and she talked about her home town and laughed as she recited funny stories about growing up there. I liked her, I liked her a lot, in fact I was really falling for her. We were sitting together on the sofa when I finally kissed her. She responded affectionately and I slipped my tounge into her mouth.

“I’ve never kissed a client before,” she said, “it’s so personal, more so than sex.” I understood and apologised, “oh, no, Peter, I liked it, I like you, I’m not gong to think of you as a client.” She said as she kissed me sweetly one more time. I was dressed only in my bathrobe but Mai Lin was wearing her beautiful silk dress, I loved the feeling as I caressed her body through the smooth silk. She stood and removed her dress letting it fall to the floor, earlier she had changed in my bathroom so I had missed the erotic delight of watching her undress. She wore whit underwear that contrasted beautifully with her dark Asian skin. I stood and held her in my arms; I caressed her back with my hands as we kissed. “Your skin is so smooth and soft.” I said, “It’s the humidity in Asia, its very good for your skin.” she replied.

I unclasped her bra and rolled the straps of her shoulders letting it fall to the floor, bent slightly and kissed the nipple of her right breast, gently sucking on it, feeling it go firm in my mouth, I moved to the left, it was already firm, I lingered at her gorgeous breasts for only a moment before rising to kiss her again. I rolled her knickers down over her perfect buttocks and knelt as I stroked them down her legs to the floor. Her pussy was lightly covered in fine black hair, hair like the finest silk. I kissed it as I knelt at her feet, and breathed deep gorging my senses on the delightful scent of her sex. I stood and kissed her again, this did not feel like a commercial relationship at all, I wanted her and lead her to the bed.

“Wait.” She said, and went to put the kettle on, I had heard of the tea ceremony but thought it was uniquely Japanese. Whilst the kettle was on she took a glass and filled it with ice and a little water from the refrigerator. She filled a cup with the hot water and returned to my bed carrying it along with the glass of ice. “Lie down,” she instructed, I had already removed my robe so was spread naked on the bed. She put the cup on the bedside table and drank from the glass taking an ice cube into her mouth, she crawled onto the bed straddling both my legs which were closed together. I felt her soft pussy settling onto my left knee as she shuffled herself into a comfortable position. Then she leant forward and kissed my chest letting the melting ice dribble from her mouth. She toyed at my nipples sending chills and thrills through my body.

When she was out of ice she took another drink from the glass capturing another cube, she started where she had left off but moved down towards my rampant cock ever so slowly, teasing the hell out me. She paused to fill my navel with ice cold water from her mouth before continuing down bypassing my engorged cock completely, instead heading directly to my balls letting the ice water dribble down to my arse as she licked my scrotum. I could not contain myself and took my cock in hand and pulled my foreskin back, Mai Lin got the hint, took another cube from the glass and slowly licked up the length of my shaft, as she reached the glans she opened her mouth taking the head of my cock into her beautiful mouth and allowing the ice water to dribble down my cock and balls, gravity taking it in a slow flowing stream to my arse as she sucked on my cock.

I could have shot my load right then but Mai Lin was expert at the slow tease, she lifted her head from my cock and filled her mouth with piping hot water before retuning to continue her expert felatio. The contrast in temperatures caused amazing sensations, every few moments as she brought me to near orgasm she would alternate between drinking from the hot cup and the cold glass each time allowing the fluid to dribble from her mouth to stimulate my cock, balls and arse all at the same time whilst prolonging my pleasure. I was just about to come when she stopped and crawled up the bed along side me. She handed me the glass and took one cube from it. She lay down alongside me and used it to trace circles around her left nipple; I took another and copied the motion on her right. Then I took a cube into my mouth and sucked on her nipples, I slowly kissed every inch of the route from her breasts to her sweet pussy, pausing at her navel just as she had done for me. I was hot and the cubes were melting all too quickly. I filled the glass with fresh ice and took five or six cubes into my mouth before licking her pussy once more.

“Oh, Peter, lick me, lick my pussy,” she groaned, “ohhh god yeah, lick it, lick it.”

I used my lips and tongue to manipulate a cube into her pussy, not sure of her reaction I was apprehensive, but her moans of approval gave me the confidence to insert another, I liked at her pussy drinking on her ice cold juices as I insert cube after cube into her then lapped at the melting flow. She started to gently heave up and down her buttocks lifting from the pool on the bed as the ice dribbled between her buttocks sending chills through her arse. I climbed up to kiss her allowing the head of my cock to penetrate her ice cold pussy, Oh my god what an amazing combination of sensations. As my cock moved deeper into her I felt the tremendous warmth of her body but as I pulled it back nearer her entrance I could feel the chill of our ice play once more.

“Oh, yeah, oh yeah, fuck me baby, fuck me.” She cried, my demure little Thai girl had turned into an Asian tigress.

As we pounded together the hot and cold sensations faded away and I felt her vagina spasm as she started to come. She pushed me away, took a swig of hot water and mounted me in the sixty nine position., taking my cock deep into her mouth and letting the hot water flood from her mouth, within moments we were bucking and heaving, moaning and groaning, the shudders of her orgasm thrilled me to the core and I ejaculated streams and streams of come into her mouth, she let some dribble down my shaft, balls and arse again reliving the sensations of our ice play.

We collapsed on the bed together, she took the last swig of hot water to wash down my come and we kissed and lay in each others arms until we drifted off to sleep.

I awoke with the delicious warmth of Mai Lin’s body against me, we had spooned the night away and as consciousness returned I became aware of my throbbing erection pressing against her smooth firm backside. My hand was resting on her thigh, her slow gentle breathing told me she was still asleep. I could not resist gently stroking her leg, her beautiful silken skin was wonderful to the touch. I lightly kissed her back and found my hips rocking gently back and forth causing my cock to gently stroke the cleavage of her buttocks. I placed my hand on her shoulder and softly stroked her arm. I kissed her neck as she started to stir. She rolled over toward me and as we kissed I found myself on top of her, my legs between hers, her arms around me stroking my back as I directed my cock into her warm tight pussy. She wrapped her legs around me and as we gently rocked together I felt her contract the muscles of her vagina squeezing my cock sending tingles through my body.

Gone were the erotic games of the night before, as delightful as they were this felt so much more fulfilling, I found myself thinking that this was like…well…making love. We were so close physically, feeling each others warmth, breathing each others breath, delighting in each others body that it had spilled over into a totally fulfilling emotional experience. I had been completely captured by her spell. “I love you Mai Lin” I blurted she held me tight squeezing my cock with her pussy as hard as she could. She kissed me with a passion that told me that maybe, just maybe, she felt the same way. We rolled over on our king sized bed, I thought I must be dreaming as I looked up at the angel on top of me, smiling that intoxicating smile, gently, ever so gently, sliding back and forth on my pulsating cock.

I gently caressed her breasts with my hands, feeling her arousal in the firmness of her nipples; she let out a quiet slow sigh as I gently kissed her right nipple leaving some saliva behind to lubricate my fingers as I toyed with it while moving my lips to her left breast. I stroked her back and buttocks with my left hand whilst I continued to stimulate her nipples with my right. She leant forward to kiss me and I felt her beautiful full breasts against my chest. I could feel the pounding of my heart as we kissed. I rolled us over and we continued to gently make love, slowly, very slowly, I slid in and of her, I had no interest in coming, I wanted our love making to last forever, but Mai Lin started to let out muffled moans, her body shaking ever so slightly in a shiver of sexual pleasure, her sighs and moans overwhelmed me and I found myself thrusting harder and harder. We moved from gentle lovemaking into fucking with a passion, with a single objective, to meet her in a mutual climax. “Aaaaaarghhhhhhh,” I exclaimed as my body reached paradise and I filled her with the seed of my love.

Isn’t it strange how the heights of passion mess with your head, things that seem so natural at the peak of arousal quickly seem ridiculous after? What a fool I had made of myself. A silly middle aged fool, telling this beautiful young student doctor that I loved her after knowing her what, ten hours? and spending eight of those asleep. How could I expect her to feel the same, she was only with me for her ‘present’ to help her fund her way through medical school. “I’m sorry, Mai Lin, I feel such a fool blurting out I love you like that, I hope I didn’t embarrass you.” I was surprised, she looked hurt an turned her face away, I turned her back towards me and wiped a tear from her cheek. “What’s the matter?” I asked, “I thought you meant it, I thought you really did, and I like you, I’m not sure if I know what love is but I like you, I like you a lot.” She sobbed. “but you’re still thinking I’m a prostitute and you’re my client. Well I’m not.”

“I’m sorry Mai Lin, I really am, I didn’t want to hurt you, I really do like you, perhaps to say love was too strong but it was at the height of a really genuine passion.” I kissed her softly on the lips and she responded taking us into another long passionate kiss.” Forgive me?” I asked. “Can I see you again?”

“Yes I forgive you and I’d love to see you again, but I have to go now, I’ve got studies.” She started to dress and my mind turned to the delicate matter of the present. I didn’t want to offend her again. I wrestled with the issue all the time she was in the shower, and even still, while she dressed. Then it dawned on me, I could help her without giving her any money or hurting her pride.

“Mai Lin, you shouldn’t have to work and study, medicine is such a demanding course already. I think we might be able to help each other. I own some investment properties here on the Island, the mortgages have just finished so they are not costing me anything. One of my tenants is moving back to Canada next week and so his apartment will become empty. I was thinking of selling them all but would quite like to keep hold of one so I still have a foothold on the island. Would you look after it for me, you could live rent free until you finish your course and I would have the piece of mind of knowing it was being looked after. Would you be able to live on what you parents give you if you didn’t have to pay rent.”

She was overwhelmed, “Easily, comfortably, yes, yes I could, Oh Peter do you mean it, I would never have to work as a masseur again. Oh, I have dreamed of being able to focus on my course, you don’t know how much it has hurt me to have to supplement my living that way, and if my parents ever found out it would kill them.”

“I’m meeting my lawyer on Saturday so will get her to draw up some papers, which will give you the security you need so that you can focus on your course. You will have right of tenure until the end of your course for a peppercorn rent of one dollar per month. That makes it all legal, OK”

“I’m so glad I forgot my keys she said, this is the happiest day of my life.”

“Well you’ll have many more to look forward to.” I said as I kissed her goodbye.

After she left I started to phone around some of my old contacts trying to get the story on my mystery buyer, I had already decided that I would be prepared to sell him two of my three apartments but no way was he getting Mai Lin’s. Cindy had provided his details and I had an old friend who was very senior in the Hong Kong police force, I phoned Sammy to find out what he knew. Sammy did not even need to look Sun Lee up; he had been keeping his eye on him for a while, not that he had ever broken the law, but he had been bringing vast amounts of money to the island, buying up businesses, land and property.

Sammy had heard that there was one particular development in Wanchai where he was paying over the odds to buy apartments in all four blocks. “Wanchai gap road?” I asked, Sammy wondered how I knew so I told him that I had an offer from him for my apartments. Sammy had heard that he planned to knock all floor blocks down once he owned them outright and build a new twenty four story block of luxury apartments, with eight apartments on each floor, bloody hell that’s a hundred and seventy six luxury apartments the current blocks had only four apartments each and not so luxurious either, that’s a hundred and sixty additional apartments no wonder he was paying over the odds. Sammy was convinced Sun Lee had the planning department in his pocket and would have no difficulty obtaining the permits.

I was now almost ready for my meeting tomorrow, all I needed to know was what the new development would cost to build and what it would be worth, that way I could calculate the developers premium and ensure I got my fair share. I would have to let him have all of the apartments but I would insist that he gave me three replacements in the new building. I would also have to find somewhere else for Mai Lin, I’m a man of my word and I’m not going to let her down. I called Paul a surveyor I had used on a number of international projects; he said he could have the figures by next Friday,

“Paul I need them by ten o’clock tomorrow, work through the night but don’t let me down. I need this”

“Jesus Peter, when you want something you want it, don’t you.”

“Can you do it?”

“Consider it done, but it will cost you” Paul laughed.

I called Mai Lin to tell her that I needed to change the plan a little but that she had nothing to worry about. The lady at the masseuse agency who answered said “Sorry Mai Lin does not work for us anymore, she resigned this morning.” Shit, I realised I had no way of getting in touch, I had no idea where she lived but I was delighted to hear she had quit the agency. I headed down to the university to see if I could track her down.

I called the concierge and arranged for a car and driver for the afternoon. After lunch I headed down to reception and met my driver, he was smartly dressed in a traditional chauffeur uniform. Everything the Peninsular did they did with style. He spoke excellent English and introduced himself as Lo, I like to be informal so asked him to call me Peter. Oh no sir, please that would not be at all appropriate. I shrugged.

He led me out to his Mercedes and we headed off, “Please take me to Wanchai gap road will you?” He popped the details into his sat nav which surprised me as it was so well known. He must have seen my puzzled expression because he explained. “It gives me traffic warnings as long as I tell it where I’m going.” Hmm clever I thought, I’ll have to get one of those in my Bentley.

“Pull up here.” I asked, and before I had time to open the door Lo had jumped out and done it for me. “I’ll be five minutes.” I uttered as I walked toward the group of four small apartment blocks of which I had an apartment in three. I rang the bell at Scott’s apartment, he had been my tenant since the day I took possession of the apartment and I wanted to say farewell to him as I knew hew was returning to Canada after fifteen years working for a Hong Kong merchant bank. We had been good mates when I was posted to the island and many a time would sit in a bar nattering until dawn. He was one of those people that you meet that no matter what was always easy to converse with. I did not know whether or not he would be in but though I would try and if not leave him a note.

“Peter, is that you? How the fuck are you? Shit you’ve aged you sad old bastard. Come in, come in.”

“I’m well Scott, really well, but what the fuck happened to you hair?” I replied, fifteen all I thought.

“I know, it’s gone as grey as your skin you old bugger.” Hmmm thirty-fifteen, there was no point trying to out banter Scott he could retort all day. I can’t ever remember him being lost for words. “So he said, I guess your part of Sun Lee’s grand plan to redevelop Wanchai gap road are you?

“What do you mean Scott?”

“Well didn’t you notice all the apartments except yours are empty, I guessed you were just holding out to screw to dollar out of them before selling?”

“No,” I said, “I knew nothing about it, I got an offer months ago but ignored it, I was busy and you know what its like dealing with paper mail when you are on the move all the time. Cindy wrote to me a few times but I never got around to dealing with it then she started phoning and well, here I am.”

“Cindy, man what a babe, have you caught up with her yet.”

“Not yet, I am meeting with her and Sun Lee tomorrow about selling the flats.”

“Wow man; wait till you see how she’s grown up, she’ll knock you off your socks. She’s really taken on the looks of that Thai mother of hers Hong Lee is very proud of her. You know as well as looking after your apartments for you she’s also started medical school. She doesn’t really go by Cindy anymore though; most of the girls here have dropped their western names since the Chinese took over.”

I felt butterflies in my stomach followed by dizziness and my legs started to buckle at the knees. “Wh..Wha..What is she calling herself?” I stammered

“What’s wrong pall, you look awful, are you OK?”

“What the fuck is she calling herself?” I snapped already knowing the answer, memories came flooding back and I remembered Hong Lee’s wife’s name, he always called her Lilly but it was Mai, Lilly was just his pet name for her.

“Calm down, mate before you have a coronary, she’s calling herself Mai Lin after her mother and grandmother.”

What the fuck is she playing at? She had told me a mixture of truth and deceit and yet she knew, she knew for certain that she would be found out. I was confused.

“Sorry Scott, I’m just a bit puzzled by her behaviour that’s all.”

“Why what’s she been up to, is it to do with the apartments? I know Hong Lee has got himself in trouble on the project. I shouldn’t really tell you this, bank business you know, but when Sun Lee first started this project we were one of the banks funding it. But it has taken so long for them to acquire all the apartments that the project is months behind. I know some of the banks are getting ready to call in the loans. Sun Lee was new to the island so the banks looked for guarantors. Sun Lee managed to get a group of wealthy Hong Kong businessmen, lawyers and the like to form a consortium headed by Hong Lee to underwrite the project. If it does not go ahead very soon Hong Lee and most of his family and friends will be ruined.”

“That’s helpful Scott, I’ve got to go but have a safe trip back to Canada and please, keep in touch.”

“Oh, I will you don’t get rid of me that easily buddy boy.” He joked, I went to shake his hand but he grabbed me and damn nearly squeezed the life out of me with one of those annoying bear hugs that were his trademark.

Back in the car I asked Lo to take me to the Li Ka Shing faculty of the university. As we drove toward Aberdeen we came across the campus. St Mary’s hospital was on the left hand side of Pokuflam Road, as we approached it we turned left into Sasoon Road and approached the faculty building. I saw a sign pointing to a block saying Medical Ethics, huh, I thought, I bet Mai Lin isn’t taking that class.

I entered the reception and said, “I’m here to see Hong Mai Lin, she’s a second year student where will I find her.” The receptionist checked her computer and responded that she was on ward duty over at St Mary’s and would not be available, I looked at her screen and next to Mai Lin’s name it had 18F. I thanked her and left. So at least she was telling the truth about being a second year student but why the hell didn’t she just tell me about the project, her father’s involvement and ask me to sell the flats so the project could go ahead?

“Over to the hospital please Lo.” I went straight to the hospital reception, “Where is ward 18F I asked?” the receptionist looked puzzled then said “Oh, you must be new here doctor, we only use those codes on your rosters 18F is not a ward, it’s the female ward eight on the first floor. They should have explained how to read it, its easy, first digit is floor, second is ward and then either m for male or f ok?”

“Thank you very much, I’m sure I’ll get used to it.” I headed for the stairs and was quickly at the ward, I saw Mai Lin as she saw me, and she practically ran over to me.

“Peter, you can’t come here I’m working.”

“So not everything you told me was a lie then.” I said in an accusing tone.

“Oh, please let me explain, I had to lie, I’m sorry, but you lied to me as well, you said you weren’t coming until tomorrow. Let me come to see you at the hotel tonight and I’ll explain everything”

“I can’t wait.” I replied sarcastically.

I went back to the hotel and had a sauna and a swim before heading back to my room to check my emails, I dealt with a few, ignored others. I just kept running events through my mind. What possible explanation could there be.

It was eight o’clock when Mai Lin arrived, she looked absolutely gorgeous dressed in a beautiful black cocktail dress, you know every girl has a favourite little black number that they can pull out when they need to look stunning.

“I want to tell you everything.” She started.

“Well I’m going to need a drink for this.” I replied pouring myself a Scotch and Coke. “Orange is it, or was that just another lie, something stronger perhaps.”

“No, Orange please, please don’t be angry, let me explain”

“This is going to be good.” I thought angrily as I handed her drink to her.
“I never wanted to lie to you, when dad asked me to contact you to try to get you to sell the flats to Sun Lee I told him that I could not do that unless I believed it was in your interests that’s why they came up with the ten percent premium. I though it was a fair offer, but I could not get you to reply, dad was getting desperate he had underwritten a huge loan for Sun Lee and the banks were going to call it in. That why I kept writing and phoning. I was so pleased when you said you would come. But then I called your office to confirm the agenda and they said you had already left. I told dad and he panicked he was worried why you had lied and come to Hong Kong two days early, he thought you would find out everything about the project and try and extract a huge premium. He even thought you might bring your own team in to value the project. So when Mary told me you were staying here I persuaded the concierge to let me know when you arrived. I was on my way when he called me and told me you had asked for a masseuse, I told him that I would attend to it and stopped at the station on the way and made those fake business cards at the machine. I bought the oils and the briefcase from the shops there too. Beyond that I had no plan I just wanted to try and find out what you were up to.”

“I couldn’t find a way to bring it up in the context of a massage girl and when It came time to leave I left my keys as an excuse to return, just so I could get away and think for a few minutes. When I returned I was about to tell you the truth when you asked me to stay the night so I waited hoping you might let your plans slip. Then this morning when you said you would let me have one of the flats I knew you weren’t the mercenary businessman that people had described. I knew you would be prepared to do a fair deal, I meant it when I said it was the happiest day of my life, I knew my family didn’t have to lose anything. I couldn’t tell you straight away, I needed time to think how to break it to you, and after all you said you loved me and I had lied and tricked you, I just needed a little time. That why when you called me off the number on the card I needed to pretend it was an agency, I wasn’t ready to face you.”

“Oh Mai Lin why didn’t you just tell me the truth from the start, I couldn’t care less about the apartments I would have sold them if you had just asked.” I replied secretly knowing that everything she had said was true I was planning to extract the maximum premium, I had Paul working on the project as we spoke. But still she had read me wrong I might be a hard businessman but business is business, Hong Lee was a friend, I would have helped him, or at least that’s what I tried to convince myself.

“You are forgiven; I understand what you had to do for your family, have your father draw up the papers and I will sign them in the morning. I want my ten percent premium mind.” She jumped for joy and went to kiss me, I pulled back, you don’t have to do that Mai Lin, I don’t want to take advantage of you. “Oh, don’t you understand Peter, all my feelings for you are real, that’s why this whole thing has been so hard.

We kissed and found our selves meandering toward the bed. Before we go there she had undone all of the buttons of my shirt and I had unzipped her little black dress sending it to the floor for her to step out of. She unbuckled my belt and dropped my trouser as I removed her bra, I removed my socks as she pulled down her knickers, she pulled down my underpants dropping to her knees as she did taking the head of my cock into her sweet mouth. I wanted to kiss her so badly but didn’t want to stop her and watched her licking up and down my shaft taking my cock in and out of her mouth, licking at my balls as she looked straight at me so I could stare into her beautiful deep brown eyes. My god I thought, the things they teach in medical school, my scrotum started to tighten around by balls and her knowledge of anatomy knew what was coming. She wrapped her had around my cock, opened her mouth, put out her tongue and wanked me into her beautiful open mouth, just occasionally catching the head of my cock with the tip of her tongued sending ripples of pleasure through my entire body.

“Here it comes,” I warned but she just looked at me with a slight smile on her open mouth as she continued to tug. “Aaaarghhh, I exclaimed as the first spurt of my hot semen shot into her mouth, but she just smiled as she swallowed and my second shot covered her face she opened her mouth taking my dick buck in feasting on my sperm as my tumultuous orgasm began to subside. Mai Lin used her fingers to steer the sperm from her face to her mouth. Then went to my bathroom to wash up, she brought back a wet flannel and warm towel and cleaned me before leading me to the bed.

She lay back with her legs open and her knees up and I knew she wanted me to return the complement, no hardship, I loved licking pussy and Mai Lin’s was so beautiful I loved the sparse covering of fine silky black hair in her pubic mound, I loved the way her inner labial lips pouted so as to kiss you back, I love the scent of her juices, I inserted my tongue into her and she let out the gentlest purr of appreciation. It was too soon to move to her clit I wanted this to be a long slow session and did not want to bring her to climax to soon. Avoiding the clit kept me at the lower part of her vagina and when my tongue accidentally strayed across her perineum to ever so gently flick her arse I was amazed by her reaction. She let out the sexiest moan I have ever heard, I returned to her vagina but found Mai Lin lifted her buttocks trying to send me back to her arse. I licked it again and the time she shrieked, “Oh god Peter oh God, yeah, do that, do that.” I filled her arse with my saliva and inserted a finger as I returned my tongue to her pussy. She writhed and squirmed as I sucked at her pussy and frigged her arse first with one finger then with two.

Fuck my arse she implored as she rolled onto all fours, I knelt up behind her ant pushed my cock into her, Ohhhh it felt good it felt so very good, I used my right hand to stimulate her clit as I used my hips to steer my cock in and out of her delectable arse. “Mmmmmm” she purred as I gently probed her, harder she begged as her climax neared. An image of a steam engine pounding away flashed across my mind as I pumped at her harder and harder, she moved her hand to mine and started to direct my attentions on her clit she rubbed frantically at it and I felt her arse tighten around my cock as her orgasm approached. “Peter, Peter, Peter,” she cried as I fucked her arse with frantic passion. “Uuurrgghhh” she yelled as her orgasm peaked. I wanted to pull my cock from her arse and fire my creamy load all over her face but her orgasm hadn’t yet subsided and my the time it had I couldn’t hold on any longer. My cock went into spasm after spasm as I filled he arse with spurt after spurt of my come.

We collapsed on the bed, hugging and kissing, Mai Lin said “I’m so glad you aren’t going to try to screw more money from the development, you know the banks are the only people that made anything. There is no money left in the project. “That’s alright,” I replied, “You can’t get blood out of a turnip” I replied with a knowing smile, she looked puzzled and I just said. “Don’t worry that’s another story.”

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