Fictional for your entertainment
This Fictional story will be told from the mother's point of view.

It was your typical summer's day. It was a the first Saturday since my son was out of school for the year and that meant one thing. He was going to get to go swimming. Since my husband had left, I was able to set the rules in the house, and one of them was no swimming until school was out. The other rule that applied to the pool was no swimming unless an adult was present and I knew about it. Josh new the rule and had been waiting for weeks counting the days until this Saturday. As for me, well I didn't do much swimming, and was a single mom who worked hard, so I enjoyed using the weekends to relax, but 13 year old boys will be boys, and the first Saturday was always a big deal.
That morning I woke up and had my coffee and read the paper quickly as I knew Josh wasn't going to sleep in as he normally did on Saturday mornings. I went to my room and jumped into the shower, nothing to serious, just a find minuite wake up via hot water, since I always took a shower after I was in the pool. After I slipped my robe on I walked over to my dresser and started to dig for my swim suit. I found the two I owned right next to each other and pulled them both out. I sat on the bed as I lifted the one sexy piece of clothing I still owned, my bikini Swimsuit that I hadn't warn since the ex took me on our honey moon years earlier, Although I hadn't gained much wait, I wondered if after 14 years it would still fit. I set it down and lifted up my good old once piece solid I am a mother swimsuit and slipped it on. I walked over to my full length mirror to make sure I still looked half way normal in it since it had been a full year since we had been in the pool. As my eyes started downward on my own body, I was pleased with my 36 C breasts, not sagging any more then any other woman my age. I kept on moving doward and everything was fine except that my untrimmed pubic hair was sticking out of the sides of my swimsuit. This was a first, and although I didn't mind having all my hair down since I wasn't getting laid, it was just plain unattractive and I decided to fix it. I walked into my bathroom and went through my makeup bag and found my little scissors. I walked back to the mirror and pulled my suit down around my ankles and was just getting ready to snip the first set of hairs on my left side I heard Josh running down our hardwood floors towards my bedroom door. I knew he wouldn't have the patience to wait five minutes so I just pulled my suit back up and pushed the hairs underneathe the fabric and wrapped myself with a towel around my waist.
Just as I was getting to the door I heard Josh knock, and as I opened it he could see I was ready with my suit and all and he sprinted towards the backyard. Enjoying my sons happiness I some what jogged behind him and as I hit the backyard he was already in the pool. I watched him swim for a good 5 minutes and he begged me to join him. He didn't have many friends, and as a single mom and enjoyed it, because we were able to be each others friends. I obliged his request and started to walk in the pool. After about 3 steps I told him it was too cold for me and that I was just going to sit on the steps!
"that's fine mom!"
I watched him swim for a good 20 minutes or so in the deep end and then he started swimming towards me. I noticed that no matter which way he swam his head and eyes under water were pointed straight in my direction. He would swim left, and his head would stay focused under water at where I was sitting. Then to the right, and still focusing on me. It didn't take me long to realize he was looking in between my legs. I was kind of embarrassed and crossed my legs, and I noticed he then swam back towards the deep end.
Thinking to myself I thought " What do I make of all this. I guess my boy is growing up. maybe I should talk to him about sex?"
Then for one reason or another I decided to uncross my legs, just to see if he came back, almost to make sure what I was thinking was right. Sure enough not 45 seconds after uncrossing them he came back. I got uncomfortable and got out of the pool. he swam for a little longer and I didn't give the event much more thought. The next week went buy and I found myself on Saturday morning realizing that swimming was about an hour away as soon as Josh woke up. I jumped in the shower just like the Saturday prior, but this time for a reason to this day I can't explain, I looked down at my bush and decided to shave it. It took a while with those long dark hairs, but after twenty minutes or so I shaved except for a little patch of hair I left. I got out of the shower and dried of, and picked up my one piece suit, and decided to put it away. I wanted to see if my bikini still fit. I put on the tops and my breasts fit snug, a really tight fight, but it forced them together and made my tits look like I was 25 again and I was happy. I slid the bottoms on that were a cross between a g-string and a regular bottom and as I pulled them up they ripped at the seams. It was a blow to my ego, but hey what can you do. I went to take the top off so I could put on my other suit and caught a glance at the mirror. I saw myself naked from the waist down with a top that made my tits look great and just didn't want to take them off. I started touching the area I just shaved and watched in the mirror. I watched as the closer I got to my pussy my pussy lips were starting to part. I couldn't believe how sexy I looked. I glanced at the clock and realized that I had a good 20 minutes before Josh was going to be at my door and so I went for it. I let my middle finger slide in past the knuckle inside my warm box and it was pure fantasy. I hadn't masturbated in at least a year and being so busy with work and Josh I hadn't just forgotten about sex. I pushed my finger in more and laughed to myself at how tight my pussy had gotten. I started finger fucking myself to orgasm and it didn't take long, I came in quick five minutes. My body relaxed, and I felt so sexy. I decided that I was leaving the top on, and that I could just find a bottom. I found a pair of light blue panties that matched the color of the top close enough that Josh wouldn't know the difference.
Just as the Saturday before I found myself sitting on the third step and watching my boy swim back and fourth stairing at my crotch. I found myself leaving my legs open wider and getting a little turned on, not by my son looking at my pussy behind the fabric, but more that my son was curious about a woman. I good twenty minutes of him swimming back and fourth and soon my legs were as wide open as they could get. For once reason or another I wanted to show him more.
"Josh, do you think you can swim all the way to the deep end and back in 20 seconds?"
he didn't even answer, just darted towards the depend, and I found myself with a good 10 seconds to decide how to show him more. I quickly slid my panties off in the water and turned them around and put them back on. by doing this, the thin band that was meant to just barely cover my ass crack was no just barely covering my pussy lips. you could see all the skin up and leading around my pussy. Josh came back and I told him good job.
He went under water and looked at my crotch again, and watching him intently from the surface I saw a big bubble of air come to the service over his head. I thought to myself i took his breath away. He came to the service and then went straight under water, this time not even trying to hide where he was looking by swimming back and fourth. I was getting so turned on I almost couldn't help myself, I felt like I was high. This went on for a couple more minutes and for reasons unknown while he was looking I casually put both my hands under wather and lifted my ass of the seat and pulled my panties up as if I were readjusting them. I pulled them and as I pulled I rolled the seam on my waist a couple times so that the fabric was as tight as it could be on my pussy and more skin was showing. I watched my son intently as he watched me from under water, coming up only when he had to for air.
I wanted to touch myself so bad, and then all of a sudden I starting thinking about my own son getting me off and I started to cum right there, without even touching myself. I had to hide my breathing as to not let Josh in on what was going on. I starting trying to think of regular events that may find me with no bottoms on accident and then I got it. I stood up and got out of the pool and walked over to the divering board. I told Josh to say on the shallow end because I was going to try to dive in the pool and swim to him in one breath. He agreed and I jumped in the water. As soon as I was under I slipped my bottoms off. I was completely naked from the waste down. I reached down and rubbed my pussy twice, I had to then I swm towards Josh. He was sitting on the same steps i was sitting at before, and I could totaly see had had a boner. I swamp under water and touched his tummy as I came up for air and he said
"Mom you did it!"
"of course I did son, your mom isn't as old as you think"
I was dying for my son to notice I didn't have any bottoms on, but from where I was kneeling in front of him I don't think he had the balls to look while we were face to face. I waiting a few seconds then I wiggled my body next to him and with the best acting job I could muster I yelled " Oh my god Honey, Mommy lost her bottoms can you go find them for me!"
He giggled and swam towards the deep end and once again I was finger fucking my tight pussy. I stopped to make sure he could see me and he popped up from the deep end and said "I found them!"
"honey swim with your eyes closed and bring them to mommy!" he said ok, but I knew he was going to look. I spread my legs open wide and watched my 13 year old son swim with his eyes open straight towards my pussy. just as he was about ten feet away I dropped under the water with him to catch him with his eyes open! He handed the bottoms to me and was embarrassed as we both came to the service. I told him to sit on the steps and I threw my bottoms 20 feet outside the pool and said "Jesus, whats the point you just saw my privates because you had your eyes open!" He started to tear up and I told him to sit on the steps and I swam up between his legs so that we were face to face.
"Well did you get a good look?"
he didn't answer, unsure what to do.
"Well, did you!"
again no answer.

I stood up and the water level was just at my thighs so that my exposed pussy was right in front of his face. He turned his head and looked away. I grabbed his head and turned it back so that he was staring right at my pussy.
"Oh , now you don't want to look. I see, so you only wanted to look at my fucking cunt when I didn't know you were doing that, Grown ups call that being a pervert~"
His eyes staring at my pink lips, not caring at this point what my mouth was saying. I dropped back under the water so we were eye level again and said
"Josh, what's going on in that head of yours, do you like what my privates look like, you can be honest, I am not mad, I think its cute but you can't tell anyone ok, promise mommy you won't!"
He muttered out I promise, and started to giggle. I stayed right infront of him so that he couldn't look at my pussy and had to look at my eyes or my tits which he occasionally glanced at.
"Your penis grows now and then doesn't it?"
He nodded
"I was full grown early when you were looking wasn't it?"
he nodded
I looked down and said
"It's not grown now is it, its not hard because you are nervous right?"
he nodded.

I took both his hands and placed them on the strings that belonged to my top and told him softly "pull slowly"
He did and my top fell and floated on the top of the water.
Instinct taking over now I let my hand slip under the water and I run it up his young soft leg under his shorts until I was cupping his small soft penis.
"Baby, what has to happen so that I can feel it grow"
He stood there in shock and I had a moment of shock. OH my god I was molesting my son. I leaned over and said "Baby do you want to stop?"
and he shook his head no.
I started to rub his tiny cock with my thumb and fore finger and it started to grow.
"Baby does that feel good?"
He nodded yes.
I pulled my hand out and told him that he either needed to get naked like me or we needed to stop and go inside.
He slowly started to slide his shorts down, and I grabbed them once they were off and threw them over by where my suit was.

I looked at his cock, fairly big once it was hard, maybe 4 inches, and he had a thin coat of light brown pubic hair.

I told him to sit on the edge of the pool so that just his feet were tangling in the water and he did. I focused on his little cock pointing straight out and without talking to him and further I slowly put my hands on his thighs and leaned my head down and slowly took his cock into my mouth. I wrapped my lipps around it and let my tongue circle it and I heard him start breathing really hard. I slowly went up, then right back down, back up and back down, and on the third time going down he shot his load right into my mouth. I didn't know how much there was going to be for that age, but it tasted great. I didn't swallow it rather kept in my mouth and grabbed my boys had and pulled it towards mine. I started to kiss him and pushed all his juices right back into his mouth and kept kissing him swapping his cum back and fourth for a good two minutes. Then, I pushed him back so he was laying on the concrete and stood over him so he could get a good view of my pussy outside the water. I squatted over him and took his tiny fingers and pushed them inside me. I bounced up and down on those fingers like it was a cock, and just like my boy, it didn't take long until I came. I moved my pussy so that I was stradling his soft cock and I started to grind my now soaking wett pussy of his soft cock, over and over and over again until I could feel it growing. My boy just staring at me in ectasy and shock. once it was hard I slid my pussy right onto his cock and he sat up by instinct and then laid right back down. I slowly worked my pussy in a circle then right off his cock. Then back down. I could tell after only a couple minutes he was going to cum so I pulled out ( so I wouldn't get pregnant ) and moved forward about an inch and slammed my ass right over his cock and it slid in perfect. He started cumming and I started to rub my clit so we came together. It felt like ten minutes although I am sure that it was just a few seconds of my son rolling his eyes as he shot his load into my ass.

I got up, walked into the house and looked back and said
"well are you cumming!"

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