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Eating my Aunt for Thanksgiving

Well thanksgiving dinner was finally done with. Everybody was sitting around the table
exchanging family stories that I heard at least a hundred times before. I decided to go downstairs to the den and watch some football. As I entered the room, the T.V. was on
and I saw my aunt on the sofa, she was slouched down in the cushion, her legs spread wide open. "Wow, that looks inviting" I thought. I said "Hi Aunt Rosie". I got no response from her. I walked over to her and saw that she was passed out. She had been drinking a lot of eggnog during dinner, and I guess she came downstairs to sleep it off. I got on my knees in front of of her and shook her leg to ask if I could change the channel to the football game. All she did was moan and spread her legs even more. Rosie was a muscular woman, she was in her early thirtys. Me being 13, that made her old.
She gave me a great view up her dress. I got an instant hardon. I could see the bulge in panties. She must have a hairy bush to make her mound look so full. I could see some hairs sticking out the sides of the elastic leg bands. She had full, white thighs and well formed calfs.
Being slouched down the way she was forced her dress up around her mid-thighs. I thought
I might be able to lean in and get a whiff of her pussy without disturbing her if i were real careful. I've been fascinated with the smell of pussy as long as I could remember. I always
wanted to sniff and maybe get a taste. This looked like my chance since she was out of it, and everyone else was upstairs bullshitting.
I leaned in as close as I could without touching her and caught my first smell of pussy. I almost came in my pants. my cock felt like it was gonna tear open it was so hard. The smell was kind of musty and maybe even a little pissy smelling. I could see small wet spots here and there. She must have taken a leak and in her condition didn't wipe up to good. But all that did was make her smell even more sexy. I wonder if girls realize what a turn-on the smell of their crotch has on us guys. God. I was dying to get a lick of her, but scared shit I would waken her.
My brain was teleported to my cock, and my cock said I should give it a shot. I slowly and gently started to pull the elastic band away from her thigh. I was surprised how loose it was. It came away and up to reveal her pussy lips. Oh man , it was a thing of beauty. I was right about a hairy bush. The lips of her pussy were closed forming a slit in a forest of hairs. I leaned in and stuck my tongue into the slit. It had an acrid and somewhat salty taste. I was in seventh heaven. I forced her lips open with my tongue and licked a little deeper. It felt a little slick. It was sending unknown sensations through my body. As I continued licking I felt Rosie speading her legs even wider. She also slouched down even further causing her ass to come off the couch cushion. Damn, I thought if I could only get her panties off I'd have real easy access to some honest to god pussy.
I grabbed her knees and slowly pushed them together, real slow. I reached up to the top of her panties and ever so slowly started to pull them down. Her ass being almost off the couch made it pretty easy. Ahhh, got em down to the knees. I looked around half expecting someone to come barging in and catching me in my act of perversion. I could hear them all upstairs laughing and talking. I felt I was safe to continue. I eased her panties down past her calfs to her ankles. I lifted her foot and removed one side. Home free....
I slowly spread her legs apart, lifted one leg to take off her panties so's I could seperate her feet, and knealt there admiring my handiwork. God, what a boner I had. I had before me my wildest dream, a real life pink pussy in a forest of silky light brown hair. From my low position on the floor, and her ass sightly off the cushion, I could also see a bit of her ass hole. I eased forward and stuck my tongue on her thigh next to where the puff of her outer cunt lips started to swell. I licked up and down, feeling the the slight rise of her lips leading to the slit that hid the soft inner lips and kept them moist. My tongue pried apart the outer lip till I could get to smaller inner flap. I could feel and taste the moistness that was accumulated along the crevace.
With my thumbs on either side of her cunt , I spread them open to reveal the wings of her inner lips covering the entrance to my target. A little more outward pressure opened her hole so's I could see into the depths of heaven. just above I saw the hood that was covering her barely visible clit. I got my tongue under the hood and on to the clit. Istarted to flick at the clit with my tongue, It got her clit to start growing like a minature erection. I sucked it into my mouth and massaged it with my tongue. It grew even larger, I could feel slight shudder in my aunts thighs as I was administering to her pussy . I lowered my tongue at the bottom of her slit. Between her ass hole and her slit. I slowly licked the lenght of her crack till I reached her clit. What a delicious taste. I forced my tongue into the folds of her pussy, going as deep as I could. I made my tongue as stiff as I could and I started to fuck her with tongue. She was starting to ooze some creamy stuff. I lapped as much of it as i could. I then took her clit in my mouth and started to suck on it. I must have got her aroused, for she started to gently pump her crotch up and down, kinda fucking my face. I kept my tongue embedded in her and let her pump away. As she was pumping away it made my nose also part of the action. My tongue going at her like an engine piston and her pumping action was rubbing against my nose. What started out as a little, slow undulation was becoming a little more urgent. she picked up the pace, and increased the pressure on my face.
I went back to her clit and sucked it into my mouth and whipped at it with my tongue. This must have put her over the top, because she closed her legs on my head, clamping me on her mound. She grabbed the sides of head with her hands and was no longer gentle. She started to pump my face like she was trying to knock my teeth out. She let out a loud moan, arched her back , pushing her cunt deep into my face, and her hands pulling me into her while her thighs crushed my head. She held me that way till I thought i'd suffocate. Creamy stuff was flowing into my mouth in gushes. One after another. I shot the biggest load of my young life.
She finally relaxed. she released the pressure of her thighs on my head and slowly sank back into the couch. Her breathing was coming in gulps. She still had my head in her hands, but I could feel them slipping down to her legs. She took one hand and started to massage one of her breasts. I thought she might have wakened, but I saw her eyes were still closed. She had a slight smile on her face.
My face was a slimey mess, she must have released a pint of come. I thought girls didn't come but if that was'nt come what was it? I took her panties and wiped my face off. I tried to dry her in he crotch area but she was to wet. I put her panties back on her and pulled her dress down. My pants were also a mess , a big wet spot from my crotch to my knees, and sticky. Yuk
" What was that all about"?
I jerked around to see my little sister standing on the steps leading to the den!

That part of the story will be next..................

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2016-12-07 18:05:28
Positive rating for the hairy pussy. Women have to stop looking like 8-year-olds!


2007-01-15 16:03:16
oh good-auntie and sister.sounds like a winner.pleeez make the story soon! 7/10


2007-01-15 12:06:08
I loved the story btu maybe you can do me with my eyes being open lol


2007-01-15 04:32:33
Fun fantasy story. My only complaint is that you're using a 13-year-old boy. A kid that age couldn't possibly appreciate pussy (especially oral sex) the way an older boy might. Other than that, it was a fun sexy romp.


2007-01-14 13:51:53
Great start - now give us more. :-)

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