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Life with a Hermaphrodite.
In my stories I use the ******** lines to sepparate the sex scenes. So if you get sick of reading the story, just skip ahead.

Who Knows, He or She ?

My name is Rachael and I’m 30yo, I’m what is called a hermaphrodite, I have the body parts of both male and female. I keep myself in very good shape and I look like a woman. My tits are a size C-cup, I have a 7” cock which also nice and thick, my pussy is right below my cock, although I don’t have a set of balls, I still have something that stores my sperm, but it’s on the inside not out. It’s hard to really understand or explain. I sometimes like to jerk myself off, and spurt all over or I’ll finger myself till I cum nice and hard. I love having my ass fucked to. One of the nicest orgasms I ever had was when I had one dildo in my ass and one in my pussy while I was stroking myself. I love to fuck men or women, I don’t care.

My parents were big into sex, and are what is called free spirits. When I was born, they left me like I was. I guess most of the time the just chop off the extra part. It avoids a lot of confusion for the child. Both my parents made sure I knew I was different than other kids at a young age. They always treated me as their little girl, and I was home schooled for the longest time. I was 10yo when I first started to finally go to school, at my request. I was lucky to already have a few friends from around the neighborhood. Nobody knew about my little secret, except for my parents of course.

It was shortly after I turned 14yo, when my best friend (Jane) and I were sitting around Jane’s bedroom just talking. I thought she looked so beautiful, and both of us had sprouted out early. She had the biggest breasts in class, and tight little ass too. Jane noticed me watching her, she giggled saying “What are you staring at.” I just lowered my eyes and said “Have you ever had a secret? Something you didn’t dare tell anyone? Something that was so personal you lived in fear someone might find out?” She said “Not really, but we’ve been friends most of our lives, if I did have a secret like that I’d tell you.”

I looked at her and said “I’m not like you, or any of the other girls” She said “Don’t be silly of course of are, besides being the hottest girl in the class of course” I raised my voice a little and tears started swell up in my eyes when I replied “NO, NO I’m not, I have everything you have, but I also have a ------ penis to” I couldn’t stop myself from crying.

Jane came over to me and gave me a hug, she said “I don’t care, you’ll always be my best friend.” I wiped my tears away and looked at her, I said “Thank you, you don’t know how long I’ve been wanting to tell someone” She smiled and gave me another hug. We sat there talking about it for an hour, I explained the terms used to describe someone like me and all that. It was Saturday so we had the whole day together to talk.

She paused for a minute, looked at the floor, then asked “Uh, can I um, um, see it?” I just giggled, “You’re not serious, are you?” She replied “Yes, I’m very serious” still looking at the floor. I thought for minute, feeling kind of awkward. Then, without a word I removed my one piece dress. There I was standing in front of my best friend in just my bra and panties.


I said “ I feel a little weird being the only one undressed.” So she followed suit, only she stripped to nothing. She really had a beautiful body, I wanted to reach out and touch her. She finally said “OK, now it’s your turn.” I removed my bra, then turned around and took off my panties. When I turned back around, my cock was sticking straight out. Jane came over to me, opened her mouth like she was going to say something but didn’t. She just reached and started stroking me.

Her touch felt so good, I couldn’t help but moan. I moved my hands up and started rubbing her breasts, and then I leaned in and took one of the nipples into my mouth. We made our way over to the bed, I moved my head up and we kissed. It was a deep passionate kiss, the feeling of her tongue against mine was wonderful. She broke from the kiss “I’ve always been attracted to you, but I never knew why. I want you to be my first, take me right now”

I didn’t hesitate, we got down on the bed, and she guided my cock to her pussy. I got just the head in, then slammed forward, burying myself and breaking her cherry. She cried out from pain, but I was too caught up in the moment. I came rather quickly, not surprising since I was only 14. The feeling of being inside her was wonderful, soon she was moaning underneath me. I looked down; I didn’t even realize I was still hard. She started lifting her hips up, fucking herself. She looked so hot, and she felt so wonderful.

Jane reached up and started rubbing my breasts and nipples. Her touch was exciting, my nipples her hard as stones and very sensitive. I rubbed her tits the same way she rubbed mine. I felt myself getting ready to cum again, she hit her peak just as released another load inside her. We came together moaning over and over about how good it felt.


A laid there for a few minutes, and then we got up and took a shower together. Cleaned the room up, washed the sheets etc, etc before her mom got back. It was an amazing experience for both of us. I was already looking forward to our next encounter, whenever that would be. Jane and her mom lived alone; her dad was very rich when he died at the hospital from a heart attack, so her mom didn’t really have to work. She had a part time job to keep herself busy, and was always dating different guys, but never brought one home for sex. She made it a point not let her daughter deal with each guy she met.

My parents were great about everything; they both had great paying jobs. The teacher they had me work with for the home schooling I went through was wonderful, and he was cute, but also a professional. He taught me well, he still comes over 3 nights a week to tutor me on anything I needed. Life was pretty good for me, and it only got better.


Jane and were in the locker room, we had got out of gym class and I needed a shower. As always I waited until everyone was gone except Jane, since she already knew. It had been about a week since we had our first sex together. We were in the shower washing up; Jane came over to me and got down on her knees. My cock was really hard, from seeing all the naked girls and being here with Jane.

She took me into her mouth; I told her a few times to watch out with her teeth. She got the hang of it. Soon she taking my whole cock, it felt wonderful. She did something I didn’t expect; she took 2 of her fingers and inserted them into my pussy. I could barely stand it felt so good. I was rubbing and pinching my nipple with one hand while I grabbed onto her head with my other.

My pussy and cock exploded at the same time, Jane kept her mouth on me trying to take as much as could down her throat, quite a bit still leaked out though. I screamed out as I reached orgasm. I had been holding it in as best I could, but I couldn’t contain myself. My scream echoed through the showers, I wouldn’t be surprised of the whole school herd me. We quickly turned the water of and grabbed our towels and head out to get changed.


My legs were a little week and I had trouble walking, and focusing. We met our gym teacher who was running out of her office. She asked “What was that, is everything all right” Jane spoke up (laughing as she did) “Everything is fine Miss. Blaze, Rachael just slipped in the shower. It just caught her off guard. She did look pretty funny though.” The teacher looked at me; she said “Are all right? You look a little pale, maybe you should go see the nurse” Thank you Miss. Blaze I’ll be fine, I really need to get to class anyway.

My head finally cleared on the way to class, we just looked at each other and laughed.
Jane and I talked about it a little later; she told me we’d have to be more careful next time. I had to agree with her, that was dangerous. But we both agreed it was a lot of fun.
It was an amazing rest of the year, Jane and I did end up dating some guys. Nothing really happened past kissing. Jane and I wanted to make sure weren’t considered easy.

One day I was told to stay after school, by my gym teacher. I had fallen behind, and needed to do some make up work. We worked on the balance beam, and the spring bored on my flips. It was about an hour work out, not to bad but I had worked up a good sweat. I started taking a shower, and almost immediately Miss Blaze was there also taking a shower. She had a perfect body, that I had always admired. I made sure to keep my back to her; I didn’t want her to see how hard I was.


Suddenly she was right behind me; I could feel her breasts press into me as she whispered in my ear. “I know what you and Jane were doing that day in the shower; I saw almost the whole thing. I watched her suck your cock while she played with your pussy. I’d never been so turned on in my life and I can’t get you out of mind.”

I turned around and she kissed me letting her hands run up and down my body, over my breasts and aching nipples. One of her hands went to my cock and started stroking me. I was overcome with passion, I let my hands feel every part of her body I could. We moved out of the shower and dried off. She brought me to her office where she had a couch against the wall. I laid down and she straddled me, guiding my cock to her pussy.

I couldn’t believe how wet she was, and even though she didn’t feel as tight as Jane did, she still felt wonderful. She rode me for only a few minutes, before we came. Both of us gritting our teeth so as not to make noise, she was wonderful. She kept riding me till I was hard again, then she moved me to her ass. She was moving up then slammed her ass down, taking me all in motion. (I was only 14 and my cock was probably half the size may be less so I went in easy)

She was enjoying it, I think just the idea really turned her on. Again it wasn’t long before I shot my load again. She got down licked me clean, getting every inch. My pussy was throbbing, she reached down and started finger fucking me. I loved the feeling in my pussy, it was wonderful. Soon my pussy was cumming, my hips and ass raised off the couch as I met her fingers. I felt very relieved, when she pulled her fingers out.


We both got dressed and she gave me a ride home, I promised never to tell anyone what we just did; besides I wanted another encounter with her. I did tell on other person, Jane thought it was exciting when I told her in detail about the encounter. My gym teacher and I had a few more times with each other that year. Jane and I had sex about 1- 2 times a week, trying different positions. She even borrowed a few of her mom’s dildos, that’s when we both discovered we liked anal sex.

By the time I was 16 we were both heavily into dating, we always watched each others back. I knew that Jane was having sex with her dates. I got real good at giving blow-jobs, the feeling of a cock in my mouth was wonderful, and felling him cum down my throat was a huge turn-on. They always loved feeling my tits, I even got into tit fucking, feeling there hard shaft move between my breasts, as it appeared I would suck the head. I was still afraid to tell anyone else my secret.

Jane and I were still having sex about once every other week now. That was all we had time for, I had started going over to Miss Blaze’s house (her 1st name is Sue which is what I call her when we’re alone) I’d been there a few times and sex was great. One night I went there she had a huge smile on her face; she said she was really looking forward to being with me.


We went to her bedroom, she turned to me and we kissed heavily, getting each other undressed as our lips and tongues met. Soon we were naked and on the bed, running our hands over each other like we were possessed. We broke from the kiss; she said “I have a surprise, something I think you’ll enjoy, a lot”

I had no idea what she had in mind, then a man walked into the room. He was very well built, about 6’, muscular, his cock must have been about 9” and nice and thick as well. She just smiled as he walked over to the bed, he was gorgeous. I could feel my pussy getting excited as he got closer. He got between us and laid down; his cock was sticking straight up. I took him into my mouth, he was bigger then anyone I had before.

Sue and took turns sucking on the head, she was able to actually get most of it in her mouth. I couldn’t believe how much she could take; her lips were stretched open nice and wide, as she engulfed more and more. She didn’t take the whole thing but had more than ¾ of it down her throat. I could tell he was enjoying it and I asked her to show me how she did that. She pulled her head back nice and slowly, then looked at me, repositioned herself over him. She said “Now watch this and tell me what you think”

Then took him into her mouth again, she bobbed her head up and down. Her lips would go further down his cock each time, then she pulled back and in one slow motion went all the way down. She had his entire shaft now, I was amazed. Suddenly he said, “Oh god Sue I can’t hold it, I’m going to cum.” She didn’t even flinch, he held onto the back of her head as spurted down her throat. She backed off looking a little flushed, smiled and said “Now that was hot, I actually came the same time he did damn I love sex.”

I asked her if she could show me how to do that. She it’s easy, I learned in one night once I got the secret. So for the next hour she explained and I worked at it once he was hard again. It didn’t take long, for me to get the hang of it. It was kind of the same idea of being sword-swallower; you had to have just the right angle. He sat there the whole time not saying a word, and just smiling.

I loved the feel of his cock in my mouth, it tasted so good, but I wanted something else. I pulled my head back; I wanted to feel him in my pussy. I climbed on and slowly sank down, taking more and more of him into me. He was a lot bigger then any of toys Jane and I had used. Once I had him inside me, I was about to start fucking him. I felt Sue’s tongue in my ass, her tongue felt wonderful. I reach down and started stroking my cock, but I her hands came out and moved mine away. She stopped long enough to say, “None of that, I want to make sure you stay hard.”

I felt my pussy spasm; I was cumming just sitting there. Then Sue got up on the bed behind me, I noticed she was wearing a strap-on dildo. She slowly entered my ass; once she was all in she smiled at her friend. They started fucking me at the same time, it took a few strokes and I came. I was screaming how good it felt, my body was over excited. The feeling of being double penetrated was immense.

I came again; then again, it was wonderful. Then I felt his cock swell inside me, I knew he was going to cum. When he did, it drove me over the edge. I could feel his cock expand as shot load after load deep inside me. The feeling of his hot cum hitting my insides, I could barely here Sue behind me, as she was having an orgasm herself.

She pulled out of me, then I slowly moved off of him. Sue smiled at me, my cock had spurted out all over his stomach, but I had gotten hard again. I looked at her; I could see that her dildo was a double-ender, that was buried deep inside her pussy. No wonder I heard her cumming, she moved her head down and took me into her mouth. Once I was all wet, she said look. I looked over; her friend was on his hands and knees with ass pointed at me.

I didn’t even think, I just moved over and mounted him. I let my cock slide slowly in his ass till I was all the way in. Sue had gotten behind me, only this time I could feel one in my ass and pussy at the same time. She had on something that looked like 2 cocks, one on top of the other. She fed them into me then started fucking, he was moving ass back and forth on my shaft. I think it took about 5 minutes. I was shaking and screaming out, “OH MY GOD, FUCK ME, I’M CUMMING, OH MY FUCKING GOD YES”
I felt like I exploded, my cock spurting deep in ass, my pussy and ass were both cumming. I started to see stars, as I passed out.


When I woke, my whole body was throbbing from excitement still. I was breathing heavy, but I could still see stars. My head finally cleared, they were both over me smiling. I said “That was the most incredible I’ve ever felt. I can’t believe how hard I came” I waited another hour or so after taking a nice shower. I had been there for quite awhile and needed to get home before I was missed.

She told me before I left, “Remember don’t tell anyone about this. If you even see Dave (at least I finally knew his name) on the street, pretend you don’t know him. He could get into a lot of trouble just knowing a beautiful young girl like yourself.” I said “Don’t worry about a thing; I know how to keep a secret. By the way how long have you known Dave” she smiled “All my life, he’s my older brother”

I walked away with a huge smile on my face; I had never felt so complete before. I knew my sex life just took a whole new step. Saturday came; I was over at Jane’s house, telling her all about my encounter. I could tell she was getting excited the more I told her, I went into as much detail as I could.


It wasn’t long before we were naked on the bed making out heavily; we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. Jane said “I want you to fuck me, just let me feel your cock deep in my pussy. She got on her side and I got between her legs with leg resting on my shoulder and her other leg between my legs I inserted my cock. We always liked the position, we could both watch. Both our tits were bouncing around as we fucked.

I was fucking her fast and hard, our moans getting louder and louder as we both approached orgasm. “Oh yes it feels so good, unh, unh Unh, Unh, Unh, Unh ,UUUUUUUUUUhhhh” “OMG I’M CUMMING” “ME TO, I’M CUMMING WITH YOU” I exploded at the same time she letting loose deep inside her pussy. We gotten so we always orgasmed at the same time.

I laid down in the bed and she got between my legs and started licking my clit while she inserted her fingers in both my ass and pussy. She knew I would cum fast like that, she also knew I would get hard again. She had me squirming all over, and I hit my peak as my pussy flooded over her hand.

When I was hard again, she got up guided me right to her ass. My cock slowly disappeared in that hot ass of hers. Soon she was riding me hard, her orgasm hit pretty fast, and she kept going. I could see her juices flowing from her pussy, and I was about to cum myself. We were both moaning loudly again, she had another one rock through her. When she was in the middle of cumming, that’s when I shot my load nice and deep in her ass.


Jane got down next to me and just laid there in each other’s arms, enjoying the aftermath. Finally we got up and started getting dressed we heard her mom come in the front door yelling she was home. We quickly finished getting dressed, and went to meet her mom. She said “girls, I need your help picking out an outfit for tomorrow. Could you please help me?” We just looked at each other and shrugged.

We got to her room and she was actually naked looking through a drawer. She picked out several types of underwear asking our opinion. Then threw them on the bed, while she dug out several outfits she was thinking about. (She really had a hot body; I don’t think I had ever noticed before.) She kept trying on each outfit, One look was to sluttish, one looked to old, to goofy. Jane and I were picky about clothing, so it took awhile before we all agreed on one. Her mom was very happy, she found one that made her look damn hot, without looking sleazy. I sure had enjoyed the show, she thanked us and I said “Anything you need just let us know.”

She took it off and hung it up, she was totally naked again. She asked us to help her put the stuff away. I enjoyed looking at her naked body; my cock was so hard now it was hurting. I suddenly noticed Jane was watching her also, the same way I was. I even commented, you really keep yourself in shape. She thanked me then sat down on the bed. She said “While don’t you girls sit and talk with me for awhile” Jane replied “uh, mom do you think you should have some close on” Her mom laughed “why bother, it’s comfortable in here, and you’ve seen me naked before. I bet you’d feel more comfy if you were undressed to”


Jane looked over at me unsure if she wanted to, or if I wanted to. I smiled back, and nodded my head, so both threw our clothes on the floor. I wasn’t sure how she’d react to me, so didn’t think about it. Once I was on the bed she said “I’ve been wanting to see your cock for awhile now. I saw you 2 in the bedroom just now. When you were done, I just made my way to the front door, opened then closed it real loud.”

She moved right over to me and took my cock into her mouth. Then brought her hand up, and inserted her fingers inside me. Jane didn’t waste any time, she got right between her moms legs and went down on her. Her mom really knew how to give head, her tongue was like magic as she swirled it over the tip and along my shaft. She had 2 fingers buried deep inside me, and was rubbing my clit with her thumb. Her loud moans were muffled by my cock, as her daughter licked and sucked away at her pussy.

My orgasm washed over me, I was driving my cock into her face as I shot my load. My pussy was gushing out over her hand as she pumped her fingers into me. She sucked me dry, swallowing every last drop. The she laid moved so she was laying down, her legs spread wide, She grabbed Jane by the back of the head with both hands, her hips came way off the mattress while she scream “OMG Jane, I’M FUCKING CUMMING! OH GOD DON’T STOP! YES JANE, EAT ME, OH MY FUCKING GOD YES! EAT ME. RIGHT THERE, AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.” Her screams died down as the last of her orgasm ran through her body.

Jane had finger herself, and was close to cumming. I went down on her pushing her finger aside. I loved how she tasted as my tongue hit her pussy; I brought my hands up, burying 2 fingers in her ass and 2 in her pussy. That was all it took, She came pretty hard herself, telling me how good it felt over and over.


We all rested and got dressed, then sat around and talked. She thanked me, and told us, “That was the hardest I’ve ever cum in my life. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was” I started spending more time over there when her mom was around, sometimes I’d come over and they were already in the middle of something. Jane was also sleeping in the same bed as her mom on some nights. She always told me everything they did; we hid no secrets from each other.

I also made several visit’s Sue’s house that year, Dave’s cock tasted so good, and fucking his hot ass was wonderful. We all got a lot of enjoyment out of it, it was exciting for me and fulfilling. The next few years went by quickly; I always stayed the top of my class. Jane and I like to compete to see who could get better grades. It was always very close between us; in the end we called it a tie. I got a chance to go to one of the top colleges around, to study to become a lawyer. It always was an interest so I decided to go with that.

In college I had trouble keeping boyfriends because I didn’t want anyone to know my secret. By the time I was a Junior I had fallen into a circle of friends, about 15 of us. We all become close friends over the past few years, one of the girls talked to me one night. She said “We’re having a party and we all want you to come but we’ve been afraid to ask. It’s a special party we have twice a month.” I was a little puzzled, having no idea what she was getting at. She could see the look on my face and said “I’ll you what, why don’t you just show up and if you decide to leave we’ll understand.” I just nodded my head and watched her walk off.

The Party was at a remote house out in the boonies. People were supposed to show up between 12p and 3p on Saturday, and it went till Sunday whenever people left. I got there around 1p by 2p everyone was there. It was really nice no one was getting plastered, at least yet, a lot of food. There was an outdoor pool and hot tub. Who ever owned the place was rich, the house was pretty big.

I was walking around talking with different people, I noticed 2 people making out. The guy had another girlfriend that was here and the girl had another boyfriend that was here. I went up and spoke to them “Hey, don’t you think other halves would be a little mad if they saw you?” They both looked at me and laughed, he said (chuckling) go ahead and ask them they’re right behind you. I turned around and the guy was making out with one of the other girls, and the girl was doing the same, making out with one of the other girls.


I just started cracking up, I see what you mean. It was right after that they told everyone to gather in the living room it was time. The room had 3 sofas in it, several futons, a nice soft rug and that was it. Every one was getting undressed, putting their clothes in a nice neat pile then placing them in another room. I was starting to panic; I didn’t want to leave but knew I had to before someone noticed me. At least now I knew what she meant by a special party.

One of the guys caught me before I could leave, and brought me to the center of the room. Everyone was nude except for me, I almost ready to run. One of the girls said “We want to ask you some questions before you go. We think highly of you, and you’re so beautiful. We’d want you to be truthful for us.” I was really scared now; I really didn’t want anyone to know the truth about me,

I just nodded my head. Q – “Are you a virgin, is that why your so shy?” A – I shook my head no, Q – “Are you ashamed of your body?” A- again I shook my head, Q – “Do you have some kind of disease” A – shaking my head no, real hard. Please tell us what’s wrong, we promise we’ll understand. I felt defeated so I started getting undressed, no one took there eyes off me. My shirt went first, then my bra, tossing them aside. Shoes then socks, I reach down under my skirt and pulled me panties off. Then I undid my skirt from the side, I pulled it around so it was covering my front. Then I just let it drop, there I was totally nude with me 7” hanging down, my C size tits sticking out nice and firm, in front of a whole bunch of people.

Somebody said “Are you a guy?” but was answered by someone close up “No, she’s a true hermaphrodite. I didn’t know they really existed.” One of the girls broke out laughing, She said “OH MY GOD, IS THAT ALL?, we thought you were deformed or had been raped or something. That’s your secret, you’re the sexiest person in school and you’re hiding it. If I had known that awhile ago I would been all over you”


She stopped laughing got up, walked over to me and kissed me deeply. I was in a state of shock, but I responded back by grabbing her ass and pulling her into me. One of the guys came up behind me; I could feel his hard-on press against my ass. His hands were under my breasts, gently needing them. Because the girl was pressed against me, he couldn’t get his hands around to my nipples until she pulled back.

She grabbed hold of my cock and started massaging it, while moaning softly. The guy lay down on the floor behind me; I moved back and sat down on cock, getting him deep in my pussy. The girl came over and mounted me as soon as he was all the in. I couldn’t really move, but I didn’t have to. They started fucking me, I just held myself there enjoying the sensations. I could feel myself quickly building up; I was moaning and tossing my head around.

Both the girl and the guy were to, he hands wrapped up around me and was rubbing me tits. I could feel his cock start to swell as he got ready to explode. The girl was already cumming, screaming out, and then he came deep inside me which set me off. My cock started spewing out; my pussy was gripped down as it exploded. Oh my god what a feeling, it coursing through my whole body.

All 3 of us got up and I looked around, everyone was doing each other. On girl was getting sandwiched, while another guy had a girl on his cock and one on his face. 3 girls were going at each other; another girl had 3 guys on her. I also noticed there were now about 30 people in the room. 2 guys I’d never seen before walked over to me.

One of them kissed me as he pressed into me; I could feel his hands go right to my ass. I was to into to it to care anymore, I kissed him back, and his hard cock was pressed against me. He slowly pulled me down to the floor, our lips never parted as we sank back to the floor. His nice cock slid into my pussy easily, the guy who had walked over with him was behind me now. I felt him slid into my ass, like it was made for him. My pussy was already drenched and I was well lubed back there.

It was wonderful; they fuck me in unison nice and hard. I came 2 or 3 times while they were fucking me and again as they both came inside me. Filling my ass and pussy with their hot sperm was amazing. I just couldn’t get enough, when they got up; I was hard again so I looked around. There was a guy on the floor on his side; he had a girl in front of him that was fucking her in the ass and a beautiful girl behind him with her tongue in his ass.

I went over to the girl that was behind him, and whispered in her ear “Do you mind if a take over?” She looked at me and winked, then moved back. I got behind him, positioned myself, and then thrust forward. Pushing in the burying myself in one motion, I then started fucking his ass like I was possessed. He felt so tight and good, I didn’t want to stop. He had stopped, unsure what to do about what was happening. Then continued what he had been doing; only going faster. The girl who moved away was now between my legs, going back and forth from my pussy to my ass. This made go faster, I was moaning loudly as I built up quicker and quicker.

The girl who was between my legs moved up, she asked me “Tell me what you think?” I looked down; she had a cock that was about 10” long and just as thick. At first I thought she was like me, but she didn’t have a pussy. She was a She-male or Transvestite, I couldn’t believe my eyes. She looked so beautiful, it was hard to believe. Then she entered me, and started fucking me as I was fucking him.

I came nice and hard filling his ass, as he was cumming in the girl he was fucking. The huge cock was pounding in and out of me, driving me over the edge over and over. The she pulled and jammed the huge thing in my ass. I let her take me till she came hard filling my ass again, huge orgasm coursed through me as she came. I had built up so much sexual frustration; I wanted to let it out all at once.


It was like that most of night; everyone took their turn with me. I must have cum over 30 or 40 times. I had just got so sensitive, everything felt good. I let people do what they wanted to me. I was sucking cock or pussy, a few fucked my tits. It was like I was in a fantastic dream. It was the best night of my life, so far. I remembered everything that happened that night. When I finally got home Sunday afternoon, I showered then fell asleep. I didn’t wake up till Monday evening; I didn’t have class on Mon. anyway so I got a lot of sleep. I was so soar I could hardly move, so I just stayed in bed.

I found out later that the people that were there that I didn’t know, were from another college. They liked to get together, with our group. The Shemale that was there, had been part of their group for awhile, and never misses a session.

Now I’m a successful lawyer, I graduated at the top of my class. I own a small law firm now, and it growing. I lead a secret life, having the most incredible sex ever.

PLEASE let me know if I should write another.
I label it #1 one just in case I decide to write a sequal.

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2012-02-25 18:37:25
Yall did a wonderful storie. if yall dont wanna live a secret life n just live a normal one. txt 5302629516. im a man thats been lookin for a duel sexed woman n im willin to move.


2011-01-07 04:23:29
yes def do another one!!!!!!

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2010-12-19 15:02:36
I sure would love to meet a "good-looking herm. it would be a treat

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2010-09-06 23:41:10
Please write more it was so gd

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