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Vengeance 28

Ellie had been working on her flexibility. The result was a girl sitting in the seven foot wide futon with a leg tied to either arm keeping her in a near split with her pussy deliciously helpless for dirty minds to toy with. Each arm extended along the back of the futon in either direction tied at the wrist and elbow.

The dirty mind in this case was Sarah, and the setting was her new apartment. After finals had finished, both Ellie and I had been invited over for some fun after finals had ended and school let out for the summer. Sarah was absolutely dripping to have Ellie’s lips attached to her pussy, and I was perfectly willing to let the two go at it.

Sarah, at this point, was not yet interested in cunnilingus, rather torturing Ellie. Her fingers ran up Ellie’s tanned arms until they found her sensitive armpits. Sarah began mercilessly tickling Ellie. The girl laughed out loud and strained hard against her bonds, but could do nothing. I sat in a chair, out of the way watching intently.

Sarah stopped the tickling and knelt in front of Ellie. A strand of drool dropped onto Ellie’s pussy, making Ellie flinch in anticipation. “Would you like me to have a little taste, my dear?”

Ellie bit her lip and nodded. Sarah blew on her moist pussy and made Ellie twitch even more. Her thigh muscles struggled to bring her legs together as Sarah continued her assault for a few minutes. When the tall brunette looked up, Ellie’s eyes were pleading with her to stop though her mouth stayed silent.

Rising to her feet, Sarah walked back towards me. She wore a black thong and nothing else. She turned and bent down, grabbing her ankles so her ass was right in front of my face. She looked up, smiling devilishly towards Ellie. But where she was hoping for an indignant look of jealousy or envy, she found none.

Sarah would see a blank expression, but I knew better. Ellie was helpless to the whims of Sarah, and that turned her on. So did the thought of performing for another girl for my viewing pleasure.

Frustrated, Sarah left the room. Ellie’s eyes met mine, and I traced my covered cock with a finger, teasing her. She licked her lips, and blew me a kiss.

“You won’t be seeing any of that for a while,” Sarah said walking back into the room with a multi-tailed leather whip. The first strike landed squarely on Ellie’s dripping shaved pussy. Snapping out of her cock induced trance, she whimpered softly and looked at Sarah.

In her other hand, Sarah held a vibrator similar to the one I’d used to tear orgasm, and her thong was gone, replaced by a strap-on, ribbed, and slightly smaller in girth than myself.

Ellie looked back and forth from between the whip and the vibrator. “Do you want me to make you scream with pleasure, or with pain,” Sarah asked. Ellie did not answer, so Sarah whipped her again. This time the girl yelped out in pain.

As if possessed by some unseen signal, Alyssa appeared out of nowhere and attached a pair of nipple clamps to Ellie’s previously ignored breasts. She then added a pair of weights to the connecting chain. Ellie said nothing, but her facial expression, as well as her ab howdy, anyone into bondage, 20m here muscles tightened. Completely nude, Alyssa walked over and sat on my lap. My hard cock spread her asscheeks ever so slightly.

Ellie began to whimper as Sarah decided on the whip. The weights bounced on her tits with her flinch at every strike. Though Sarah wasn’t hitting terribly hard, Ellie’s pussy grew redder as the assault continued, and somewhat wetter.

Sarah moved a low padded ottoman to the floor in front of Ellie’s pussy. She knelt on it and rubbed the tip of the strap on up and down Ellie’s lips, while the whipping migrated to her stomach. Sarah turned the vibrator on but held it away from Ellie. The bound girl’s eyes stayed riveted on that piece of equipment.

Finally Sarah dropped the whip and started fucking Ellie with the strap on. She brought the vibrator to Ellie’s clit prompting a scream. Sarah smacked Ellie’s ass with her free hand and thrust away.

I amused myself by letting my hands roam about the taut body that was placed on my lap. I moved my hands down Alyssa’s thin legs and spread them wide, knowing she would submit. I toyed with her clit with my finger, eliciting a gasp before moving up to enjoy her small breasts. Alyssa began slowly and rhythmically moving her ass up and down my cock.

I twirled her around, facing me, and pushed her downward. She knelt, and unzipped my pants, pulling my cock out through the slit in my boxers. She kissed the base of my cock and began slowly licking her way up. When she reached my head, she worked her way bag down again. Faster and faster she did this until a wet vertical stripe graced my dick.

A scream brought us out of our trance, and we both looked towards Ellie. She’d just orgasmed from the now rapid thrusts of Sarah and the unyielding pleasure of the vibrator, and was panting heavily. Sarah was maneuvering into a standing position on the futon so that Ellie could lick her juices off the strap on. When Ellie finished deepthroating the black dick to her satisfaction, Sarah stepped down and removed the piece of equipment.

“Had enough?” she asked. Ellie only looked back defiantly. “Fine, maybe Lys and I will make your boyfriend cum.”

“Get on your back.” Alyssa quickly complied, her arms extending straight above her head. Sarah knelt over her, pressing her lips to Alyssa’s. She moaned softly for a moment, enjoying the smaller girl’s licks before focusing on me. I grabbed her hair, and pulled her close to my cock, rubbing it all over her face.

“I think I just might have you swallow today.” Sarah didn’t look too pleased at that concept, but she wrapped her lips around my head and started licking. Ellie watched from afar, a forced spectator to my blowjob. Sarah began slowly impaling herself. Millimeter by millimeter my cock slid into her mouth until she covered all but the last two inches. She held herself there for a moment then started back up.

All the while her hips gyrated above Alyssa’s face. The girl gave sexy little grunts as she licked. I slid a hand behind Sarah’s face, intertwining my fingers in her hair. I increased her pace slightly up and down my dick. Her hands gripped my legs as I pulled her head along for the ride.

A few minutes later, my cock began to stiffen and I could feel my the leading edge of an orgasm. Sarah too was close, half moaning, half whining as Alyssa’s tongue worked faster than ever. Suddenly, Sarah pulled off my cock and bit down on her lower lip as Alyssa suddenly brought her over the edge. She stayed smothering the girl when the orgasm subsided, sighing contentedly. I pulled her weary mouth back to my dick. Any strength that she could have summoned in resisting had trickled out with the juices that covered Alyssa’s face. Her tongue swept across my sensitive spot as cum began pouring into her mouth.

The orgasm was nothing like the ones I had with Ellie. My dick lazily poured cum into Sarah’s mouth like a dripping faucet. Only a few seconds later the last drop landed and Sarah pulled off, wincing at the taste.

“Do not swallow,” I commanded. She meekly nodded.

I grabbed her by the hair and led her over to the futon. I pulled her up until she straddled Ellie. Getting the idea, the two girls locked in a passionate, cum filled kiss. I could only imagine Ellie’s enjoyment as my seed dripped off Sarah’s tongue onto hers. She let out a delighted sigh as the taste of me and the girls stayed together for several seconds. Ellie’s tongue cleaned Sarah’s mouth of her favorite treat.

Finally, the two girls parted, smiling at each other. Sarah grabbed the strap-on and Alyssa and headed into the bedroom, while I loosened Ellie and we dressed to leave. She rubbed the rope marks on her sore arms and stretched the legs that had been held in an uncomfortable position for far too long. It was late in the evening, and had grown dark out.

“Who’s house are we sleeping at tonight?” Ellie asked wearily.

“Actually I thought we might head up to the hill,” I ventured.

“Why, so you can imagine new ways to make a lesbian fellate you?” she asked crankily.

“No, so you can make me forget all about that god awful orgasm,” I replied.

“It wasn’t that bad.” She turned to me when I said nothing. “Was it?!”

“I’ll put it this way. It’s no wonder she’s a lesbian.”

Ellie laughed, and grabbed my arm, leaning her head on my shoulder.

“You want my dick all to yourself now, don’t you?”

She ran a lazy finger over my now covered manhood. “You bet I do.”

“You’re going to make Sarah pay next time aren’t you?”

“You bet I am.”

“I can live with that.”


2008-06-15 05:42:41
You should start a new series with Sarah and Allysa.


2007-03-28 19:37:33
when is 29 comming


2007-01-23 22:25:54
good job keep it up

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