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Love is kindled between big sis, and lil bro.
The routine James formed was that everytime he went to Alicia's house and did something, he came home and ate out his sister. He did feel guilty, but he loved his sister, and Alicia. Deep inside him he knew that Alicia was going to want to be with him soon, and might break up with him if she couldn't. And that's not what James wanted, he wanted Kayla to be his first, and she knew it.

Kayla and James still had fun on the days James didn't go to Alicia's house. They'd do about as much as he did with Alicia, kissing, licking, sucking, feeling. Months rolled on and they were soon to be back in school. One day, before the school year started, Kayla drove her little brother to Alicia's house so he could spend the day there, it was a twenty minute drive, but she was driving slow. She hated bringing him to her house, but she had to do it. This time, though, James sensed her pain, a part of him would also rather be with his big sister, but he hadn't seen Alicia in over a week.

Still, he wanted to make the most of this time, since Kayla got a job they hadn't been able to fool around much. So he unbuckled his seat belt and moved so he was facing Kayla, his legs kind of hurt from the weird angle, but he didn't care. She looked at him briefly and they both smiled. Slowly he lifted her shirt up so it was a few inches above her nipples, she wasn't wearing a bra. He kissed each lightly before sucking gently on one of them. Feeling her nipple with his tounge as he sucked on it like a baby. After a few minutes he went to work on the other nipple, doing the same thing, the same way. He was kissing down her stomach when she said, "We're almost there."

He stopped and let her shirt down. She pulled over right before they rounded the corner to Alicia's house and kissed him deeply. He opened his mouth to talk but she put her finger over it as she pulled infront of Alicia's house.

James stepped out of the car and walked up the driveway as Kayla pulled away slowly. Alicia ran out of the house and leaped onto him. He held her closely and kissed her lips hard before setting her down. "I got the movie all set up and everything," Alicia said winking as she ran inside. James was quick to follow. Alicia locked the door to the basement after James got down and they began kissing wildly. Lust was already beginning to overtake James, making him forget about wanting his big sister to be his first.

After a few minutes James layed down on the couch on his side and Alicia started the movie. She laid infront of him, and positioned herself so she could wiggle her ass against his already hard dick. James didn't mind, and quickly slipped his hand down her panties and began cupping softly. Only a few minutes into the movie he was over taken by lust as he often was when he came here. "Can we do it yet?" he whispered in her ear. Her response was a slight shaking of the head.

She turned her head and kissed his lips softly, "I'll tell you what we can do though, you me, and someone else, hehe," she said getting up. Before he answered she went upstairs and came down a few seconds later with her eleven year old little sister. James opened his mouth to talk but Alicia put her finger to it. "She knows what we're going to do, we've practiced, hehe." Alicia got undressed and started undressing James. James's mind was racing, but he didn't want to stop it, even if her little sister was only eleven. "What's going to happen is we're going to kind of fuck. You're dick is going to go between my legs, right under my pussy rubbing against it," she began rubbing her pussy to tease him, he got harder, "and Mindy here is going to suck you, OK?"

"Where do you come up with this stuff Alicia?"

Alicia just giggled and laid down in front of James keeping her legs tight around his dick, she moaned a little when it ground against her clit. He instinctively began thrusting his dick back and forth, the heat and wetness from her pussy against his dick was bringing him to a new level of hardness as he slid his hands up and cupped her breasts softly. Mindy slowly placed her mouth around James's dick head and licked caustiously. James moaned at the feeling and Alicia let out a slight moan, for Mindy's mouth was also on her crotch.

James began moving his dick faster and squeezing Alicia's breasts harder. Mindy was getting turned on herself and began sucking James's dick more intensly. Alicia began massaging Mindy's back, slowly getting down to her soft, young ass. Soon her hands were caressing her little sister's ass cheeks. Mindy moved so her ass was right by Alicia's face, still trying her best to suck and lick Jame's dick and Alicia's pussy.

James began sucking Alicia's neck as Alicia helped Mindy take off her pants and panties. Alicia began kissing and licking her sister's ass cheeks . The feeling of her big sister's tounge on her ass drove Mindy to new hieghts of hottness. She began sucking hard of James's dick, and rubbing her own pussy and breast. Soon James was moaning, feeling the heat of pussy and mouth on his dick, the sperm rushed through him. He felt like there was an inch of cum and saliva on his dick as he pushed hard back and forth.

Feeling James's dick grind hard against her clit Alicia had an orgasim. Her legs shook rapidly as her cum spilled out of her pussy onto James's dick. She could tell it drove her sister to suck harder. She spread Mindy's ass cheeks and started licking her ass hole and pussy.

Jame's squeezed extra hard on Alicia's breasts and shoved his dick as far out as it could go, burying himself inside Mindy's mouth as he exploded extra hard. His sperm shot out in huge loads into the eleven-year-olds mouth. He started panting hard, lifting his mouth from the huge red spot left on Alicia's neck. Mindy gulped once and began kissing Alicia, giving Alicia the rest of his sperm. She moaned as she received the sperm and drank it down in small gulps.

After a little more kissing from Alicia, Mindy got dressed and ran upstairs grinning. Alicia began grinding her ass into James's dick and played the movie again. James's dick was soft and he was very spent, but he continued to gently squeeze her breasts and kiss her cheek.

Half an hour later she wiggled her ass against him more, being still spent he hopped over her and slid her so she was sitting up. He began kissing and licking her pussy slowly. Her faint moans grew as his tounge explored her pussy folds and crevices. A few times he'd slid it in, feeling her pussy squeeze his tounge. It took him only a few minutes to get her to cum hard in his mouth. He swallowed most of it but Alicia kissed him and used her tounge to steal some of her own cum from his mouth.

During the course of his "meal" his dick had grown back to its hard state and Alicia noticed quickly. She laid herself down on the couch squeezing her breasts together. James knew what she wanted, he quickly positioned himself over her, with his dick between her breasts, she squeezed them around his dick as he began thrusting. James started moaning, feeling the softness and warmth of Alicia's breast around his hard dick.

Sensing he was close she began licking her lips, anticipating the feeling of his hot sperm shoot all over her face. She pushed her breasts together harder, raising her chest moaning her self. She was trying to greaten the feeling for both of them.

Soon his dick jerked once, shooting a glob of sperm right onto her chin, for a few long second his dick continued to jerk, shooting sperm all over her face, very little actually landing in her mouth.

Alicia licked her lips, "Lick it off and give it to me," she moaned. He laid down on her, his dick now again soft. He stuck out his tounge to lick off the first glob as Mindy came banging on the basement door. That meant Alicia's dad was home. They quickly whiped her face with a sheet and got dressed just in time for him to come downstairs.

After a quick look around he went back upstairs closing the door. They finished the movie and ate lunch, then went upstairs to Alicia's room to play some video games. At about five Kayla came and picked up James. He gave her the same treatment as on the way, but he let her shirt back down he kissed her cheak saying, "I love you, sis." She blushed and smiled as she pulled into their driveway. She went down to their room to read. Beth was down their reading a book.

After about an hour Beth ran upstairs for dinner. James came downstairs to get Kayla but she was sleeping on her side, facing away from him. He shook her a little but she didn't move so he kissed her cheek and went back downstairs. Kayla wasn't really sleeping, she was depressed and wanted to be left alone, and by the time James came down after dinner she was crying.

"Sis..." he asked shutting the door and touching her shoulder. She sobbed and grabbed his hand tightly. He knew she was crying because of him and wrapped his arms around her, laying behind her. He kissed her cheek softly once and held her until her tears died down. She then turned to face him, smiling, her face still red and eyes blury. He kissed her lips gently, then passionately.

They rolled over so he was atop her, still kissing. Their hands explored eachothers' backs as she took his shirt off. Barely, even stopping the kiss for his shirt to pass he started lifting hers up. He stopped the kiss for hers to go down and suck her breasts intently. Her nipples soon got hard and felt cold each time he switched breasts. Her hands were running down his back. She slid them underneath him and took off her pants and panties, as he did the same.

As Kayla spread her legs James began licking her pussy with long slow licks. Soon it turned into an eating frenzy as she rocked through one orgasim. Her mind was racing, and she wanted him to be inside her. She knew of the risk, it being only a couple days after her period, but she wanted. She spread her legs and pulled his head up. As he crawled up her body she grabbed his dick and held it steady.

He felt the heat of her pussy on the head of his dick, knowing what she wanted. He wanted it too, just as much as her. Though he did not fully understand the risk at hand. After a brief, yet long, moment of pause he felt his dick push against her pussy and into her tight hole. She bit her lower lip as he gasped for air. The feeling overwhelming them both as he suddenly pushed in hard, until he was all the way in.

The affect of the heat instantly causing him to feel the sperm rush through him, he used all his might to keep it conatained in him. She held onto his ass, enjoying the feeling of a dick in her again, after so long. It hurt her a little, she had tightened up. She wrapped her legs around his thighs and brought her arms around his back. He slowly pulled out, the exposed part of his dick getting suddenly cold, so he pushed back in, feeling the tightness and warmth overtake him. He never wanted to leave his sister's pussy.

She smiled, feeling the same way, knowing his feelings, "Slowly bro. I know what's going to happen, I want your cum bro. Just go slowly and last as long as you can," she said kissing his lips.

He just nodded his head as he pulled out halfway and slowly pushed back in. Kayla let him do this for a little while, but when he started picking up speed she started rocking her hips into him. And in seconds they were in unison, when he thrust in her hips came up to meet him.

James was gasping all the while, the wetness, tightness, and extreme warmth carried him to a new extreme of pleasure. Soon he pushed in all the way, his hands below his sister's shoulders. His chest mashing against her breasts and his lips pressed hard against hers as she started cumming. Feeling the first slight contraction of her pussy, and her shaking legs he shot out a jet of sperm. More came out into her hot pussy as she came harder, feeling his throbbing dick shoot inside her. Her nails dug into her back, he didn't seem to notice. The power of their orgasim was unparallel, it lasted for minutes. His dick shooting load after load of hot sperm inside her gripping pussy.

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