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A hot little tease gets into big trouble.
Title: Chat

Author: telm

Story Code: nc, Mf

Comments: this story, and all characters and names are fiction.

Melissa carried her wireless laptop from her desk to the bed. It was more comfortable on the bed while she surfed the net for long periods of time. One of her friends had told her about a cool chat room that she intended to join tonight. As she completed the on line application, she was careful not to put any information on there which might help some perv find her. Her computer teacher had warned them about not giving their real names, addresses, or phone numbers. She chose the screen name flirt. The name flirt fit the 14 year old girl perfectly. Melissa and her friends enjoyed flirting with boys and men. Melissa knew she was pretty and liked to tease. She had a tight well toned tan body with long legs and firm medium size breasts for her age. Along with that hot body she had a beautiful face with sparkling blue eyes and long blonde hair.

This flirt was all talk and no action. She had never even kissed a boy. Her parents were strict and would not let her date until she turns 15. Even if she had a boyfriend, she intended to stay a virgin until marriage. Not that she lacked interest in sex; she had the same desires and curiosity of most teens. She just wanted her first time to be special with the right guy.

APPLICATION ACCEPTED the screen blared in big red letters. “Good” Melissa said out loud in her bedroom. Only thing that she had to do now was add a picture to her profile. Being the tease, she posted the picture of her in the hot pink one piece swimsuit. “That should get there attention” she laughed.

As soon as she signed in, many requests for private chats appeared on her screen. I see they like my pic, she thought to herself. One of the requestor’s had the screen name bah. She clicked on bah’s profile. The profile read bah was short for big and horny. He was 45 years old and especially preferred younger women. This guy is a dirty old man she thought. Then her cell phone rang. It was Jessie, her friend who told her about this site. She told Jessie about the dirty old man, bah. Jessie just laughed and told her to just tease the guy and get his hopes up and then tell him to take a hike. After Melissa ended the call; she decided to tease the loser. And started to type a message to him.

flirt: hello

bah: hi pretty

flirt: do you like my pic?

bah: fuck yeh, you are so pretty in pink

flirt: lol, no I am hot in pink

bah: yes you are and you make me so hard

flirt: I bet I do. Are you really big?

bah: yes, very big

flirt: mmm sounds nice

bah: are you a virgin?

flirt: a very horny virgin

bah: lets meet, I would love to fuck you

flirt: lol what a loser you are, I bet u can’t even get it up old man

bah: oh I can get if up sweetie, u will find out when I pop ur cherry

flirt: in ur dreams limp dick

bah: no little prick tease, it will be ur reality. A very bad reality

flirt: lol, first you would have to find me, which u can’t, second you have to be able to get it up limp dick.

bah: bitch u will not be laughing when I fill your pussy with my cum. And I will get u pregnant because I do not use a condom.

flirt: u never use a condom because u never have sex, except with ur hand lol

bah: you talk tough on line but when I get you alone you will learn your place bitch.

flirt: and your place is an old folks home lol

bah: and your place is on your back with your legs spread under me.

flirt: in your wet dreams

bah: no you are the one who will be wet your pussy will be full of my seed.

After bah’s last reply Melissa shivered a little and thought this is getting too gross. She quickly clicked the conversation off and went to bed. What Melissa did not realize is that she teased and insulted the wrong guy and soon would regret it.

Bah’s real name was Franklin. In reality he was a free lance software engineer, who had created many successful software programs that made him wealthy. But he had a dark side. He loved to force women to have sex: rape brought him much more pleasure than consensual sex. And he had every intention of raping the little cock tease flirt. He liked putting girls like her in their place. She reminds him of all the stuck up bitches in high school who would not even speak to him because he was from a poor family. Poor Melissa did not realize she had started a conversation with a man who could find her. Franklin had created a program that would allow him to trace the exact location of people he spoke with in chat rooms. In minutes he had her IP address and telephone company information. He was then able to hack into the phone company’s data base and found the name and address of the persons on the phone bill for her telephone number.

Franklin could not believe his luck. She lived in the same state, about 100 miles south in the town of Brookwater. His penis got hard with anticipation as he stared at the picture on his screen of the sexy blonde teen in her hot pink swimsuit. “I know girls like you love to tease and never put out. But I will take your cherry and have fun with your hot body.” He said with malice.

Then he hacked into the chat room’s computer and totally erased all information of the bah profile. He was a careful man. Over the next few days he planned and researched, hacked into many computers, finding out as much as he could about flirt. He now knew:

Her name: Melissa, a freshman at Brookwater Academy

Her address: 1215 County Road South

Her parents are divorced and she lives with her mother. The mother is a nurse at the local hospital.

He hacked into her email account but found no useful information there. Then one night he saw her in the chat room again. So he hacked into the chat room computer and found away to download the history of all her conversations to his computer. Most of it was silly chat. Then he saw something useful. Melissa told one of her friends that her mom was leaving Friday morning for a nurse seminar that would last for 4 days. And that her mom would let her stay by herself. She told her friend the only bad part was that she could not have any visitors during that time for safety reasons; and that would be boring
because she lived in the county and the nearest neighbor was a quarter mile from her. She also told her friend even though her mom told her to stay indoors, that she intended to lay out and work on her tan and go for a swim in the pool.

This is perfect Franklin thought. I have four days to fuck you senseless.

Friday morning Franklin watched Melissa’s mom leave. Melissa was right they did not have any neighbors this will be great he thought. He parked his car in a wooded area behind the house. He climbed over the chain link fence that surrounded the back yard, walked by the pool and gained entry through the back door. Now he would wait for flirt to come home from school. When she got home, he stayed hidden. He watched her got to her room. He heard the slam of dresser drawers; he assumed she was changing clothes.

To his surprise she did change clothes. When she cam back into the kitchen she was wearing the hot pink swimsuit. His erect penis twitched as the sexy girl walked out to the pool. She lay face up in a lounge chair by the pool for about 30 minutes. Then she went for a swim. As she got out of the pool he loved the way the wet suit clinged to her cute ass and breasts. He ran and hid under the bed in the mother’s bedroom across from the bathroom as the girl approached the house.

He heard Melissa open, close and then lock the door. He thought if you only knew what was about to happen, you would not have done that. She walked past him to her room, he heard more drawers being opened and closed. Then there was music, which got louder as she walked to the bathroom with a small boom box. She set the boom box and the shirt and panties she was carrying on the counter. She then prepared a warm bubble bath. From his hiding place he watched her slip the swimsuit off. Damn she was hot. Her pert pink nipples and what an ass she had. He got a good glimpse of her pussy which had an evenly shaved patch of blonde hair. She sank her sensual tan body into the suds. Melissa sang along with the music as she bathed. If the little tease only new what a show she was providing for him.

He watched her slowly rub the sudsy wash cloth up and down her arms and then her breasts with the pert pink nipples showing through the suds. He really enjoyed watching her wash her legs. She lifted up each shiny wet tan one as she washed the suds off. Then she shampooed her blonde hair. After that, she stood facing his direction and he could see her entire wet naked body. She then grabbed a towel and dried herself. Once dry she stood before the mirror naked, blow drying her hair. He loved the side view of her body. She had all the nice curves. Melissa then slid the pink panties up her shapely legs. Next she put on the little white night shirt, which had 4 little buttons she snapped in place. After brushing her hair, Melissa left the bathroom for the kitchen. But she never made it.

Grabbing her as she walked by the bedroom door, he covered the struggling girl’s mouth and nose with a chloroform soaked cloth. After about 3 minutes of struggling the drug took affect and she went limp in his arms. He laid the girl on her bed. Then he put leather cuffs on each of her wrists and then attached the cuffs to posts in headboard. Once she was tightly secured. He then cuffed her ankles to the posts at the end of the bed. The sight of helpless Melissa bound with her legs spread excited him. But he waited for her to wake before he began the fun.

When Melissa awoke, she tried to get up, but of course could not due to the restraints. Then she saw this very large menacing man staring hungrily at her. “Who are you? Let me go”. She yelled. “You are in no position to give orders girl.” Peter coldly stated.
“I am your chat friend, bah. You know big and horny.” Franklin said smiling, seeing the fear and recognition in her eyes. “What, why are you here?” She asked. “Don’t act stupid girl, you know why I am here.” He said in an evil tone as he rubbed her panty covered pussy. Flinching, she yelled “no you can’t do that to me.” “Yes I will do whatever I want to your hot body”. He said while rubbing his hand up and down her tan leg: enjoying the feel of her soft skin and her terror as she trembled. “This will be the most special night of your life. This is the night you will lose your virginity.” Franklin said while rubbing her smooth tummy. “Tonight, I have every intention of filling your pussy with my seed and impregnating you. As I said I would in our chat.” He said in a cold tone.

Tears filled her eyes. She remembered how he used the word seed in their chat. And how it had really creeped her out. Now he just said it again and she was terrified. The thought of this monster raping her and impregnating her was just too much. She yelled “no, no, no” and tried to pull herself free. It was no use. She was at his mercy. Seeing her struggle just excited him even more. Her fear was intoxicating to him. Sometimes he liked the fear more than the actual sex act. So he kept talking. “What you do not like the idea of me filling you with my cum? My semen is very potent. I have gotten many of my rape victims pregnant. And I really cum a lot. I want you to just think what it will feel like when I ejaculate in you. Think about the large amounts of my hot jizz I will dump in your pussy.” In a shaking voice she replied “please, please don’t rape me: I am sorry for being mean to you in the chat room.” All he did was stare back at her with an evil lustful look. She then realized there was no stopping this animal.

Sitting by her side, slowly he unsnapped each button on the white night shirt. Opening the shirt, he saw those pink pert nipples. Gently he rubbed them as she whimpered. “Now let’s get a look at your virgin pussy.” He said, while pulling a knife from his jacket pocket. Pulling the side of her panties from her waist; he quickly cut the elastic band and yanked the pink panties off her quivering body.

The view of Melissa lying totally naked and defenseless was quite enjoyable to him. Franklin just sat there and admired her well toned and tan teen body. He really loved the way she trimmed her blonde pubic hair into just a little strip. Melissa’s face was red with shame as he stared at her body.

He undressed in front of the girl. She was horrified looking at his huge bobbing penis as he walked towards the head of the bed. It already had a drop if precum at the tip. Bending over he let the precum dribble on to her face. As Melissa screamed “noooo”. The long thin sticky drop splattered her right cheek. Then he sat beside her. “Melissa I really enjoy taking a girl’s virginity. I love the idea that I am about to take the most precious thing you possess. And that you cannot stop me.” Franklin said. As he gently rubbed her pussy. She squirmed and pleaded for him to stop. He looked at her and said “I could not stop now even if I wanted.”

He then crawled on top of the struggling girl. He whispered in her ear. “It’s useless to struggle. You are mine. And now it is time to surrender your body to me.” He began the conquest of her body by slowly licking and kissing her cheeks and lips. He did this over and over for about 10 minutes. He then began kissing and licking her neck. Slowly he worked his way down between her firm breasts with their erect pink nipples. When he first sucked her left nipple she gasped. Franklin was not sure if it was from pleasure or fright. He planned to have her totally aroused before he penetrated her. Back and forth he went from each nipple kissing, sucking and slurping. Each suck would make her flinch. He could not resist kissing and licking that sexy flat stomach over and over, he stopped before he reached her little strip of blonde pubic hair. During all this all the frightened girl did was mumble “no please stop” and gasp and cry.

Next was her left leg. He started at her calf. He licked and kissed the tan soft skin up to her inner thigh as she twitched. Melissa felt his wet tongue sliding up her leg. She knew he was heading toward her pussy. When he reached the top of her thigh, he saw that hot little blonde pussy. He could see her little clit just waiting to be licked. He licked from the bottom of her pussy all the way up to the blonde strip of hair. He spent several minutes just licking up and down as her body jerked. Pulling her pussy lips apart he shoved his tongue as far as possible. Melissa felt the probing tongue, which caused her to have a tingling sensation. She actually let out what Franklin knew was a moan of pleasure. “That’s it darling let your body surrender to me” Melissa had never felt so ashamed and dirty. For the next several minutes all that could be heard was slurping noises and faint moans from a reluctantly aroused girl. Then he stopped and said “feels good doesn’t it?”

Again, he lay on top of her. Forcing his tongue in her mouth and passing his spit into her mouth causing her to gag. With great disgust she felt his spit run down her throat. Then he started sucking her nipples. As he sucked and slurped the soft pink nipples, he thrust 2 fingers into her pussy causing the teen to grunt. For an hour he sucked her nipples and thrust his fingers in her pussy. Melissa felt how her pussy was grasping the invading fingers. She got more wet with each stroke. He stopped for a minute to release her leg cuffs and then he took the leather hand straps off too. Flipped her over and secured her wrists behind her back with the leather cuffs. He did this so he could better position her when they started fucking. After turning her face up again, the sucking of her nipples and thrusting of fingers continued. The girl started to moan and gasp more frequently. He stopped sucking and just concentrating on her pussy while kissing her face and whispering in her ear. “Surrender baby that’s it, cum for me. You know you want to cum.” “No, stop, stop, uh, uh, uh, oooohhh” she squealed as her body unwillingly surrendered. Franklin could feel her drenched pussy uncontrollably tighten around his finger, as she unconsciously clenched her thighs together. Franklin loved feeling her tremble from the unwanted orgasm. “Good girl, you are hot and wet and ready. Now its time to complete your surrender.” He told her as he positioned himself between her tan thighs. “Oh god no, please don’t do this please. I want to stay a virgin. Please stop you could make me pregnant please don’t. Her pleas only made him hornier. He said nothing, his cold look said it all. He was about to rape her. She tried to struggle but with her cuffed wrists and his strength the most she could do was flail her legs. “No” she cried as he lay on her again. He began kissing her face and rubbing her nipples again. She felt his penis rub against her inner thigh. Then he placed the head of his penis on her pubic hair. Mixing the precum with her trim blonde hairs. Cruelly he teased her by saying “ready” and acted like he was going to push in, but then did not. He did this three times. Each time she screamed.

“Ok, enough play lets do it for real” he said as she felt the tip of his penis touch her lips. “Please stop please, please, no, uhh” she yelled as he pushed just the cock head in her. Melissa felt the warm cock head stretch her little lips. She stared in horror, as he told her it was time to give it up.” One cruel thrust and her hymen was gone and she squealed. He pushed until he was all the way in. He just stayed that way for several minutes. He enjoyed watching the girl writhe in pain and shame as she realized her innocence was stolen.

Melissa lay helpless as he started to fuck her. Pushing slowly in and out, over and over. He wanted to make her cum again before he inseminated her. He wanted to see her feel that shame again. As he fucked her, he slowly rubbed and kneaded her breasts. With every thrust the girl gasped from pain. He loved hearing her faint little whimpers and gasps. She felt the large penis slide in and out. It made her sick. Even while he was fucking her, she still pleaded for him to stop. “You’re hurting, uh, me uh, please, uh” she begged. Even though she begged him to stop, he could see that her body was very aroused. As earlier with his finger, he felt the drenching pussy clamp tight on his cock. And she unconsciously arched her back and tightened her tan legs against him. Her body was preparing itself to receive his seed. Even though that was the last thing she wanted.

Now instead of gasps of pain, the girl unconsciously made hushed moans and squeezed her legs tightly against him with each thrust of his penis. “That’s it get excited girl, cum for me again.” Franklin said as he thrusted harder and harder into her aroused pussy. “Nooo, oooh, oooh she moaned as she came for the second time that night. He smiled looking at her face as she trembled. He saw that face of shame again.

“Now, it’s time to seed you Melissa.” Franklin said excitedly. “No don’t” she screamed. Melissa felt the cock tremble and knew it was only seconds before he filled her unprotected pussy. Her worst nightmare was coming true. “Nooooo” she screamed as the cock spewed a huge burst of semen into the helpless girl.

It happened so quickly, the penis twitched and in less then a second she felt the blast of a large, warm wad of semen invade her pussy and deliver its potent seed deep inside her. She shivered, knowing somehow he had accomplished his goal of impregnating her.

Franklin pulled out of her semen filled pussy. He saw a trickle of white and pink fluid drip from her pussy. It was a mixture of his cum and the blood from her broken hymen. “I really enjoyed taking your innocence Melissa. I loved how you squealed when I broke your hymen. And the face you made as you felt me spray cum in you was priceless. I think that is the most I have ever cum in my life. I am pretty sure my seed has fertilized you and in a few months your belly will swell with our baby.” He cruelly told the crying girl. After about 15 minutes of just lying by her he was horny again.

Crawling onto the still struggling girl, he said “let’s do it again.” “No, not again, you monster leave me alone” she screamed. “Oh that’s what I like a girl with a little fight in her. It makes taking you again sweeter.” He laughed. All Melissa could do was lay there as he assaulted her again. She felt him rub her nipples, making them erect. Then she felt his mouth sucking first her left nipple then the right. And of course as he sucked her nipples his finger thrust into her pussy again. “No please stop” she squeaked. This went on for several minutes. Without warning he shoved his penis in her pussy. “No, please, not that again.” She cried. He very slowly pushed in and out to prolong her agony. As before, with each thrust he felt the girls legs tighten against him. And he felt her little pussy convulsing. He knew in a few minutes again that she would cum against her will.
He heard her gasp out loud “OOOH.” “That’s my girl, surrender to me.” He told her. “No, no” she whimpered as he continued his slow thrusting. All that could be heard in the house was the squeaking bed and the girls gasping moans. “Oh, oh, oh, oohhh” she squealed as she came for the second time that night from his thrusting penis.

Franklin loved hearing her moan as she came. He also loved how her body trembled and her sexy tan legs gripped him during her orgasm. Then he came, delivering another healthy dose of cum into her. For the second time that night Melissa felt another large, warm blast of his seed fill her, making her shiver.

He cuffed her legs back to the bed. Then went to the kitchen and prepared a small meal for them. He brought the food to her and uncuffed her wrists so she could eat. She was able to eat a little. Then after the meal he cuffed her wrists again and uncuffed her legs. He walked her to the bathroom to let her pee. The red-faced ashamed girl had to pee while he watched. Back in the bedroom he cuffed her legs and arms back to the bed and told her to go to sleep. He then went to the bathroom to pee. He noticed that the tub was a large oval shaped one. It was big enough for two people. Maybe I will fuck her in the tub tomorrow. He thought.

The next morning he woke her up by bringing her breakfast. After they ate he told her it was bath time. He walked the nude girl to the bathroom. Again she was embarrassed as he watched her pee. He prepared a nice warm bubble bath. “Get in the tub” he told her. “Please take the straps off my wrists so I can bathe.” She asked while stepping in the tub.” No I will bathe you he said as he took his underwear off. Seeing his erect penis, she began to cry. He stood in the tub with her and pulled her down into the warm suds with him. He turned her around so that her back was to him. He began washing her back and shoulders. He pulled her close between his legs so that her back was touching his chest. He then washed her arms and then started rubbing her breasts with the suds. From there he moved to her stomach and of course her pussy, making her flinch. Then he washed her sexy legs. The sight of her shiny wet sensuous body excited him. He made her turn around and face him. “You make me so horny girl.” He told her as he pushed closer to her; forcing her up on his lap. “No, not again, please. You have raped me twice already. Please no more.” Melissa pleaded. He said nothing. Pulling the struggling girl up to his chest, while pushing his cock into her pussy. “Uuuhhh” she said as the wet penis invaded her pussy. He loved the feel of her well toned legs around his waist and her pert nipples rubbing his chest as he held her tight and started to slowly fuck the girl. She pulled free of his penis and tried to get off his lap. But the strong man just rammed her back on his penis. “Eeee” she screamed as she was forced back onto the stiff cock. He said nothing. He just smiled at her pain. Melissa felt his slimy tongue lick her nipples as he continued to slowly push in and out of her. Again he was intentionally, slowly making the unwilling girl aroused. He got a kick out of making this girl reach orgasm against her will. He knew her body was surrendering. She stopped struggling; he felt her heart race and heard her sexy little gasps and sighs as he held her close. He then felt her legs tighten around his waist and her body tremble as she again succumbed to another orgasm. All Melissa could do was cry as she felt Franklin shoot another burst of jizz into her. She heard him groan from pleasure and say “damn you are such a great fuck.”

Later, he dried her off with a towel as they stood before the bathroom mirror. Standing behind her he put his arms around the girl. He rubbed up and down her body with his left hand and squeezed her breasts with his right hand. “Mmmm you are one sexy girl. I love how your body responds when we fuck. I can tell you really love my cock.” Franklin said sarcastically to torture the girl. Melissa screamed “I do not like it or what you are doing to me. I hate you, you monster.” Franklin laughed and said “just think I have 2 and a half days left to fuck you many more times.” Melissa felt his erect penis brush against the back of her thigh. She just looked down and asked “how many more times?” in a hushed voice. “That’s totally up to you” Franklin said. The confused girl asked “what?” Franklin explained “I am sadistic and love forcing you to have sex. I get off on seeing you suffer when I rape and make you have an orgasm against your will. But I am curious what it would be like fucking you, when you would do it willingly. So here is my offer; I will leave in the morning if you willingly have sex with me tonight. If you do not accept my offer I will spend the next 2 days raping you as many times as I can.” Melissa asked “wha, what would you make me do if I said yes?” “I would want you to make love to me as if you were in love with me. I mean I want you to wear a sexy outfit and strip for me. I also want you to hug kiss and lick me and say sexy things to me. If you do a good and convincing job tonight, I will leave in the morning.” Melissa did not know what to say. The thought of willingly fucking him made her stomach churn. But 2 more days of rape would be terrible. Finally Melissa reluctantly agreed to his offer. “OK” she said quietly with her face turned down. “Excellent, my dear but remember it has to be good and real convincing or I will stay the 2 more days. But I think you know how to treat a man.” Franklin said with a smile.

That night he took her the leather cuffs off her wrists. Franklin warned her “do not try to escape or I will kill you.” She knew he was serious. He made her put on white panties, a white T-shirt and white stockings. He then walked her to her mother’s bedroom. Franklin wanted to fuck her on the large king size bed. His dick got hard as he saw the sensuous young girl crawl onto the bed and lay on her side. Melissa knew she had to put on a good act, make this good for him so she could be free of him so with great reluctance and disgust she began.

She sat in a kneeling position and said “I am ready to do what you asked me to do.” Franklin had never been so horny in his life. He stripped and walked towards the willing girl. When he got on the bed she crawled onto his lap and wrapped her legs around him and began to kiss his chest, neck and face. As she kissed him, she rubbed her breasts against his chest. He could feel her nipples poke through the shirt. She slowly pulled her t-shirt off, and then rubbed her nipples on his chest again while sighing. She got out of his lap and sat in front of him and slowly slid her panties down her tan toned legs. She then threw the panties aside and smiled, Even though she hated every minute of this. “Very good Melissa, are you really ready to submit willingly to me?” he asked. “Yes” she said as spread her stocking covered legs as she sat in front of him. He got between her legs and laid her down. As he lay on top of her, she wrapped her legs tightly around him and quietly said “I submit to you. Please fuck me.” She grabbed his erect penis and pushed the tip into her pussy. Inside she wanted to die from disgust. Franklin was thrilled with her submission. “Yes, Melissa I will fuck you several times tonight, filling you with my jizz. If you are not already pregnant you will be by morning.” Franklin said. To her surprise he pulled out. He moved so that he was sitting with his back against the headboard. He spread his legs and told her to lie down between them facing him. “Its time you sucked some dick.” He said. She could see the pre cum glistening at the end of his cock. And thought oh my god I thought he was just going to make me fuck him but not this. But she knew she had to do it. “Good girl” he said as she lied between his legs. “Stick your tongue out” he ordered. She did and he rubbed the pre cum on her twitching tongue. “Alright swallow it.” Franklin said. She swallowed the sticky string of cum and wanted to vomit. He then instructed her to lick his cock from the tip to his pubes. She licked from the tip on down with her soft wet tongue. He loved seeing and feeling her little pink tongue run up and down his shaft. After about 10 minutes of licking he asked her to stop. He then ordered her to put his cock head in her mouth and suck on it. She did as she was told.

Franklin heard the faint sucking sounds she made. Melissa hated the taste of his penis and again she tasted his slimy pre cum. Franklin enjoyed the site of this hot 14 year old girl lying between his legs and obediently sucking his cock. He said “I bet all the guys that you snub and turn your nose up at school would love to see this site.” Franklin then pushed the rest of his cock into her as he grabbed the back of her head and pulled her closer. He cruelly watched as the girl literally began to choke on his cock. He could see her face turn red and feel her head jerk from side to side as a mixture of pre cum and saliva drooled from her mouth. Melissa thought he was going to choke her to death and tried to free herself. All of a sudden he pulled out, leaving her gasping loudly. “I really would love to cum in your mouth but I want to save all my sperm for your pussy to insure I knock you up. Even though you are probably already pregnant since I shot such a big wad of cum in you yesterday. Are you ready for me to squirt more sperm in you again?” Franklin said while laughing. Inside she wanted to cry but kept up her submissive act in hopes he would leave tomorrow. She sat on his lap and wrapped her legs and arms around him. And as before she rubbed her nipples against his chest and started kissing his neck and face. “That’s a good girl.” Franklin said as he kissed her and then rolled her over on to her back. “Say something sexy to me Melissa.” He told her as he sucked her pink nipples. As she locked her legs around him, she softly said: “I am yours tonight. I totally surrender my body to you. I am ready for you to take me and fill me with your seed.”

“Hearing you say you surrender and willingly accept to be seeded by me is such a turn on.” He said with hungry lustful eyes. Like before he wanted to make her cum. Using his tongue he probed and licked the young girl’s pussy for 30 minutes making very wet and aroused. He loved feeling her body twitch. And also her moans were such a turn on. She was ready to be taken. Slowly, he pushed his cock into her very wet and ready pussy. Melissa moaned “uhh” as he entered her. With each thrust he would hear her softly say “ah, ah.” Franklin enjoyed watching her as they fucked. It was quite a sight. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open as she made little gasps. He loved the way her breasts with those pert pink nipples would jiggle with each thrust. And the way she arched her back up and tightened her legs against him, let him know she totally under his control.

After about 10 minutes of fucking she came. “Aaaaah” Melissa squealed as she clenched her legs and he felt her pussy convulse. “That’s it come for me baby. Now its time for me to cum in you.” He said while lifting each of her legs so that each ankle rested on his shoulders. He started to thrust as hard as he could. Melissa dreaded what was about to happen. But she knew she had no choice. When he came, she felt a huge gush of his warm semen making its way deep into her. She shivered with disgust and fear. He fucked her several more times that night; each time injecting her with a thick wad of his seed.

In the morning he knocked her out again with the chloroform cloth and left the naked well inseminated girl lying on her mother’s bed.


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