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My name is Molly im 19 and love to give blow jobs!!! I'm 5'5 and 125. mixed with skin like light cream coffee. being mixed i have green eyes and long wavy black hair. The best thing about my body is my tits 38 d. they look to big for my body, but men love them.
As a young girl my parents will only let me babysit to earn money,sooooo i quickly learned how to make extra cash. The first time was when i was 16. I got a babysitting job for the Stuarts. they had a new baby that only slept so i spent most of my time watching t.v. Mrs Stuart was a bitch and never paid me anything. he husband Mr. Stuart was a hottie at 45 he was well built. gray hair and those blue come fuck me eyes. I had just got done babysitting when they got home one night. Mrs Stuart went straight up stairs and went to bed Mr. Staurt was giving me a ride home.
We were sitting at a stop light when he handed me $100. I looked at him in surprise
" Mr S this is to much"
" Molly you earned it " He laid a hand on my leg
i shrugged and said thank you. He drove a little longer then pulled over. We live i a small town where there are corn fields everywhere. He stopped the car and told me to get out. as i was getting out of the car he grabbed a blanket and walked in the corn feild. " come here" he said as he lay the blanket downand sat
wondering what he was doing i sat
" i think its time you earned your extra money" he smile
My heart was beating faster and faster and my pussy was getting wet
" what do you mean?" i asked acting like i didn't have a clue.
" take off your cloths, i wanna see you naked"
I waited and then stood up. i kicked of my shoes and slowly unzipped my jeans my hands were shacking and i slide my jeans and panties down and kicked them to the side. i pulled my shirt and bra off. my tits bouncing with new found freedome. i stoode there my nipples turning into hrad rocks.
i stoode there naked for what seemed like forever.
Mr S got to is knees and told me to come stand over by him. he leaned forward and took a nipple in his mouth. he started kicking and sucking and pulling on my nipple.
i coun't belive i was letting him do this to me, but at the same time i was enjoying it. he stoode up a rid himself of his cloths before i could even blink he stoode naked in front of me his cock pointing up. i stoode with my mouth hanging open. i had never seen a real cock before. He smiled and told me to get on my knees and suck his cock.
i slowly feel to my knees and started to lick the tip of his cock and let my tounge side up and down his tool
" oh yeah molly.......your a good little girl" he moaned " better than my wife"
that turned me on and i took his cock in my small mouth and sucked a little faster. Mr. S reached and played with my tits sqeezing and rubbing my nipples.
Mr. S grabbed my head and shoved his cock deep into my mouth. I gagged at first then got right back to work sucking harder and faster. "oh shit............ughh..............."
Slurp.............slurp...................slurp i freed my mouth and started to gently suck and lick his balls " fuck yeah" he yelled pumping his cock. i once again took him in my mouth sucking as fast as i could wanting to take his cum. Mr. S pumped his hips like a mad man........." i'm gonna cum baby................shit yeah.....................oh.............yeah...............mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I felt the hot cum filling my mouth, i sucked and swallowed all him cum until the last drip. i sucked until he had nothing left to give me. he looked down and strocked my hair.
" you nasty little cocksucker" he smailed at me
"molly........are you a virgian?'
i nodded and swallowed
"lay down and spread your legs"
doing what Mr. S asked i was scared and my heart was beating wildly in my cheast
Mr. S smiled and kneeled down beside me.............i reached out and slide a finger slowly up my thigh. i shivered not knowing what to do.
"open you legs wide mollly" Mr S said in a whisper

slowly i opened my legs feeling my pussy juices run down my leg
Mr S laughed and called me a little whore
then slowly he eased a finger into my tight pussy. I moaned at the feeling of his finger inside me.
" do you like that molly? you like it when i stick my finger in you pussy?' Mr S asked me
i nodded and moaned "yes"
Mr S slowly started sliding his finger in and out of my pussy. i moan in delight and my little body wiggle on the blanket. Mr S reached up with his free hand and played with my hard nipples.he leaned over and his mouth replaced his finger. he took a nipple in his mouth lick and sucking. He slowly kissed his way down my body until he reacher my pussy
Mr S licked up and down my thighs and then opened my pussy lips with his fingers. Very lightly he licked my clit. I screamed at the touch of his tounge.
Mr S laughed and went down for more licking and sucking on my clit
i moaned and wiggled my body as i felt his tounge on my wet pussy
" yes yes yes like me " i screamed a few times
"Are you ready for my cock?' Mr S asked
i bit my lip and looked at him
" will it hurt? " I asked him
Mr S smiled at me and rubbed my pussy softly
" yes Molly it will hurt but only the first time"
i was scared but if his cock felt like his fingers i could deal with some pain

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2014-07-13 05:03:13
Sucked. Period.


2009-02-02 01:05:56
"molly........are you a virgian"

Yes, a west virgian.

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2008-06-04 19:45:50
Kicking your nipples?


2008-04-01 21:07:10
learn how to spell. more detail needed 3/10


2007-06-16 16:34:49
This was written by a very young or an uneducated person. Can't say anything good about it. And since it is so bad, I won't rate it.

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