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Naturist kid falls in love with cute girl. Hero baseball coach be my dad, he

The same three guys don’t have a ride home, so Sean kindly takes them. When Jeff gets out, no one is home. “I can’t leave you home alone. Come to my house and I’ll leave a message for your mom to call.”

Jeff wasn’t worried about being home alone. That’s become routine, without a father around. But he really liked the idea of going to Sean’s house, “Terrific! Thanks.”

“You’ve got a built-in swimming pool! Can I go in?”


“You too!”

“I’ve got a couple things to do first. I’ll be out in a little bit.”

“OK.” Sean laughs as he watches Jeff high tail it out the sliding door, stripping off his shirt and shorts on the run. Thinking to himself, “Looks like he’s gonna swim in his underwear…. Yup. Looks like bikini briefs. Reminds me of the good-old days. Boys today seem to be ashamed of their bodies. As a little kid, I ran around in a bikini because everyone was doing it. I admire Jeff—he doesn’t just follow the crowd.

Sean gets a beach towel, bringing it out to Jeff. Jeff climbs out of the pool as he sees Sean coming. “You going in now!?

With a chuckle, “No, not yet. You look good in a bikini.”

“Yeah? Yeah!”

“And you fill it in quite splendidly.”

Feeling wonderful with the praise, but cautiously, “That’s way flattering, Sean.” Then he turns back to the pool.

“Both ends, I might say,” Sean quickly adds.

Feeling a bit embarrassed, Jeff turns to say, “Not you too. Alex always says a have a bad butt.”

“I didn’t mean to upset you, Jeff…. And keep your butt away from Alex.”

With a big smile, “Of course!”

Sean goes to get his business taken care of, then looks for a bathing suit. “I think I’ll wear a bikini too. Oh, here—I don’t think I’ve worn this for five years—my favorite. The good-old days! Hope it still fits. Looks like it stretched out a bit. Good thing.”

“Hey, you wear a bikini too!”

“Use to all the time. You helped me resurrect my carefree, free as the bees, feeling.”


As today’s captains, Sean picks Alex, Jeff, and Roy. He lets them pick teams for another scrimmage. Jeff has a knack for picking talent, which shows, as they trounce the other two teams.

Afterwards Sean has each player vote for captains for the season. Shock and deep appreciation fill Karim as Sean announces the results; Ricky and Jose as co-captains; Karim as captain. Jose also feels quite honored. They realize the team looked beyond skin color in their voting.

Fred thinks he should have made it instead of Jose. Michael feels heart-broken that he wasn’t picked but knew all three were excellent choices. To his delight Sean appoints him as official scorekeeper. Sean lets him know that this would also involve training others to keep the scorebook, because he would usually play the whole game.

As the equipment gets packed the captains receive congratulations, high five’s, and hugs. Alex even kisses Jose. Jose graciously returns a big kiss. Disgusted by the hoopla, Fred approaches Sean angrily, “I should be scorekeeper!”

Sean calmly replies, “That would be tough for a catcher, who is busy putting on catcher’s gear and taking it off.”

“So I’ll be catching the whole game?”

“I would love to see that—if you continue to improve with handling the pitching staff. In fact, it’s good you’re not a captain because I need you as pitching coach.” Fred thinks that it’s really cool, but quickly turns back into an ice cube. Then he let’s a wet gasser loose.

With everyone holding their noses, Jamie rants, “Aromatic abuse at it’s worst!”

Fred responds, “Just shut up, Jamie.”

Ricky cuts in, “You should have shut your fat caboose.”

Everyone laughs. Fred wants the last word, but isn’t about to stand up to Ricky. “Shut up, all you frigg’n faggots.”

Ricky kindly adds, “Just show us the pictures.”

Jeff goes to Sean’s house after practice again. “Don’t you think I would have been a fantastic captain?”

“Yeah, like Captain Hook!”

“Come on, Sean!!!”

“Seriously, though, you’re right. But for kids, being bigger and older matters.”

“You could have made me the scorekeeper.”

“I think you would do better as an unofficial captain. We need good base coaches—the captains will want you there. You know how to inspire a team. You don’t need a title for that. Well, we could call you our cheerleader.”

Angrily, “No thanks! I think you give the rest of the team more attention than me,” tears forming in Jeff’s eyes. Soon he sobs uncontrollably.

“You’re right.” Sean reaches out to comfort Jeff, but he backs away. “I have eleven other boys that need my attention and will only get it on the field.”

Still crying a bit, “We have a special friendship now that I want the others to see, but you act like we don’t!”

“I agree. I love our new relationship, but on the field I need to be your coach only. I’m convinced giving you special treatment there would hurt the team.”

”I disagree!”

“I hear you. It’s good you got your feelings out in the open.”

”So what are you gonna do?”

“Same old, same old. Even though you don’t like it.”

Jeff starts getting angry again. The anger turns into quiet tears. The tears turn into an acceptance. With his spark returning, ”My mom’s taking me to the beach next Saturday. Wanna come too?”

“That’s sweet of you. But I’ll be marrying Roxanne soon.”

“That doesn’t matter. Pllllease.”

“It matters to me. It matters to Roxanne. I don’t even know your mom.”

“Well, she wants to get to know you.”

Laughing, “I think you mean that YOU want her to get to know me.”

“That too. Can I go swimming now?”

“Sure, after giving me a hug.”

”Of course!” Jeff follows the hug with a pat on his butt. “You’re coming too, right?”

With deep disappointment, “I wish, but I have some phone calls to return.” Sean reaches for another hug. Sadly, yet graciously, Jeff moves into a tight loving hug.

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Bite Fight Night Right Shite


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