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Naturist kid falls in love with cute girl. Hero baseball coach be my dad, he's really dating mom!

Jeff goes to Sean’s house after school. Sean’s not very talkative. “What’s wrong Sean!? You look really depressed.”


“What do you mean nothing!? Tell me.”

“Big fight with the woman of my dreams.”

Shocked, with compassion, “Ohhhh.” Then a brainstorm, “So you can go to the beach with us tomorrow!”

Annoyed, but quietly, “Don’t even go there.”

“I’m so sorry. I’ll leave you alone—until I think of a way to cheer you up.”

“Thanks, buddy…. Actually, why don’t you sit with me in my big recliner?”


Jeff lays a hand on Sean’s thigh. Sean puts his arm around Jeff’s back. Soon Jeff gets on Sean’s lap resting chest to chest, moving his hands to his shoulders. Sean wraps his arms around Jeff, one hand moving to his shoulder, the other to his buttocks. Quietly tears rolls down Sean’s cheeks. He becomes amazed by the comfort he experiences in Jeff’s loving embrace.

That night Sean sleeps restlessly. In the morning he eventually drags himself out of bed, muttering to himself, “What will I do today, without Roxanne? I feel so empty. Guess checking out the babes at the beach aint a half-bad idea. I think I’ll call Jeff. Where’s his number. “Morning. This is Sean.”

Ignoring Sean’s melancholy grumble, “Hey! Sean! Good morning. You’re not calling a practice today, are you? We’re packing for the…”

“Beach. I…”

“Wanna go too! All right! Mom, Sean is coming too!”

With his head beginning to spin, “Jeff. I’d like to ask your mom, not tell her.”

“She’s already figuring on it.”

“Well, OK. And thanks for making me feel so welcome. I need that this morning.”

“Yeah. I could tell.”

“Really? Impressive! So what time should I come over?”

“Mom says she’ll pick you up around 10:30. Is that OK?”

“Sounds good, buddy. See you soon.”


As Rachel pulls into the parking lot Sean says, “I’m not familiar with this beach.”

Rachel replies, “It’s called Black’s Beach.”

“Oh!? Isn’t that a nudist beach?”

“Didn’t you tell him, Jeff? I’m so embarrassed! Let’s go to La Jolla Beach instead.”

“Well, Rachel. That’s kind of you. But we’re here already.”

“Have you ever been to a clothing-optional beach before?”

“No. But I’ll give it a whirl.”

So they make their way down to the beach. Jeff strips the instant he put his stuff down. Surprised, Sean says, “Well. You’re quite the veteran in this sandbox.”

“I love being naked as a jaybird.”

“So I see.”

As they all get settled in Sean surmises that Rachel isn’t getting naked out of deference to him. He doesn’t feel ready to show the world his manhood, but thinks, “If I get naked, then she will feel free to do her thing.” While playing in the sand, Jeff keeps him in his radar. He knows some people take hours to bare all in public for the first time. He could see how nervous Sean is, yet he moves with great determination. Anticipating that Sean would make a beeline to his chair, Jeff quickly puts a towel in it, explaining that you need to do that before putting your butt down.

Trying to sound relaxed, “Thanks Jeff.”

Sure enough. Sean sits down quickly, before Jeff can straighten out the towel. Sure enough, Rachel gets up. With exquisite elegance she begins to disrobe. Sean would have fallen over, had he not been seated. This takes babe watching to a whole new level, he realizes. It’s like she’s doing a strip tease for me, as he wipes the drool off his chin. Of course, it didn’t matter which way she turns. Her body stuns from all angles.

When Jeff sees Sean really relaxing, he comes over and sits on his leg, one leg on each side, “Wanna play Frisbee?”

Feeling Jeff’s scrotum on his leg, Sean feels frightened, yet amazed by his carefree spirit. “Yeah, sound like a good idea.”

To Sean’s delight Rachel joins in on the fun. How tantalizing to watch her large, firm breasts bounce with every movement. After a while Rachel says, “Well I worked up a good thirst. How about the two of you?”

“You bet.” So they sit down for some ice-cold lemonade.

Their small talk gets interrupted, “Hi Jeff! Hi Rachel.”

“Hi Alex.”

“You brought company.” Alex turns toward him, “Sean!” Instantly his boyhood rises to full attention. Jeff and Rachel chuckle. “So you frequent Black’s Beach too, huh.”

“First time, buddy,” as Alex leans over to give him a hug. Sean moves his arm as he feels a hot hammer brush against it. “Down boy. Down boy.”

“You think I’m a dog!”

“Well you appear to be as active as one.”

“Come on, Sean.”

“Please don’t cum on me.”

Again Jeff and Rachel chuckle. That surprises Sean. He didn’t expect Jeff to follow the play on words. Jeff follows with, “He can’t do that yet.”

“Could’ve fooled me!”

Rachel graciously offers, “Who wants to go swimming?” So they all make their way to the peaceful ocean. Sean feels like he is in heaven as he walks beside Rachel. Alex and Jeff already frolicking in the water, “Come on, you slow pokes.”

When they finally catch up, the kids just about tackle Sean. As the horseplay continues, all Sean can think about is his desire to be carousing with Rachel, the quiet observer. Yes, he appreciates how the kids have removed him from his misery, but he’s becoming overwhelmed with feelings for Rachel. “Come on and join the fray, Rachel.” He senses that she feels the same way about him, but she doesn’t join in. Sean finds an opportunity to break free from the boys, moving to gently tackle Rachel. They never even touched before. She gets up, turns to tackle him chest to chest. Sean wraps his arms around her—to keep his head from going under, of course. The boys watch in awe. “My Mom had a crush on him since the first time she set eyes on him. Sean’s gonna be my father! Just watch!”

“That’s fine, as long as he’s my lover.”

“You’re a sick puppy.”

“No I’m not. I just know what I want. He’s got the hottest ass I ever did see.”

“You got hard before seeing his butt, butthead…. Too bad he doesn’t want you.”

“He will. You’ll see.” He cringes as he sees Sean and Rachel maintaining a full embrace as their tongues explore each other’s mouth.

As Rachel and Sean walk back to their chairs, “Rachel, please don’t be offended. The only reason I came today was I felt lonely and wanted to watch babes. I guess Jeff told you about the fight with my finance.”

“Yes, he did.”

“Honestly, I wasn’t thinking about you. Now I’m thinking—Jeff is ten. That would make you a lot older than you look, a lot older than me.”

“Actually, I’m 23. I was 12 when I gave birth to Jeff. His father took no responsibility in his care. My parents took care of him as I finished school.”

“Wow! I can’t imagine what you’ve gone through.”

“Mostly it’s been wonderful, thanks to my parents.”

“I’m 20, so 23 works. You were 12!?”

“Weren’t you?”

“I don’t remember. Alzheimer’s disease must be setting in. Give me a day and I won’t remember this incredibly hot experience.”


2007-01-29 23:20:25
i can't wait to read the chapter about this idiots personal therapist get on with it you tard


2007-01-21 06:52:21
None of these characters are bi-sexual. One is gay. Doesn't it take two to tango? Happy reading!


2007-01-19 12:57:57
okay I started reading the first few sentences of this story by mistake. Why the hell wouldn't you label it a gay story? It certainly is gay or at least bi-sexual. Come on.


2007-01-19 11:06:37

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