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Brother watches sister getting screwed hard
Hello friends! I am Rahul a college student from Bangalore. I come from a very educated and High class family. I stay with my mother and younger sister in a posh apartment complex. My elder sister is already married and is in the USA. My father is an Engineer working in the Gulf.

There are a lot of college students in our apartment complex and most of those guys come from well to do families. We have frequent parties in our apartment complex. My sister is a very attractive and smart girl with a good figure. Many of the guys in our apartment complex ogle at her but are generally careful with me around. I am very careful that my sister does not mix with the wrong kind of guys who exploit girls.

Two months back there was a party at my neighbor's penthouse apartment. His parents had gone on a Business tour to Europe and he had the entire apartment to himself. So the promise was a lot of Booze would flow in the party. Along with me, my sister was also invited. Initially I had reservations about going to an Alcoholic party with my sister. But since I was there I decided that no harm could befall her and took her also. That day my sister was wearing a sleeveless black T-Shirt, a long skirt and high heels and she was looking very cute and attractive in that dress.

As the party was going on one of my friends, Rohit AKA Rocky came over to me and invited me to the bar for the drinks. All the girls were chatting as usual at one corner of the Drawing room. All the guys were on the penthouse terrace having booze. As Rocky joined me, we started talking about the cricket match which India had won that evening. I found Rocky forcing me to take more whisky but he was just taking Pepsi. But I did not pay more attention on this matter because I thought that this was not going to make any damage to me. So I started taking more whisky. After two hours at around 9:00 pm, almost all the guys were on the moon. I was also unable to balance myself. But I did not see Rocky in the room. After some time, I asked the host about the toilet. It was on the downstairs.

As I was on my way to the toilet downstairs, I heard some sounds in the room next to the toilet. It sounded as if two people were kissing each other. I was drunk and horny and I desperately wanted to see what was going on. Ignoring all dangers I came out and took a stool to see what was happening into that room. I stood up on the stool controlling my balance and peeped from the ventilator of the door with curiosity. To my surprise, I saw my sister Pooja and my friend Rocky kissing each other.

After a while my sister broke her kiss."What about my brother?" she asked him. He replied "Don't worry you brother is knocked flat and won't be up for three hours at least. Let's enjoy!" I was able to see only their heads properly. So I stood up slightly to get a better view. Oh God! I saw Rocky touching my sister's small but ripe breasts through her T Shirt. Slowly he started sliding down the straps of her T Shirt over her shoulders. My sister was wearing a small black bra underneath. He started pinching her bra and started kissing my sister's ears. Pooja closed her eyes. He started kissing her face and kissed every part of it. She was just whispering "OOOH ROCKY!" again and again. He bent down and pulled up her skirt. This exposed Pooja's white thighs and Rocky started moving his hand on them. He was pulling the skirt up and up. Finally he reached the point where actually he wanted to be. Pooja's red color underwear was exposed between her thighs.

He started to move his hand over her panties. This act made Pooja very horny. She closed her eyes more tightly this time and moaned "AAAAH ROCKY OOOOOOOH RUB IT ROCKY". Then Rocky pulled her panties down exposing her hairy pussy.Rocky took her panties in hand and smelled them. He started putting his finger into her pussy. After some time he took his finger out of the pussy hole. It was wet and covered with Pooja's cum. He put his finger in his mouth and licked it. Pooja was just smiling and said "You are the Dirtiest Bastard I have ever met". Rocky replied "You are the dirtiest bitch I have ever met" Hearing this both of them smiled and started kissing each other. Rocky started removing his shirt and trousers and Pooja was also busy in removing her skirt, High heels and bra. In a few moments both of them were completely naked.

They went to the bed and Pooja was lying on the bed. Rocky started kissing her lips and put his tongue into her mouth. She was also responding well. His hand was pressing Pooja's boobs. Then he came down and took her small nipple into his mouth and started pressing her remaining breast with the other hand. This was making Pooja very horny. After some time he came down further and put his tongue in her pussy. This time Pooja put her hands around his head and started pressing his head against her pussy. She was moaning like anything "FUCK ME FUCK ME AAAAH! AAAH!" So Rocky laid on top of her and inserted his cock into her pussy. He started fucking her very vigorously .Because of this Pooja was unable to moan continuously and the bed was making lots of noises. The game went on for ten minutes continuously. And then I saw Pooja's cum dripping from her pussy on the bed. After some time Rocky took his cock out and flushed his cum over her chest and stomach. Both were sweating and sat on the bed for some time. Then Pooja went into the bathroom. Her hairstyle was completely disturbed and her lipstick was spread all over her face. She got herself cleaned. Then both of them dressed up.Rocky asked "When are you free next time?" Pooja replied "Bhaiya is going out this weekend so I will call your mobile. But come slightly early in the evening so that we can get more fun together. Last time it was so late for me" I understood from this statement that they have been playing this game for a long time.

I got off from the stool and went downstairs. I saw Pooja coming upstairs alone searching for me. I behaved as if I was drunk and ignorant of what had happened downstairs. After some time Rocky came up and they signaled that everything was alright. Dear friends, to be very honest, now also Rocky is coming to our house and I also know everything happing between my sister and Rocky. But now I am getting fun out of it.

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2013-06-09 00:54:20
Hey racist asshole, knock it off and let the guy write in peace.


2012-03-13 11:05:11
Better luck next time,!!!


2007-01-21 14:03:44
do you sell these stroies at the Quik-E-Mart in Springfield, Apu?


2007-01-20 22:58:45
fair story,do you get involved in their sex meetings?would be interesting.7/10


2007-01-20 19:42:07

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