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Katie, a young catholic school girl, started off to school in the morning. When she got to the building she realized no one was there. She went in to see why it was abandoned on a Wednesday. As she stepped into the chapel she saw the headmaster, Mathew. At only 26 he was the youngest headmaster in the history of the school. Katie moved from the back of the chapel to the front where Matt was sitting. Looking down at the back of his head that was covered in light red hair she decided to ask him the question burning in her mind.

"Headmaster Matthew, why isn't anyone here today?" she asked. Startled he looked up from his bible.

"Oh, Katie. It’s only you. You scared the daylights out of me," he said. "Everyone is at home. Today was a mandatory meeting for the teachers. It's over now so I'm the only one here."

Katie's face slowly changed from surprise to aggravation. "Why wasn't I told there was no school today?"

"Well," Matt said, "since you've been absent for the last two days, and you have no listed phone number we had no way to contact you." Katie then walked around the pew to sit beside him.

"Well what am I supposed to do now? I need to make up my work so I'm not so far behind but all the teachers are gone.” Then she turned to him hopefully, “Couldn’t you give me my work?”

“Well, yes, I suppose I can.” He said smiling at her. “Follow me and we’ll go to my office.”

Katie followed Matt out of the chapel to his office down the hall. As she followed behind him she couldn’t help noticing what a fantastic backside he had and how it swayed perfectly with his masculine walk. She scolded herself for having such thoughts and forced herself to think of her work. Her thought didn’t remain pure for long. As Matt held the door open for Katie to walk through she accidentally pressed her hip against his groin and felt the characteristic bulge that announced his manly assets. Her face flushed, she quickly stepped away from him when all she really wanted to do was turn so her womanly parts matched with that bulge.

Matt looked at her as she stood a few feet inside the doorway. His eyes scanned over her lush curves. Her delectable breasts held in place by her lacy black bra which he could see through her light blue shirt. Then his eyes roamed down her body, past her hips to the hem of her blue plaid skirt. The hem was dangerously high and he knew it was against the dress code but she looked so delicious in it he really didn’t care. He could feel the need to touch the exposed skin of her leg. Run his hand under the skirt and up to her hip.

He physically shook his head to remove the thoughts. She was a student and he the schools headmaster. She was off limits in so many ways he didn’t dare count. He walked in past her, careful not to bump into her lest she feel how the bulge in his pants had grown in size as he looked at her.

“Let me just look to see what your classes have been up to this week.” Thankful for the cover of his desk he sat down although it was nearly painful with the mass in his pants begging to be let out. Focusing on the job at hand he opened the files he needed on his computer. “Looks like you’ve been lucky my dear,” he said.” All your classes have simply been reviewing for the end of term exams.”

“Oh, thank goodness. I thought I was going to have to do loads of work to catch up.” She stepped closer to the desk. “Thank you, Headmaster Matthew. I really owe you one. But what am I supposed to do now? Both my parents are at work and I can’t get in touch with them for a key to my house. I’m locked out until after school hours.”

Matt saw the frantic look on her face and offered her words of encouragement. “You can stay here until then if you like.”

“Oh thank you. The thought of standing on my front porch all day is not very appealing. Do you have anything you want me to do around the office or something?”

As she asked her simple question images of the two of them naked and joined on the floor flashed through his mind. He raked a steamy hot look over her body and saw her shudder. He realized her breasts were full and hard under her shirt. He stood up and walked around his desk to stand beside her. He was close enough to feel her breath on his neck. “Yes, there is something you can do for me Katie,” he said in a deep, breathy tone, unable to restrain himself any longer. “You can let me fill you.” He moved his hand to her shirt and gently cupped her breast with his hand, then bent his head to capture her lips with his own.

Katie moaned at the feel of his hand on her chest through the fabric. She moved her hands to twine them in his hair as she opened her mouth in invitation. He slipped through her parted lips and she purred as their tongues danced together. His hand moved from her breast to her hip where he pulled her closer to him.

She gasped at the feel of the bulge in his pants which was substantially larger than it had been a few moments ago. Knowing she was the cause of his arousal gave her enough courage to slip her hand past the waist of his pants to cup his most intimate part. He released her lips and tilted his head back in a ferocious roar of pleasure.

Careful not to dislodge her hand he moved her back against his desk than picked her up and placed her on top of it. He undid his pants and pushed them to the floor, freeing himself to her hungry eyes. She bit her lip as she saw the whole of his lower extremities. Getting off the desk she knelt on the floor and took him eagerly into her mouth. Running her t ongue over his length she suckled on him until he was rock hard.

She stood up and pulled her shirt off over her head and then pushed her skirt off down her legs. She stood in front of his in her bra and panties and saw the hunger take control of his eyes. He pulled his shirt off over his head and stood in full glory before her. She resisted the urge to moan at the site of his naked body. Instead she ran her hand lightly from his pecs down his tight six pack abs to his hip where she pulled his body close to hers. He reached behind her and unhooked her bra. She moved away from him long enough to let the material slide down her skin and land on the floor between them. Then she moved back to him pressing their bodies together and feeling his heat on her cool flesh.

He dipped his head to nibble on the sensitive skin of her collar bone. Waves on pleasure spread through her as she ran her nails over his bare back, leaving red trails to show her passion. Unable to wait any longer Matt pulled away to slip his thumbs into the band of Katie’s panties and slide them sensuously down her legs and let them drop to the floor. He stood frozen for a moment as he stared at her beautiful body. Her lush, feminine curves made him harden even more which he wouldn’t have thought possible.

The need he felt for her body was almost painful. Movement finally returned to him and he pulled her closer to him so he could wrap his arms around her completely naked body and feel her heat on his skin. He gently laid her down on the floor and draped himself over her. As he stared into her eyes he entered her and she let out a shuddering breath as she felt him deep inside her. She raised her hips to bring him farther into her and grabbed his shoulders. As he set a slow rhythm she met him stroke for stroke and intensified their mutual pleasure.

Matt smiled down at her then dipped his head to take her breast in his mouth. He teased her as he ran his tongue around her nipples, gently flicking his tongue over the tip, suckling before he gave a light squeeze with his teeth. She tangled her fingers in his red hair and moaned in pleasure of the feel of him stroking in and out of her and feasting on her breasts.

Matt left her breast to stare down at her face which was contorted in passion. She quickened his pace and saw her gasp as she found her release then followed her into heaven. They climaxed together then lay on the floor holding on to each other as they were both spent and sated. Katie looked over at Matt and smiled.

“That’s one way to make me forget I came to school on an off day,” she said with a slight laugh.

“Yeah? And what’s another way?” Matt responded with a coy smile.

“Knowing I’m here with you all day gives me some ideas,” she said rolling into his arms and kissing him deeply.


2007-09-07 18:38:47
Great story. It got me hard but was a bit to short to shoot. 10/10 and hope for another session between them.


2007-01-26 08:14:22
Very good for a virgin story writer. I mean a firsst time writer of stories of course.


2007-01-25 03:20:06
hmm I'll keep those comments in mind. That story was my first and therefore not the best. I somehow lost the password to the account and due to technical difficulties can't get it. so no more stories from this account :( I'll be posting more from my working account soon. Thanks again for the comments.


2007-01-23 16:00:47
Story should be longer, was ready to come when it ended,damn


2007-01-22 00:41:16
The story was over as quickly as their sex.

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