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Gemma seemed perfectly relaxed as I flicked my tongue over her little pink nipples, at the same time gently squeezing and rubbing those pliable mounds. They had only just started to swell but were large enough to leave everyone who saw them, with the knowledge that she had breasts.
Her skin felt like satin, no blemishes whatsoever - I had to continue kissing down her flat tummy and onto her bare, virginal pube, feeling a warmth rising from between her slightly parted legs.

I softly ran my tongue over her labia lips, slightly puffy and totally hairless. She arched her back as I gently inserted my tongue between her lips and into the heat of her vagina opening. Her legs spread wider and I heard her take a short intake of breath as I flicked over her clit. As I licked and sucked on her little pleasure button, my fingers ran round her cunt hole, feeling the slight dryness of an unused orifice. I let lots of saliva dribble down and her hole quickly became wet, allowing me to insert my middle finger about a centimetre into her pussy.
Boy was she tight - but then, she was still a virgin, with no experience of sex, not even it appeared, self inflicted.

Her knees bent up towards her chest so I quickly rolled in between her legs so she could rest them over my shoulders and back.
Now much more open to my tongue and finger, I really started to suck her clit, the hood now withdrawn and her little pink 'finger' stiff and protruding. At the same time I began to gently and slowly push my finger deeper into her love hole, 1 centimetre, then 2, now withdraw a bit, push, now 3 centimetres. With each push in, Gemma's back arched and there was a sharp intake of breath.
"Are you all right ?", I asked, concerned in case I was hurting her.
"Ye - es, it's nice, and I trust you. I like it going in and out and you kissing me."
Reassured, I continued slowly pushing into her cunny, pulling out then inserting my finger a bit deeper, until it was in as far as my hand would allow.
Even without the saliva I've put in there, I could feel that her own wetness had kicked in, the texture was different, more lubricant and with a distinct sweet scent and taste.
I could feel the small sponginess of her G spot and made sure that I caressed it when passing in or out.

Suddenly, Gemma's entire body began to tremble, her back arching and pushing herself hard against my hand. With a shuddering and gasping, she fell silent and still - I knew now that she'd had her first ever orgasm.
I slid back up the bed, giving her little kisses on her hard and erect nipples, and saw her with eyes wide and mouth open, breathing with short panting noises.
I lay still beside her, and marvelled at the young human female's ability to enjoy what is always considered an 'adult' enjoyment.
"I wont ask you if you enjoyed that because I know you did, but how did it feel ?" I asked, quietly in her ear and giving the lobe a kiss.
There was a long silence then she turned her head to me,
"I love you, Jay.", she replied with a slightly glazed expression.
I chuckled,"I love you too Gemma, are you OK ?"
"Oh yes, I'm fine. That was great. Is that what boys will do to me if I'm nice to them ?" she asked in whisper, looking at me in wonderment.
That and more, I told her, I want to show you all the nice things that boys can do to and for you, as well as all the things you can do for them.

We lay next to each other, me gently running my hand all over her little hot body, from her thighs, still spread wide, to her breasts and nipples, still stiff with pleasure.
She lay just staring into my eyes, her left arm draped over my chest.
Small kisses on the lips were passed back and forth, tips of tongue occasionally touching, sending shivers of expectancy to my penis which started to expand against her butt cheeks.
I felt it increase pressure against her cheeks, and so did she.
"Is that your 'thing' against me?" she asked sliding her hand down to where 'Dick' was now twitching and demanding some form of attention.
"Yes sweetheart, that's my 'thing', but it's a penis and he's come up again because you are so beautiful and he wants to get to know you intimately - I mean he wants to visit your little girl."
"I'd like that, but he's awfully big. He wont hurt me will he will he?"
"When you played with him and sucked him, did he frighten you?"
She shook her head and took my prick in her her soft clammy hand, starting to rub him up and down.
Rolling her onto her back, I raised my body and placed my throbbing member between her still wide spread legs, just touching her small puffy lips.
Taking one hand, I started to slowly and gently rub the glans head up and down her lips, at the same time increasing inward pressure so that my dick entered the entrance to her cunt.

It was wet, perhaps the remains of saliva after sucking her little hole, but judging from the slipperiness, I concluded that it was her own lubrication.
As I continued the pushing in to that small entrance, resistance increased but I could feel my bulbous head gradually stretching her opening until my glans was just inside her.
The heat inside was incredible, the grip her cunt had on me almost had me cumming there and then. Only an enormous effort by me stopped my load being deposited into her.
Her back was arched up, her breathing erratic and in short breaths, but I still felt her pushing down against me, helping the gradual invasion by my prick into her dark wet cunny.
Still I eased into her, the previous entry by my finger had stretched the walls of her vagina making entry that much easier.
Every little inward push and depth of invasion, caused Gemma to take a quick intake of breath, then slowly exhale as she got used to the deeper penetration.
Her lubrication had increased and I could feel it running down my shaft. Her vaginal grip on my member was incredible, a sure sign that this was the first time her cunt had been violated - as was the sudden 'give' of resistance I felt, when her hymen ruptured.
"Oh, Oh ........ sore, sore" her little voice rasped in my ear.
"I'm sorry baby, just for a moment or two, then it'll go away and you'll feel better. It's perfectly normal as this is your first time, but the more we do this, the better the feeling you'll get but without any pain."
I continued entering that dark, secret and private tunnel, sliding in an few centimetres, then pulling back - just as I had done with my finger.

All the time I was getting deeper and deeper into that soft tight cunt, I was kissing and licking her malleable breasts and stiff little pink nipple cones, thrown in the odd kiss on her parted lips.
It was only the bump of our pubic bones against each other, that I realised that I had fully entered her canal, feeling also the entrance to her cervix against the head of my prick.
Slowly, I withdrew half way, then pushed back in to the hilt. I continued with this 'shafting', feeling her juices running round and down my shaft.
The short panting of her breath increased as I slid in and out of her tight and soaking cunt.
"Are you OK?" I grunted, thrusting a bit harder, feeling a tightening of my balls.
"Yes.....yes - oh that feels nice. I've got a funny feeling in my tummy too."
As I increased my pumping of her cunt, her breathing became more rapid and she started to shudder and tremble, then bucking against my stomach and prick.
"Ooh....... Ahhhh......Oh god.......yes.......more.....................................!"
Her bucking and writhing made me hang on tight - I had no idea that one so young could be so 'violent' in orgasm.
Her display of pleasure and the even greater tightening of her vaginal walls round my penis, was too much for 'Dick' and he started to explode inside her cunt.
Spewing loads of hot sticky cum deep into her, I drove in/out even harder, spurt after spurt shooting deep into her sopping passage. Our juices mingled and her canal became a squelching, slippery sheath, the rippling muscles of her vagina round my prick sucking the life force out of me.
I couldn't believe how much cum this little inexperienced nubile could draw out of me, but she kept milking me until I had nothing left and felt totally drained - not just of sperm but also of energy.

We collapsed and lay still for many minutes, the only sound in the room our heavy breathing.
Combined juices of vaginal lube and creamy jizz oozed out of her twat and ran down my balls and her butt crack.
Sweat coated both our bodies, adding to the already soaking sheets.

"That, my little minx, is what boys can do for you" I croaked, trying to bring my heavy breathing under control.
"Mmmm," she croaked back, "That was fantastic - I felt tingling all over me, just like electric shocks. Was it the same for you?"
"You know it was baby, you were fantastic - and you'll get better the more experience you get.
If you were happy with that, we should do it often."
"Oh yes please, I'd like that." She paused.....................
"Could I bring Roberta next time, she wants to know what it's like too?"
My heart skipped a beat - yes I'd love to have two of them together, but this talking to other girls about what we did threatened not only my job, but also my liberty. I didn't fancy spending years in a sex offender's jail.
"Only if you promise not to go telling everyone what we do. This is very personal and not for general discussion." I replied.
She promised................................KNOCK, KNOCK.

My head spun round to look at the door.
Oh no, I thought, this spells trouble.
"Hello? Jay, can I come in?"
Gemma whispered in my ear, "That's John, he's 14, I like him. Can he come and join us?"
I gulped, trying to think quickly. I realised that there was no way that Gemma could sneak out without John seeing her, but if I didn't let him in, it would cause questions to be asked as to why I had shut him out.
My head was reeling with thoughts and emotions.
"Please." Came a soft pleading voice in ear.

Oh, what the hell, I thought - in for a penny, in for a pound !

"Come in, John."


2007-01-22 16:24:32
oh great,now he has to share his playmates.getting more interesting every chapter.keep up the confessions!8/10


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stoties should be longer
btw how would one go about getting employment there.

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