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Title: Lea

Story codes: Mf, nc

Author: telm

Peter could not keep his eyes off her legs. Lea had sexy legs, long tone and still tan from much time in the summer sun. It was September 5th, the first day of class at Casey Middle School. Peter loved this day. He could not wait to see all the new little hotties.

Peter was not just a pedophile, but a very evil man who preferred forcing young girls to have sex as opposed to consensual sex. He loved hearing them plead, squeal and cry. What he really liked was their fear. And he could not wait to see the fear in Lea’s eyes.

From his van parked across the street in the parking lot of an abandoned warehouse: he watched her play basketball with the other girls. She was the prettiest of all. Shoulder length black hair framed her pretty face. Nice little breasts probably no bigger than an apple poked through her white T-shirt. And of course those sexy tan legs and cute ass which filled her blue short pants. It was 2:00 and school would be out in an hour. He planned to follow his prey home.

Prey is a good word to describe Lea. For Peter was a well trained and experienced predator. He was a former police officer and now a private detective. He used these skills very effectively on many girls and women. He has never been caught because of careful planning and execution of all his attacks.

Finally, school was out. Now she was wearing blue jeans and a yellow polo shirt. She like all of the kids walked quickly out of the door and to waiting buses. Peter started his van, pulled out of the parking lot as Lea’s bus passed him. Following a distance behind bus #42, as it made its many stops. Lea finally stepped off the bus in front of a 2 story brick house located at 230 Rose Street. The name on the mailbox was Holloway. Peter wondered what her first name might be. He also wondered how many people lived in that house. Over the next few days and nights of surveillance, Peter determined only the girl and he mother lived in the house. No siblings or father present. Lea was a latch key kid. He noticed her mother did not make it home from work until 6:00 pm on most nights. At night he would hide behind the bushes and spy into the living room window. Peter enjoyed watching Lea in her pink T-shirt and yellow panties as she lay on the floor watching TV. He imagined stripping her panties off and touching her hot ass and rubbing her legs. On this night he was lucky. It was warm and the windows were open to cool the home.

“Lea, come set the table for supper”, the mother yelled from the kitchen. So Lea is your name Peter thought to himself. As Lea ran by the open window to the kitchen, Peter could smell the scent of soap from her recently bathed body. “Soon baby soon” Peter muttered. As the mother and daughter dined, Peter watched Lea’s long sexy tan legs dangle from the chair. It gave him such a hard on to see her legs sway back and forth. All he could think about is getting between her legs and fucking her senseless. The mother told Lea that she had to go out of town on business on Friday night and would not be back until Sunday morning. And that Lea would have to stay with the Jensons. “Please mom not the Jensons, Mr. Jenson is creepy.” “Dear there is no where else for you to stay” said the mother. “Let me stay here by myself mom. I am almost 13 and babysat some this summer” Lea pleaded. The mom thought a while and then said, “Ok, but as soon as you get home from school Friday lock the doors and windows and do not let anyone in the house until I return. Also do not answer the house phone. Only answer your cell phone. I will call you on it to check on you.” “Yes mom I promise, this will be so fun staying by myself.” Lea said excitedly. Very fun Peter thought with an evil grin.

Friday morning Peter watched as Lea’s mother packed her suitcases into the trunk and drove away. Lea’s house was at the end of a cull de sac with no house on either side. So Peter pulled his van into the back yard. Taking his bag of tools with him he broke into the back door. Walking through the house he found Lea’s room. It was decorated in pink and white and all the girlie things like stuffed animals. He dropped the bag at the foot of her bed. Peter went through her dresser drawers. He found some white stockings he will make her wear along with a nice pair of white panties and a short shirt that would go to about her belly button.

At 3:15 the bus dropped his prey off. As she walked inside and shut the door he grabbed her and forced the chloroform rag over her mouth and nose. After struggling a minute her body went limp. He carried the girl to her bedroom. Placing her on the bed, he began to strip her. First, he took her tennis shoes off. Then he pulled her jeans off. He then pulled her polo shirt off. Now only in her little bra and panties she lay helpless on the bed. Next the bra came off, the small little apple size breasts made Peter very aroused. Now was his favorite part, the panties. He jerked the panties down to her knees with such force her whole body jerked. “Wow my favorite, just a little hair” Peter said with a lustful grin. He rubbed the unconscious girl’s nipple making it hard then ran his hand down to her virgin pussy pushing a finger in her. Then he turned her over and rubbed her cute little butt cheeks.

Then Peter turned her back over and began to dress her in the clothes he picked out. First he put the white midriff T-shirt on her. Then he pulled the white panties up her legs and into place. Next he put the sexy white stockings on her tan legs. “These are your fuck clothes, all white like a virgin should wear” Peter said to the girl. Pulling both her arms above her head he hand cuffed them to the bars on the bed’s brass headboard. As bad as he wanted to take her now, Peter preferred them to be awake as he fucked them. He figured she would be out for about another 20 minutes so he went to the kitchen for a bite to eat. While eating he thought about what he would do first, take her virginity or face fuck her. Maybe he would tell her to choose. After returning to her room he sat on the bed by her. He pulled a knife from the bag by the bed and laid it by her side.

Then she awoke. At once she tried to get up but her cuffed arms and his arm on her chest kept her down. She started to scream but he slapped her and then placed a hand over her mouth and with the other hand brought the large knife to her throat and said “if you scream again I will kill you and then your mother when she gets back home.” “Do you understand me” he said in a very loud and threatening voice. She shook her head yes as he removed his hand from her mouth. “Let me introduce myself, I am the man who will take your virginity.” Peter said. Tears ran from Lea’s eyes and she began to shake, which only made Peter hornier. “Please mister do not hurt me, please do not do that. Just let me go please”. Lea pleaded.

Peter bent down and kissed Lea in the mouth forcing his tongue in her mouth. He rubbed his tongue against her tongue. Holding his mouth over hers he spit in her mouth filling it with his saliva. “That’s not all I am going to put in there tonight baby” Peter said laughing.

“Let’s see if I can make you as horny as you make me” Peter said as he began rubbing her breasts through the T-shirt. Lea flinched as his hands rubbed her small breast making her nipples hard. He then brought the knife up and cut the flimsy shirt off her shaking body. Laying the knife down, he began sucking ands licking her left nipple then her right nipple while making loud slurping noises which made the helpless girl nauseous. “Oh you make me so hot baby, I love your little hard nipples” Peter exclaimed. “Now time for some pussy” Peter told Lea as he pulled the panties down her white stocking covered legs. Lea kicked and struggled but was no match for his strength. Peter slapped her in the face again and yelled “stop struggling or I will hurt you so badly you would wish you were dead.” She stopped struggling but Peter could feel her shake which he really enjoyed.

Now with her little white panties on the floor, Peter spread her legs and he began to lick and suck her pussy. He loved playing with her clit which made her shake even more. He loved tasting her, pushing his tongue in and out of her little hole. Then he shoved 2 fingers in her. He kept thrusting in and out of her pussy for 10 minutes without stopping. Feeling her damp, wet pussy clamp tight on his fingers let him know she was being aroused whether she wanted to be or not. Peter said, “See Lea you love this you little slut”. He could hear her whimper and just say “ah, ah, ah” as her little body tensed and then fell limp. He began rubbing her inner thigh and then licking and kissing up and down her toned long legs. Peter then laid on her and whispered to her, “time to fuck”.

“No please mister please don’t” Lea pleaded. “Oh yes, Lea, in a few minutes you will no longer be a virgin. Remember a girl never forgets her first. Now do you want me to fuck your mouth or pussy first? Now choose bitch.” Peter demanded, as he slapped her face again. “Oww” Lea screamed in pain. Peter then told her “you must choose or I will do worse to you.” Lea knew she had to make a choice or that he might kill her. So she reluctantly said in a hushed voice “my mouth”. He unhooked her handcuffs and made her stand before him as he sat on the bed. “On you knees bitch” he ordered. The trembling girl slowly kneeled before him. He stood for a minute to remove his pants and underwear. She stared in horror at his hard cock. She had seen pictures of nude men on the internet but it was never anything like this. Before he sat down he tapped his penis on her nose and said “you like what you see little cocksucker.” Grabbing the back of her head and staring at her pretty little face he said “open your mouth”. She opened her mouth; he then ordered “grab my cock.” With shaking hands she held it. “You know what to do put it in your mouth” Peter yelled. The scared girl slowly put it in her mouth. It tasted horrible, she tried to pull away but he held the back of her head and mercilessly forced his cock in her mouth. Peter loved the feel of her little tongue on his cock. He slowly pushed in and out. Peter pushed as far as he could in her not caring if she gagged. After several minutes of this he was ready to cum. He grabbed her head tightly, looking in her wide eyes he knew that she knew what was about to happen. His penis jerked. In an instant Lea felt several blasts of thick sticky cum flood her little mouth. After he came he kept his cock in her. He then ordered her not to spit out his cum when he pulled out. Tilting her head up, he pulled out and let the rest of his cum drip from his cock head into her open mouth. He really loved looking at that pretty little pink mouth full of his jizz, with her tongue in a little pool of cum. He then made her swallow his semen. Which she did while coughing and gagging, “Good girl, Lea, you now know how to give a blow job” Peter said. Grabbing her and attaching her back to the headboard with the handcuffs.

Peter positioned himself between her spread white stocking covered legs. Rubbing his hands up and down the trembling girl’s legs he said “Lea ever since I saw you on the basket ball court I have fantasized about how sweet taking you cherry would be. And in a minute that fantasy will become a reality.” Peter then lay on her body and began kissing her face, neck and then sucking her nipples while rubbing her little clit. He was going to have her as aroused as possible for her big moment. He would stop sucking now and then to say things like “I see you are getting excited your pussy is getting mighty wet and your nipples are very erect.” “Please do not rape me please” Lea would cry. And Peter replied “you are just about ready for penetration my dear, your tight little pussy is so juicy and is squeezing my finger. You can say no all you want but your horny little body is anxious for a fuck.” Then he began kissing her on the mouth again, while one hand massaged her left nipple and the fingers from his other hand penetrated her virgin cunt. Peter kept this up for about an hour while the little girl trembled and writhed on the bed. He could hear her soft sighs and gasps and her pleas for him to stop. He new she was ready to be taken.

The helpless girl could only lay there as Peter tapped the head of his cock on her pussy. Lea knew what was about to happen. She had seen pictures of people having sex on the internet and she was terrified. Twitching with fear she again asked “please don’t do this, please.” “Unnh “she yelped as he pushed the head of his cock into her pussy. “That’s just the tip baby, there is more on the way” Peter said with an evil laugh. He loved her fear and the way she squirmed. “Time to break your hymen my little lover” Peter said in a sarcastic tone. Lea screamed as with one brutal thrust he took her innocence. He kept pushing until he was all the way in her. He just held himself in that position for several minutes as his young prey, squealed, gasped, squirmed and flailed her legs whimpering helplessly. This was the tightest little pussy he had ever fucked. He then slowly pulled almost all the way out with just his tip still in her and then he rammed her again, making her yelp. He kept this up for a while with each thrust Lea would cry out “uh”. All that could be heard in the quiet house was the squeak of the bed followed the violated girl’s moans and yelps of pain. While fucking her Peter kneaded her small breasts. Oh how he loved watching the developing small breasts shake with each thrust. He knew she hated every minute of this which just turned him on even more. Even though he knew mentally she wanted this to stop; he could tell her body was very sexually aroused. The cute little pink nipples standing erect and the wet vise like grip of her pussy told him so. She was unaware that she was arching her back up to his thrusting cock. Peter was ready to cum. He lifted her sexy legs so that the ankle of each leg rested on his shoulders. He continued fucking her in this position while looking at her tearful face. He loved that look of fear and dread on her face “You are a very horny girl, your hungry pussy is so tight and juicy and I am about to fill it with cum” Peter said excitedly. Again Lea pleaded “please stop uh, uh, uh, stop”. “Noooo!” Lea screamed as she felt Peter explode three huge torrents of semen into her unprotected pussy. She felt three blasts of warm thick cum, each stronger than the one before filling her pussy. As Peter erupted in her, he was looking at her eyes. Her eyes showed the fear and total defeat he desired. As each blast of the predator’s semen invaded her convulsing pussy. Poor Lea could only lay there screaming “oh no, no, no, no.” Peter stayed on her making sure every drop filled her.

There was so much semen, it leaked out around her still penis stuffed pussy. When Peter pulled his cock out, it made a wet popping sound. Then more of the sticky thick cum mixed with blood ran from the violated young pussy onto the pink bed sheet. Peter then told Lea, “You are the best fuck I have had so far, thank you.” Then from the bag he pulled out a roll of electrical tape and covered her mouth so she could not yell for help. That is how Lea’s mother found her; gagged and handcuffed to the bed.

The End

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2013-09-22 00:06:00
You should have fucked her ass & had her mother come home do her too fuck her while she eats her daughters pussy & licks her ass

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2012-04-26 01:11:23
this story should be a 90 or higher.. one of the hidden gems

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2010-11-10 14:40:39
These stories are not fake, telm1963 is currently incarcerated for these rapes (this one and his other story) these stories off of this site were used in his conviction. I will not list his real name but i have researched the case.

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2008-12-15 01:23:17
nice story but he talked to much for a detective he sure did do a bad job of not getting caught u should make one with the mom trying to fine who did it but she got more then what she wanted

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2008-08-30 16:38:48
idiot you call urself a detective you left traces all over!

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