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Help me with the plan
[b]The Plan……Part 1

Melissa and I have been together for ten years, married for five. Our previous marriages of 12 yrs each yielded us 5 children. We had a very romantic courtship, as we are both hopeless romantics. We became the best of friends, everyday meeting in lust for an hour or so, till I left with my cock stuck to the side of my leg and Melissa always wanting more. This continued for about 8 months before we slept together. Our sex life has been the fantastic right from the start and still is to this day.
I lost my virginity when I was twelve, to a neighborhood slut and Melissa
At seventeen as she was a shy girl. I’ve always been a very kinky but gentle man. Melissa very submissive and trusting, through out our marriage we have done everything under the sun to each other sexually. First it started the normal way, with toys, dildos, vibrators, then my kinky side kicks in, well lets see what we have around the house that would look and feel good in that pussy. The list is very long, but here are just a few items that have ravaged her cunt over the years, corn cob, cucumber, squash, hotdogs banana, beer bottles, hair brushes, sticks, stones, glow sticks, police baton, hunting knives, meat cleaver, dildo on a cordless dill, dildo on a reciprocating saw, well you get the gist of it. My sweet submissive little whore, oh the things she won’t do for me! On my 40th birthday I told Melissa I wanted her to cum for me 40 times, with the objects I’d pick for her.
My friend was out of town for a couple days and I had the key to his apartment. I went over set up my dv cam and found a few interesting objects for her to play with. When we arrived I had her stand in the living room and do a strip tease for me. Melissa is 5’5” mostly legs, medium brown hair, hazel eyes, beautiful ass, pouting lips, and a small set of 34A tits with 1” nipples. When she finished her strip tease, which was so hot! I had her sit on the couch with her legs spread very wide, giving my camera a violating look at her swollen shaved cunt. I told her to start playing with herself as I wandered and found an object for her to play with. Her eyes were closed as I returned with an old meat cleaver, I handed it to her, her eyes opening in disbelief, she started teasing her cunt with the handle, rubbing her clit vigorously until she came. Melissa is a squirter, so when see came she flooded the blade of the cleaver and flung her cunt cream right at the camera. This when on until she came ten times, counting each one out loud as instructed. I returned with the second object that was a turkey baster, she laughed, but took no time burying it inside her cum coated cunt. She fucked herself with the baster very aggressively and every time she came she would squeeze the bulb, sucking out her cunt juice, pulling it from her cunt and letting her cum squeeze out all over her clit. This she repeated till the count of ten. Next was a walking stick, about 2 ½ inches thick and about 41/2 feet long, it was sanded smooth with a nice finish. The top having a bulbous head about 3-31/2 inches thick, she had to spend a fair amount of time, massaging the huge head into her cum drenched cunt, before she could even think of fitting it into herself. I grew a little impatient and decided to assist her. I shoved the stick and she let out a wail as the bulbous head slammed into her womanhood. It was a site to see, my beautiful wife, lying there with 41/2 feet of tree sticking out of her invaded cunt. She got over the initial shock Cumming over and over as she tormented her sweet cunt till the count of ten. She laid there covered in sweat as I brought her a big black handled hunting knife with about a 8” blade, again wasted no time as she teased her clit with the very sharp point, until she poked herself and let out a scream that mad her squirt about 3 feet. She flipped the knife around and started plunging the handle in and out of herself as she counted to 30. Ten to go I thought to myself, as I looked around for her next victim. There it was, leaning up against the wall, a police baton, the old wooden type, as I handed it to her I pulled out my cock, so she could see how much she had pleased me thus far. I teased her a little, slapping it against her cheek, letting her lick it a few times, then poking it in her mouth so she looked like a little girl with a lolly pop as I brushed her teeth. Time to reach 40 baby! I handed her the baton and told her, for the last 10 I wanted her to violate her asshole, Being a good submissive whore, she did what she was told. She got in a rhythm Cumming over and over; two handedly shoving the black stick in and out of her asshole as cum kept squirting from inside her now gapping cunt. She was screaming in ecstasy as she was counting 49,50,51,52,53, she collapsed, her legs slamming together, her body convulsing as I applauded. Back to the plan! I just wanted to give ya a taste of how good my little whore is to me.

I love my wife and all that she does for me and I don’t take her for granted, but being together for ten years and doing just about everything, has led me to a few new ideas which she doesn’t seem to be to keen on. #1 she can’t deep throat and only on few occasions let’s me fuck her ass. #2 I would also like to have a threesome, I would prefer another woman and she would I’m sure another guy as she is not into women. I came right out and told her during sex I would love to see another guy fuck her but she has no interest. This is where my plan comes in, you only live once and I want to enjoy the best of it.
So my thought is this, I’m going to tell her that from now on during sex, she only gets to suck my cock and learn to deep throat, or let me fuck her ass till she becomes a pro and wants it all the time, I’ll eat her pussy, but I wont fuck it, knowing Melissa and how she loves to have her dirty little cunt spread wide and thrustfully violated, I know she wont be able to last long without cock inside her. When she learns to deep throat like a pro and ass fucked mercilessly, she then, can have cock for her cunt, but not my cock, Matt’s cock, he is a friend of mine that she does not know. He has a huge cock, about ten inches long and 21/2+ inches thick. This will be her reward! When is up to her, She can either give in and fuck Matt now or learn to deep throat and swallow it all and have her ass fucked till she loves it as much as she loves having her pussy fucked. It’s up to her! Wait! That’s not fair! Ok I’ll give her a choice, Matt’s big cock fucking her as I watch till she cums and say’s she loved it or eat another woman’s pussy while I pound my cock into your cunt! I think it’s a win, win situation. She will have the satisfaction of learning a new lifestyle or at very least, perfect the one she already has. Melissa is such a good girl already, I just wants her to become a really good little SLUT. Let me know what you think of plan 1 and I will work on plan 2 and if anyone would like to think of a plan for me email me and let me know!

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2009-05-20 12:53:50
once had a girl named melissa. . .WHORE like your soggy, yes soggy wife. Try english


2007-07-26 14:53:51
get a copy of English for Dummies and find out wha5t a paragraph is -- then try it!


2007-02-28 06:37:56
errrr, this is supposed to be a TRUE story? What's hot about a saggy titted, gaping pussy 40+ yr old. Not to mention the incongruity of your supposed "love" for her. Fuck, you're retarded! If it's a true story, you don't love or respect her and if its fake...then make it a little more interesting.


2007-01-29 05:16:40
Just fuck the other slut not your wife as she watces.
start your wife with a small butt plug slowly get bigger ones she will love to fuck yooou. I want some too.


2007-01-28 07:01:14
Please let Melissa to become the slut she really wants to be...

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