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As I walked onto the stage I knew all eyes were on me. My barely there outfit hardly covered my naturally tanned body. I took a deep breath to calm my nerves. This was my first time up on the stage as a stripper. I had danced all my life, my background was full of live latin music and dances. As the music started I began to relax letting my hips sway in rhythm with the beat. I sauntered over to one of the three, stage to ceiling, poles and began to dance around it, rubbing my tits against it as I gripped the cold metal in my hands.

I swung around the pole, my breasts bouncing with the movement, then bent over. The pole pressed in between my firm cheeks, and I felt the coolness of the metal through my g-string and thick pubic hair. I bent my knees and slid my ass down the pole; my clit became hard as I felt myself grow wet. I leaned forward, rubbing my breasts against the stage, my nipples now completely hard and were pressing against the wooden floor. My ass was still against the pole as I lowered my legs and began to lift my hips as if I were fucking the stage. My g-string was climbing further up my ass and my wet hairy pussy and was completely soaked.

I was so turned on, all those men watching me, and the pole rubbing against my clit was almost more than I could handle. I flipped over onto my back and brought my knees to my chest, grabbed the pole and slid my body up. As I strutted around the stage I slowly brought my hands to the back of my bikini top and with a quick little flick of my wrist my breasts were released. I slid the straps down my arms slowly, making sure to keep my nipples covered. Once off, I tossed the top into the crowd and it was met with loud hoots and hollers. I sauntered to the front of the stage, my exposed breasts bouncing with every step and I began to search for someone to tease.

I found him easily. He was dressed casually and was rubbing his hand against his hard cock as he watched me. I began to make my way down the stairs and over to his table. The look in his eyes told me he was in disbelief. I know he was thinking, "There is no way this hot Latina is walking over to me." As I got to him I leaned forward, letting my nipples hover only millimeters from his face. He began to moan lightly and lick his lips. I put my small foot on his knee and slid my fingers from my breasts down my tummy and to my g-string. With my legs being parted like that he could see how wet my cunt was and I saw his cock flex against his pants. I pulled at my g-string, slowly, teasingly bringing the small band down past my hips, revealing my black curly mound. I slid my hand to my aching pussy and let a finger penetrate between my soaked lips. I flicked it across my clit and a wave of pleasure surged through my body.

He was so completely turned on with this; I looked up at him and smiled seductively as I brought my wet finger to his lips. He took a deep breath and inhaled my scent then cautiously slid his tongue from his mouth and began to lick my finger. Once he sensed it was all right his lips wrapped around my finger and he began to suck hungrily. As he sucked at my finger I slowly worked my way up onto his lap. My legs were spread open, my wet pussy was rubbing against his pants. He realized what I was doing and he went for it. He stopped sucking my finger and quickly brought his hand to my semi-exposed pussy. He slid his fingers closer, letting the tips flip though my wet bush. I leaned forward and feigned a kiss, leaving my lips ever so close to his, but not touching.

Everyone in the room was watching, I could feel their eyes on my almost naked body. He obviously didn't care as he pushed his fingers into my pussy. He did it so quickly it caught me off guard and I moaned loudly. As his fingers entered my hole I squeezed tightly around them, and pressed my hips down on them, forcing them deeper. He began to work his hand back and forth, sending his fingers in and out of my pussy as I worked at the button on his pants. I slowly pulled the zipper down, slipped my hand into his boxers and brought his cock out. We were sitting and grinding so closely that no one else saw me make that move. I scooted higher into his lap, forcing him to stop finger fucking me. At first he seemed disappointed, then realized what I was about to do.

I lowered myself onto his cock and begin the familiar grinding that goes along with any old lap dance, only this time his cock was buried deep within my pussy. I squeezed tightly around the shaft as it slid in and out of my tight pussy. He was moaning loudly now as I slammed my hips against his, our pubic hair meshing together. I felt his swollen balls against my ass as I grinded against him. My climax began to peek forcing me to squeeze tighter around his cock. His face was red as his body began to shudder underneath mine; he started to grind against my rhythm. As I began to moan loudly, he joined in, and I felt the tightness of his cock explode inside me, his hot thick cum coating my pussy walls. His cock jerking inside me, letting loose all his cum pushed me over the edge and I came with him.

Our bodies were shuddering and our breathing was coming in gasps, but our movements were slow and controlled. After a moment I slowly worked my way off of his lap, leaned forward and kissed his deeply, letting my tongue explore his mouth, my jet black hair half wet with sweat draped over my shoulders. With a smile and a wink I turned around and walked off, leaving him and me completely satisfied.

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2009-03-11 21:17:08
awesome story. don't think it happens in real strip clubs though... :(

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