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The first part of my story happened a few years ago but shaped the rest of our lives
The week had gone from bad to worse. My boss was being a real pain, demanding the sales figures with a vindictive snarl. I knew why he was being like this. It was all because of Kelly. Kelly is the hottest girl anywhere in the company, whereas I, am an average non-de guy, who girls normally wouldn't take a second look at. But Kelly is mine!

Somehow I'd made it to the end of the week, well allmost, Friday lunch time anyway. I was sitting on my own in the canteen, when Kelly walked over to me. She'd just come back into the office from a shopping spree judging by all the bags she was carrying. She leaned forward and I could see right down her blouse to those gorgious perfect tits unrestrained by underwear. Kelly rarely wore anything under her clothes, she didn't need to support her breasts as she works out regularly and has the firmest pair imaginable. She knew what she was doing and my cock gave a litlle jerk in response to her teasing

"Don't be late finishing tonight, I've bought you a present to cheer you up", she whispered glancing at her shopping.
"What is it" I asked with a grin, half suspecting that I knew the answer.
"Wait and see, but I know you'll love them"
And with that she turned and walked away leaving me alone, except that three guys at the next table were watching me with mouths open wide.

"How come she's with you?" one asked.
"Yeh, what have you got that we havn't"?

I just smiled a left thinking to myself what losers they all are.

It drives all the guys mad to think that I'm the one she goes home with and fucks. They all want to know the secret of how I keep her and stop her from looking at other guys. Kelly is renowned for telling guys to leave her alone when they make their move and try and spilt us up. I think, deep down she enjoys winding them up only to break all their hopes of ever getting her into bed.

Well, what secret? Secrets really. Kelly and I grew up together in a small village in a rural area of England. It was to start a new life together that we moved to London about three years ago. Kelly had just turned 20 years old, and I was 22 years old. We'd got some money behind us from inheritances and so we were able to set up a flat quite quickly. After a couple of months just bumming around London, Kelly landed a job at an Insurance company and three months later I applied and got a job at the same place. Kelly would come home each day and tell me stories of all the guys and how they were all desperate to date her and as soon as I started there, I saw what she meant! It always made us laugh on our journey home discussing the latest tactics to seduce her but we soon decided to let them all know that she only wanted to shag me and that there was no way any of them would ever manage to fuck her.

I mentioned secrets. Well, here they are. I am the proud owner of a 10 inch dick, something I have inheritated fro my father, as we shall see! And they second secret, Kelly is my sister!

On that Friday, when we got home, Kelly told me to waiting the lounge until she called and she went into the bedroom with all her bags. After 5 minutes she told me she was ready and that I could go in. Kelly was naked on the bed, but that was usual, as we both always stripped off when we got home, but spread across the bed was a selection of the finest lingerie I had seen in a long time. Suspenders, stockings, thongs, basques and bras, either black or cream, my favourite colours.

"Wow" I said, "Are these for me?"
"Of course, you know I don't really wear them. I just thought you'd not had anything new for a while and you needed cheering up. Why don't you try them on whilst I get the meal ready, but let me see you in each one, okay"
"Sure Kel, and thanks".

I have been into cross-dressing for about two years and this is something Kelly really enjoys. We have been out a few times to pubs with me all dressed up and when we got home the sex has been amazing (but lets save that for another story).

Let me tell you now about how I came to be screwing my little sister. As I said we grew up in a small village and this all started when I as 11 and Kelly was 9. One evening in late June, our grandparents had called round to see Mum and Dad about something. The weather was hot and so they all sat in the garden sharing a bottle of wine discussing whatever it was they needed to discuss. Kelly and I were running about the garden playing chase in only our bathing suites as it was too hot to wear much else. By 11 pm Mum finally persuaded us to go to bed. Reluctantly we said good night to our grandparents and off we went. After a few minutes everyone downstairs must have moved indoors as my bedroom overlooks the garden and the noise sudden went. I must have been really tired from all the running about because I fell asleep really quickly.

Suddenly, I was aware of voices outside, and so climbing out of bed I peeked through the curtains but couldn't see anyone. They must be in the longe with the door to the garden open. The night was very still and the noises travelled well and I distinctly heard a moan. I checked the clock, quarter to two. A little concerned, and a little excited I crept out onto the land to find Kelly standing there in her flimsy nightdress. She'd heard noises too and like me was a little intrigued.

Slowly, we crept down the stairs, careful not to make a sound. The door to the lounge was open slightly, and we could see Dad sitting on the edge of his chair stark naked with the hugest cock sticking straight up against his belly. It was massive, going at least four inches past his navel! In the soft light we could see it glistening, he head thrown back in pleasure. At that sight my cock sprang to life and jerked wildly. I was standing so close to Kelly she must have felt it as she turned and smiled.

Excited we moved to the right to see into the room more and the we saw the full picture. Kneeling between Dads legs and sucking hungrily on his hanging balls was Grandma her hands up under his arse toying with his asshole. In turn, lying on the floor, with her face buried deep Grandma's cunt was Mum, sucking for all she was worth whilst Granddad rammed his cock deep into Mum's open shaved cunt.

Again, my cock leapt and I noticed that Kelly had slipped her hand up under her nightdress and was playing with herself. At that point, Dad let out a deep moan and his head came forward. His cock twitched and a long stream of cum shot from the end and landed on his chest. What he did next was amazing. He leant forward and took the end of his cock deep into his mouth and sucked and sucked, draining himself of cum. Grandma then grabbed his cock and took it into he mouth licking off the last of his juice. Just then Grandad pulled out of Mum and came pumping his cum all over her hairless cunt and stomach.

It was too much, my cock was about to explode, when I felt Kelly's hand wrap around its length and move up and down. We must have made a noise because suddenly, Mum looked at the door and spoke,

"It's okay kids, you can come in, and join us if you wish".

Kelly was a little more forward than I and she psuhed the door open not having let go of my cock. Everyone smiled when they saw us standing there. Grandma was the first to speak

"Look you two (meaning Dad and Grandad) he's got your cock, thats huge for his age and Kelly seems to know what to do with it".

Dad came over to us his massive cock, still half erect, sticking out in front of him, and shining with cum, and put his arms around us and led us to the sofa. I sat there with my young cock standing erect and almost at the point of shooting a wad of cum. Kelly sat next to me and for the first time I noticed her hairless cunt was wet and ready for attention. What happened next surprised us a little. Dad and Grandad set to work on my cock whilst Mum and Grandma started to service Kelly's cunt. As Dad was sucking my cock, Grandad explained

"This was something my father did for me and I did for your father when he was your age. The taste of spunk is fantastic and if you ever want a girl to suck you and swallow your cum then it's good to know how it tastes"

It didn't take long to find out! Soon I was shooting my load out onto my belly and with encouragement I eagerly scooped it up and swallowed every last drop. They were right, it was fantastic and from that day forward I have loved the taste of cum. Granddad then took his turn running his toungue along the under side of my cock until he reached the tip. Within no time I has rock hard again, which was just as well! Mum and Grandma had been doing a great job on Kelly but both Dad's and Grandad's cocks were too huge for her tiny pussy and so with four sets of helping hands my cock was guided into Kelly's waiting cunt. Pretty soon I felt the tingling sensation in my balls and before I could stop (not that I wanted to) I was shooting a second load deep into my sisters cunt.

I remember that Grandad sucked off Dad one more time before we all made our way up to bed and some well earned sleep. The next morning Kelly and I came down for breakfast to find our parents and grandparents on the patio enjoying some early morning sunshine all naked. Dad had another hard -on as he sat there sunbathing. From then on we spend most of our time at home naked and enjoying a very varied range of sexual encounters, but these will have to wait for another time.

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