A beautiful sunset dances across the horizon as I stand in the door fame, the wind softly blowing through my hair. The sound of waves can be heard in the distance softly lapping against the white beaches along the shore. You enter into the room to see me standing there, framed in the fading light, a rainbow of color sinking into the crashing surf. I feel your gaze upon me and turn to find you watching me.

Our eyes lock and the unspoken words of love and passion hang in the air between us as I run my eyes down your nearly naked body as you are wearing only a pair of shorts. Your shorts hang low, stopping just above the point of decency. You never fail to spark something inside of me with your smooth, firm muscles and easy charm. You look so handsome to me and my body quivers slightly as you purposefully cross the room towards me. Your scent fills my senses as you reach your arms around me and draw the French doors shut, trapping me in an embrace.

"Now that you have me, what are you going to do with me?" I whisper provocatively. A wicked grin is the only response I get as you lean into the now closed doors, pushing me back against them.

You lean in and nibble on my ear, then you gently plant kisses along my jaw line and down my neck. Your mouth is a breath away from my soft lips when you look into me eyes. Contrary to your gentle advances, your eyes are dark with passion, showing an urgent need in them that registers in my mind a second before you crush your mouth against mine.

The slow simmering of my blood rises to an incredible heat as you press the length of your hard body against me, trapping my arms against your chest. I can feel the rhythmic beat of your heart under my hands and your hard cock presses firmly against the mount of my pubic region. You draw back to look into my eyes as you grab both of my wrists and raise my arms above my head.

With both of my wrists captured in one of your large, strong hands, you press your body hard against mine and reach around behind to undo the tie and hook of my bathing suit top. You deftly undo both in a matter of seconds and watch as the weight of my breasts causes it to fall to the floor. With your free hand you lift a breast to your mouth and run your tongue across its pert nipple.

My breath catches as you lightly take my nipple between your teeth. You slowly bring your mouth back up while massaging my breasts with your free hand and passionately kiss me on the lips all the while pressing the proof of your desire for me against my lower half.

I moan softly trying to free my hands from your firm grip. You hold on though as your free hand leaves the warmth and softness of my breasts and roams down towards my waist and across my hip. You run your fingers around the band of my bikini bottoms and down over my thighs.

As the bottoms to my bikini fall to my feet you undo your own shorts letting them fall to join my clothes on the floor. You dive two fingers into my cunt as you passionately kiss me only to find me wet and ready for you. I moan sharply as you move your fingers inside my wet cunt. Your cock is so hard and pushing against my skin. I raise one leg up and rest it on the table beside us as you drive yourself inside me with one quick thrust.

My back crashes up against the closed doors as you slam your throbbing cock into me faster and faster. In and out, in and out in rapid succession as our breathing speeds up and our hearts race. I begin moaning loudly as you drive yourself even harder into my tight wet cunt I can feel your cock throb inside me as I scream for you to fuck me harder. My juices are flowing freely and I can feel myself building as you free my hands from over head and lower your head to take a nipple inside your mouth. I feel myself release a flood of cum as you suck on my nipple. The warmth of my juices causes you to cum also as you reach back and grab my ass with both your hands and hold me firmly against your pulsating cock.

You kiss my lips softly as you guide me towards the dresser lifting me up until I am sitting with my legs wrapped around your waist. You kneel before me so that you can taste my sweet juices. I moan loudly as you lick me clean. I grasp your shoulders unable to keep my hands from touching you. You rise and gently kiss my mouth exploring it with your skilled tongue. You move to reenter me but I rise from the dresser and after giving you a wicked glance I start kissing my way down your slick moist body.

I start with your neck and ears alternating between licking and biting softly. I slowly move across to your chest and take one of your nipples between my teeth as you moan softly. I lower myself to my knees as I lick and kiss my way down your chest...your abs...then slowly I begin to lick the inside of your thighs.

Finally I am kneeling before you, your throbbing cock dancing excitedly before my soft lips. I look up as I take the head of your cock into my mouth, running my tongue over it and sucking gently. You moan as I to work farther down your swollen shaft until the head of your cock is resting against the back of my throat.

With my hands I massage your balls then I grab the base of your cock as I swirl my tongue around the head of your cock. I lick up the back of your engorged cock as a drop of cum oozes from the head. I lick the drop off with the tip of my tongue and savor the taste of you.

My slow seduction is more than your patience can stand and you grab my wrists and pull me up, kissing me hard on the mouth. Then you turn me roughly and bend me over the dresser. I look up and in the mirror's reflection and I can see you grab my ass as you drive yourself into my wet slick pussy. No, I scream not there fuck me in the ass. The look of desire in your eyes almost sends me over the edge as you pull out and fill my other hole slowly at first but faster as you see that I am able to take the length of your cock inside me. I moan loader as you drive faster and harder and my hands grip the dresser firmly as you slam your cock into my ass over and over again.

You reach up to grab my full breasts as you drive deeper inside me. Our eyes meet in the mirror and both are glazed with desire. I look towards the closed French doors and watch the sun sink beneath the waves as we both reach our trembling peak.

After we have both cum over and over again, I take you by the hand and cross to the French doors and as ever so sweetly if you would care to was off in the ocean as we watch the setting sun. This is possible because the house we have rented has its own private entrance to a secluded part of the beach……


2007-03-03 18:52:26
marvellous! Well I hope it was as good for you as it was for me :)


2007-01-24 11:21:54
more detail but gave you 8


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2007-01-23 06:43:32
Oy, vey. Way too syrupy for me.

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