The Beach ……Part Two

As we stand just inside the French doors watching the sun set over the ocean our bodies glistening with sweat from our recent lovemaking I suggest we go for an evening swim and test the waters. The brochure I had been given boasts of the water being warm this time of year.

At first I’m not sure if you are going to join me because you stay where you are as I start out into the warm sand. I look over my shoulder to inquire whether you are going to join me and you reply with a lascivious grin that you are just enjoying the way my ass sways as I walk. I continue on giving you a real show as I bend over to pick up a shell in the sand then continue on towards the water.

As I reach the water I turn again and see that you have started to follow but first you have gotten a couple of towels and a blanket from the patio area and you are spreading them in the sand. Then you continue on out to the waters edge where I am waiting for you.

The water is as warm as it claims as we enter it. We swim around playfully, rinsing the sweat and cum from our recent coupling off of us. I swim out a ways then dive under the water when I come up I look around and don’t see you anywhere. I am standing with the water coming just under my breasts my nipples rock hard where the air has teased them when I feel your hand slide up my thigh to rest on my pussy as you rise out of the water behind me your other hand sliding up over my belly to tweak my already hard nipple.

I sigh deeply as your tongue slides along the side of my neck and you nibble at my ear. I lean back into you as you gently plant butterfly kisses along my shoulder and upper back. Your left hand softly caressing the lips of my pussy while your right hand massages my breasts. I can feel your penis swelling against my backside. The warm water is a nice erotic sensation along with your gentle ministrations. You turn me around slowly to face you and wrap me in a nice strong embrace as your mouth finds mine. Your lips crush against mine your tongue a force of its own as it finds it away across my lips to do its own dance with my tongue. Your kiss is long and passionate and leaves me breathless as you pull away. You take me by the hand and pull towing me back to shore

We bypass the blankets picking up the towels and wrap them around us on our way back to the room. You suggest a nice warm shower to rinse the saltwater off followed by a nice massage. As I look at you I can see the desire in your deep brown eyes and feel the juices flow from my pussy in expectation.

We step into the shower the warm water cascading down over our bodies. You quickly rinse off and tell me to take my time you need to prepare for our upcoming rendezvous. When I ask what you mean you smile mischievously and tell me I will see that you have a few surprises in store for me as you step out of the shower.

Just before you leave the bathroom you tell me that you have left me a surprise on the counter and you would be very appreciative if I would wear what you have left when I get out. Upon finishing my shower I step out and see a pretty pair of red lace thong panties and bra on the counter. I dry off and put them on and ask if you are ready for me. You respond that you are.

When I step into the bedroom the first thing I notice is the candles that are lit on the dresser their delicious aroma filling my senses. The bed is covered with rose petals and you take me by the hand and lead me toward the bed. You ask me to lie down on my stomach first so that you can give me a sensuous massage with the oils and lotions you have brought with you.

You are wearing a robe and ask me to close my eyes and concentrate on the feel of your hands. The oil is slick when you apply it to my back and warms instantly under your touch. Your hands gently firmly massage my shoulders and back taking your time you lean over and plant kisses on my neck up towards my ear. I shiver with anticipation my body already reacting to your touch. I want to turn over but you tell me no. Your hands move down my sides and over my ass your fingers lingering oh so close to my already wet pussy.

My hips rise and I moan softly and I hear your breathing increase as you push me back onto the bed. You move down to my inner thighs and caress the tender spot where thigh meets my pubic area. Then down to my calves and legs. As you move back up you move to straddle my body and as you move back up my body towards my shoulders I can feel the size of your erection as it pushes against my ass through the silk of your boxers. The feeling is exquisite and causes my juices to flow. Slowly you turn me over and lower your body against mine. Crushing your body against mine as you pin me to the bed with an extremely passionate kiss.

You rise up and tell me to close my eyes again. I feel you raise my hands above my head. The red silk scarves are already tied to the extreme four edges of the bed frame. You secure them around my wrists first, and then my ankles. I am spread-eagle across the queen-sized bed, looking very sexy and vulnerable in the red lace panties and bra you requested I put on following my shower. When I open my eyes I see you are now naked except for a pair of black silk boxers.

Your warm lips and wet tongue kiss the base of my sweetly scented neck. You travel down to a breast and devour it teasing and tantalizing the nipple with your teeth then your mouth shifts to the opposite mound and you repeat the process. I writhe on the bed and softly moan as my hard nipples ache with desire and glisten with your saliva.

You snake your way down my upper and lower belly. Your hands and mouth feel live they are everywhere at once. The sensation is exquisite. By the time your mouth and tongue reach the top of my red lace panties I can feel the wetness soaking my panties. My pussy is juicier than it has been in awhile and my pulse and breathing quicken as passion takes hold.

Your mouth is inches from my pussy your hot breath is teasing blowing through the lace panties. You can see and smell the juices that have soaked through the panties. Your tongue darts out and lightly licks my panties over the outline of the folds of my pussy lips and my entire body spasms in delight and pulls against the silk scarves binding me to the bed. My ass lifts off the bed and I frantically try to thrust my hips towards your mouth but you move back so that you are just out of my reach as I reach the end of my bindings. Oh how I want to feel your tongue on my pussy and I cry out in frustration and anticipation as you retreat a little further.

After I settle back down on the bed you reach for the warming oil and dribble it on my thighs your fingers lightly tracing circles up towards my hot wet pussy followed by licking, sucking and gentle biting as you move closer once again. The sensations are overwhelming and I am begging you to release my bindings so that I can touch and feel you but you refuse. As your breath once again finds it way through the panties I am screaming for you to please eat my pussy.

When your fingers grasp the waistband of my panties I sigh with relief thinking that you are finally going to please me but instead you only tease and move your hands up and across my belly to find my breasts again. You only chuckle and gin at my pleas of desperation. You flick open the clasp on the front of my lace bra causing my breasts to pour out. You gently massage one while your tongue begins making lazy circles around the other one slowly making smaller and smaller circles towards the erect pink nipple. As you reach the nipple you grasp it first between your lips then biting it hard enough for me to scream with ecstasy as a fresh flow of juices soaks my panties running down my inner thigh. My hips begin to thrust even faster against your pelvis as you playfully bite and suck on my nipple. Tingling jolts are pulsing through my body and my breathing becomes even more labored. My moans soon become cries of pleasure as my ecstasy crosses over into a full blown orgasm and you haven’t even touched my pussy yet. My climax is wonderful and leaves me even more aroused then I think possible I beg you to release my bindings but you refuse saying you are not through yet.

I groan loudly as your fingers pull the crotch of my panties to one side and your hot lips and tongue begin to feast on the succulent pink folds of my pussy. You tease and tempt me with your tongue just long enough to get my heart racing and my juices flowing again. When you pull away it is only long enough to untie the scarves that secure my legs. As I raise my knees in the air you kneel before me reaching your hands down under my ass cheeks lifting my dripping pussy towards you. You move forward and I can feel the large tip of your swollen cock rubbing against my slit shifting up and down traversing the length. My juices coat the head of your cock as you tease me with it only to pull away and devour me with your mouth.

You spend several minutes devouring my pussy with your tongue and lips. Sucking on my lips teasing my sweet spot with your tongue lapping up my sweet juices until I think I can stand it no longer. You have me begging you to fuck me with your swollen throbbing cock but such is not fate just yet. Instead you reach up under my pillow where you have secreted a dildo which you insert into my sopping pussy and begin to fuck me while taking your tongue and moving it back up my body to my swollen breasts. My moans of pleasure are loud and almost agonizing as I strain against the binds on my hands. It only takes a few minutes before I am climaxing once again.

Finally your cock slides down to my opening and pushes inside me as my body shudders with delight. The walls of my pussy grasp your cock and vibrate around it as you slide in deeper. My hips anxiously thrust towards you causing your cock to sink deeper all the way to your balls in my hot pussy. Soft grunts, gasps and moans are exchanged as you drive and thrust your full length inside my love chamber. Perspiration forms on our writing bodies and roll down our skin. You feel harder than you have ever been as you bury yourself almost to my belly as I breathlessly scream out your name. My whole body stiffens and then wildly jerks in spasms of ecstasy. My groans turn to loud cries of wondrous pleasure as a small flood of hot nectar is released around and on your thrusting cock. Knowing I am climaxing gives you a thrilling rush of adrenaline and your hips move faster and harder as you squirt loads and loads of cum inside me.

I beg you to untie my hands as you pull out of me as I want to hold you and feel your skin beneath my fingertips as we cuddle breathlessly on the bed trying to recover from the intense emotions that have traversed my body in the hour or two you had me tied up. I fall asleep cuddled up with my head on shoulder promising to return the favor when my strength has returned……because quite simply you have worn me out.


2007-01-26 11:59:22
Love the sensuality and eroticism.


2007-01-25 16:29:26
part 3 plz nd u r a great writter i love ur story


2007-01-24 11:29:11
Pretty good how about some anal!


2007-01-23 06:38:50
I usually hate first-person accounts, but this one wasn't bad. Not great, but not bad either.

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