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The youngest starts it all
I was babysitting the four kids I usually did every weekend. they were 4, 7, 9 and 11.

One day after I had just finished the dishes after fixing their dinner,Debbie, the 4yr old comes up to me and says:
"I want you to show me about sex, I saw Mama and Mr. Roberts fucking last night, it looked like fun to me, will you show me about it?"

I thought real hard for a few minutes not answering her. She again said:
"Please show me about it, I really want to know".

I finally said:
"Why don't you ask your sisters about it?" and she replied:
"They said they didn't know anything about it. They didn't see Mama and Mr. Roberts."

So I said: "How long did you watch and didn't they know you were there?" Her reply blew me away:

" I was sleeping with Mama and Mr. Roberts, and he and Mama started kissing, then they took off all their clothes, and he had this big thing sticking out. Mama layed down and Mr. Roberts got between her legs and stuck her with that thing. I thought it must really hurt she started screaming in a little while.

I asked her what was wrong, and is he hurting you, and she said: '"Oh no, he is making me feel so good." and then I asked he what were they doing, and she told me:
"This is sex, all people do it, it feels so good." Then I said: "Can I do it too?" and she said: "No you are too little"

"Well, Hal, I don't think I am too little, do you?"

My eyes rolled back in my head, as I though of my reply, then my dick kicked in, so I said: "No, you aren't too little to learn, now go take your bath and get in bed."

She said: "OK but come to kiss me goodnight."

I put the other kids to bed and then went into her room. When I started to tuck her in and kiss her goodnight, she said: "I want you to show about sex right now"

So what else could I do. She asked me to undress and get into bed with her, so I did. She was naked under the covers. She wanted to kiss me, and she reached down and petted my dick. Naturally it was standing at attention. She said, show me what that thing is and tell me about it.

So I threw off the covers and explained to her about the different parts and the balls. She put her little hand all over me and gently held and rubbed my balls. Then she said:

"I saw Mama put Mr. Robertson's whole thing in her mouth, can I do that, now?"
I told her that I didn't think she could get much of it in her mouth, but she could try.
She put he mouth over it and got about 2 inches in. It really felt good, I never had my dick inside a mouth before, WOW! Then she said, that she saw her mom holding it and rubbing her hand up and down on it, like this, she said. That felt even better. Next thing I know I am cumming in her mouth and she is just drinking it down. It really caught me by surprise.

She said, that really tasted good, what was it, was it pee? I told her it wasn't and that it was boy milk, that could make babies. Then she wanted to know if that would make a baby for her. Well, now I though its time for her to learn about pussy.

So then I told her to lay back down, and spread her legs wide. I told her that I was going to show her about sex now and that it would really feel good. I put my finger in my mouth and got it real wet, then I rubbed it up and down her little slit, going inside the outer flaps.

She said: " That really feels nice, will you do it some more?" I told her that I would.
So next I told her that I was going to show her something else she would like.

I moved around so I could put my mouth over her pussy and started licking her. then I took one finger and rubbed to find her little fucking hole. I found it and put my finger in it just a little and wiggled it around a lot. MY god, I didn't know girls that little could get so wet. They must be born that way, I thought. So now I was sucking and licking her clit and fucking her with my finger. She tasted a little like lemon. She started really wiggling around, and told me to keep on doing it. My hand was getting tired, but I thought I would go on and see what happened.

All of a sudden she squealed and went rigid, then a minute later went totally limp. I think I gave to her her very first orgasm, at four years old. After she rested a few minutes, she noticed my dick was hard again, and she told me she wanted me to stick it in her so she could feel as good as her mom did.

With some misgivings, and thinking about jail and the electric chair, I rubbed my dick up and down her wet little slit. She loved it and said: "Don't stop, put it in me!" So not being sure if it would fit or if it would hurt her, I gently pushed against her little tiny rosy pink hole. My God, again! the head slipped right in, and she squealed with joy. So I carefully and gently stirred my dick around in her and slowly pushed farther in. When it was about half in I hit the end of her love tunnel, and since I didn't want to hurt her, pulled back out a little bit, still slipping it in and out.

She appeared to be on her way to another smashing orgasm, so I just kept on letting her set the pace. Before long she repeated the earlier performance, then asked me to let her lay on me. I let her come over on top of me face down with her head nestled against my neck. She soon went to sleep. I gently rolled her over, without waking her, covered her up and put on my clothes.

Her mother came in the next morning and asked me if the kids were good and was everything OK. I said they were great and things couldn't be better. So she paid me the $50 for the weekend babysitting and I left, thinking about the next week already. Lets see there was Donna,and Dixie and Darlene still to teach. Wow, I had my own sex school going.


2015-06-29 08:08:04
good story!!!

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2012-02-04 22:51:37
Lovee it i like reading about young kids but four is a little too youngt????? Great story tho!!!!!!

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2012-02-04 22:51:25
Lovee it i like reading about young kids but four is a little too youngt????? Great story tho!!!!!!


2010-08-21 09:41:34
Nice story dare u go younger


2010-07-10 03:15:04
write some more. fuck the assholes that don't like it.

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