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Naturist kid falls in love with cute girl. Hero baseball coach be my dad, he


After school the next day Jeff goes to Sean’s house again. After talking about the game, Jeff announces, “I’m going swimming, OK?”

“Sure.” So Jeff strips down to his undies and dives into the deep end. Soon Sean gets into his favorite old bikini. Jeff is delighted to see Sean join him without his pleading. Sean asks, “How do you like your baseball uniform?”

“Great! Real comfortable too.”

“How about the others, do they like them?”

“I think so—no complaints. Alex loves them. He says he gets hard every time he looks at my butt.”

“That figures—except that he sees you naked at the beach.”

“That’s what I said. He says the sleek pants make it more tantalizing.”

“Jeff, I’m surprised the rest of the team doesn’t object to revealing pants.”

“It’s a uniform, so they have an excuse.”

“Interesting. So they’re tired of the baggy style, but normally feel the pressure to conform.”

“Yeah. Sean, I get more respect than hassle for refusing to go baggy.”

“So they’re tired of hiding who they are, even if you need a microscope to see how they’re hanging.”

Jeff sees an opportunity to tackle Sean in the shallow end. When Sean regains his balance he lunges at Jeff. Jeff quickly tries to get away, but Sean manages to grab his foot and pull him in. Sean grabs his hip and throws him onto his shoulder. After spinning him, he shot puts him into the deep end. “Do that again, Sean!”

As they continue their horseplay Sean thinks about how free Jeff and Alex had been to do this naked at Black’s Beach. Now he is realizing how much he enjoyed it then without the confining feeling even a bikini presented, even though his thoughts then were all about Rachel. These naturists have a good thing going, he decides, but not in his pool. He leaves the pool to recline in his beach chair. When Jeff gets out, Sean sees how Jeff’s underwear clings to his genitalia, actually wrapping around his penis. Sean remembers his youth, swimming in a bikini. When he felt that cleavage around his penis, he would quickly lift the edge of his swimsuit to get rid of the clinging feeling. But Jeff couldn’t care less—how beautifully carefree. We thought we were carefree. As Jeff runs over to Sean, his penis bounces around, almost as if he were naked. Sean watches admiringly. Unconcerned, “Hey, whatchu looking at?” Speechless, Sean’s face turns beat red.

Perplexed, “Never saw you blush before.”

“I didn’t mean to be staring at your boyhood.”

Jokingly, with a straight face, “So you’re turning into an Alex.”

Not knowing how he’s gonna get out of this one, Sean sheepishly says, “I hope not!”

Not being able to contain himself any longer, Jeff cracks up laughing. Realizing he’d been totally duped, Sean lunges to goose Jeff. Jeff instinctively jumps out of reach and without missing a heartbeat, lunges to goose Sean good. Astonished by Jeff’s incredible quickness, Sean knows it’s time for brut force. He grabs Jeff’s hand and body, pulling him onto his lap. Using one arm to hold Jeff’s arms and body against his, he slowly moves his free hand toward the vitals, saying, “It’s time to mutilate Jeff’s jewels! Jeff’s total trust in him surprises Sean again. Jeff’s actually smiling as the monster’s hand enfolds his testicles.

“Which one do I squish first. They’re hard to locate, covered by this wet underwear. I’ll have to reach inside.” When he sees Jeff’s still totally fearless, he stops.

“Don’t quite now!”

Realizing he got himself into another dilemma, “Don’t be ridiculous. I can’t do that.”


“Sorry, I reached my limit.”

A light flashes inside Jeff, “I didn’t reach my limit,” as he quickly reaches into Sean’s bikini and grabs the merchandise. Sean gives him the hairy eyeball as he abruptly removes the attacking hand. As he stares into Jeff’s eyes, ready to chew him out, those innocent eyes melt his heart.

When Jeff sees he’s calmed down, “Your turn!”

“So who’s turning into Alex?”

“Who’s talking about sex? Not me.”

“Good! Now I need a break,” as Sean goes up to his room.



Sean had just stepped into his shower when Jeff walks into the bathroom; “Can I take a leak?” Sean dislikes his brashness, but nature calls, so he gives an OK.

Done in a minute, the whiz kid says, “I’m coming in. I need a shower too.” Before Sean can respond Jeff stands behind him, naked too. Taking a bar of soap, “I’ll wash your back.” Jeff lathers his soft hands, slides them across Sean’s back, and continues down to his firm butt, working his magic right into his crack. “Mom says to clean real good here.” Sean savors every stroke. “OK, now I’ll wash you.” Sean shows deep care as his fingers glide across his body. Then he turns Jeff’s body around, going directly to those jewels, playing with them as he cleans. “My Mom use to say clean your foreskin and head real good,” doing just that to Jeff’s complete joy. Then Jeff takes the soap to work on Sean’s manhood, bouncing it around in the rinse water. Then he affectionately moves his cheek toward Sean’s precious package, when a horn blows outside. Sean wakes up, stunned by his vivid dream.

Sean touches himself, finding he’s not wet. He opens his eyes, tries to focus, and then sees he’s not in the shower. After a sigh of relief, his thoughts run all over the dream. Yes, it was a dream, he assures himself. As he calms down, he thinks about yesterday’s horseplay. Why did he even suggest he would reach into Jeff’s underwear? Did he really want to? Jeff surely wanted it. Why? He thinks about how nurturing it feels to hold his own genitals as he goes to sleep, which he does naked. He knows there’s no sexual intent in that ritual. As he thinks again about the horseplay, he’s convinced of the same. Neither he, nor Jeff had sexual ambition. Now had it been with Alex; that would be another story. Of course, he wouldn’t have let it happen with Alex. But then, again, he had—in the water at Black’s Beach, in public, no less. Why does Jeff horseplay with Alex, knowing Alex has a one-track mind? I’ll have to ask him. He had never thought twice about the Black’s Beach horseplay—his thoughts focused on Rachel the whole time. Yeah, but later he had fond memories of the horseplay. Now he’s having fond memories of the dream. Of course, he would never do such a thing, but there’s something special about the intimacy. The way Jeff is, he’d do it in a heartbeat. So don’t even put the thought into his head. He’ll have to be careful—most people think intimacy and sex are the same thing—he could get into big trouble.

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Heck yeah bay-bee keep them cminog!


2007-09-09 19:42:44
Wow...this sucked. Nothing happened. Quit writing now. There was no story. I would rate it with negatives if I could.


2007-04-07 13:56:21
you suck balls man


2007-02-13 15:04:06
this pos sucked


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