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Just a little fantasy I have had for some time now.
We snuck off to the bathroom together. The party was really rolling and everyone including my wife had drunk a fair amount. She had whispered to me that she was horny and that waiting was not an option.

So here we were in a rather small bathroom her with her skirt hiked up to her waist bending over the sink and me with my pants around my ankles my dick sliding in and out of her beautiful wet pussy from behind. She was telling me how much she liked the feeling of my balls slapping against her ass when someone knocked at the door. We said occupied together and started to laugh.

We recognized the voice from the other side of the door as one of my wife’s co-workers, a guy by the name of Sean. Hurry up he pleaded I really need to get in there. I was surprised when my wife reached over and unlocked the door! Hell my dick was still inside of her for god’s sake. Sean rushed in closing and locking the door behind him. My wife looked back at me and said Sean doesn’t really have to go, I just didn’t mention how really horny I was!

I said ok, now what? She didn’t say a word she just reached over towards Sean and unzipped his pants pulled his cock from them and started to jerk him into a state of erection. All the while bucking herself on my cock, which was still firmly in her cunt.

Seans' dick was huge and growing even larger as my wife storked it and told him how much she wanted to have him fuck her face with it. Sean looked at me and asked if I was O.K. with this? I said yes go for it.

My wife said move to the right and we kind of hopped around until my ass was up against the wall.

Take your pants down she told Sean and he did so without hesitation. She leaned forward and took his now hard cock deep into her throat. I love this crazy woman was all I could think. I didn’t mind at all that she had another man’s cock in her mouth.

She had mentioned more than once that she found Sean very attractive and that she would do him in a minute if the opportunity arose. I remember telling her fine I just want to be there too. I guess she was serious about it because she was sucking his cock with gusto right now and from time to time pulling it from her mouth to tell him she wanted to swallow all his cum. The fact that my cock was in her pussy made the whole scene easier for me to accept. She looked fantastic and her pussy felt even better.

My cock was slamming into her cunt, my balls slapping against her ass and all the time she was sucking Sean deep into her throat. Sean had his hands firmly on the sides of her head and was indeed fucking her face.

Knowingt how well she sucks cock it did not surprise me when Sean announced that he was cumming. My wife pulled his cock from her mouth and said I want you to shoot your load down my throat Sean. She then took the entire length of his cock into her mouth.

I never thought I would be watching another guy fill my wife’s mouth with cum but that was now happening. Sean was moaning deeply yes baby yes as he blew his nut into her hungry mouth.

She swallowed every drop of his cum as I continued to fuck her sweet pussy from behind. I knew that I would soon be cumming deep inside of her.

She let Sean’s cock drop from between her lips. She turned back to look at me, a smile and a small trace of Sean’s cum on her lips and said that was so tasty now fill my cunt with your cum my love. I exploded deep inside of her. Yes she maoned fill my nasty pussy with your cum baby fill my pussy.

I slumped back against the wall trying to catch my breath. Sean was pulling up his pants while planting a kiss on my wife’s face. Gotta run he said my girlfriend will wonder where I’ve been, Nice to meet you he said looking at me with a non-threatening look on his face. Likewise I said. Glad you boys could play together nicely my wife said with a smile maybe next time Sean you could bring your girlfriend along.

That would be fun he said as he left the bathroom. My wife kissed me deeply and said before we go there is one more thing you need to do for me. What's that I asked with a smile on my face?

I'm not going back into the party with cum dripping out of my pussy she said. I want you to suck my pussy clean.

She then sat on the edge of the sink, speard her legs and said get busy. I did.

I lowered my head between her legs and lick her pussy as she pushed my cum from it.

It was the nastiest thing I had ever done with her and I loved it. My face was soon covered with a combination of her cum and mine. She reached down and pulled me to her and licked and kissed my face. Ummm she said you are as nasty as I am aren't you? Yes my dear I think we're both a couple of sluts! She laughed then kissed me deeply before saying time to get back to the party.

When we got back to the party Sean and his girlfriend were no where to be seen. We stayed for another 1/2 hour before leaving. On the way home we pulled into an industrial park found an empty parking lot and fucked on the hood of the car.

All in all it was a wonderful night.


2007-08-13 21:35:07
short and to the point i like that
part 2get your cock in that guys g


2007-07-06 09:04:19
Thanks for the compliment. Hope your wife agrees to your wish someday.


2007-06-26 19:20:48
Oh fuck I'm wanking off now just thinking how I would love to do that with my wife.


2007-02-22 13:22:16
Maybe she had a big ass you critical fuck wad.


2007-02-18 17:41:14
if she was bent over while you fucked her from behind, how were your balls slapping on her ass, you ass!

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