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I'm not American and like so many young men overseas,I came to the states to find all the hot American puss.I got married to an American girl,but the marriage ended as soon as it began. I've been in the states for some years now and I've have a nice job and became very much americanized and love living in south Florida.I would say that I am a very attractive 27 year old man.6'2 muscular ,tanned and getting loads of ass everywhere,but like so many young guys ,I've always had a fantasy about me mother.ever since I could remember I wanted to fuck her.even more so,I wanted her to see me naked and lust for me.our family wasn't very open about sexuality so I never got to see her naked,but one time.when I was 14 school came out 3 hours early for summer mother forgot about it and I didn't know that she started her annual leave the same day our holiday started.after school got out my sister went to the mall with some friends and my dad was still at work.I had all ready worked my schedule out to get drunk with my friends that night.I came into the house and walked straight into the bathroom.I froze.for about 5 seconds I saw my mother naked in the bathtub(she is bleach blond,blue eyed and has a killer body.a normal 36 C,34 at the time,but all the shit in it's place.)I said I was sorry and walked out.that took my obsession with my mother to a new level.I never did any thing about it but blew my load many times thinking about pounding my mothers pussy.

In January 2007 my mother and father came to visit me in Florida.they are both very fit and my mom was still a fox.They are very well off and flies to the states every 6 months or dad love yachts and one of his business partners called him up to test his new yacht to the Bahamas and back.He jumped at the opportunity to go to the Bahamas(only for one night),but my mother hates boats and gets sea sick and said that she wanted to stay.the next morning my dad was off to the islands and we had the day to our selfs.I got a pretty big Christmas bonus at work and was in the mood to spend some money so we went shopping.she was saying all morning that she was mad at herself for not bringing her bikini,cause she wanted to go to the beach when we left the I took her bikini shopping.every time she got a new one on she would call me into the changing room to tell her how it poor dick wanted to brake off and she knew it.she liked seeing me sweat and she kept on staring at my penis.every time she looked me in the eyes she would smile like she was hiding something.that evil little after shopping I took her to the closest beach.when we got to the there we saw a nude beach next to us(I knew it was there,but played dumb).we both laughed about some of the old and fat people that we saw on the beach and she threw water on my fire when she said thats she could never take her bikini off at a nude beach.then she asked me if I would ever take my clothes off at the beach."sure" I said.then she asked me to prove it and got up and started walking towards the nude side of the beach."nobody will know that your my son",she said."you got to do it two then",I said,but she I then took my swimming shorts off and my semi erect 8" penis flopped out in front of my my mother.she could not stop looking at it.I could see her nipples was hard as fuck.she told me to lay down and said that she would oil me up.she then rubbed me up real good with out ever touching my dick or my dick obviously shot in the air and i wanted her to touch it so bad."damn honey!calm down.there is people on the beach"she said.after tanning for about 1 hour,we head home.I felt weird driving home having my mom see my hard on,but couldn't wait to hit the shower and rub one out.I remember my mother tell me to give her my laundry and she'll wash it for me.when we got home(they where staying at my house for about 2 weeks)I ran for the shower in my room, not locking the door.I was playing with myself in the shower when I heard my mothers voice."i thought you were going to give me all your laundry?"you can not see through the shower curtains so continued playing with my dick."sorry mom.I'll be out in a second"I said.right at that time she pulled the curtains away."what are you doing!?" Again,like when I was 14, I froze.she then turned the shower off and took my hand.she took me to my bed and told me to lay down."dad doesn't have to know about all!.Just don't think your getting any fucking from me".she the started to stroke me shaft very dick went dry,so she spit on it.I could not believe that this was happening.(still can't)she then got up but ordered me to stay down and she took her bikini mom was cleanly shaven.she got back onto the bed and started working on my cock again.i reached out to touch her tits and she told me not to.i didn't want to fuck up that fact that she was giving me a hand job,so i just laid back and enjoyed it.I tried my best not to cum,but I couldn't keep my cum inside any mom saw that I was about to come.right then she did what i will never hot naked mom bend over and swallowed all of my cum.she was moaning while slurping up my cum and I came a lot.she got up and asked me if i liked."o fuck yes" I said.she smiled got dressed and never spoked about it again.all I can say is wow


2009-03-05 21:32:48
me mom never did anything like that for me lucky guy next time get her drunk she will be more open to letting you pound her pussy liquor is quicker drunk moms like girlfriends put out.


2008-04-05 01:31:09


2007-02-10 16:37:23
how could it be a long time coming if ur family wasn't open about sexuality. quit fuckin lying and learn grammar you fag


2007-02-07 19:30:15
"Get an editor or a friend to read your stories and clean them up. way to many errors in grammar and word usage to be enjoyable to read. the content seemed interesting and could make a nice story. keep writing and work to improve your command of english. good luck." Who ever wrote that is a dumbass, insulting his grammar but not being good at it yourself, way TOO many errors to read not way to many. Idiot.But yeah, the grammar in this story really did suck balls big time.


2007-02-03 05:09:40
learn to write properly and quit making up bullshit

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