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Just another evening at the bar where everybody knows your name
Rebecca entered the bar to the usual round of catcalls. “Hey Becky!” “Rebecca!” Good evening Miss Howe!” She paused near the door to give her chief tormentor time to find a good line.

Carla took in the bright red full length flounce dress with shoulder ruffs and the black high heeled boots and spoke: “Looking very hot tonight, Rebecca, you look like Miss Kitty in a whorehouse!”

Rebecca took Carla aside and whispered: “You don’t know what it’s like. Robin’s been in jail for four months. They won’t give us conjugal rights just because we’re not actually married.”

“My God! You haven’t had sex in four months?” Carla hissed. “You can hurt yourself with that kind of behavior.”

“I know, but I’m trying to save myself for Robin.”

“So what’s with the dress?” Carla asked.

“Well I love to watch those inmates. You should see them when I walk down the cell line in an outfit like this. I walk stiff legged so the boot heels clank on the runway. You wouldn’t believe the noises and suggestions they make. It’s very arousing.”

“You’ve gotta promise to take me along next time.”

“Where’s Sam? I’ve got some order I have to discuss with him.”

“He and Dianne are in the back doing inventory.”

Rebecca flounced her way across the bar to her office, followed by hoots and leers from most of the male patrons. She stepped into the office and closed the door behind her. As her eyes gradually dilated to the dark room, she saw Dianne’s denim skirt, cashmere sweater, and silk panties and bra all stacked neatly on the floor next to the desk, with her waitress’s pad on top of the pile.

Next she saw Diane herself, lying naked on her back on the desk, with her knees pulled up near her shoulders like a gigged frog. Sam, with his pants around his ankles stood between her legs, pumping rhythmically into her. Rebecca walked within six feet of the couple before either of them noticed her.

Dianne suddenly started and clapped her hands over her breasts and said “Sam!” Sam looked up briefly, nodded “Hi Becks” and resumed his rhythmic thrusting.

“Oh, Sam!” Dianne cried, now trying to cover three anatomical features with only two hands.

Stepping up to the desk, Rebecca said: “Oh for God’s sake, Diane. It’s not like you’ve got anything I haven’t seen before.” She looked down at Sam’s crotch and exclaimed: “But Sam on the other hand … I see the rumors are true. That’s a very impressive dick.”

Rebecca took a couple of steps back from the desk, and said: “Don’t mind me, just go ahead; I’ll use my desk later. Sam and Diane resumed their coupling without speaking.

For a minute or two, Rebecca just watched, restlessly shifting her weight from one foot to the other. Then she slowly slipped the strap of her dress off her left shoulder. She slid her right hand into the top of her dress and began playing with her nipple.

After a few moments she observed conversationally to Sam: “I’m surprised you can put a cock that size in such a skinny little thing without splitting her.” Without looking up, Sam replied: “She lubricates very heavily. She comes real easy too.”

“Can I see?” asked Rebecca.

“No!” cried Diane.

“Sure.” answered Sam.

Accepting Sam’s answer, Rebecca moved over to the desk and slid her hand down Diane’s smooth belly into her crotch. “My god, she is a juicy one, isn’t she!” Then rather than withdraw her hand, Rebecca began rolling Diane’s clit like a ball bearing in oil. Diane’s protests trailed away into a low moan. Without stopping her hand motion, Rebecca lowered her head and began to suck vigorously on Diane’s right nipple. Diane’s moans gradually grew louder and more guttural. Suddenly her legs straightened convulsively sticking straight up in the air above Sam’s shoulders and her whole body shook violently.

“You weren’t kidding, Sam! That was a good one.” Rebecca remarked.

“She’ll do that a few more times before the night’s over, then she’ll be set for another month or so.” Sam replied.

Rebecca moved away from the desk again and watched Diane gradually relax and resume the steady penetration from Sam’s huge dick.

After a minute, Rebecca seemed to make up her mind about something. She slipped the dress off both shoulders and shucked it down onto the floor. She was completely naked under the dress.

Rebecca stepped up to the desk and clambered up on it. She straddled Diane’s waist, then knee walked up and positioned her crotch directly above Diane’s face.

Diane turned her face away in disgust. “Oh Rebecca!”
“Listen Diane, don’t you think I’ve heard of what goes on in that Phi Epsilon Delta fraternity you’re so proud of?”

“But …”

“But nothing, try to remember who signs your paychecks and who’s desk your humping your boyfriend on during work hours.” Rebecca grabbed a fistful of Diane’s hair, pulling her head upwards. “Now, eat me Blondie.”

Diane with a show of reluctance began to lick Rebecca’s snatch.

“And play with my tits!” demanded Rebecca. Obediently, Diane lifted her hands and began to thumb Rebecca’s long nipples. Rebecca found that she could reach back and fondle Diane’s engorged clit.

The three of them rocked in this position for several moments. Then Diane again began the low moaning that had preceded her last orgasm. Rebecca’s breath was coming in short gasps. She turned her head and through clenched teeth ordered “Give her the meat, Sam, we’re almost there.” Sam increased his thrusting pace.

Almost immediately both women came. Diane’s legs shot toward the ceiling, her eyes popped wide open and stared blankly at the ceiling. Rebecca shook in convulsive waves of orgasm, her juices dripping off Diane’s chin.

When they had returned to a calm state, Rebecca said “That was a good one, but I could use some of that big cock now.”

“Sure”, said Sam. “Diane, why don’t you hop down off the desk there for a minute.”

“Sam! What am I, chopped liver? You both fuck me stupid and then send me off?!”

“Now Diane, you’ve come three times in the last hour”, Sam pointed out.

“Yeah, give another girl a chance!” agreed Rebecca.

“Well, I don’t think this is right,” Diane muttered as she flopped onto the couch near the end of the desk. “This was supposed to be just me and Sam.”

Rebecca tottered on her high boots between Sam and the side of the desk, slapped her hands flat on the desk and bent forward, hoisting her ass in the air until her nipples were dragging on the desktop. Sam entered her quickly and roughly from behind. She grunted as she took the meat.
“Big isn’t he?” giggled Diane from the couch.

As Sam settled down to his usual steady thrusting pace, Rebecca became more relaxed and smiled back at Diane, “If a skinny thing like you can take him, I can do it for hours.”
Diane made no reply but slipped her hand between her own legs and began to rub slowly while she watched the couple at the desk.
After a few moments, Sam said:

“Rebecca you have really beautiful ass, and I‘d like to fuck it.”

“My god Sam, I’ve never had anything bigger than a finger in there!”

“Well then, this should be real nice for both of us!”

“Diane, would you hand me the bottle of lube in the top right desk drawer?” Sam asked

Sam poured lubricant between Rebecca’s cheeks, then began to press the tip of his cock against Rebecca’s exposed anus.

“Aaaiigh!” Rebecca shrieked as the egg sized head of Sam’s cock popped passed her sphincter

“Oh relax Rebecca, I haven’t even put it all in yet.”
Diane snickered from the couch, “Still think you can do him for hours?”
Rebecca had begun to relax the muscles of her rectum and Sam drip more lube into the cleft as he inch by inch pressed more and more of his cock into Rebecca’s ass.

“Oh, shit. That’s too big!” Rebecca’s hands made spastic clawing motion at the desk, as if to drag herself away from the intruder.

“Stop complaining!” Diane called from the couch, “You wanted him.”

Sam suddenly loudly shouted “Carla!”

As if she had been listening at the door, which she probably had, Carla entered the office.

“Carla will you please do your number two procedure on Diane just to shut her up.”

“Glad to, boss.” Carla turned toward Diane, and ordered her to stand.

“What’s the number two?” Diane asked warily.

“Well there are five procedures I’ve learned. Sam wants me to me to do number two to you.

“What’s number two?” Diane asked nervously.

“Easier to show you.” Carla slipped a hand between Diane’s thighs and began to massage and stroke. Within a few seconds, Diane had moved her feet apart and began playing with her own nipples.

Carla rubbed harder and slid her other hand down Diane’s back and inserted a finger into her rectum. The blonde girl began to make the low guttural moan that signaled her climax. As she came, she cried “Oh Carla!” her knees buckled and she collapsed into kneeling position next to the couch.

Carla pulled her head back and whispered into her ear.

“Here’s the deal. That was the second. I’ve got three guys outside the door. You jerk them all off, and I’ll show you the third.”

“What if I want the fourth? Diane asked.

“The FOURTH?! YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE FOURTH!” Carla shrieked derisively.

From the desk, Sam remarked: “The last person she showed the fourth is still suing her in Cleveland.”

“Actually, it’s her husband suing me for alienation of affection.” So how about it Blondie? You want the third or not?” Carla demanded.

“All right bring them in.”
Carla went to the door and came back with Cliff.

“Hi Cliff.” Diane spoke from her knees.

“Well Hi Diane, this is real nice of you.” Cliff nearly stuttered in his nervousness.

At Carla’s urging, Cliff dropped his pants and took out his already rigid organ. Diane opened her mouth wide and reached for Cliff’s cock. Almost the instant she touched it, Cliff went off like a rocket. Diane turned her head at the last moment, and took the load of cum in her hair above her ear.

“Oh Jeez Diane! I’m sorry; I guess I was a little nervous.”

“That’s all right Clifford. We’re all a little aroused.”
By now Carla had gone to the door again and come back with Norm.

“Hey Diane, Carla thought it would be you.”
Diane looked sharply up at Carla. “Norman, what did she say about me?”

“She said, ‘even Sammy can’t handle two women at once’, and sooner or later he’d need help with one or the other. She bet it would be you.”

“Hey, do I know my sluts or what?” crowed Carla.

“Well, come on then, let’s do it!” Diane snapped.
Norm, unbuckled his belt, and lowered his pants and underwear, letting his enormous belly sag toward the floor. Diane reached under his belly and began rubbing and pulling his cock. After a few seconds without result, she said “Norm try standing up straighter, maybe I can get my head under there.

Norm obliged and held his gut up with his hands. Diane was able to take him in her mouth and sucked him while stroking and pulling his balls, but still without effect.

“It’s OK Diane; I haven’t had it up in years. That’s from twenty years with Vera!”
Norm patted Diane on top of the head, and stepped. “Maybe I’ll just stay and watch and see if anything comes back to me.” Norm said sheepishly.

“Sure just sit on the end of the couch, stay as long as you like.” Rebecca spoke from the desk.

“This still counts!” Diane barked to Carla. “You said three, and he counts as the second.”

Carla replied calmly “Sure, keep your pants on Diane (oops, too late), he counts toward your three.”

Carla went back to the door and returned with Woody.

Woody looked at the naked Diane kneeling on the floor, and at Rebecca spread out over the desk, and said “Well, Carla was right. It’s Diane.”

“We all know about what Carla said.” snapped Diane. “Just get it out.”

Woody got it out. True to his nickname, he was already hard. His dick was just as long as Sam’s but not as thick. It jutted upward from his crotch toward the ceiling. He would not have Norm’s problem.

As he stepped up in front of Diane’s waiting mouth, he said:

“To be honest, I was hoping it would be Miss Howe. As beautiful as you are Diane, I’ve always thought Rebecca had the prettiest little Cupid mouth I’ve ever seen. So if you don’t mind I think I’ll go over there.”

“Sure.” said Diane.

Woody stepped over to the near side of the desk, stood in front of Rebecca. Deep in her prison fantasy, she looked up and said “Oh, you must be the warden come to save me from these criminals.”

Woody brushed the tip of his cock against Rebecca’s lips. Her mouth opened as if automatically.
“Jeez that’s a long dong, Woody, between the two of us, we might be able to meet in the middle.” Sam giggled. Rebecca moaned, and dropped her jaw to allow Woody’s cock better access.

The two men began a rhythmic thrusting into Rebecca from both ends. She alternately gagged when Woody hit the back of her throat, and groaning when Sam thrust deep into her ass.

Diane looked at Carla and said: He counts too, Carla. That’s three, where’s my reward?”

“I’m not sure I should give a number three to a woman who has trouble giving away blow jobs in a bar. But a deal is a deal, so stand up”.

Diane got up from the couch and stood in front of Carla. “You won’t hurt me will you?” Diane asked nervously.

“No, that would be the number five.” Carla replied. “Spread your feet apart; and I recommend that you play with your nipples.”

Carla ran her hand down Diane’s belly into the furze between her legs. She slid a finger into Diane’s wet pussy and pushed it in and out. After a few strokes she added a finger, and then a third. When Diane began to rock and moan softly, Carla folded her thumb over her other fingers and began to push upwards hard. At first nothing happened, but Carla crouched down and pushed harder. Diane was almost lifted off the floor by this pressure. She tried to stand on her tiptoes, then cried out softly.

Suddenly, Carla’s knuckles popped past Diane’s pubic bone and her whole hand disappeared up Diane’s crotch. Diane shrieked, her face contorted in a grimace of shock and lust.

Carla, still slightly crouched began to thrust her hand and wrist into Diane over and over, like a boxer delivering a series of uppercuts. Diane’s erect clit was protruding from her bush.

Diane, still twisting her nipples into pink pencil erasers, gasped and staggered backwards. Carla gave her one more plunge and Diane toppled backwards onto the couch. Carla followed and continued her relentless thrusting.

“Roll over on your belly; just swing your leg over.” Carla commanded and Diane did so.

Diane was now face down on the couch with her head resting on one arm and her butt hoisted high in the air.

“I highly recommend that you rub your clit.” Carla said sharply. Obediently, Diane slid her free hand down between her legs and started stroking her engorged clit.

“Now, here’s what makes the number three really special, said Carla. She spread her fingers out inside Diane and began to rub and press downward on her g-spot. Diane hissed with lust and doubled the action on her clit.

Carla increased the pressure and speed of her fingers. “My god, you’ve got a g-spot like a walnut!”

Carla changed quickly between the g-spot stimulation and the rhythmic thrusting of her hand and wrist.

Diane’s hips were bucking violently up against Carla’s motions and she was moaning like an animal.

As Diane’s orgasm grew closer, Carla began to gently stroke Diane’s exposed asshole with the thumb of her free hand.

Diane now came with the force of a seizure. Her hips bucked in the air, her head thrashed from side to side, and she howled like a wolf. Carla pressed down firmly with her thumb.

At just the last instant, as she felt Diane’s pussy begin to spasm, Carla yanked her hand out of Diane’s crotch with a wet pop. Deep into her shattering orgasm, Diane ejaculated heavily onto the couch cushions. Jet after pulsing jet of her fluids soaked the couch.

“Jesus Sammy, you’re gonna hafta burn this couch!” giggled Carla. “Score another one for the number three.” Replied Sam, still buried deep in Rebecca’s ass.

Leaving Diane quivering on the wet couch, Carla walked over to the desk and examined what Sam and Woody were doing to Rebecca.

“Carla, you’re my friend, you won’t let these animals fuck me, will you?” begged Rebecca.

“Well, Becks, I’m not who you seem to think I am, but I’ll tell you what I will do.” replied Carla and stepped back until she was about a foot from Rebecca’s face.

Carla unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down to her ankles. She slid her hand into her panties and began rubbing herself vigorously.

“Carla, what the hell are you doing?” cried Sam.

“Are you kidding Sammy? How often do you get to come to work and jerk off while watching the boss get fucked in the ass by a bartender?”

“Ohhhhhhh!” moaned Rebecca, “It sounds pretty hot when you say it like that! I think I’m going to cum.”

She was right. As her orgasm started, it made her ass clench around Sam’s cock. Sam, who had been fucking one woman or another for almost an hour, began to cum.
Rebecca thrust her head forward on Woody’s cock, and gagged as it hit back of her throat. The gagging spasms in her throat squeezed Woody’s cock and he too came
The two men pumped huge loads of fluids into Rebecca from both ends, Sam deep into her bowel, and Woody straight down her throat. The three of them heaved and moaned through their orgasms.

Norm got to his feet from the end of the couch, pulled up his pants and surveyed the scene. Diane was still face down on the couch, her hips rotating spasmodically, her hand fluttering mindlessly between her legs. Rebecca was spread flat on the desk with semen dripping down her chin from her mouth, and down her legs from her ass. Sam and Woody stood with their dicks still hard and dripping. The only sound was Carla still pounding her pud in front of Rebecca’s face. She came to her shuddering climax as Norm spoke:

“This was nice, but I see both bartenders, both waitresses and the owner all in this room. Who the hell is going to serve me a beer?!”


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