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The landlord then forced me on my knees, pushing me down and quickly unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his fly, pulled out his hard swollen cock in front of my face
Inside Nelly

I’m a Filipina single mother , 26 years old , work as a shift supervisor for an electronics assembly plant , my son David 6 yrs old stays with me in my apartment for two years now , my female neighbor babysits for my son during the day when I’m gone for work. David’s father left him the same time I got pregnant, it was too late that I discovered that he’s a married man , it was somewhat of an unplanned event that I regreted all my life. Since then I raised my son alone as my family then was also disappointed and gave me no support. I was a bit the black sheep of the family as they say , refusing everytime to agree or give in to what they wanted , I even stop going to college in favor to work as a production operator in my current work 8 years ago.
I never thought tragedy would struck me again , my boyfriend for three years Ron and I broke up last month , it was November. I tried to contain my depression until the moment I can’t hang to it it any longer so I told my bestfriend Rita about it. She was very supportive , giving advices and kept telling me I’ll get over it somehow , to help me more a bit she had this plan for us to go out along with the other young female operators for a night of disco after the company’s December Christmas party. She didn’t stop to convince me until I give in to join so that day I told the babysitter if she can stay in my apartment until I come home from the party and she agrees.
At my age I was able to keep my body fit , as I still measure 34-25-35 for my 5’3” height , I’m fair and flawless complexioned and my looks you could mistaken for a 22 year old , I’m fairly beautiful as they say and it proves as I would represent our department in sports tournaments as the muse in favor of the much younger ones.
From the Christmas party we went straight to a known disco bar , live music and drinks filled the party and Rita would encourage me to let myself out and never mind of the tragic things that happened to my life and so I did. It was almost 1am when I noticed that I need to go home , I told Rita that I need to go and she offered to take me home , I told her that I’m okay and can handle myself but she insisted so I agreed. The mixture of tequila , beer and vodka has taking effect on me as I was really trying to get myself to walk straight by not hanging to something , a rail or wall for balance. We took a taxi and as soon 15 minutes later we are in the compound gates of my apartment. I told Rita I can handle myself there, she finally agree and we wave goodbyes as the taxi sped off.
Alone underneath the post light , the compound was everything silent as all four units had their lights off , I opened and push the gate and close it back and walk to my apartment, it was dark and I wonder if the baby sitter was there with my son. I was having difficult time to choose the right door key, I don’t want to knock as I might wake up the whole neighborhood when a unit had his lights on , it was the old male landlord named Jose, still a bachelor in his late 40’s living in one of the units, I saw his figure in his window and a few seconds later his door opened and he came out carrying my sleeping son in his arms.
“The babysitter needs to go and left before 12 midnight , she left your son with me” the landlord explained.
“Oh, I’m sorry to have you up this late time of the night” I told him as I was about get my sleeping son from his arms.
“Uh ,I think it would be a better idea if I have him in my arms a few minutes more and you get the locked doors open” He said with smile.
I nodded and smiled in agreement as I resume to get the right key for my locked door, I was so drunk that it took me time to get the right one and he notice this.
“Do you need help ? ,looks like you had more than enough drinks tonight huh!” He said as he watches me with a grin on his face.
I just flash him a smile until I get a hold of the right keys in my hand.
“Ok , I got it , here see? ,now I’ll open the door” I told him as he nodded and just smiled.
As soon as I unlock and opened the door I gave way for him to come inside , I open the lights, he kept David in his arms as he walks in and look around the house.
“I think it would be better if I carry your boy to his bedroom upstairs as you’re not capable by the look of it” He added smiling
“It’s so kind of you , I’m really sorry to get you into this” I told him
“It’s nothing Nelly , just close and lock the door when we go up , you know this neighborhood, some thief might sneak in ” He added as I nodded in agreement.
I did as what he said and I told him David is to sleep in my bedroom so I showed him my room upstairs , open the room’s door and he laid David on the bed. I was getting myself to thank him and guide him downstairs but as soon as he laid down David he stood up and look around the room.
“You fix this room nice and cozy huh?” He told me.
“Yes, thank you anyway for the help, it’s kinda late , I don’t wish to bother you no more” I told him
I was hoping he would go in the direction of the door but instead he went to the window and had the curtains fix to cover the outside , I got nervous and tried to get myself together in my drunken state.
“ Sir, I would appreciate if you would go down now” I added.
He turned to me and smiled , walked to the room’s door and close it , leaving the three of us inside. I was then trembling in fear not for myself but for my son who was still very asleep in my bed. The old landlord was a big man and I know I could not fight him off and worse is he might hurt my son.
“Don’t worry , I’m in no rush to leave ,,,not until I have what I came here for” He said staring at me.
“Wha-what do you mean?” nervously I asked.
“You’re beautiful Nelly , I’ve been watching you ever since, the neighborhood knows about your break off with your old boyfriend and I really can help you with that,,,,,,you don’t need to get drunk hmmmm?” he said to me.
I knew what he is up to so I made a move to rush to the window and shout for help, but the landlord instead calmly sat down beside my sleeping son and had his hand place atop David’s head and caress David’s hair.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you , I could break your son’s neck easily if I panic , you don’t want me to panic , don’t you?” he told me calmly.
I stop on my tracks as I heard him and look back at their direction.
“No! ,please don’t touch my son ,please leave him alone!” I pleaded as I slowly walks over to the bed
“He’s a good boy, we don’t want to wake him up , don’t we? , his cries might irritate me and I don’t know myself when in such a mood” He warned me as I continue to tremble.
“Ple-please don’t hurt my son” I continue to plead.
“Sshhhh…don’t make any noise , you might awaken him, I won’t hurt anybody as long as you cooperate, you understand? He said as stood up and slowly walks towards me.
He draws me near to himself, trembling I stood in front of him as he held my both arms with his hands.
“Ah, you’re trembling , you shouldn’t be , I think turning off the lights will help” He said
He drag me along with him as he held me by the arm and put off the light switch on the wall and turn on the lampshade light beside the bed instead , I was still so drunk at that moment that I find it difficult to stand straight especially when he drags me along.
“Oh please , let me go and leave , I beg of you please!” I said trying to beg him
“You should be thanking me , it’s time to get back at your ex-boyfriend for what he did , I know what you need ,now get on your knees and lets have your mouth something to get busy with instead” He said.
“Please no! I won’t,,,” I cried pleading .
The landlord then forced me on my knees, pushing me down and quickly unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his fly, pulled out his hard swollen cock in front of my face. Surprised , I got a glimpse of his swollen cock as he starts to masturbate and his cock even grew bigger and harder , it was very red and the head was so shiny with oozing sticky fluid coming out from the slit on it’s tip. His cock probably measures 7 inches in length.
“Ah, you like what you see? , now be a good girl and start licking it” He said.
I turned my head in the sideways direction and close my eyes in protest and tried to get up but his hand maintained me down on my knees. I felt he got irked as his hold got firmer on my shoulder.
“ Now , just cooperate and put my cock in your mouth, you hear?” He said in harsh voice.
“No! , I can’t! ” I told him again.
“Don’t play hard on me Nelly , you gonna put my cock between that pink lips of yours or I’ll make you do it for me!” He said now in a more harsher voice.
Thinking what he intends to do, I got my lips to close tighter.
“Ok, we’ll do it my way then” He added to say.
He got a hold of my hair at the back of my head and pulled causing me to look up to him and open my mouth in pain immediately he shove his cock between my lips , he manage to get at least the head inside which I immediately taste as salty.
“Mmmmph, phew! , stop it ,mmph” I said as I tried to push him away.
I spit it out coughing which angered him and he gave me a slap on the side of my head which sends me crashing on the floor.
“Why you ungrateful bitch!” he shouted
He was about to deliver another blow when we heard David’s cry on the bed as he was slightly awaken by the commotion , he turned to my son but I rush and covered my son with myself and pleaded with him.
“No!, please no, stop! , I’ll do anything just don’t hurt my son please, ,,,stop crying David , mommy’s here” I said
He stood there and nod his head as he watches me trying to pacify my son
“Hmm , well I’m a reasonable man okay take your time” He said as he just stood there beside me slowly masturbating himself as I pacified my son.
My heart pounds heavily as I clung to my son to pacify him and get him back to sleep , all along I could not do anything to get rid of this man , I sneak to take a look at his swollen manhood , it was big and thick! He kept on jerking himself as I tremble. A minute passed and as soon as David is back sleeping soundly he spoke again.
“Come here now Nelly and do your part of the deal ” I heard him said.
He grabbed me by the arm and pulled me in front of him and I find myself kneeling in front of him again. His cock is all erect now and hard , he held it an inch from my lips , I could even feel it’s warmth rising from it’s skin , veins forming from its thin skin, giving it a more lustful look. I look up to him ,his face was full of lust, he knew it won’t be long then he’ll succeed to make me put his cock in my mouth.
“Now, be a good girl , open those pink lips of yours and wrapped it around my cock!” He told me.
Nervous and still trembling I took a look back at David and thought of our safety if I don’t agree to his desires, my heart continue to pound heavily.
“This is taking too long Nelly, I want your mouth I my cock,,now !” His voice raised.
I close my eyes and swallowed my saliva stuck in my mouth.
“Don’t worry , the two of you will be fine , just trust me and I’ll keep my word, now suck my cock!” He added
I turned my head back to him and was about to say something when he shove and press his cock touching my lips. I held a back a bit , but remembered my son sleeping ,worried that I might make him angry again , I calmed myself. I felt him pressing his cock in my lips , he’s much calmer then , enjoying as I don’t show any resistance to his desires.
“Ah that’s it Nelly,open your mouth and take my cock slowly in your mouth” He instructed me
Closing my eyes , I open my mouth and let his cock slid inside, at least having the head at first inside and then all the way half thru it’s whole length ,it sends him quivering and moaning with pleasure.
“Oh shit Nelly , your mouth is so warm, uuhh” I heard him moan.
I thought “Oh my God!, I let this man put his cock in my mouth , I never had done it unless he’s my boyfriend. My boyfriend made give him a blowjob before but this is different but I must admit I enjoyed it , the pleasure of someone forcing himself on me. His cock really felt hot in my mouth , I felt his fingers fix and held my hair as not to cover my face so he can have a good view of his cock between my lips , I open my eyes to look up to him , I saw his face full of lust enjoying every bit of the moment as his cock goes deeper inside my mouth, I close my eyes again as he slowly fucks my mouth with his cock.
“Oh fuck! , this is unbelievable! yes suck it more Nelly” I heard him moan.
Feeling I wasn’t resisting anymore , he push down his pants and briefs to his knees to get a better standing position. Then I felt his hands grasping both sides of my head and starts to skull-fuck me, shoving his cock deeper almost to the hilt which sends me gagging and holding on both to his legs for support , I tried to pull-out to what he is doing to my mouth, his cock’s tip goes all the way to the back of my throat and I was out of air, all the time he was saying words how good my mouth is.
“Ahhh, suck it deeper , yeah, what a fine mouth you got Nelly, oooh” I heard him moan.
And then he realize that Iwas having a difficult time to what he’s doing and pulled out his cock in my mouth to give me breather , I bowed down and gasp foe air as saliva drips down from my lips
“You did well my child now you may lick and suck my balls for a while” He said as he held and pulled his cock up and shove his balls near to my mouth.
And before I could react , his hand pulled my head closer to him as my mouth press on his balls.
“Suck on my balls Nelly , stick out your tongue and play them with it!” I heard him say.
I don’t know why , but instinctively I stick out my tongue and play with his balls , licking every part of it which sends him groaning with pleasure as he watches me do it.
“Oh yeah, oh yeah…that’s it baby , , you love those balls don’t you?” He said as he tease my face by slapping his cock at the same time.
“I knew you gonna love it! you love cocks huh?,tell me !” He added to say as he continue to slap his cock all over my face.
I don’t know what came over me but I felt my pussy getting wet, I nodded in response to his questions.
“Let me hear you say, tell me you love to suck my cock!” He insisted.
“Yes…I love and want to suck your cock….umph!” I mumbled to say the words enough for him to hear.
Upon hearing me say it , he took a hold of his cock in one hand and the other hand held atop my head. Sadistically he shoved his hard cock between my lips sliding inside my mouth, his cock is so hard that it formed a figure in my cheeks which brings more delight to him.
“Yeah, that’s it ,,,that cock feels good in there huh?” He said as continue to explore the insides of my mouth with his hard cock.
All the time I kept mumbling sounds as his cock explores the insides of my mouth and I kept my head moving back and forth in rhythm with his thrusting motion.
“Oh fuck , you’re such a cock-hungry teaser , I love that mouth yeah!” I heard him moan.
I don’t why but I’m completely lost as if I wanna show what can do with a cock in my mouth , soon he got a hold of my head from both sides and starts to throat-fuck me.
“Take my cock deeper Nelly , that’s it , let me fuck your throat baby!” I hear him say.
He was pumping so hard and fast , trying hard to get his cock deeper to my throat as my saliva starts to drip down to the floor from the sides of my lips , his breath is heavy then and panting, he was making so much noise , groaning and moaning. I tried to breath to my nose when at last I couldn’t hold it any longer I push away from , release his cock from my mouth and catch a breath of air, which sends more of my saliva to drip down on the floor.
“What are you doing?, quick! ,get your mouth back in there” He shouted
He got a hold of my head again and shoved back is cock in my mouth for more throat-fucking action , he seems to take satisfaction as I tried to stay with his doings , my mouth was then now making some sounds which sends him crazy to pump more , I could feel the tip of his cock touching the back of my throat with his each deep thrust.
“Oh shit! , fuck! , I love your throat Nelly , take more! Uhh” He groaned as my eyes now became teary-eyed to what he is doing to my throat.
For a whole one minute he did that, I open my eyes look up to him and saw him his head looking up the ceiling his eyes close, he was saying words how good my mouth was and he is close to coming in my mouth.
“Oooooh, aaah, take more Nelly, I’m gonna come in our mouth!” I heard him moan.
I thought to let his cock have it’s way with my mouth hoping he would leave as soon he is finish. I just close my eyes and let him fuck my mouth whatever and which way he wants. Soon I felt his cock grew more , it became harder and thicker inside my mouth and I knew then that he is about to come. I never swallowed come before so I tried to pull out from him but he’s to quick to react and got a firm hold of my head and hair and pulled me closer to him forcing his cock deeper in my throat.
“Here it comes Nelly , here it comes,,,swallow my load!” His voice said.
I thought resisting is not going to do me any good so I just hope swallowing come is not that bad as I thought. Soon hot come came gushing down my throat , he came in long spurts , I felt the hot sticky come came in contact with my throat, my eyes close I tried not taste it and just swallow.
“Ahh, uuh, take it Nelly , yes,,oh God , swallow my load , oh yes” I heard him say.
A few seconds later I felt him release his hold of my head and I immediately pulled away from him , I slumped on the floor , I sat as I tried to catch for air and breath , mixed saliva and sperm came dripping from my mouth to my chin and neck , I tried to wipe it off with my hand and tried not to look at him.
“You’re great Nelly, I always dreamt of you swallowing my come” I heard him say , his face filled with all smiles.
I was still clearing my throat , chuckled and swallowing down whatever was left , I was about to say something , to tell him to leave when suddenly I heard a low crying voice from the bed, it’s David! , probably awaken by the sounds we did , I stood up and rush to my son and comforted my son to get back to his sleep as I don’t want him to see the landlord still with his pants down and his half limp cock hanging down.
“Ssshhhh,,it’s okay David , get back to sleep , mommy’s here” I whispered to my son.
I was in a bending down position , my feet still on the floor this made the landlord a full view of my behind , for the next few seconds I was busy pacifying and comforting my son.
“Fuck! you got such a nice ass Nelly” I heard him say behind me.
“Sssssh, quite , I don’t want him to hear and see you here” I told him in a whispered voice.
The landlord stops for a while and soon I felt him coming closer from my behind and soon I felt his hands probe my behind , I was still wearing my pants , he ran his hands around. A bit surprise I wiggled my ass to tell him to stop but he just continued what he was doing.
“Uh, fine ass you got” He added to say.
I want to stand up and turn around to make him stop but David is close to sleeping and I don’t want him to find out a man in our room so I thought to let him be for a while and focus on my son to make him sleep.
Then I felt his hands reach around for my pants button and tried to unbutton it and pulled down it’s zipper. I reacted but as I was to , David cried a low voice and quickly I was back to comfort him.
“What the?” Surprised I said.
“Ssshhh,,, David might wake up ,,,,get back to him Nelly” I heard him whisper.
Confused which would I attend to , he manage to pull down my pants to my legs then to my knees. He then pulled my panties down too! I thought “Oh my God , make this stop!” as I held on to my half asleep son.
“Hmmmm, you smell so nice Nelly, how would you like my tongue in there?” I heard him whisper from behind.
Before I could react, I felt his warm tongue touch in my pussy from behind in my bended position, surprised as my body felt tickled by the warm tongue now probing it’s way inside my pussy , I want to stop him but my son would wake up if reacted that way, confuse and was still thinking what to do his tongue sank deeper and played with my clit , I felt an unusual sensation I never felt before, I lift my head up , close my eyes and let out a moan.
“Ple-please stop that, ooooohhhhh” I moaned
Soon I felt his hands on my ass cheeks , his tongue going deeper and playing with my clit. His tongue making lapping sounds which bring me more pleasure as my whole body quiver. I don’t why I let him had his way probably I enjoyed it. Then I felt his tongue lick up my anus which sends me more pleasure as words came out from my mouth.
“Ooohh God,,,please,,oh my God ,,ooooh” I moaned as my hands tried to reach back for him
My moans excites him more as he made a good job licking my behind. This goes on for a few minutes more and soon I was all wet. Then I felt a finger inserted inside my pussy , I moan as his finger goes inside and out , making my pussy more wet.The combination of his tongue and finger working together to bring me more pleasure bringing me almost to coming.
“You’re all wet and ready for my cock now” I heard him say .
He stops what he’s doing and stood up , his cock in his hand , he pokes it towards my pussy from my behind and come closer. At that point I seem to come to my senses , I thought “No!, I’m not into this , not this!, this is too much! I’m not gonna take his cock in my pussy!” . But it’s too late as he get a hold of my ass cheek in one hand and his other hand inserting his hard swollen cock inside my pussy.
“Now feel my cock, I’m gonna fuck you Nelly , I’m gonna fuck you good!” I heard him said in a harsh voice.
Before I could react , I felt him shove his cock inside my pussy which send me a bit forward and held on to the bed sheets for support. It came all the way inside as I’m all wet from the earlier action.
“Ugh,,hmp!, stop please,,,pleaseee , ahh!” a voice came out from my mouth.
David who was slightly disturb , let out a small cry , I touch his face and caress it to calm and put him back to sleep.
“Ah , mo-mommy’s here David, it-it’s okay , ge-get back to sleep , baby,oooh” I whispered to my son as I tried my best to comfort my son and contain myself at the same time as the landlord starts to fuck my pussy from behind me.
“Yeah , mommy’s just fine David , Nelly you’re so good , ooh !, keep him there Nelly”I heard the landlord moan as he continues to pump my pussy from behind.
I buried my head in a pillow pulled over as the landlord continue to grind my pussy with his cock from my behind, David was way asleep not aware of anything that is happening , I lift up my head and look back at the man fucking me , perspiration dripping all over his face to his chin down my ass cheeks which he was holding unto.
“M-my God ! , ooohhh!” I moaned as I clasp on the pillow
“Ah,uh , you like that huh Nelly? , you want more of my cock?” I heard his voice taunting me as he continues to fuck me dog-style
I kept my face buried on the bed sheets as he continue to pound my pussy from behind, I could feel his excitement as he continues to moan with pleasure with every thrust.
“Tell me you love and want more of my cock deeper in you, tell me I say!” He added as he continue banging me.
I was tightly grasping the sheets , I couldn’t contain myself any longer as I murmured words in response.
“Yes,,,,, aaah , oooh, fuck me more, ooh!” I murmured.
I didn’t know why I said that probably due to the pleasure he’s giving me but the landlord seemed to be surprised at first as his face lightened up and proceed to fuck me more violently , slamming his cock faster and deeper which send me moaning in pleasure with his each thrust. My eyes seems to move up my eyelids as I felt lost with lust and pleasure.
“ I don’t hear you! , you bitch tell me you want it, tell me!” he added.
“Fuck me, fuck me with your cock , ooh,ooh, please,,,ahhh” I told him
His thrust became really fast , slamming deeper , his fingers digging in dip in my ass cheeks as he held them tightly , he’s fucking me like a mad man. I tried to hold on tightly to the bed to prevent it to shake violently as it might awaken my sleeping son who is only inches away from me.
“You’re good , you’re so good , ahhh, uh-uh” He said as he continue to pump me.
He got a hold of my hair and pulled me back , sending me pressing back with his every thrust, I was so lost that I began to move my ass in back and forth motion in rhythm with his every pump. His cock was smoothly sliding in and out like a cylinder sending shivers of pleasure on my inner walls.
“Uuuhhhh, m-my God ,I’m about to come , ,uuuhh” I heard him groan as I felt his cock grew bigger and hotter inside my pussy , he’s banging me more fiercely now from behind , my ass swaying back and forth in rhythm with his thrust, not minding if we awaken David or not.
“Oh fuck-oh fuck , here it comes ,oooohhh, aaah!” He groans as he came
“Uuuuhhh, my God!,,,,yes-yes ,,aaaahhh!” I groaned a few seconds
Spurting hot streams of sperm came shooting inside my pussy , he slams his cock deeper until the last spurt, his palm and fingers dug deep in my ass cheeks. He held on to me until he knew he is done and slowly afterwards he continue to pump with his half limp cock inside my pussy. I look back at him , he’s perspiring all over and caressing my ass cheeks as he looks down on it than he pulls out his half limp cock from my pussy.
‘Fuck! , uuhh, that was good ,so good” I heard him moan as he walk a step backward
I could hear him catching his breath, wiping his perspiration from his face and smiling at me , it was then I came to my senses , “what have I done? I thought.Then he came forward and leaned down to me and kiss my back.
“You’re terrific Nelly, uhmmm” He whispered in my ear.
I slump down on the bed and laid there beside my sleeping son David as the landlord stood by.
“It’s-it’s almost daylight, please , you need to go now ,we need to sleep” I told him.
He smiled , pulled up his pants and start to button up, turned to look at the window and nodded back at me.
“Hmm, you’re right , enough for now ,,,you’re paid for this month’s rent , we’ll do it again you hear?” He said.
I nodded just to finish off the conversation and make him leave , he smiled , taps my behind as I lay on flat on my chest on the bed and left laughing , I heard his footsteps down the stairs and the door closing behind him , I got up to rush down and immediately locked the door . I ran back upstairs to the room and lay back beside David and cried thinking what have I done.
I don’t know what time I slept , I was only awaken around 7am by the knock on the main door by the babysitter , David had awaken too, I told the babysitter to take care of David for the day and I slept the whole day till the afternoon. My head still aches due to the hang-over and body due to what happened the passed night.
Days passed after that I tried every way my path won’t cross with the old landlord , I would always turn my head away whenever there’s a chance we would meet inside or outside the compound, I would avoid any conversation , he even tried to call me on the phone and I hanged-up as soon I recognize his voice.
I succeeded avoiding the landlord for the next days until he found a way to get back at me. This time he got a friend along with him for my first three-way experience and that would be in my next story. I hope you enjoyed my true story as it really happened , I did my best to recall and describe each details and I hope I won’t let you hanging long enough for my next story which happens after this one. Bye….Nelly.



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