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The stains on the upholstery are a constant, and warming reminder of things that were.
I still had my Mercedes SLK 55 in Blue metallic paint, with Red leather upholstery.
Also had the small stains on the passenger seat, made by cum dripping onto it, remained - happy memories of one day during a hot, in more ways than one, summers day a year ago.

I had often travelled along the same road in the vain hope of finding them again, but to no avail.
While in the area, I had discovered a fantastic little country inn overlooking a lake, which served fresh caught lobster straight from it. A couple of times each month during the summer, I had gone up there to enjoy a lobster lunch, searching also for those illusive minxes with whom I'd had such a great few hours.

Now, another summer was upon us, long days of warm sunshine could almost be guaranteed and I had begun travelling back along the same road, to the inn.

Then, oh joy of joys - two figures ahead, thumbing a lift.
My heart started to race - could it possible be - could I be that lucky?
All sorts of thoughts flashed through my mind.
++Would they remember me++, ++Would they be happy to see me, or would they call the police++, ++How much had they changed++?

My spirits sank; one male one female, though there was something about the way she walked that triggered memories of Rosie's slim tight ass.
I slowed slightly as I approached, and peeped the horn.
They turned, and there in front of me was sweet Rosie, and a boy a bit younger looking than her.
I screeched to a halt and flung open the passenger door.
A girl's face leant in, then froze as she saw me.

"Jay?", she asked, "Jay, is it really you?"
My god, she remembered me, and actually seemed pleased to see me.
I grinned, "Hi, Rosie, how are you? I've thought about you quite a lot since I last saw you."
She blushed but her face said pleasure.
"Well, don't just stand there, in you get."
"I've got my brother with me, is that all right?"
Trying to hide the disappointment in my voice,
"Sure, I'll take you wherever you want to go. You've no idea how nice it is to see you again."
She signalled for her brother to climb in the back as she entered the front, wiping something imaginary from the seat.
I burst out laughing, "No Rosie, it wont come off - don't you know what it is?"
She looked down at the stains, her face gradually reddening as realisation dawned.
"N..o, no," she said breathily, "It can't be, surely."
"Oh yes it is, It's a memento of a good time I had in the past." I said, primarily for her brother's benefit.
She got in, her face flushed with embarrassment.
"This is my brother Robert." she said, nodding to the back seat. "Bob, this is Jay that I told you about last year."
Now it was my turn to redden and be embarrassed and guilty.
He reached forward to shake my hand but it was a firm and friendly gesture.
This eased my worry somewhat, as I had no idea what his reaction might be, knowing that I had 'abused' his sister.
"So, you guys, where d'you want to go?" I asked, pulling away from the side of the road and accelerating hard.
There was a long silence and I started to think that perhaps they hadn't heard me above the noise of the turbo booster kicking in.
"Umm............, what about that nice road we went to the last time." whispered Rosie loudly!
I wasn't too sure about that, after all, her brother was here so what was the point?
"Do you think that's a good idea?", I 'whispered' back.
Bob from the back seat piped up, "I'd like to see where you fucked her." he said matter of factly.


With help from Rosie, I managed to find the small track where Rosie and Megan had treated me to such a pleasant interlude a year ago.
As I pulled over and secured the car, I turned to Bob who was scanning the area with his eyes.
"This is where we were." I said, with some trepidation in my voice, wondering what was coming next.
"Mmmm, nice place - quiet." he said, and placed his hand on his sister's shoulder.
"Right," I said, "Now where?"
"Oh, let's stay for a while," piped up Rosie, "It was fun and I promised Bob that I would bring him one day."
"Yeah, I want to see what you guys did." he said, leaning across the back of my seat and nudging me.
"Come on, Jay, can we? Let's do it again, it was great."
I could hardly believe my ears; 'do it again', with her brother watching?
As I was mulling this surprising suggestion over, Bob reached round to Rosie and put his hand over one of her tits and squeezed it.
"She's got a great pair, don't you think? - and they'll have got bigger since last time."
Rosie giggled but didn't remove his hand.
"W..e..e..l..l," I hesitated, "If you're sure. I must admit, Bob, she was a great fuck, and so was Megs. Where is she these days?" I asked, casting my mind back to her small tight body and feeling the blood begin to course through me.

Rosie thought she was still at home, but we could go and get her if I wanted, she said.
"Bob has the hots for her." she laughed, "She's grown nice boobs and he wants to stick his face between them."
No, no problem, I told her, chuckling at Bob and thinking back to my teenage years.
"You're now, what age Rosie - and Bob is ......... ?"
She said she was still 14, her birthday was not till next month, Bob was 13 -
"And his balls have just dropped."
She burst out laughing as did I - Bob sat back in his seat with a scowl, blushing furiously.
"Can I sit on your knee?" asked Rosie, smiling knowingly, "Over here?"
I could hardly refuse, she was looked so tempting in a white blouse with a short pleated red skirt and knee length white socks.
I clambered over to the passenger side and sat back in it's comfortable soft leather, wraparound seat, stretching my legs into the foot well.
Rosie hoisted her skirt up, spread her legs each side of mine and sat on my lap.
Memories flooded back to me and my dick began his slow rise.
As she lay back against me, I put my hands round her waist and started to caress her stomach and lower belly, pulling gently on her white cotton pants upwards and between her crack.
She gave a contented sigh, closed her eyes and her limbs relaxed.
God, did she feel good, her soft warm body lying open to my touch, a willingness to being stroked and fondled.
"I can feel your penis on my bum." she giggled, wriggling her butt against my crotch.
"And I can feel your soft little mound." I said, slipping my hand and rubbing her pube.
"I can feel your tits." said Bob in my ear, his hand over my shoulder and squeezing her breasts.
This was going to be more interesting than I expected - she and her brother had obviously had some kind of carnal knowledge of each others bodies.

I continued caressing Rosie's pubic mound through her panties, easing it up to stretch her labia and cause tension on her clitoris, feeling warmth rising from between her spread thighs.
Bob had stopped feeling her tits and was unbuttoning her blouse, opening it to reveal a white cutaway bra barely holding a beautifully rounded 34 inch bust.
He had one arm round each side of my head, reaching down and kneading the smooth upper bulge of restricted tits.
With one hand, I pushed under the elastic of Rosie's panties and slid down and round to her labia lips, swelling and opening under my caresses. I slipped a middle finger between and into the heat of her cunt, touching her little clit.
A soft gasp escaped from her mouth, then a moan as Bob's hands slid under her bra and began playing with her nipples.
Her legs spread further, her legs bent up at the knees and she pushed herself harder against my front.
"Take her bra off." I instructed Bob, continuing to caress and play with her clit.
He pushed his sister to an upright position and unclipped her bra, at the same time removing both her blouse and bra.
Rosie's pliable tits were now free, gorgeous mounds of soft flesh with proud nipples, stiffening under the combined manipulations being administered to her body.
She grunted, a slow trickle of love juice starting to flow from her pussy.
As she lay back against me, Bob leant right over me, took a right nipple into his mouth and began sucking it, running his tongue round it and the areola, making Rosie arch her back and push hard down against my finger, now slowly pushing in and out of her lubricated passage.
It was as tight and delicious as I remembered it. Also as wet!

"Clamber over to the front Bob, you'll find it more comfortable."
He released the tit and did as I suggested, immediately taking her left nipple and sucking and licking it.
I'm not sure what came over me or what I was thinking, but my right hand reached over to his trousers and began rubbing his erection through the material.
He spread his legs but kept sucking on the nipple, like a baby feeding at the breast.
With my left hand down at Rosie's cunt and a finger sliding in and out of her passage, my right hand unzipped Bob and took hold of his throbbing prick.
I had never before played with a boys dick, I wasn't into boys, but had to admit to myself that the feeling of his penis, about 4 - 5 inches long, with it's soft and moveable foreskin riding up and down the shaft, felt nice.
He grunted, his mouth full of tit.
"I'm going to cum." whimpered Rosie, grinding harder against my fingers.
I kept up the finger fucking and playing with her clit but increased the speed and intensity until I felt her vaginal walls start to contract and 'massage' my finger with rippling motions.
Instinct must have taken hold of me because I started wanking the prick in my hand to match the speed of my fucking fingers.
"Jesus," Rosie exhaled, "Oh god.......Christ that's good........ yes, oh yes....... faster........more..........aargh........ooohhhhhh." as she bucked and writhed on my knee, Bob desperately hanging on to his sisters bouncing tit, as she came to a tremendous climax.
Her cunt juices flowed down my fingers and vanished between the crack of her bum cheeks.
Bob suddenly shot his load, spurting cum across the seat and over Rosie.
Splosh, splurge, sploosh shot his white goo; thrown in all directions, as well as running over my hand.
Rosie had stopped bucking and was lying back with her head turned to Bob, watching his face and his cum splurging across her.
A small smile played round her lips as, "Like that Bob?" she asked, giving me a wink.
He sat back in the drivers seat panting heavily, "Fuck yes, that was great. I've never had a man do it to me before, just me or Rosie."
Ah, so they did know each others bodies.
I assured him that I'd never done it to a boy either - so we'd both had a new experience!
He just smiled and began putting his dick back in his pants.
"Don't do that," chimed Rosie, " Leave him out, you know I like seeing him, particularly when he's all cum."
With that, she leant over and took his rapidly collapsing penis in her mouth and began to lick and suck the cum from it. I offered her my cum covered hand and she did the same to it.
What a gorgeous little slut I thought, we could have some great times together, she and I - and anyone else in the vicinity!
(No, that was unkind - she wasn't a slag, just a nubile and healthy sexual teenager!)

Rosie climbed off me and knelt in front of me, spreading my legs and unzipping my trousers.
Her hand slipped under the waist band of my boxers and pulled them down, letting my throbbing member stretch to his full potential.
She gave a soft gasp, "I'd forgotten how nice he looked." she said and ran her tongue round his head. Her mouth still had globules of Bob's cum round it but she took my tool into her mouth, the globules disappeared into her mouth too.
Bob was looking over, his eyes enlarged as he watched his sister suck me off.
She knew how to lubricate a penis, lots of slurping noises came from my crotch and saliva dribbled down my shaft to my balls.
"Can I feel it?" asked Bob in a quiet voice, never taking his eyes off what his sister was doing.
"Sure can," said Rosie moving herself over so's her brother could kneel beside her.

"Er, 'scuse me," I said, "Do I not get to say anything?"
"You can say it when you come in our mouths." mumbled the young girl with her mouth wrapped round Dick.

I'm all for girls being assertive, but dammit, this was MY prick - I reckon I had SOME say in the matter!

I didn't get a chance, I had opened my mouth and drawn breath to respond, when Rosie planted a full mouth French kiss on me, enveloping my mouth in hers.
Our tongues started dancing round each other in a wonderful display of passion.
I suddenly realised that there was still a mouth round my prick!
Bob had taken over where Rosie left off, his tongue running up and down under my glans, knowing exactly where a male's soft spot was. One hand was gripping my shaft and sliding it up and down, his other was stroking across my belly and through my pubic hairs.
This was another new experience for me, so much so that within a few minutes of being sucked and handled, I started to leak cum.
"Watch out, Bob, I'm going to shoot my load," grabbing his head and holding him hard against me.
He didn't miss a stroke as I blasted hot cum into his mouth and down his throat.
I was having difficulty breathing, with a hot, wet and hungry mouth trying to suck out my innards through my gullet.
I can't believe how much cum I was able to unload down Bob's throat but it seemed never ending. Blast after blast of my sperm shot out, bouncing off the roof of his mouth and teeth, much of it being forced out from the corners of his mouth.
As I relaxed and my bollocks were emptied, I pulled my mouth from Rosie's and gazed down at the young boy at my feet, my cum dribbling down his chin, and wondered what the hell I had done.

I didn't really have time to answer my own question - Rosie straddled me and before my erection had totally collapsed, had grabbed it and was pushing my tender limp dick up into her soaking cunt.
"Fucks sake, Rosie, you're going to kill me." I gasped, feeling her rippling vaginal walls sucking my little pal deep inside her.
"Then you can die with a smile on your face." she giggled, starting to rise and fall on my member.
Bob has risen from between my knees and was hunched over his sister's back, fiddling with himself.
Rosie gave a loud grunt and screwed her eyes shut.
I realised that I had a pair of balls banging against mine.
Bob had lubed his prick shaft with saliva and the remnants of my cum and was now fully embedded in his big sister's ass.
"I've wanted to do this, Sis, for a long time." he grunted, driving himself deeper into her anus.
She grunted again but not in pain; though her eyes were shut, there was an expression of pleasure on her face. A small smile played round her lips.
I could feel his dick rubbing against mine through the dividing walls of her lower colon and vaginal passage.
I gave in to the situation I found myself in, I was no longer in control (had I ever been?), so I relaxed to enjoy myself.
Reaching up, I took both Rosie's beautiful mounds in my hands and began massaging them, at the same time taking her proud nipples in my mouth, gently chewing and teasing them.
She was sliding up and down my now hard again shaft, being shafted up her butt by Bob, and having her tits caressed.

Bob's butt fucking was frantic, his prick rubbed furiously against mine, making me even harder and more swollen.
My hips began to rise and fall in time with Bob's thrusting; two pricks entering and withdrawing from Rosie's passages, together and in unison.
Rosie started buck up and down against the rhythm of our shafting, her breathing became shallow and rasping between clenched teeth.
I could feel pressure building within my testes, and knew that i might not be able to hold out much longer.
"Fuck her hard, Bob, let's give it to her." I grunted, driving hard into her cunt, feeling Bob do the same in her ass hole.
"Oh...... oh....... more......... faster........deeper........fuck me, fuck me...........I'm cumming..........god........I'm cumming.................eeeehhhhh...........shiiiiiitttt.........."
she screamed out, thrashing and bucking like a woman possessed.
Her body doubled over and began trembling and shaking, her thighs gripped mine tightly, perspiration ran from her brow and under her tits as I kept melding and sucking her tits.
Love juices poured from cunt, then a stream of clear mucus sprayed from her passage as she squirted more cum.
It was hot and ran all over my stomach and balls, and down my butt crack.
She started to slow, her head fell to hang above me and her back sagged.
I felt Bob's dick suddenly spasm repeatedly as he emptied his cum sac into her butt.
My own sac began emptying, I felt cum streaming up my shaft and erupting with great force deep into Rosie's steaming cunt.
Stream after stream of jism shot out and coated her passage walls - her trembling and shuddering started all over again, cunt walls rippling up and down; bucking, squealing, sweating; she climaxed a second time - my sperm filling her cunt as never before.

We collapsed in a heap, one on top of each other, sweat and cum covered - but our lust totally satiated.
For long minutes we just lay there, our breathing gradually subsiding to a more normal level.
My dick had gone limp and was slipping out of her sopping and slippery canal, meeting Bob's that had also collapsed.
A sigh escaped Rosie's lips and she gazed down at me.
A long slow smile spread crossed her countenance, "I came twice, one after the other." she whispered in wonderment. "Thank you, Jay, you're just fantastic."
I smiled up at her, falling in love with this gorgeous and sexy girl.
Oh to be 20 years younger I thought.
"No, Jay, you're the right age for me."


A mind reader as well ?

When we had all recovered, we dressed and sat back, this time Rosie climbing into the back beside her brother - "Well, I don't want to sit in a puddle." she said with a laugh.
I looked down at the passenger seat.
It was covered with cum and saliva, more memories to take home with me, and treasure.

We arranged to meet the same day the following month, this time bringing Megs along.

As I dropped them off near their home, I watched them sauntering hand in hand up the road , and began fantasising about our next meeting, which promised to be even wilder - and wetter !

**Note to self - Bring a blanket to save the passenger seat !



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