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Christy zipped into the parking lot on Harlow Street, her long brown hair blowing in the wind as she steered her dark blue convertible into the first available parking space. She glanced at the clock on the dashboard as she slammed the car into park. "Damn, late again", she muttered. She grabbed her purse and briefcase out of the back seat and dashed across the street. She ignored the cat calls and whistles that had become a daily routine from the construction crews on the adjacent lot. Most of the men she had seen before at Pat's, a local pub she and Nikki often stopped at after work, and they were always complimentary to the ladies. She knew she looked hot, in fact, she dressed the way she did, in short skirts and extremely high heels, to turn men's heads, she just didn't want them to know that.

She spotted Nikki, her roommate and co-worker standing by the entrance and knew that she was enjoying the attention from the workmen. When Christy reached the curb, she took hold of Nikki's elbow and firmly guided her into the lobby. When they were encased in the elevator, shooting their way to the 26th floor, Nikki turned and said, "What's with you? Why are you so uptight?" Christy let out her breath, which she didn't even realize she was holding, and in the rush, she blurted, "I have a sinking feeling that Greg is going to drop a bomb on us this morning. He called me on my cell phone while I was driving in and said to report straight to his office - don't stop for coffee, don't do anything, just come to my office. Oh, Nikki, I think he's going to fire us." "Us? How did I get into this?" Nikki shrieked in disbelief. "He said both of us."

They had been sharing an apartment just outside the city limits for almost two years after having met at Newbury College in their senior year. By outward appearance they could've passed for sisters - except for the striking contrast of their coloring. Nikki, a five foot, five inch beauty whose shoulder-length red hair and sparkling green eyes set off her shapely body, full breasts and dancer legs. Christy, at five foot-two, was a blue-eyed brunette, well proportioned but on a slightly smaller scale. She envied Nikki's large breasts - for they seemed to be a magnet to the entire male species - but what Christy lacked in her bra, she made up for in daring! Aside from the physical differences, the two were inseparable, having the same interests in work, hobbies and men! They had led more than one unsuspecting male down a few shady paths in their time.

The two remained silent for the remainder of their ride and when they reached the 26th floor they looked at one another to gain confidence before stepping through the doors. They passed through the main entrance of Hart & Company as one and headed straight for the boss' office. The door was open and Greg had spotted them as they approached and waved them in. They settled into the chairs opposite his imposing desk as he finished up a phone call. "Good morning, ladies." he said flatly, giving them a quick glance over the top of his glasses. This added to the girls' sense of doom and they sat straighter in their chairs. "Well, let me get right to the point," Greg started, taking control of the situation. "I've been looking over your work and from what I can see..." Oh, here it comes, thought Nikki and Christy silently - the ax! "...the two of you make a great team..." Huh? Where'd that come from, the girls thought as they stole a glance at one another then turned their full attention back to Greg as he continued, "...and I think you've got just what we're looking for to take this new project and run with it. I've decided to send the two of you out on the road to get the inside scoop on the places we promote, you know, get to know the people who live there as well as those who visit and send back those amazing shots that only you, Christy, can capture. Not just the obvious, but the heartbeat of it all. We're giving you your own section, every month called 'The Hart of...' .�heir desks was made in total silence. They slid into their chairs and stared across the aisle at one another, hardly believing what they had just heard. Nikki was the first to break out in laughter. "Can you believe this?!!, she squealed. You had me convinced that we were going to get sacked and look, we just got the most amazing opportunity dropped in our laps!" "Oh, pinch me, just so I know I'm not dreaming! Ouch!" Christy squawked as Nikki obliged. They weren't dreaming. In fact, they both knew it.


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thank you


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Hope ur planning on adding more to this, kind of lacked on the sex part, lol.

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