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Becareful what you wish for you just might get it....
After yet another uneventful day at work I decided to do something as I drove home I have been planning to go out all week but now I knew I was. As I pull in the driveway of my house I notice that as usual my boyfriend Ed wasn't home. Probably at his buddies house drinking as usual I thought to myself as I walked in the door....
"It figures I have no kid for the weekend and all I wanted to do was get laid and drunk and Ed can't even be home.." I mumbled as I went around the house picking up the miscellaneous toys that my daughter had left out.
"Screw it I might as well get dressed to kill and maybe when Ed gets here I might get a little" I stated out loud to no one in particular. So I get in the shower and get all cleaned up, get dressed and wait for over an hour, at this point I was beyond pissed off so I started to have a couple of drinks, Southern Comfort of course. After my 5th or 6th drink honestly I lost count after the 4th..low and behold Ed comes walking in the door with his buddy Steve..."Guess I'm not getting laid" I mumbled as the guys walk in.
"Hey Babe, are you home?" Ed yells out
"No, I ran away with the circus but the acrobats brought me back" I yell in return
Mind you Ed didn't find that very funny but I really didn't care...I was still pissed because I was hornier than hell and now I couldn't get laid.
I sat there as the guys drank beer and talked slowly getting hornier as the whiskey was running through me pretty good by now, and realized that I actually had a perfect opportunity right in front of me...Ed and I have been talking about have a threesome for a while now but I never thought he would go for it so I got to thinking that maybe I could do it so that he didn't have a chance to say no. Let me describe my quickly I'm 6ft tall with nice tits and some curves at 23 with having a 2yr old I thought I looked pretty damn good and so did Ed, my boyfriend is 36 with a tight body although he is on the scrawny side his dick more than makes up for is just beautiful, one of the best I've ever seen and had he's about 9inches long and just the right girth to fill my pussy..but back to the moment at hand.....
Just thinking about my boyfriend dick was making me horny so I had to make a move otherwise I was never going to get laid. I casually walked by Steve’s chair to get in the fridge to grab the guys a beer and just happened to fall into Steve's lap.. as I landed I could feel a massive bulge in his jeans so apparently he was game. I sat there for a few minutes to "regain my composure" and I could feel his dick twitching in his pants so I readjusted my skirt from behind so that Ed wouldn't see and I began to fell Steve's hands running along my ass and it felt so good. As Steve is playing with my ass Ed is saying something to me and I didn't hear I asked him what he said..
"I said if Steve would stop playing with you maybe you could hear me......"Ed stated Oh shit I thought to myself what now?
"Anyways as I was saying if you think you can listen is that I brought Steve home for you" Ed said "What do you mean for me?" I asked....Ed then went on about he wants to see my pussy stretched out my another guys dick so of course I was up for that I was so horny it wasn't funny...
“Fine with me” I replied “but lets go where we have a little more room to move.”
I got up and gave Ed a kiss and sauntered back to our bedroom. I never saw two grown men strip faster than those two before...Steve grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head as Ed unzipped my skirt letting it fall to the floor......All of a sudden I felt a mouth go over my nipple as I let out a moan then I realized that Steve was sucking on my nipple not to be out done Ed had stripped my panties off and began to lick my clit I was in heaven. Slowly they lowered me on the bed, with Steve sucking my nipples and Ed licking my pussy I was getting very wet very fast....Suddenly Steve and Ed got up
"What are you doing?" I said....."Just wait" Ed said "You wanted this and now you are going to get it!" I saw Steve get between my legs and began to finger fuck me as he licked my clit..."Oh fuck yeah that feels good!" I yelled out...As I did Ed placed his cock in front of my mouth "Suck it Bitch" Ed said. I hungrily placed my mouth around his bulbous head and sucked the precum of the of tip, gently running my tongue around the ridge of his head...."you are such a good little cocksucker" He said.
All of a sudden I felt my body getting really warm all over and I could feel Steve doing something wonderful to my pussy as I looked down he was sucking my clit and shoving 3 fingers deep in my pussy slowly stroking my G-spot...I sucked on Ed with renewed vigor as I knew I was going to orgasm soon and hard...As I felt my orgasm building I felt Steve get up and he placed the head of his dick at the entrance of my pussy at this point I was bucking my hips trying to get that big dick inside of me. Finally I felt him enter me with one thrust and bury his dick in me to the hilt that was what I needed as wave after wave ran through my body...I didn't even notice that Ed had moved and was watching Steve's dick pound my tight pussy. As Steve’s hard dick pounded my wet pussy relentlessly, I was in heaven as I felt yet another orgasm grab hold
“Oh yeah fuck me hard!” I screamed out when all of a sudden Steve pulled out of me.
“Noooo….” I moaned when I felt his dick pull out of my pussy, when all of a sudden Steve shoved his dick in my mouth. I quickly began licking and sucking all of my juices off of his dick, as I felt Ed enter me. I gasped as I felt his big dick thrust into me deep and fast. As I continued my oral manipulation of Steve’s dick I could begin to feel him twitch in my mouth as he began to moan loudly…. “god, I’m cumming…” I quickly deep throated him as fast as I could and began to use my throat muscles to massage his dick. My work quickly paid off as I felt his cum spurting down my throat as I struggled to swallow it all. “Thanks baby I needed that” Steve said as he pulled out of my mouth.
Meanwhile Ed got up and quickly flipped me over so that I was on my stomach. “Get on your knees baby, I’m burying this big dick in you” Ed told me
“Please baby, do it” I replied
I got on my hands and knees and began waving my ass in front of Ed when all of a sudden I felt him seize my hips and plunge in to me. He began to ride me fast and steady as I began to moan and sweat from the sensations my body was feeling, when all of a sudden I felt a shock sent through my clit. I looked down and saw Steve holding my 9” vibrator on the end of my clit, this was all my well used body could take. I began to scream loudly as an orgasm ripped through my body sending waves of pleasure to my core. I could barely hear Ed as he told me he was cumming but when I felt him sending surge after surge of cum spray in my pussy I collapsed on the bed as another orgasm hit me. As I laid there recovering I heard Ed get up and sit down on the bed, Steve and Ed gently pulled my up so that I was sitting between them. Ed lit me a cigarette as I took a long drag off of it I said “We need to do this more often!” We all started laughing and made plans for that following weekend.

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2016-12-31 12:56:19
My BF talked me into fucking his best friend,,,. I love his fat 9"cock!! Can't wait to suck and fuck him every time he visits!!! I'm now his Slut and love it!!!!


2007-11-27 08:44:41


2007-01-30 19:48:26
the story wents to fast.. you might consider sticking to some parts of the story a little longer...

anyway .. those would be my 2 cents


2007-01-29 21:28:43
Apologies to those who commented on story structure and build up, this is my first story and I was trying to make it interesting yet compact. My goal was to make it easy to read yet not so long that it became redundant and boring. Will take this suggestions seriously on my next. Thank you for the feedback.


2007-01-29 04:35:15
that's what I'm yalkunf about, a gret slut some good butt and sucks too. next

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