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He expected to surprise his wife. It did not go quite as planned
It was dark outside as he headed up the garden path. Alex climbed the few steps which lead onto the patio and made his way across towards window where what little light there was, filtered through from the lounge to leave its dulled glow on the wet patio paving.

All day and throughout his journey home he'd been looking forward to this moment. It wasn't often he was able to surprise his wife but having tied up the final paperwork on the new contact earlier than expected, he'd decided to make the journey home today instead of leaving it til his usual Friday. Besides, he'd long grown tired of living in hotel rooms and it would be fun to surprise his wife. Yet for some strange reason, five minutes ago when he'd switched off the cars engine, he experienced a sense of 'deja vu'. He couldn't explain it yet it had caused him to draw breath before taking the first step towards the cottage...his cottage.

He stopped in the middle of the patio as again he felt that unfamiliar sensation. He shook his head trying to snap himself out of it. It was as if it suddenly felt wrong to surprise Pamela, his wife, this way. He took yet another step towards the window.

He chided himself, his mind letting him know he was being foolish. Of course Pam wouldn't be expecting him. Indeed, that was the whole purpose he was here. He hadn't wanted her to expect him. He wanted her to be surprised and pleased at his early arrival home. Even so, as he stood there looking towards the light coming through from the lounge, he knew there was a part of him that felt inexplicably uneasy.

He looked down at his hands, they were shaking....God he was so nervous. It was ridiculous.....this was his home and yet here he on edge.

He looked at the window and saw the small vent was slightly open, though from where he was stood he wasn't able to make out any voices.

He took a deep breath and two more steps towards the window, making sure he was quiet.

The curtains were only partly drawn. He peered in through the glass and felt himself exhale, feeling relief for there on the sofa sat his wife Pam, alone!!

Suddenly he felt more than a little foolish. He drew in a another deep breath and let it out slowly as a sigh of relief but then as he was looking her up and down, he noticed for the first time, how she was dressed.

She was wearing a close fit, lilac, cardigan, the top few buttons of which he noted were undone. Below, she was wearing a short beige miniskirt, not altogether remarkable except the skirt was the kind of item she would usually wear only for him on a Friday when he came home.
His eyes continued to roam down, running the length of her legs....Stockinged legs, and suddenly he felt that unfamiliar unease return, butterflies filling his stomach as he realised something wasn't quite right here......something didn't ring true....

He was still mulling this thought over in his mind, contemplating the idea of going inside when the lounge door swung open.

He stepped back, somewhat startled. He hadn't been expecting it and almost at once his unease doubled in volume when he saw who it was had entered the lounge........Andy....His son in law!

He stepped further back, as if his just being there would cause Andy to turn and look out through the window, but it was soon all too clear, looking out of windows was the very last thing on Andy's mind.

He watched as his son in law joined his sexy looking wife on the sofa, noting straight away how close, how comfortable the two of them looked together .

He saw Pam reach for her glass of wine on the table. She took a long sip and said something to Andy. He hadn't been able to hear what it was she'd said, but it soon became apparent when she got off the sofa and, taking her glass with her, made her way out of the room.

He guessed she was off to the kitchen to refill her glass. He looked in that direction, across the patio and for the briefest of moments he was tempted to go in. Maybe if he made his entrance it would put paid to the evening.....for Andy at least.

He knew that's what he should have done but his feet would not respond to the commands his brain was sending out. He stood there rooted to the spot, looking from kitchen to lounge....from his Son in law to his wife

He remained in the shadows where a few minutes later he watched as once more the lounge door swung open and Pam walked back in. He watched as his sexy wife bent over and placed her now full glass onto the table, his eyes unable to resist the smooth contours her short skirt offered over her sexy little rump.
She stood and, as if aware that Andy was watching her every move, made a point of adjusting her top, using her hands to smooth the soft fabric down over her breasts in that sensual way only she, and women like her, seemed capable of doing. It had always turned him on to watch her doing that, now here she was doing it, clearly not for him but for Andy, her son in law.

Andy had indeed been watching and with Pam still standing he got to his feet.
He stood in front of her, slipping his hands onto her waist. Alex watched on as his son in law leant forward and started to kiss his wife.

Outside, Alex found himself clenching his fists. A part of him didn't want to believe what he was seeing, that not once did his wife try and prevent him....quite the opposite for now, as he looked on, she had one arm on his waist the other around his neck and had tilted her head to one side where he could see her tongue flicking out mid air to meet Andy's. For a brief moment it felt to Alex he was watching someone else.... another, unknown couple.

Moments later Pam stepped away. She sat back down on the sofa where she was joined once more by Andy.

Alex stood there watching......waiting......wondering what was going to come next? What he'd just witnessed had come as a complete shock, a bolt from the blue. Until now he'd believed their marriage was as strong as a marriage could be, that neither of them kept any secrets. They'd shared many happy years together, not just as husband and wife but as friends and lovers too. Sexually too, they had always been open and honest with one another. Neither of them were prudes with each of them happy to tell the other if they felt their sexual fulfilment was waning. It hadn't happened often but at times, they had both felt the need to take short term lovers. On occasions they had even shared some of these as a 'threesome' but it had always been done openly. Now as Alex looked on he didn't know what to think.

A part of him felt betrayed that she'd not felt the need to tell him but even as he looked on it suddenly occurred to him how difficult it would have been for her to tell him her new lover was in fact her son in law.

He looked on, wondering what was to come next. He didn't have long to wait

Inside, Pam sat back on the sofa more than aware Andy was still looking at her breasts, pleased that he found them so appealing. She had her eyes open and was looking down at his hand as he reached out and slid his fingers over her top...over her rounded breast. She moaned quietly....God how she loved his she loved him doing this to her.

She closed her eyes and laid further back into the sofa letting her thoughts wander.....

Andy had told her earlier how it was now three months they'd been having fun together.

She remembered that first time something happened. It had been no more than a casual snog...a case of hands caressing one another's bodies....and to this day she was never sure quite what had sparked it off.

Of course since then she'd learnt of Andys passion for her, of how he had fancied her from the first day they had met. In turn she'd admitted to him that she too had had thoughts about him. Thoughts she knew she should never have had, especially now that he was her son in law. Of course then he had just been her daughters boyfriend.....but that hadn't stopped Pam from thinking about him even then.

Her moans grew a little louder as Andy's hand and fingers pleasured her tits some more as they teased back and forth over her top.

She found herself wondering how many times had he done this to her? She had no idea, all she knew was he seemed to have perfected a way of pleasuring her like this that no-one else came close to.

She felt him take her swollen, unseen nipple between his thumb and finger. She felt him squeeze, lightly at first, then harder....much harder til it hurt, but other than to moan more loudly, she made no move to object. In truth she liked a bit of pain with her pleasure, especially when it was from Andy.

She loved him being rough. She was never quite sure why, possibly because her hubby was usually so loving, where Andy loved the idea of touching her body this way. It was a part of what she enjoyed and unlike their usual meets, which were often 'Quickies', tonight there would be no reason for them to rush. Her hubby wasn't due back until tomorrow and as far as Kate, Andy's wife, was aware, Andy was out for a drink with his mates.. He'd get a taxi back later......sometime after eleven, but that was later and until then he was hers to enjoy however she wanted and Pam had every intention to ensure he'd want to come back for more.

Andy too seemed altogether more relaxed as if realising tonight there was no need to rush. He made no move to peel open her top. For now he was content to tease her nipples til they were hard enough to poke their way upwards, up beneath her soft sexy top. He enjoyed seeing how aroused he could get her and with her nipples already looking so hard and erect beneath her top it was a definite indication she was growing very aroused.

Pam of course had no idea she was being watched. Not the slightest idea her now jealous hubby was no more than feet away outside. If she had known the chances are she would still have continued. Yes, she'd regret being caught out this way but the chances were, she would have enjoyed the knowledge he was watching her getting it on.

Outside, Alex watched as Andy leant closer, pressing his lips over Pam's as his hand continued to assuage and pet at her breasts and as the kiss grew in intensity, it was clear he was growing more aroused for his fingers dug more firmly, leaving marked indentations in her top where they trespassed.

He continued to watch as Pam in turn slid an arm around Andy's neck. He saw her mouth open to physically accept Andy's tongue. He saw their tongues meet mid air once more....licking at one another's...then groaned quietly to himself as he watched his sexy wife suck on it and heard for the first time her moans of pleasure as he continued to molest her body beneath his on the sofa.

Outside, Alex's initial shock had receded somewhat. He still couldn't believe what was happening, yet down below he was aware of an un-natural yearning. He reached up and taking a chance opened the window a little further, knowing it would help to hear what was being said.

Andy moved back into a sitting position, his eyes looking Pam up and down, feasting on her full rounded breasts. He climbed off the sofa and down onto his knees where his hands eased Pam down onto her back. Outside, Alex groaned quietly as he saw her soft top stretching tight over her firm rounded breasts.

He watched as Andy leant over and began to bite...nibble and suck on each one in turn. He could see his wife physically writhe beneath him as his mouth and hands continued to pleasure her breasts.

"Oh Yes" You Bastard! Suck them Andy! You know how I like you to suck on my tits!!! Pam cried.

She reached out and used her hand around the back of his neck to pull him into her breasts and as she did, so his hand slid down along the length of her body, over her sexy top, onto her skirt and lower still, onto her stockinged legs where his fingers seemed to dwell for a moment before they started their journey up beneath the hem of her skirt. Alex watched in complete amazement as his wife indolently opened her legs for her son in law, allowing his hand easy passage to its goal.

Sure enough, as he continued to look on from outside, it wasn't long before his son in law had revealed not just her stocking tops but her sexy, black, lacy thongs.

As his lips and mouth continued to attend to her tits, Andy allowed his fingers to tease lightly back and forth over the woven lace of her knickers causing Pam to whimper with pleasure and open her legs still further for him. In truth, though he had seen her with several lovers, Alex had never seen his wife looking so so turned on.

Andy teased her. He played with her until she was desperate for more. He pulled away from her breasts and looked down at her.

He didn't know quite what it was or indeed why he had wanted this older woman for so long. All he knew was she was just so different from her vibrant, so bloody sexy.... and so damned horny.

His fingers continued to tease back and forth over her panties making her squirm with delight.

Alex stepped as close to the window as he thought he could to listen and watch. A small part of him was still demanding he go in and break this all up, while the part down below was urging him on to see how far his wife would go for it was clear she was growing very very aroused.

Just then he saw Pam reach down between her legs, saw her place her much smaller hand on top of her son in laws.

"Make me Cum Andy! God I so want to Cum for you!" she cried.

Alex couldn't believe his ears. 'Shit!' Just what the Fuck did she think she was saying??? But what was said next shook him all the more.

"Come on Andy! Finger me you Bastard!! Get my cunt nice and wet!!!"

Alex had to stifle a groan at the sound of her words. He'd never, ever heard her talking like this!

"And then what bitch??? Then what will you want me to do???" Alex heard Andy ask.

Pam opened her eyes wide. "Then you're going to lick me out you dirty little Fuck!! I'm going to open my legs for you.....wrap my thighs around your head, then you're going to show me just how good you are at licking cunt!!!"

"Ohhh Fuck!!! That's it bitch! Talk dirty to me! You know how that turns me on!"

Suddenly they were upon one another, kissing once more. Snogging with the kind of passion associated only with teenagers as he pinned her down on the sofa, Andy's hands now having left the warmth of her legs to stimulate her tits and nipples once more.

Pam twisted and turned beneath him, the kissing, the snogging so so intense... so so frenzied. She twisted her mouth from his and gasping for air cried out.

"Fuck you Andy! I told you to make me Cum!!! I want to FUCKING CUM YOU BASTARD!!!

With the sounds of her words ringing in his ears it was as much as Alex could do was staunch the pained groan his throat wanted to express. He looked on as his wife drew up her knees and, opening her legs, pushed her hand down the front of her knickers.

Andy pulled from their embrace, grabbing at her hand.Pulling it away.

"No you don't you bitch! Leave MY cunt alone.....!!!"

"I can't you Bastard!!!" Alex heard his wife cry out. "If you won't do me then I will have to do it myself!!"

Alex watched as his son in law took hold of her wrist then lifting her hand to his mouth, started to suck on her fingers.

"Yesss!" Pam hissed. "That's it you little Fuck!!! Taste my cunt juice!!! There's lots more where that came from!!!"

Again his wife's dirty words had him reeling outside. Yes, they would sometimes 'talk dirty', but never like this. He continued to watch as Andy sucked one finger into his mouth at a time until all had been sucked clean and as Andy finally let go of her hand, Alex's eyes were drawn back to his wife who was looking somewhat dishevelled now on the sofa but there was no doubt in his mind.... as horny as hell.

"Pleaseeee Andy! Make me Cum! Fuck I so want to Cum!!!" she cried out.

Andy grinned at her, leant back, then got to his feet.

"Get up!" he ordered.

Alex watched in amazement as his wife did exactly as she'd been told.

Andy grabbed at her waist then pushed her hard back against the wall. He took hold of her wrists and wrestled them above her head, pinning them back to the wall as they embraced once more, this time Pam tilting her head back as his lips kissed and licked and sucked at her now exposed neck until moments later, still pinning her against the wall his lips mashed hard against hers... one minute pressing....the next lunging.....pecking.....lunging....heads twisting...turning, causing each of them to miss one another's mouth every now and then...not that it mattered for Alex could see how hot they were for one another.

Andy pushed her wrists together, still holding them high above her head but now holding them there with just the one hand. He slid his free hand seductively down over her lithe body, down to the hem where he slipped it underneath.

"Open your legs bitch!!! I'm going to make you Cum like never before!!!"

In real terms it would have made no difference had Pam opened them for him or not for Andy's adrenalin was now pumping and he was going to do whatever he wanted with her.As he held her there against the wall he simply pushed his fingers hard into the sexy lace fabric of her thongs and forced both fingers and fabric hard into her already sopping cunt.

"Ohhhh Shit!!! Ohhh Yes!!! Go on you Fuck!" she cried out as her body was forced back against the wall.

Such was the force of Andy's attack, Pam found herself lifting up onto tiptoes....grunting....groaning...gasping for breath as not one but two climaxes hit in quick succession. She could feel her juiced spilling out of her cunt and down onto her stockinged thighs.

"Ohhh YES!! THAT'S IT LOVER. OHHHH YOU'RE SO FUCKING GOOD!!!!" she screamed as he physically jerked her up and down on the end of his fingers.

Satisfied for now, Andy stepped back. He looked her up and down and could see she could barely stand such was the force of her climax. In turn Pam watched as he put his fingers to his lips. Watched as he sucked each of them clean, just as he'd done so a few moments before, yet there was something even hornier about his doing that now.

Pam pushed a hand between her legs and groaned at the realisation of how wet she was.

"You Bastard Andy!! You filthy Bastard!" she moaned.

He simply grinned at her, took a hold of her hand then pressed it to her lips.

"Taste it you bitch!!! It's time you found out just how good this cunt of yours tastes!!!!"

Outside, Alex used an arm to lean against the wall as he watched his wife open her mouth and slip her wet fingers inside.

"Hmmmmmmm!" she moaned as she licked herself clean. Alex's mind was reeling at how easily Andy seemed to be able to manipulate his wife. Down below crotch was calling out for attention. He continued to look on where he saw Andy drop to his knees. It was obvious what he was after.

Having cleansed her fingers, Pam smiled down at Andy whose eyes were telling her all she needed to know. She leant back and using the wall for support, opened her legs and urged him on.

"Come on! What are you waiting for? I can tell you it tastes soooo Fucking good!!!"

Andy grinned up at her, pleased she'd enjoyed the taste of her own cunt. He pitched forward, pushed the hem of her skirt high where moments later she was lifting her right leg over his shoulder...wanting more...wanting to feel the full pleasure of his lips and tongue working hard on her cunt.

For some moments he concentrated on the tops of her stockings, his tongue gliding back and forth over the silky nylon and lace. He licked and kissed and sucked on both bared thigh and nylon, then moving onto his prize he pushed hard...his lips sucking...his tongue flicking....licking.....lapping up her spilled juices. He eased back and looked up at her causing both she and their unseen watcher outside to groan at the sight of his pussy juice, covered face.

The sight was too much for Pam. She grabbed at the back of his head, pulling him closer still and began to grind herself hard onto his face. She wanted to Cum again. She could feel her climax building as his tongue forced its way in and out of her wanton cunt.

Outside Alex watched on in almost total disbelief, unable to believe how easy it had been for Andy to have reduced his wife to total slut. Watched on as she ground her cunt hard into her son in laws face, her words of encouragement coming thick and fast now. Begging......YES! Begging him for more. Pleading with him to make her Cum again.........and all he could do was stand there and on in a dreamlike state of arousal and jealousy as his son in law did just as he wanted with HIS wife.

But as much as he tried he couldn't stop the sensation of feeling so bloody aroused. He had always prided himself on how aroused he could get his wife but had to admit, he'd never seen her this way before...never this aroused. It would always be that they would be lying down having sex.... never with her stood up like she was right then.... grinding her cunt hard into another guys face....her leg thrown over his shoulder to expose more and more of her wet horny cunt.

For Alex, time seemed to stand still for it seemed to him to be going on forever. It seemed Andy couldn't get enough of the nectar between his wife's legs. His hands were now reaching up and mauling at her lilac covered tits, popping open several buttons as he continued to dine on Pam's cunt....and all the while he could hear her urging him on....calling him names...using a language she'd never done for him. The battle lost, Alex finally conceded defeat and allowed his own hand to stray down to his crotch where it came as no surprise to find his dick straining to be let free.

In the lounge Pam withdrew her leg from over his shoulder grabbing at Andy's head, pulling him back.

"You Bastard Andy! You dirty motherfucking Bastard!" she hissed as she dropped to he knees where the two of them immediately grabbed for one another as they went into a wild frenzied snogging session.....their hands up and down one another's bodies.... their lips snogging..... then pecking..... tongues dancing mid air as each savoured one another's....then lunging at one another with a passion Alex could only recall seeing in films. He could hear their gasps of pleasure...their groans.....their grunts. He could sense the passion being generated, the feeling they had for one another and he didn't need to be told this was never a one off. He knew then this was not the first time she had been taken with this lover.

He watched on til finally they their passion exhausted, they parted leaving both panting....gasping in lungfuls of air.

Andy got to his feet. He stood there in front of Pam the two of them side on to her unseen hubby. Each appeared to be trying to catch a second breath. Andy stepped back one pace.

Alex looked on as Andy reached down and let his fingertips slide under his wife's chin where he tilted her head up to look him in the eyes.

If Alex had been amazed by what had happened and been said so far, he was about to find his capacity to handle shock stretched to the limits.

"Get my prick out Pam!"

Andy's words were said in such a way it was not a request. It was a demand and what's more a demand Andy clearly fully expected her to action.

"Do it Pam! Take it out and suck on my horny wet knob!"

Outside, Alex watched, open mouthed as his wife reached forward and began undoing his trouser button and zip. He watched her draw open her son in laws trousers.... He watched as she eased them down to reveal a light blue coloured pair of briefs, briefs that seemed to be altogether straining to hold back what they held inside....

He heard Pam moan out loud at the sight before her. She leant forward and began planting soft sensual kisses up and down Andy's hidden girth.

Alex couldn't believe his eyes. Surely, what he was witnessing was nothing more than a dream. He'd wake up any moment to find himself safely tucked in bed...his bed....It didn't happen. Instead he looked on as Andy reached down and took a handful of his wife's hair... yanking her head back hard causing Alex to cringe as he imagined how much that would have hurt Pam.....yet she didn't even flinch. She simply looked obediently upwards into her son in laws eyes.

"Take it out Pam!!! I've shown you how good I am with your cunt. Now it's time to show me how good a cocksucker you are! Get it out for me now and suck my knob clean of precum!!!!

Pam reached out and pulled at his waistband. Moments later her hubby almost gasped out loud when he saw Andys cock spring free. He was huge. He had to be a good eight inches in length and what's more, so Fucking thick.

Pam leant closer and slid her hand up along Andy's rock hard shaft. Alex could see Andy's helmet oozing precum. He watched on in total disbelief as Andy tilted her head back some more then told her.

"Now Bitch.....Suck my helmet! Clean my cum you Fucking whore!!!"

Pam simply smiled. Alex saw her tongue slide deliciously around her lips then watched in completely awestruck as she.opened her mouth and closed her lips over his bloated bell end, her fingers curling around his thick veiny shaft at the same time before beginning the task of steadily working them up and down.

"Ohhh Shit Yes! That's it Pammy! Suck me off! Clean my helmet for me you dirty little bitch! I know how much you love the taste of my cum!!!"

Pam could feel his wetness on her lips and tongue. She could taste his sweet Cum. She wanted to please and his words of encouragement were spurring her on. She pulled him free of her lips and for a moment Alex wondered if she was having second thoughts but instead he watched as she used her fingers to draw back his foreskin to expose what looked like an enormous, purple, plum shaped helmet, dripping with a mix of her own saliva and her son in laws Cum.

Pam looked up into Andy's eyes as she stroked her right hand up and down his thick veiny shaft. She'd always adored the feel of a good cock but Andy's was exceptional. From the moment she'd first seen it...touched it some months before, she'd known it would only be a matter of time before it she'd accept its presence inside her cunt.

She'd held off for as long as she'd been able, for she'd wanted to prolong her feeling of 'longing' for as long as she could. At the time it worried Pam it might be like a child who would want for a toy for a birthday. A toy which, once attained, would sooner, rather than later be discarded to the back of the toy box. It wasn't what she wanted.

It hadn't happened.

The very next day after Andy had first 'Fucked' her over the kitchen sink in her own kitchen, she had wanted it again...then again...and again. Indeed, in Pam's ideal world Andy would be made to promise to call over at least once a day just so she could get laid by his beautiful, big dick.

Stirred on by his words of encouragement and her own illicit thoughts Pam leant forward again but this time lunged down on him once..... twice... three times, each time jerking her own fingers up to meet her own lips as she sucked on his helmet.

Outside Alex marvelled at the sight of his wife sucking cock. Unable to believe this was his wife he was watching and not some whore on a porn film.

Pam pulled back once more, drawing her teeth along his shaft as she did. She smiled as she looked up at Andy, her fingers still wrapped firmly around his meaty erection.

"Fuck my mouth big boy!!" she urged. "I want to feel this big cock shoved down my throat!!!"

Andy grinned and reaching down with one hand, grabbed a handful of hair while his other hand took hold of his shaft to guide his erection in between her lips. Outside, unknown to both Andy and Pam her hubby watched on as Andy began rocking too and fro from his hips, each forward thrust depositing more and more of his meat down his wife's throat.

Alex had begun to stroke at his own erection by now, his hand rubbing back and forth over his trousers. as he witnessed this truly erotic sight before him. His wife, though curved in all the right places, was at five feet three tall, best described as petite, while his son in law was broad, muscular and stood just under six feet in height. As he looked on, for any number of reasons the scene before him looked so out of place, but there was no denying it, the fact Andy dwarfed his petite, sexy wife, made it all the more erotic.

He looked on as Andy continued to rock back and forth, forcing more and more of his huge cock deep into his wife's little mouth until he'd rocked all he could and until his entire length had disappeared in between her lips so it was just his balls that were bouncing off of her chin as he mouth Fucked her.

As far as Alex was concerned, Pam should have been gagging. She should have been fighting to get it out of her mouth but to his amazement, he watched on as time and time again Andy held onto her hair as he pushed his whole length deep down his pretty wife's throat as she gurgled out her satisfactory grunts.

"Ohhh Fuck I'm Cumming! Shit I'm Cumming!" Andy groaned aloud.

Pam pulled him free and slipping her fingers around his thick girth started to pump her hand up and down, eager to jerk him off.


"Oh Shit Yes! Go on baby! Wank me! Toss me off you dirty Fucking bitch!!!"

Alex watched, no longer surprised at whatever either of them did or said. He saw Pam stop, watched as she leant forward and ran her tongue around and around his bloated purple helmet. It was incredible to see just how much his dirty wife was enjoying this.

Pam started to wank him off once more.

"Cum baby! Cum for know how Pammy loves your thick spunk!!! Cover my face you dirty Fucking Bastard!!!"

A Thick jet of Cum shot from Andys knob, arching across the short divide, landing squarely over her face. Another spewed forward...then another and another until her Alex could see his wife's face ribboned with her son in laws creamy spunk

Pam leant closer and using his knob, which was still spewing spunk, but with less force, she began to smear it all over her face...her lips...her chin...cheek.....eyes, until it looked for all the world to Alex like it was soap....that she was bathing in it.

Pam looked up at Andy.

"Come here big boy!" she ordered.

Andy dropped to his knees and for a moment they held one another's gaze then, almost as if someone had thrown a switch they went at one another like rabid animals. Kissing...snogging....with a frenzied hunger. Hands.....fingers.....arms everywhere as they mauled at one another in pure lust...the both of them on their knees...knowing what they wanted...realising the time was more more simple fun.....they needed to Fuck and they needed it right now.....

Alex watched from outside as the snogs, the kisses grew in passion. It seemed to him an almost animal like lust had taken over and he could see just where it was all headed. He could sense he was about to witness the inevitable....

They were flailing at one another now...lunging...snogging...pecking...lunging and missing...lunging and connecting with their lips.....hands exploring....Pam's up and down Andy's back....his over her tits so much so that her cardigan was now as much off as it was on.....her skirt, high up around her waist .....

Andy pushed her backwards so that from where Alex was stood he could only see the lower half of her body, the top half hidden behind the sofa.

He watched as Andy moved forward on his knees, in between his wife's legs.

Alex watched as Andy pushed Pam's short skirt upwards. Up over her waist until it looked more like a belt.Her knickers were completely on show....her gusset soaked from her previous climaxes... her stocking tops were also on show and it was these he could see his son in law stoking his fingers up and down.

Andy was still on his knees and though he hadn't been that long ago he'd shot his load, Alex could already see he was growing stiff again.

He watched as Andy nestled closer.

"I'm going to Fuck you, you bitch!" he heard Andy say. "I'm going to Fuck you like you've never been Fucked before!" he said as he too partly disappeared behind the sofa.

He climbed between her legs and as he moved on top of her he started to rub his huge cock up and down over her knickers.

"Ohhh yes!!! C'mon baby! Pammy needs it! Fuck this horny bitch!!! Pam groaned.

Andy started to press harder. Pam whimpered as she felt the full force and hardness of his thick cock.

"Ohhh Andy!! Give it me! Fuck that big cock up me honey! I want it now you Bastard! I want you humping me right now!!!"

Andy reached between her legs to pull her knickers to one side. He started to rub his massive purple helmet too and fro over her swollen clit.


Andy laughed then pushed forward. Alex heard his wife cry out loud and he knew it was because her son in law had just forced his knob into her cunt. It had started to rain now but he remained where he was, not wanting to miss a thing. Watching as Andy started to rock back and forth. He could hear his wife almost sobbing.

"How's this feel baby? How's this feel to have Andy's cock inside you again?" he yelled at her.

"Heaven!" Pam screamed back at him. "Ohhh Shit! You don't know how much I needed this!" she cried back.

Andy started to rock back and forth, sawing his cock in and out of Pam's hot horny cunt. Alex could see his wife's hands reach from behind the sofa where they grabbed at her son in-laws arse. He could see her pulling him onto her as their bodies at last started to rock in unison.. He couldn't believe his own excitement at standing there watching his son in law humping his wife.

"Ohhh Shit MORE!! MORE!!! Harder you Fucker....Make me Cum!! Do you hear??? I want to Cum all down this big fat prick!"

Their voices suddenly became muffled. From where he was stood he could only guess they were now ensconced in a deep snog as their bodies copulated in unison. He could hear Andy starting to grunt, animal like grunts as his pace quickened. He could see the cheeks of his arse stiffening as he thrust long and hard and deep. Pam was moaning.... for the most part her moans silenced by his lips, then suddenly he lifted up as his wife screamed out in ecstasy as her climax erupted around son in laws cock.

Pam was laying there now...a total wreck.....but still Andy continued to hump her....though by now it was only to satisfy his own needs.....

"Ohhhh that's it baby! Unload those big bastard balls for Pammy! Come on Andy! Fill Pammy up with spunk you dirty motherfucking bastard!"

Even from outside Alex could recognise the unmistakeable sound of Andy's climax. It was almost a roar of triumph as he began unloading whatever was left in his balls deep into his wife's cunt.

Alex turned away from the window knowing there was little left to see he hadn't already seen. He stepped into the shadows once more and lit up a cigarette. It would serve to calm his nerves and maybe go someway to placating his own throbbing cock. For now though he planned to use it as a timer. When he was finished he was going to go inside and confront his sexy little bitch of a wife... and then...who knows....

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2014-09-17 19:31:42
He should have gone in and cut his son in law balls off and shoved them gown his wife thoat and then gutted them both and made them die a slow and painfull death

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2014-08-30 02:24:07
He should have gone in and cut his son in law balls off and shoved them gown his wife thoat

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2014-01-28 18:33:48
Where is the rest of the story. Seems cut off. Incomplete.


2013-12-16 15:00:10
To continue
Criticism. I accept I never claim to be able to please everyone's tastes but it does bother me critiques given are not constructive.. Then for some, maybe that is too much.

I wonder how many other writers feel the same and who like me now keep their writing to themselves?


2013-12-16 14:58:13
It's been a while since I last logged onto this site and having spent some time reading some of the comments against my stories it kind of confirms to me why I no longer contribute to the site.

In one sense I am not sure if I should be pleased some of my stories are the cause of people reacting like they would were they to be watching a holocaust on the world news or if I should feel sorry for them they do not understand the difference between real life and make believe.
I have never and will never claim to be a great author. I write for my own reasons and for the most part enjoy the results of my attempts. The reasons I publish are not for financial gain but simply so others may also gain some enjoyment.

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