This is my First story. I hope that everyone likes it!
I have known Danny since we were kids. Best friends since 3rd grade. All through elementary we were inseparable. We would stay at each others house over night. Our parents didn’t have a problem with it till we reached Junior High School. When I started having feelings for boys and looking at Danny differently. That was when my parents said no more to the sleepover’s with Danny. But since we lived next door to each other. It was not hard to sneak out to talk to him. We would talk into the wee hours of the night and into the early mornings. When we started High School, that was a different story.
At 16, I had grown into my body. I had been told that it was the body of a 25 year old. I had 38D breasts, blat stomach, and flaring hips. I got a lot of attention from the boys of all classes. But eh one boy that I wanted to pay attention to me, thought of me as his best friend.
The only thing that held me back from going after Danny, was that he was dating a girl from our class. On top of that, my parents are really strict. My mom had gave me the birds and bees talk back when I was 14. The went on to tell me that I should wait till I was married to lat anyone touch me, male or female. But mainly I think that she was talking about the males. But also I couldn’t date till I was a Junior in High School.
Well I actually listened to my parents up till my senior year. It was prom night, my date and I left the dance to go sit on the hill. Which is the make out place in our town. I had only been there twice before tonight. And the only thing that I had done there was kiss. But Ben, that is my date, had other things on his mind then just kissing. We were sitting in the back of his truck watching the stars. He had put his arm around my shoulders and drew me closer to him. After awhile, I felt the pressure of his hand on one of my breasts. I looked up at him and he was looking at me with such lust in his eyes.
“Can I kiss them?” Ben asked me.
I really didn’t know what to say, I didn’t want to go against my parents wishes. But just the pressure of his had lightly my breast felt so good. So I just nodded. When his hand left my breast, I felt a longing that I had never felt before. I couldn’t wait till I could feel his hand close over my bare breast. When I felt his hand move over the straps of my dress, I shivered with excitement. He easily brushed the straps aside, letting them slide down my arms. Then he reached behind me and started to untie the lace of my dress. All of a sudden I felt the night breeze over my hare breasts. Innocently I moved my hands to cover myself. But Ben stopped me.
“I want to see you. I want to take in the sight of your perfect body,” he said. “God Abby, you have the most perfect body that I have ever seen.”
I couldn’t help it, but I blushed from head to toe. Ben just smiled when saw me blush. Then I felt his hand on my breast and his lips on my neck. His fingers were massaging my breast. It felt so good, that I didn’t want it to end. Ben began to hiss his way down my neck, to the to of my breasts. Then stopped.
He looked at me, “Are you sure that you want me to do this?” Ben asked.
“Yes please. I want to feel your lips kiss me,” was all I said.
Then he started to kiss my neck again. Moving his way down to my nipples, which ere already hard peaks. He slowly took one nipple into his hot, wet mouth. Teasing it with his tongue. While his hand played with the other nipple. Pinching and squeezing it lightly.
I couldn’t believe what I was feeling. Somewhere in the distance I heard someone moan. Little did I know, it was me that was making that noise. Ben was now sucking and nibbling harder on my nipples. I didn’t know what was going on till it was too late. I suddenly felt a rush of cool night air on my naked thigh. Then I felt the warmth of his hand.
I snapped back to reality. I pushed his hand away. But he just moved my hand out of the way and tried to move farther up my thigh. I again pushed his hand out of the way. He lifted his head from my breast. He looked a little confused.
“Please stop!” I told hem. “This needs to stop. I don’t want to do this anymore. Take me home now!”
What is the matter love, you were enjoying this a minute ago. Don’t you like me kissing your nipples? To have the nibbled on?” Ben asked me.
“Ben I enjoyed it, but it has to stop. I don’t want to go any farther. I told you that when we first started dating, that I wouldn’t do anything that I didn’t want to do. And I don’t want to do this. Please take me home!” I demanded.
Ben just looked at me. I don’t think that he believed me. So to show him that I meant what I said. I pulled my dress back up into place. I couldn’t tie it up, but I still got out of the truck. He still must have been in shock. Because he let me go. Either that he didn’t really care about me. So I started to walk back into town. I didn’t get very far, when I saw head lights come up behind me. I thought that it was Ben. So I ignored the vehicle. When I heard the window roll down I yelled, “Ben just leave me alone. I don’t want you to touch me anymore!”
“What? Ben tried to hurt you?” the voice in the truck said.
Immediately recognized the voice in the truck. “Danny, oh my god. Please don’t do anything. I let him touch my breasts but he wanted more than I want to give him. I told him to stop and he did. He didn’t touch me again. But I didn’t want to take the chance of riding home with him. So I got out of his truck and started walking. I don’t think that he is out of shock yet. Can you just give me a ride home?” I asked.
“Sure,” was all Danny said. I got into his truck and as I slid into the cab the strap of my dress fell. I didn’t notice it until Danny reached over and put the strap back up on my shoulder. His hand lightly grazed my shoulder, which sent butterflies into my stomach; I blushed. Danny must have realized with he did because he quickly removed his hand. I looked over at him and he was blushing too.
“How is Mandi doing?” I asked. He answered, “she just broke up with me. She said that I wasn’t paying enough attention to her.”
I looked at him with sorry in my eyes, but I couldn’t say the words because I couldn’t say something that I didn’t mean. Another curse my parents taught me, so I didn’t say anything.
“Come on Abby, I know that you didn’t like Mandi but she was good to me.” he said.
I had to think of something to say so I just asked the first thing that came to mind. “But what about me? don’t I treat you good?” I said. I paused before continuing “I must not because you don’t even look at me. Please don’t give me that “we’re friends” look. Did you know that I have wanted you, just you. I only dated other guys to make you jealous.”
Danny just looked at me funny, like he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “You mean to tell me that you wanted to go out with me? Why didn’t you come out and say that Abby we have been telling each other everything since the 3rd grade. God, Abby didn’t you see me looking at you? I have wanted to date you since junior high. I wanted to take you to prom, but you were going with Ben and I with Mandi, so I didn’t think to ask you.”
I had to turn my head. I didn’t want him to see the tears in my eyes. Just then I felt his hand on my shoulder. I turned, and saw raw passion in his eyes. “Kiss me Danny,” I said.
He leaned over and lightly touched his lips to mine. I leaded forward to add more pressure to the kiss; but Danny backed off.
“Abby, we can’t do this in my truck. I know that you have never done anything with guy before. I will not take your virginity in the front seat of my truck or in the bed of my truck. When I take it, it will be in a bed. But not tonight either, we both just got out of a relationship so lets wait awhile. Go out of dates and start hanging out again. Please say that you agree with me?” Ben said.
I just looked at him with love in my eyes. It was like a dream come rue. I was finally going to be able to date the man of my dreams and my best friend. “Oh Danny I would do anything for you.” was all I could say.
I leaned forward and planted a kiss on his open lips. I lightly pressed my tongue into his mouth. I felt my hands on his shoulders and felt Danny shiver. I didn’t realize until that moment how big his body was; he had big muscles when he worked out. But he didn’t push me away. I felt his tongue start to tangle with mine and I let out a soft moan that was caught in his mouth. I slid my hands from his shoulders down his arms and back up again.
Finally I felt Danny put his hand behind my head and into my hair. He pulled it down sending hair pins all over the cab of the truck. My hair was falling down my shoulders and back. He pulled his fingers through my hair then back on the base of my neck, pushing me closer to him an adding to the pressure of the kiss. My hands worked their way down his chest, feeling the muscle all the way down. Then I worked my hands back up so I could start to unbutton his shirt. I loved to feel his bare chest against my fingers.
Danny stopped me, “we need to stop. We can’t do this here.”
I just nodded my head. I put everything back into order as Danny started to drive us home. By the time we got home it was close to 1:30 a.m. Danny dropped me off in my driveway and then he went home too. I went in the front door and straight to my room. I quickly got out of my dress and into my night gown, put my robe on and I left my room out the window and down the tree. I walked across the yard to Danny’s bedroom window. I just got to the window and looked in I was amazed at what I saw. Danny was almost naked, he had taken off his suit and stood at his dresser in just his boxers. Then he turned to look in the mirror, which had pictures of us all around it. I just took in the sight, broad shoulders, muscular chest, lean hips, and a throbbing erection. I let out a gasp, thank goodness that his window was closed. I would have died of humiliation to have him see me watch him and his erection. I was in awe at how big he was. Then again I have never seen a naked man before.
Just as I went to knock on the window I noticed that Danny was staring at me. I hadn’t even noticed that he had turned around and saw me looking at him. He opened the window and stepped aside to let me in. as I crawled through his window he came up behind me, placed his big hands on my shoulder and turned me around. Before I knew what was happening Danny was kissing me passionately on the mouth. I felt his tongue trace over my lips and I let out a soft moan and his tongue slipped into my mouth sending wild sensations down my spine and to my slit. It made me wet instantly. Again I let out a moan. I put my hands on Danny’s shoulders, god he felt good. All smooth and muscular. I ran my hands up and down his arms and across his chest.
All the while his hands were exploring my body; down my arms and on my back up and down again. This time he went all the way down to the hem of my night shirt and I lifted my arms in a silent okay. He lifted my night shirt over my head, leaving me totally naked in front of Danny. He stepped back to look.
“I want to look at you like you were looking at me.” he said. I saw you in the mirror, I know that you were watching me.
“Oh.” was all that I could say. “Abby,” he said, “I know exactly when you come to my window.”
I blushed from head to toe. Danny saw that and brushed his hand across my left breast, making my nipple come erect, and I let out a soft moan. He covered it up with a deep kiss, his hand never moved. Instead he pinched the nipple sending more sensation down to the core of my woman hood. Danny must have sensed something because his other hand traveled down my stomach and cupped my woman hood, which was lightly covered with black hair.
“Oh my god Abby, you are already wet for me.” Danny said.
Danny started to slide a finger through my pussy lips. Coming into contact with my clit. I jumped, surprised by that feeling. Danny just smiled at me “its okay love, it feels good.” I had to agree with him.
While he continued rubbing my clit I slid my hands down his hips and hooked my fingers under the elastic of his boxers and pulled them down. His cock sprung free and I looked down.
“Oh wow, Danny, you are huge! Will that even go inside of me? You have to be at least eight inches.” I said.
Danny could only smile. “yes Hun it will fit in you , but with some help though. Come here!”
He pulled me to the bed and had me lay down. He laid down next to me and started kissing my lips again and then making his way to the sensitive part just below my ear. It felt so good. Then he continued down my neck to the top of my breasts, and then down the valley between my breasts. Next he licked my nipple and then suckled on it. My breathing got hard and labored. My slit was wetter than I have ever noticed. Danny then moved to the other nipple and paid that one the same attention as the other. After a while he continued down my stomach stopping to pay attention to my belly button. Little did Danny know it felt so good. But he didn’t stay there long enough. He went father down till he reached the top of my woman mound. His fingers found my clit again. I was panting and letting out moans.
Then without warning his tongue replaced his fingers. “What are you doing Danny? You shouldn’t be doing that!” I told him.
“Oh but I should. God, Abby you smell and taste good.” Danny said with a big smile. Then put his tongue back on my clit. He was licking up and down y pussy, he would stop every once in awhile to play with my fuck hole. He slid his tongue slowly in and out like he was tongue fucking me. Then all of a sudden his tongue was in as far as it would go.
“OOOHHHH!!’ I let out it was soooo good. “Danny don’t stop. Yeah lick that pussy. Use that tongue. Eat me! God Danny yes, yes, yes!” I thrashed on the bed. Danny then slipped a finger in my cunt. “Yes Danny, yes fuck me Danny fuck OOHHH!” I’m cumming, Danny I’m cumming!”
Boy did I cum. It squirted out of me. Never had I had an orgasm like that by masturbating. My body shocked and twitched uncontrollably. Danny seemed to be liking it because he was still down between my legs licking up all my juices. When I was all clean he slid up my body and kissed me right on the mouth. I did taste good.
“Danny, will you help me do the same for you? I want to repay you for what you just did to me.” I said.
Without saying a word Danny took my hand and lead it down his stomach. Then he placed my hand on his bulging cock and started helping me stroke his cock. It was long and velvety. So smooth. It must have felt good because he took in a sharp breath and let it out in one big sigh. He then removed his hand from mine and let me go up and down his shaft myself. Slowly I lowered my body down his and lightly flicked the top of his cock with my tongue. “OHG” I thought that I had hurt him.
“Did that hurt you Danny?”
“No Abby that felt so good. Stick that hard cock of mine in your mouth.” he said.
So I did what he said. Slowly I took the head of his cock and wrapped my lips around it. Then I went down the length, I slowly started a rhythm of going up and down, swirling my tongue around the head as I came up.
“Yeah Abby, take that cock. Suck it Abby. God, yes just like that. Don’t stop. Please yes nibble the head.” Danny let out.
I must have been doing a good job because he started to thrust up when my mouth was going down. It didn’t take long till I heard Danny say, “Abby stop, stop I am cumming. I am cumming.”
But I wanted to see what he tasted like. I felt his cock get bigger in my mouth. Then it started to twitch, and “Abby, here it comes.” Without any further warning he shot his cum in my mouth. I started choking because so much was coming out. I leaned back and watched as the rest squirted on his belly. When it finally stopped coming out I leaned down and stated licking it up. He tasted really good.
After I got it all cleaned up off his belly, Danny pulled me up and rolled me to my back. He started to kiss me. His hands trailing down my stomach to my mound. He slipped a finger between the folds and rubbed my clit. Danny then used his knees to spread my legs apart, climbing between them. Once he had himself positioned over my body, he used the tip of his penis and rubbed it up and down my slit, to put lubrication on it. He started to push his was into my fuck hole. Inch by inch he pushed his way up till he reached my maiden head. Danny with drew a little then pushed all the way in tearing the barrier.
I screamed in pain. “Sorry love. I couldn’t help it. The first time always hurts. Hold still and the pain will go away in a bit.” Danny whispered in my ear. “Nod when you are ready.”
And he just sat there letting my body adjust to the weight of him. Then I nodded for him to continue. The pain was to longer there, but instead there was a feeling of intense pleasure. Boy this was something that I didn’t want to end.
Danny kept it slow at first. “Oh baby you are so tight you are about to make me cum.” he stopped pumping in and out and held himself inside. Then pulled himself out so just the head was just inside my fuck hole. I started to protest and he pushed in his cock hard.
I screamed of both pain and pleasure. He didn’t it again and again. Making my body twitch from a hard orgasm.
“OOHHH MMYY GGOODD! What are you doing to me? Danny please fuck me harder. God yeah harder.” I said. Danny just did as I told him to do. He was completely filling me now. Slamming his hard cock in and out. Going faster and faster.
“Abby I am going to cum. Cum with me love. Where do you want me to cum?” he asked in my ear.
I told him to cum inside me and just as I was about to cum again I felt Danny’s cock swell. He pushed into me in long hard strokes bringing me to a huge orgasm. Then I felt Danny spill his seed inside of me. Danny continued to pump in and out till all was gone, then he slumped over on top of me. I welcomed the weight of his body.
“Danny thank you for showing me what it is like to make love. I don’t think that I could have picked up a better person for it. I hope that we can do this again.” I told him.
“Oh love. It was the best that I have ever had. Of course we can do this again.” He said. “Any time you want because I don’t plan on letting you go.

To Be Continued…

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