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Naturist kid falls in love with cute girl. Hero baseball coach be my dad, he


After school the next day, Jeff goes to Sean’s house.

After the typical game talk Sean confronts Jeff, “So what did you tell Alex?”

“Nothing, Sean. Nothing! But that’s the problem. Alex senses I’m not telling him something. What do I do? Hiding this isn’t as easy as I thought.”

Flopping down on his bed, “Don’t worry now. I’ll think of a strategy.”

Jeff starts taking his clothes off. To his dismay Sean asks him to leave them on. “No. Let’s get naked.”

“If cuddling naked is a good thing, it shouldn’t become an expectation.”

Knowing how he can melt Sean’s heart, “Pleeease!”

Sean pulls Jeff into bed, hugging him, “If we can’t love each other with our clothes on, then something is wrong.”

Disappointed that Sean isn’t about to change his mind, Jeff decides to be as loving as he can. Soon, time flows away.

After a while Sean interrupts their silent cuddling, “Alex is jealous of you Jeff. He thinks you’re getting what he wants. So, without sharing that you know this about him, admit that you have desires for me. But don’t be eager—wait for him to pry into what’s going on. Make him first promise to keep secret what you are about to tell him. After confiding in him reluctantly, make sure he doesn’t tell me either. Then he’ll know it’s not what he thought. Get mad at him if he presses you to talk about these “desires for me”. He needs to know that there still is something you will not talk about. If needed, say, “You may like being gay, but I want to be straight.”

Jeff gives a thumb up, “I follow you. That’s a perfect plan. But what if he tells someone? I doubt that he would, but…”

“Well, if he tells me, I won’t believe him. If he tells someone else, they more likely will believe it’s he who has desires for me, or that he just wishes there’s someone else like him. Kids may accuse you of being gay, but being Alex’s friend already has that effect. Don’t act like it bothers you and they will look for somebody else to pick on.”

Giving Sean a hug of appreciation, “Yeah, I do that already. This will be a piece of cake.”

“And we need to limit our affection in public.”

Sadly, “Nooooo.”

“No kissing. No hands below the belt. If there’s a slip, stop without making a scene.”

Irritated, “OK, already!”

“This will be the hardest part for you—limiting your carefree spirit. So give it a lot of thought.”

Reluctantly, “I’ll try. ‘Nuff said.”

Firmly, “No. You can do. You will do.”

“Wow. You can be tough.”

With a compassionate hug, “When I need to be, but I hate it.”



Two days later, Jeff stops at Sean’s house, “You called it, Sean—Alex pushed for info. You prepared me well. I played my cards perfectly.”

“Did you have to get mad at him?”

“Yeah. He still pressed. So I got more mad saying, ‘You may like being gay, but I don’t.’ Then he backed off. It went as planned.”

“Good. But it sounds like he may press you again. If so, ask him kindly to respect your feelings—as good friends, to respect your wishes. You may want to apologize for your anger, if you’ve done that in the past. But get angry again if you have to.”

“That’s a go. Now, are we gonna go swimming or head straight to the shower, Sean?”

“What do you want, Jeff?

“I want us naked! You say where.”

“That would be the shower.”

“I thought so. Can I help you take your clothes off, Sean?”

“Only if I can help you with yours.”

Jeff starts with Sean’s sneakers and socks, “P-U! You have smelly feet.”

Sean raises a foot to Jeff’s nose; “Sure it’s my feet?”

Playfully pushing his foot away, “Yeah, I’m sure!”

“I have other body parts that smell.”

Yanking down Sean’s zipper, “Yeah, like here.”

Pulling Jeff’s face against his crotch, “Are you sure?”

Smiling, “Nope. Smells wonderful. But don’t turn around.”

Sean squats down so Jeff can remove his shirt, “Don’t laugh at the peach fuzz on my chest.”

“No way!” Then with mischief in his eyes, “I’ll have plenty else to laugh at.”

Reaching gently for Jeff’s crotch, slyly, “I’ll need to get some pliers.”

Running his hands over Sean’s biceps and chest, “What did you say?”

“I said that I’ll need to lose some pants.”

Pulling Sean’s pants away from his stomach, Jeff peaks in, “Looks like you lost something in your pants!”

Wrapping his hands around Jeff’s neck, “And what would that be!?”

Laughing, “There are a couple nuts on the floor.”

“Oh, all I see is one nut cracking up.”

“That’s so lame!”

“I have a hard time keeping up with you.”

“Sean, I’m not up. And you better not be up again.”

“You’ll just have to take my pants off, if you want to know.”

After removing his pants, Jeff squeezes the bulge in Sean’s boxers; “You pass.” Then He reaches in the fly, pulling out Sean’s manhood. “You look healthy as ever.”

“You’re not gonna talk to my penis all afternoon now, are you?”

“No, I’ll play with him too. He’s more fun than you are.”

“I know that. But he doesn’t like being separated from his jewel friends.”

Jeff promptly reaches in, pulling out Sean’s scrotum too, “There! Now all four of us can play.”

“I was thinking in terms of removing my boxers.”

“All in good time. All in good time,” as he begins slapping Sean’s penis against his cheeks and nose. “Maybe he’d fit in my nostril.”

“Hey, you can insult me, but not HIM!”

Jeff presses that precious organ tightly against his cheek; “I’m not insulting you. I’m loving you and your two friends. Are you all ready? They’re ready Sean,” as he daintily removes Sean’s boxers. Now placing a hand on each honey bun, Jeff pulls Sean’s manhood against his cheek one more time. Then he squeezes that tush as he smiles at his hanging friends.

“Now I need to work you over, little man.”

“Good! I’m ready for you.” Sean starts by running his fingers over every square inch of Jeff’s body and his long brown hair. Then he acts like he’s ripping Jeff’s shirt off, then quickly switches to gentle mode. He blows on Jeff’s tiny nipples and squeezes them. With a smile from ear to ear, Jeff loves the attention. Now Sean reaches in Jeff’s shorts feeling his soft buns. He reaches further until he cups Jeff’s jewels. Jeff jumps, saying, “That’s scary from behind!”

“I’m gonna do it again, slowly. I think you’ll love it this time.”

“Wow! That’s so cool!” Soon Sean reaches further, wrapping his fingers around Jeff’s boyhood. Finally he pulls down Jeff’s shorts and underwear.

“What about my sneakers, Sean?”

“You can have the honors.”

“But you’re supposed to.”

“Who says, Jeff?”

“My mother would treat me right.”

As his manhood quickly rises, “I’m sure she would and does. But…”

Jeff laughing hysterically, “When your dick grows, it really grows. My mom…”

Interrupting, “All right smart aleck. Quit talking about your mother when I’m naked.”

Still laughing, “She’s got nice boo…” as Sean covers his mouth with his hand, his penis standing at full attention.

Firmly, “Are you gonna respect my wishes!? Or are you gonna leave?”

Sean gives Jeff a chance to respond. Still laughing but trying to stop, “OK, OK, OK,” as he squats to remove his own sneakers and socks. Trying to hold back his smirk, “I’ll wash you first. I’ll start with your dick.”

Eyes bulging more than any other body part, “Ya think!!!”

Calmly, “I just had to say that. I’ll be good,” as he reaches for the soap. He turns Sean’s body around, giving him a respectful hug.

“Thank you, Jeff. Now were cooking. I mean… you know what I mean… or don’t mean. Whatever.”

“Yes. Now you’re gonna get the best washing of your life!” As he washes Sean’s back he moves to see Sean’s penis; that soften most of the way. Breathing a sigh of relief, he can’t help but think how beautiful that erection was, with such a shapely head. Double the soft size, it seemed. Mine might get an inch bigger. Of course, when soft, mine is nearly the same size as Sean’s. That’s cool for a ten-year-old. Alex always had a baby pecker, but real cute. I guess his doubles in size too. But even then it’s so much smaller than mine is soft. Hey, I need to focus on Sean. I guess washing his back is boring compared to the rest. But I want to do my best for Sean.

Sean breaks the silence, “You’ve been lost in space,” realizing so was he. He felt so embarrassed not being able to control his penis. He feels like he took it out on Jeff. An untimely boner doesn’t phase Alex at all, even in front of Rachel. He had thought that kids today didn’t know how to be free. Jeff and Alex sure surpass my childhood and my generation.

“Yeah, Sean. I’m sorry, but I’m back to take good care of you.”

“You’re a terrific kid, you know.”

“You wouldn’t have said that five minute ago.”

“I thought I was free as the bees, but you’ve got me beat. So it ruffles my feathers once in a while.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, take Alex for instance. He gets a boner in public and doesn’t get all bent out of shape like I just did.”

“That’s Alex,” as his soapy hands slide gently over his crack.

“Oh yeah, that feels so loving, you’re outdoing yourself. Um, you’re like Alex in that regard.”

Appreciatively, “Thanks, Sean,” as he pulls Sean’s cheeks apart. “Clean as rump roast, I’d say.”

“Are you sure. I want you to be sure.”

Working over the crack some more, Jeff ’s amazed at how up-front Sean is. He wouldn’t want to share what he had been thinking. But it sounds like a good idea now, “Sean. I laughed at you. But I thought your boner was really cool.”

Surprised, and on edge, “See what I mean. I never had a conversion about my penis before.”

“I’m sorry.”

“No. No. I’m uncomfortable, Jeff, but I appreciate your candor.”

Lathering up Sean’s chest, “OK, then. My head seems to blend into the rest of my dick, even when hard. Your head is so well shaped and beautiful,” reaching for it, and moving his eyes right to this circumcised shaft.

“Well. Thanks for the praise. But am I hearing something else in your words.”

“Uh, yeah.”

“Do you think your penis is defective.

“Sort of, Sean.”

“Dicks come in all sizes and shapes. You always can find someone you consider better than yourself, in some way. Is there something your dick can’t do?”

Smiling, “Jerk off.”

Returning the smile as he reaches for soap, “Are you worried about that?”

Laughing, “No. Some day I will be able to slap the salami.”

Kneeling to wash Jeff’s penis, “Exactly. God made you with all your precious parts, and God don’t make no junk.”

Laughing, “OK. OK.”

“So love yourself, blemishes and all.”

“I got blemishes!?”

Laughingly holding Jeff’s boyhood, rubbing his nose on it, “Yeah. All over your head, your salami head!”

“OK. I walked into that one! Well, I need to finish washing your body, especially your…your head.”

Smirking, “First I need to wash the blemishes off yours.”

“Stop already, Sean.”

Resting it across his hand, “Seriously though, I’m not finished with your penis. Have you ever seen a ten-year-old that’s bigger?”

“Well, I guess not.”

Now washing Jeff’s jewels, “How do you think they feel, comparing themselves to you.”

“Never thought about that. I guess the way I just was feeling. Interesting.”

Gliding lathered hands across Jeff’s stomach and chest, “Now you’ll be able to help them feel OK about themselves, when you notice what they’re feeling. Be careful though. You need to first ask questions to see if they know what they’re feeling. I should say he, not they, this being a private matter.”

“What do I ask?”

Pulling Jeff against his still-kneeling body, he wraps his arms around his body, lathering his back with one hand, his butt with the other, “Ask him what’s wrong. Try to draw out his feelings gently. Or take another approach. Share your experience, maybe without asking questions first. Or start talking about penis heads.”

“Yeah, I got the idea. Good thinking…. Now do my crack.”

Straight-faced, “Oh, you have blemishes there too.”

Laughing so hard he could cry, ‘Yeah, be careful, they hurt like…hey, I still need to finish your body. Ooh, that feels good. Squeeze me. Oh, you’re the best. Please marry my mot…oops. Sorry.”

Squeezing that precious poncho one more time, Sean stands up. “OK Jeff, work me over.”

“Good. Spread your legs.” Reaching around, grabbing Sean’s soft seat, he pulls his manhood against his chest. He tries to reach further, succeeding in reaching that precious pouch.

Savoring the experience, “Wow. Jeff. You got balls.”

“I sure do. Now what shall I do with them—you talked of a work over.”

Feeling wonderful, but untrusting, “Please be gentle.”

“You threatened to squeeze mine the other day. Sooo…”

“Everything I say will be used against me in a court of…Jeff, you should be a lawyer.”

“Yeah, they love grabbing you by the balls.”

“You know that already. Impressive. I’ll stick with you.”

“Good. Now I’ll work over your smooth soft shaft.”

After drying each other off, Jeff jumps into Sean’s bed, beckoning him to come.

“How come I can’t say no to you.”

Jeff smiles coyly, as Sean feels pulled into the sack.

Simultaneously, “Hold me.”

They laugh and hug. Lost in another world, Jeff says, “When we’re together like this I feel totally safe. Problems melt away, leaving perfect peace.


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