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Just to recap on part 1 for those who haven't read it yet a middle-aged woman got turned on my accidentally pissing your panties while on the phone now she took the little fanasty to her boyfriend..

After my boyfriend flipped me over onto the cold pissed soaked sheets, he ripped open my panties exposed my cute little pink cunt and my trimmed wet pubes. At this time i still didn't know if he was angry at me for pissing on him or if he actually liked it, infact over the course of our 3 year relationship we had never experimented in the bedroom like this before so you could probably tell that i was a bit nervous at this time, but that didn't matter as i was still in heaven for carrying out my dirtiest fanasty of all time.

He got on top of me so i could feel his crotch right over my pussy i could tell that he was hard, which did infact surprise me i didn't think for one moment that he would be into that type of thing but i guess that i was wrong. He put his mouth close to ear and simply whispered 'Now you will know how it feels'. I didn't understand what he meant but i was sure as hell going to find out. I lied there so a minute still loving this feeling of bliss when my boyfriend slammed his cock deep inside my warm wet cunt. He didn't move for a moment but what he did really made me shocked. I felt a warm wet sensation inside my tight cunt but i could only guess that he had cummed inside me, until i felt his own piss come trickling out of my cunt and down onto my ass crack and finally landing on what wa already piss soaked bedding sheets. I couldn't believe what was happening but it made me feel good. When he had finished he took his cock out of my cunt and postioned himself into the classic 69 postion.

He flickered his tongue across my pink round mould that had swelled up due to the amount of pleasure i was recieving i could hear him moaning and the vibrations took me into another world, he continue to lick up and down my slit and put his tongue into my wet cunthole, in return i took his with hand and licked to tip of it. The taste wasn't like anything i had ever imagined it was slightly bitter with a salty aftertaste to it but it wasn't as awful as some people make it out to be. With that i slowly placed my whole mouth down the shaft of his cock i could feel the tip hitting the back of my mouth which made me sure that i had it all in my mouth. I continued licking and sucking his cock, while both of us moaning in escatsy, although i made sure that i wouldn't make him cum i took his cock out of mouth still revelling in the taste of his piss in my mouth. He slowly moved round so that we were face to face and we kissed passionately snowballing each others piss tasting spit, it was great.

After kissing for a moment or two i knew that both of us couldn't hold out much longer so i reached over and opened the bed-side cabinet and took out my favourite dildo it was bright pink which gave it a girly look. I turned round to noticed that my boyfriend was looking at my firm ass i reached over to get it, and i knew instantly he was enjoying himself. I got onto my hands on knees and looked devilshly at him which he knew was the signal to get into postion. He placed himself next to my ass, he ripped off his shirt and flung onto the floor next to us. He got his cock and placed it gently into my wet cunt filling me up perfectly, i handed him my dildo and he spat onto his hands and rubbed the dildo with his spit he then placed it gently into my ass putting it in a little bit, and taking it back so that my ass would be relaxed and i would be able to take it all in. When my dildo was all the way in my ass he started to thrust his cock inside my pussy with gentle short thrusts. While working his up till he reached a rhythm he was happy with. I strecthed my arm and rub my clit with my fingers working slowly not to ruined the moment by cumming too fast.

When he was happy enough at his rhythm he started to work my dildo in and out of my ass i had always loved dp (double penetration), but getting the chance to piss on my boyfriend and him piss inside me i couldn't describe the feelings i was going through at this moment but it felt great. I heard my boyfriend grunting and moaning and little and i could tell that he was getting closer and closer to shooting his thick, salty, creamy load into my tight cunt. Blood flushing my cheeks giving it a burning red color only gave me more pleasure. By now my moans were started to turn into screams and he was responding to that by thrusting harder and deeper into me filling my cunt with his rock-hard cock. I rubbed clit faster now and could feel it getting hotter and hotter. My hips started to gyrate and my muscles inside my cunt milking my boyfriend cock dry, my body clenced up and sensing that i was going to cum, i took my hand off my clit reached through to start massaging and cupping my boyfriends balls. He started to tense up ready to shoot his load when i thought he was ready i pulled my hand away just to pinch my hard nipples. As soon as i did that i shot my come onto his cock which i fellt coming out and dripping off my clit. He worked through my orgasm and giving shorter thrusts as he shot his load inside me. After loading his seed inside me he took out his cock and the dildo that was still in my ass which made a squishing sound as it came out, he rolled over to lie next to me and i led on my back. We both led there trying to catch our breath back when i realised that we hadn't used protection i hadn't thought out it as i was carried away by what was happening.

I led there trying to work out if i'd become pregnant at this stage my boyfriend was in a deep sleep so i pulled the covers up and let him sleep. I crept out quietly trying not to him as slipped into the bathroom, i took off what remained of my ripped panties and had a shower. After i had cleaned myself all sorts of thoughts were going through my mind good ones and bad ones like if i was going to become pregnant but also thinking how great that sex was and how great my orgasm felt, but the thought still concerned me. I walked downstairs and swtiched on the TV hoping it would talk my mind off what mistake i had done, i concluded that i would make a doctors appointment in the morning to get things checked out properly, and with that thought i drifted off to sleep with the TV still on.

It wasn't till the next morning that i woke up i heard my boyfriend getting up and taking a shower, i shakily turned and picked up the phone and dialled the doctor's surgery to book an appointment, i knew that my boyfriend would take a while as i knew he liked to have long showers. A voice on the other end of the phone woke me up from my day-dreaming i asked for an appointment with a female doctor (i was always a bit careful around male doctors i've heard some many women on the news apperently being raped by them i didn't want to take any chances), it was finalised i had an appointment at 10:30 and i thanked them and put the phone down. I knew for a fact i wasn't ready for children and i hadn't even thought about ir or talked about it with my boyfriend. He came down after his shower and gave me a kiss and slapped my ass playfully, he made me breakfast and we had a polite conversation.

But what i hadn't thought of was how am i going to convince my boyfriend that i wasn't going to stay with him all day and that i had to go out somewhere.......

Find out what happens in the final part to this story


2007-08-05 13:33:34
this is good


2007-03-19 16:24:33
i think it was ok not a good as the first part of the series but i would love to see how it ends


2007-02-04 17:12:02
I'd rather not find out what happens in the final part. This has been very, very average.

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