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Three friends are after some easy money.
fluky dogs| Part 01: Perfect Plan Gone Wrong| by Mogrim

[Chapter 1]
Bill, Haas and Kenny are closest of friends. Bill and Haas both are 21, Kenny is one year younger. None of them were any good at studies. They always came 1st, 2nd and 3rd in school, if you count from behind. It’s no wonder, none of them made their way to a college/university and none of their parents wanted to invest any big money on their education. These days Bill works with his father in his hardware store. Kenny and Haas both worked in a restaurant till the week before. They were both fired, the owner caught them red-handed DPing his wife, Kenny in her pussy and Haas in her ass.

On the other hand Bill was fed up with his fathers badgering, so the three friends of three different races decided to make some easy money. Kenny suggested robbing one Mr. Baxter for some reason. James Baxter, an avaricious old man, who owns a jewelry shop. He lives alone in his house, a maid comes for the washing every morning and a prostitute twice a week. As he has no wife or kids and being a miserly old bustard that everyone knows he is, the three friends felt sure that he’d have a safe with loads of cash somewhere in his house. So Haas laid down the plan.

[Chapter 2]
09:30 PM in the shadows of the fence of Baxter residence, Bill, Haas and Kenny have a final review of the plan, all in black attire.
“Yo Hass, what if he got company?” Kenny asked.
Kenneth Wong (Kenny), Chinese American. 5’7” tall, weights about 156 Lbs. His father works in a research laboratory.
“Not likely, the maid and the whore’s everybody he’s got to visit. Maid was here in the morning and the other one visited him twice in this week already.” replied Haas.
Hussain Raja, nicknamed Huss and then Haas by Bill; Born in LA. South Asian parents, both are doctors. He is 5'9" tall, weights about 164 Lbs, light brown complexion.
“Or if there is someone there, we’ll tie ‘em all up.” said Bill with a smirk.
Bill Hamilton; born in Barstow. He is 5’11” tall, weights about 177 Lbs. Always wears a cowboy hat and boots (of course not now).
“With what?” asked Kenny.
“With these.” Bill takes out 3 pairs of handcuffs.
“I’ve got the flashlight and chloroform.” Said Kenny. “Got the blade to scare ‘em?”
“The blade, and this.” Bill takes out a rather familiar revolver.
“Where do you get that from?” asked Kenny, scared.
“Toy store.” said Haas, smiling. “That’s a replica gun, from the movie ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ isn’t it? Does it fire anything?”
“Yeah… plastic bullets. This will make you butt-skin very red.” replied Bill.
“OK. Baxter’s in the living room. We’ll go storming in; kick his doors open, Kenny closes the door. Bill and I will tie that fat pig down. We’ll ask him where the safe is and what the combination number is. We take the money; get out thru the back door. We get in the manhole, go straight, than take the left tunnel, go straight, take the second exit, change our clothes, get out of the sewers, get in the rented pickup truck and off we go.” Haas explained again. “And one more thing, we’ll call each other not by our names, but by colors, just like the movie. Bill is Mr. Blond, I’m Mr. White and you… you are Mr. Pink, Kenny. Masks on.”
“I don’t want to be Mr. Pink…” Kenny starts nickering.
“Yeah yeah, we know.”

[Chapter 3]
So the three friends checks for any human or vehicle in the street and starts running towards the front door, clad in black, stocking masks on there faces. Bill kicks the medium-heavy door open and runs towards the living room followed by Haas. Kenny quickly gets in and closes the door.

In the living room Bill, and shortly after Haas finds old, fat, bald Mr. Baxter with a very beautiful, young girl, both naked. She’s on her hands and knees and he’s on his knees behind the girl with his hands on her hips. Both were now staring at Bill and Haas, mouth open.
“What the fuck…” Baxter tried to talk.
“This is a heist!” Bill screamed, pointing his gun at fat Mr. Baxter.
“Nobody moves!” screamed Haas.
“Oh my god, he isn’t alone.” moaned Kenny from behind.
Bill and Haas quickly separated those two and cuffed both their wrists behind their back. “No screaming or I’ll cut your throat!” Bill sneered at Baxter.
“Please honey, don’t make any noise. We won’t hurt you.” Haas ran his fingers smoothly on the girl’s cheek. “Yo pig, where’s your safe?” he asked Baxter.
“I don’t have a safe. I keep my money in the bank…” Baxter couldn’t finish.
“Not a pig like you. Mr. Pink, search for the safe. Look under portraits and easily movable furniture. Don’t try to open it. Look for wires.” said Bill.
“Hey, how about I become Mr. Orange?” a little embarrassed Kenny said.
“Coz Mr. Orange is the double-crosser. Now go!” said Bill.
“Yo pig, is your safe wired?” Haas asked Baxter.
“No.” came short answer.

Five minutes later…
“I’ve found his safe. It’s in his bedroom, behind a portrait of himself.” Kenny returned. “It has a very complex locking mechanism, probably wired.”
“What’s the number?” Bill asked Baxter. But the short fat man didn’t answer.
“If you’ll excuse us, ma’am…” Haas told the girl and he and Bill moved Baxter in the next room for interrogation.

[Chapter 4]
This left Kenny alone with the girl. He looked at her closely. What is a girl this beautiful doing here with a pig like Baxter? She was only 19 or 20, long black hair with a few red streaks. She was probably 5’10” tall with her 4” heeled boots. She was slightly pale skinned. Her long shapely legs were sheathed on black stockings. Her average breasts have little pink nipples; her nice firm, rounded ass was the best.
“What’s your name?” Kenny asked.
“Ravon, what’s yours?” she said.
Kenny was staring at her beautiful face, amazed. “I guess you’ll have to call me Mr. Pink, for now.”
“Ok Mr. Pink, what are you guys going to do with me now?” she asked.
“Well… we’ll give Baxter some chloroform when we’re done. I guess we’ll do the same with you.” Kenny felt a stirring in his pants. “What are you doing here?” A sound of a slap, then a yelp came from the next room.
“Doing my job, I get paid by slipping with strangers.” She didn’t pay any attention to the sounds coming from next room.
“How old are you… if you don’t mind answering?” he asked.
21, she said.
“You are so beautiful… can I have a little… I’ll pay you of course.” Kenny said some ill-furnished words.
“Sure.” Ravon thought he’d fuck her anyway, so why fight and take a chance of getting hurt. “I’ll give you a blowjob if you like.”
This wasn’t exactly what Kenny wanted. He has hoping for a session of heavy fucking, but again a blowjob is as good as any other kind of sex. “Thanks.” He said as he unzipped his pants and freed his 5.5” long and very stiff penis.
Ravon kneeled before his cock, “Can you take these handcuffs off?”
“I don’t have the keys… sorry…” Kenny managed to say as he felt Ravons hot wet mouth wrap around his stiff cock. He almost came at the touch.
Ravon slowly started coaxing his cock, licking the whole shaft, soaking the whole thing. Then she puts one of his testicles in her mouth and starts to suck it gently.
“Ohh… you’re so good at that…”
She withdrew from his balls and started to lick the underside of his cock-head.
“Take it in. Please…”
Ravon takes his dick in her mouth and slowly starts to bob her head to and fro. She starts to work faster on his cock, working her tongue on the underside of his shaft.
“Ahhh…” Kenny felt her gag on his cock. He holds her face with both of his hands and starts to work his cock in and out of her mouth gently. This went on for several minutes, and then when he felt like Cuming on her mouth, Bill blasts in thru the door.
“Hey Pink… Oo boy… can I join?” Bill asked, feeling his penis already stiffening up.
“Ahhmm… can my friend have a go after me?” Kenny asked Ravon.
“Ok” she answered.
“We don’t have that much time,” Bill starts to unzip his pants, “we’ve got the combination number.” Bill un-cuffed Ravon, “Get on all fours.” He told her. Then he looked at Kenny, “Mr. White went upstairs to get the money. We’d better finish off quickly.” Bill kneeled behind Ravon, placed his 7 inch long, slightly curved at right cock on her pussy slit from behind and plunged the whole thing home, in one hard swift push. Ravon moaned in pain.
“Mr. Pink, shut her up with your meat.” said Bill.
“Sorry Ravon… you’ll have to help me…” Kenny held her face with his hands and put his cock back in her mouth.
Now Bill was pumping his long cock in and out of her hot and slick pussy really fast. Phut… phut… phut… Every time his abdomen hit her buttocks really hard, it’ll make this smacking sound. Ravon moaned on Kenny’s cock as Bill rubbed her G-spot hard with his penis. Few minutes of this brought her to a massive orgasm. She sucked on Kenny’s cock real hard and this brought him over the edge. He grabbed the back of her head and plunged his cock as far as it’d go, gagging her on his cock and squirt… squirt… squirt… He squirted a fresh load of cum down her throat. She had no choice but to swallow it.
“Sorry… I should have pulled out…” he apologized.
“It’s Ok.” She said as she let go of his cock.
Bill now pushed her flat on the ground and starts to fuck her as fast, hard and deep as he could. He was on the verge of blowing his wad deep in her pussy, when Haas ran in.
“That pig… he gave us the wrong combination. If it had an alarm, police will be here soon. We have five minutes top.” Haas said, breathing very hard and fast.
Bill let out a sigh as he withdrew from Raven and went after Haas, making inaudible sounds, quickly putting his pants back on.
“Yo Pink, give your girlfriend some chloroform.” Haas said as he went to the next room.
Kenny helped Ravon to her feet, “You’d better get dressed and get away before police arrives, you could be in trouble if they find you. Here… as I promised.” Kenny pushed a $100 in the elastic of her stockings and headed towards the next room where Bill and Haas were interrogating Baxter.
“Hey… Mr. Pink…” Kenny stopped as he heard Ravon calling him.
“What?” he asked.
Ravon picked up her purse from the floor, pulled out a card and offered it to Kenny, “Here… you can call me sometime… if you like.”
Kenny took the card and walked to the next room.
Ravon got dressed quickly and moved out of the house thru the front door.

[Chapter 5]
“Son-of-a-bitch! You gave us the wrong combination. Get it right this time or I’mma cut your balls off.” said really angry Bill.
Baxter was forming another fake combination in his mind, when Bill took his knife out and grabbed Baxter’s testicles. This time Baxter panicked and gave in. “I’ll talk, I’ll talk… please don’t hurt me…”

In the next minute they were upstairs in front of an open safe. “Eureka” screamed Kenny.
Haas opened his rucksack and emptied the safe in it quickly, “Yeah!”

And in the next minute they were out thru the backdoor. They can hear police sirens closing in fast. They moved out to the street, opened the manhole hatch, climbed in one by one, first Haas with the money, then Kenny and finally Bill entered as he closed the hatch.
“We’re safe here. Nobody saw us went in, but we should hurry.” said Haas.
“I’ll lead the way.” said Kenny as he lit his flashlight.

They went straight as planned, but soon were in trouble. When they found a tunnel crossing their way left, there wasn’t only one tunnel. Infect there was four ways to go. There was this one they were in going straight, one going right, one left and another one parallel to the left one.
“Oh shoot! What now?” asked a little scared Haas.
“Well… there’s no point going straight or right. We have to go left… and according to the map we saw, we should take the first one that goes left.”

So the three friends took the first left tunnel. But after walking a few minutes, they came to a dead end.
“Oops, we should’ve taken the second left tunnel…” Kenny couldn’t finish. It was too late. There was sound of a footstep behind them and after a few while they could make out hues of a powerful flashlight.
Surely enough, the Cops have decided to send one or more officers to search the sewers.


[Few Words]
About ‘Mr. Magnífico’: I’m really ashamed for how I messed things up with people’s dick sizes. Wherever I was supposed to write circumference or use the word ‘around’, I used diameter. I guess I made every guy a mutant there, Ha… ha…! I apologize for this sort of mistake, it won’t happen again.
I had a finished episode 2&3, when my Windows started having some problems. So I decided to setup the Windows again, but alas, I forgot to backup my stories (which were in ‘My Documents’ that time) in other drives. So everything is lost and now I don’t have energy to write those episodes again. I’ll work on that series someday…

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