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Kenny gets into trouble.
fluky dogs| Part 03: Kenny’s The Man| by Mogrim

[Chapter 1]
The evening after their adventure, Bill, Haas and Kenny met in Haas’s home.
“Guys, I have bad news.” Bill was back in his cowboy hat. “Cops raided the warehouse this morning.”
“How did they find out?” asked Haas.
“I don’t know.” said Bill.
“Well… did you remove her blindfold? There was… kind of a signboard there, in the corner… that said the name and address of that warehouse.” Kenny asked Haas.
“That bitch! Why didn’t you tell that before?” Haas howled at Kenny.
“Hey, don’t yell at me.” Kenny got angry, “You’re the one who removed her blindfold. We didn’t even get to fuck her.”
“Fools!” shouted Bill. “What is done is done. We can’t use that place anymore.”
“Anymore?” Kenny looked tense, “Hey man, are we going to do this again? I thought it was a one time job. I was so scared in the sewers last night… I’m not doing this again.”
“Didn’t you see how easy that went?” Bill is unconvinced, “…and the money? Come on man!”
“I don’t know… I’ll have to think about it.” Kenny’s confusion showed on his face.
“Yeah man, we’ll find a better place and we’ll be more careful next time.” Haas tried to convince Kenny.
“Yeah… the money is good,” Kenny said, “we can try it again sometime… I guess. But six or seven thousand isn’t good enough.”
“Yes, we’ve gotta start big …and to start big, we’ve gotta think big.” said Bill, leaning forward in excitement, “We need proper planning and a proper hideout. Any plans?”
“A restaurant, warehouse or a garage would be a good place to retreat. These can bear their costs themselves, if run properly. But we have to be very careful not to blow our covers.” said Haas. “Garage is my personal favorite. But $19600 wouldn’t take us anywhere.”
Suddenly Bill said, “I know a place… a garage, where I take my pickup for maintenance. It’s in a good location. The owner is very old and wants to move out to Florida. So he is going to sell his place…” then his excitement began to evaporate, “but we can’t afford it…” then his enthusiasm appears again, “…unless we can pull out something big.”

So the three friends tried to think of something, but came out with nothing. At 07:00 PM, Kenny stood up, “I have nothing, man. We have to take some time to think about it. I’m going now.”
It was strange; the three usually hang around together. “Where are you going?” asked Bill.
“I think I’ll call Ravon and try to fix a date.” said a little embarrassed Kenny.
“And she is…?” asked Haas.
“She’s the girl we met at Baxter’s house.” answered Kenny.
“Ho! You’ll get us all into trouble.” said Bill, “what if the police got her?”
“Relax, she haven’t seen my face… she only saw my dick.” He went out.
“What do we do now?” Bill asked Haas.
“I say we go visit that bitch Tanya and teach her a lesson.” said Haas.
“Nah… it’s too risky. They’d set up a trap around her. We’ll see to it later.”

[Chapter 2]
Kenny called Ravon from a public phone booth. He said his name is Michael and he got her phone number from a friend. She said she is free tonight and gave him her address. So at 7:45, he pushed the button in intercom. She lived in a cheap apartment house. 2 minutes later he knocked on her door.
Ravon opened the door. Her hair was pulled back and tied up on a ponytail today. She was dressed in a short black skirt, see-through figure hugging pink top, he can see a pink bra and the top of her pink thong, and she had high heeled black boots on.
“Michael?” she asked.
“Yes, I am Michael Tong.” He replied.
She smiled and said, “Come on in.” she moved aside and gave him space to get in. “How did you get my number again?” she asked.
“My friend Steve gave me your number,” Kenny picked a name carefully; “he speaks very highly of you.”
“Well… I date a lot of Steve, but… whatever, thank him for me.” Ravon said.
“I sure will.”
“Come, sit down.” She said.
They sat down on her couch. “Did Steve tell you about my charge?” She asked.
“No, but he said you’re no cutthroat.” Kenny was getting a little worried. She’s only a whore and I only want a fuck, he thought, why so many questions?
“Ha ha ha,” she laughed, “I’m beginning to like this Steve already. How come I don’t remember him?”
“Well… he only dated you once or twice… I dunno.”
“Ok, I charge $100 an hour, $180 for two hours, and in only $500, you get me for the whole night.” She said.
Sure, he said.
“So… what do you want first?” she asked.
He put his hand on her thigh, “AHhhhm…” cleared his throat.
She kept staring at him, smiling.
“Well… you can start with a blowjob.”
She kneeled in front of him, unzipped his pants, put her right hand in and took his dick out from his briefs. She looked him in his eyes and started to wank his dick. It was already almost erect and with a few more jerks it became as hard and big as it could be. She took the head in her mouth and twirled her tongue around his cock-head.
“Lick my balls.” Kenny was beginning to feel confident already.
She withdrew from the head and pinched his testicle lightly, his whole body jerked in pleasure.
She licked his balls for a minute as she wanked his stiff cock, then took one in her mouth and started to suck it. She bit his testicle very softly, he went crazy.
“Swallow my dick…” he screamed.
She took his shaft in her mouth and began to suck it. It wasn’t very wet, so she spat on his cock and rubbed it all over his shaft. She wanked his dick again for a while, spat on it again and took it back in her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down on his cock and worked on his shaft with her tongue, just like before, when she gave him a bj in Baxter residence. She cupped his balls and he was in the verge of destruction(!).
He took her head in his hands and began to fuck her mouth, every time hitting the back of her throat. Kenny felt her gag on his cock dangerously, so he slowed down a little.
After continuing this for a while, he felt like blowing his load.
“Can I cum in your mouth?” he asked in a hurry.
“Uh-huh” she said in a muffled voice as she gagged on his cock.
He needed no more encouragement. He plunged his 5.5” dick as far in her mouth as possible and poured gobs of cum down her throat.
She held her face on his cock as long as she could hold her breath, and then she moved up slowly. Ravon licked his cock clean and played with his cock-head with her tongue as long as it wasn’t fully limp.
“You take a breather, I’ll be back in a minute.” She went to the bathroom to clean her mouth.
Kenny looked at his watch, 20 minutes gone.

[Chapter 3]
Ravon came back after a few minutes. She brought a bottle of wine and two glasses.
“What do you want next?” she asked as she handed him a glass.
“Well… make me hard again.”
She leaned forward and kissed him in his mouth, and let go after a few seconds. It was a small and gentle, but passionate kiss.
Then he kissed her and she kissed back. He put his tongue in her mouth and searched for hers. They battled with their tongues for a while and then she took his tongue in her mouth and starts to suck on it. Ravon sucked his tongue dry.
She stood up and removed her top and skirt. She pulled the cups of her bra down, didn’t remove it, and revealed her tits. She offered her lovely boobs to him, he licked them eagerly, making them hard, and then he bit them a little hard, managing a moan from her.
She stood up again and put her pussy in front of is face. She takes the front of her thong in her hand and pulls it very hard. The crotch of her thong dug between her pussy lips, creating a very hot scene. He licked her slit as he felt his penis stir up again.
She turned around and offered her ass to him. He licked and bit her buttocks. He moved the narrow, rope-like cloth aside and licked her asshole for a while.
She turned back, bent in and took his erection in her mouth. She sucked and gagged on his cock from her bend over position and brought it to its full size.
She pulled his hand and said, “Come… to the bedroom.”

Ravon led Kenny to her bedroom. She has a double bed with yellow bedcovers. She set her left foot on the side of the bed, near one of the bedposts, held a post with her right hand, looked back in his eyes and wiggled her butt at him.
“Come on boy… give it to me.” She whispered.
Kenny dropped his pants down and stepped out of them. He moved behind her and placed his erection on her slit. Her rubbed it up and down on her slit, wetting the head with her juices. Then suddenly he plunged the whole thing in with a deep thrust. He fucked her hard and fast from behind as she held the strap of her thong aside with her left hand.
He fucked her for 3/4 minutes until he was ready to blow his load, then he withdrew.
Kenny pulled her thong down and told her to get on the bed.
“Spread your legs.” Kenny said. He removed all his clothing and leaned between her legs. He licked her pussy lips and drank her sweet nectar. Kenny spread her lips with his fingers, licked her clitoris and nibbled it. He took Ravon’s clit in his mouth and sucked it.
“Ohhh… you’re so good…” she moaned, “put your fingers in.”
Kenny put two of his fingers in her hole, stroked in and out few times to wet them nicely and then he searched for her G-spot. And he found it.
He sucked on her clit furiously as he rubbed her G-spot with his fingers. A few minutes of these and… “Unhh… yes… yes…” she sprayed her juices all over his face, soaking the whole thing.
Kenny’s cock was getting a little soft. So he moved his hips between her spread legs and put his cock back where it belongs. He fucked her slowly and gently, grinding their crotches in every thrust.
She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his lips passionately. Then she licked his face clean of her own juices.
“Uhhh… uhhh… uhhh…” Ravon moaned as Kenny was pushing his dick very hard in her.
Kenny will ejaculate in any second now.
“Oh yes… Mr. Pink, fuck me…” Ravon cried out in lust.
What did she just said, Kenny panicked and blew his wad inside her cunt. “What’s that?” he asked. His face has turned white.
“You’re one of those guys who robbed Mr. Baxter last night, aren’t you?” she said. “You said you are Mr. Pink.”

[Chapter 4]
“I don’t know what are you talking about.” said very scared Kenny. His face and voice was an instant give away.
“Come on, I’ve recognized you from the moment you touched me.”
“You have mistaken me with someone else…” he said and got up, “I have to go now.” He began to put his clothes on.
“What’s the rush?” she said from bed, laying and looking at him.
Suddenly he was stunned, “You’ve called the cops, haven’t you?”
“Relax, I have called nobody.” She kept staring at him.
“What do you want?” he asked.
“Nothing… well… sit down, I might have something…”

After talking for about an hour, Kenny paid her and went home. Then he called Bill and told him to stay home next morning and then he called Haas and told him to meet them at Bills place tomorrow at 10:00 AM.

[Chapter 5]
Kenny and Haas ran into each other at Bills doorstep.
“What do you want to tell us?” Haas asked Kenny as he knocked at the door.
“You’ll know…”
Bills younger sister Adele opened the door.
“Hey Adele.” Said Haas.
“Hey Haas, come on in.” she smiled at him, “Bill is still asleep.”
She moved aside and Haas and Kenny went in.

Adele is the cutest and sweetest girl Haas has ever seen. She is 5’5” tall and very slim (not skinny). She has a thin waist, middle of her back long blonde hair with brown streaks (or brown hair with dense blonde streaks?) and deep blue eyes. Her breasts are small, a B-cup maybe. But her ass and legs are the best. She has nicely rounded firm ass and long slender legs.

It was six months ago, Haas and Kenny fathomed the truth that they have no chance of scoring with her. Haas and Adele were dancing together in a party when Haas put his hands on her ass. Adele wasn’t reluctant or anything but Bill dragged Haas outside and after minutes of verbal clash, Bill made it clear that he doesn’t want him or Kenny (or anyone in this world) to date his sister, let alone the thought of scoring with her. Bill was a friend too dear to lose, so Haas didn’t push this matter anymore.

“Yo Bill, wake up man…” after minutes of pushing and shoving, Bill woke up, “I’ve got great news for you guys.” said excited Kenny.
“What?” he asked, a little annoyed.
“Remember you were talking about big money yesterday?” he asked.
“What about it?” asked Haas.
“Well I know how to make some,” he said, “…it is going to be very risky, but I think it’s worth it.”



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