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A story about crossdressing, and turning Bi Sexual
Sunday started with the sun in my eyes to wake me up. As I sat up in bed I heard moans and screaming of pleasure. Putting a Bra and panties on, I slipped on my robe and went to investigate. Jim and Tom were downstairs, pounding Katelin and she was enjoying it. Moans escaped Katelins lips as she sucked Toms cock, Jim was behind her thrusting in and out very violently.

As I watched my own boy thing started to get excited, while it wasn't fully hard it was still ready to go. "Get on the floor Tom" Jim said panting and breathing heavily. Tom laid down on the floor as Jim moved Katelin on all fours. "You go in first" Jim said pulling out of Katelin. Tom put his hard cock to Katelins hole and pushed in, A long moan came from her as she took his cock deep.

Watching I was stunned, they were going to stretch Katelins hole. And stretch it wide, Jim got on his knees and positioned himself to enter her. She whimpered a bit when Jim came to her hole. Already stretched and her hole was saying no. Pushing on her hole Jim tried to insert himself, a very loud scream and yelp escaped her mouth. I could only watch as Katelin was pumped full of lube to allow her hole to expand.

Tom reentered to a very lubed and warm hole. Jim positioned himself to Katelins hole and pushed right through her scream. They were both inside her, stretching her hole wide and open. She moaned in discomfort, and especially yelled when both men tried to pound her hole. Both Jim and Tom were very turned on, near cumming both of them started asking katelin questions. "Do you like this Katelin?? Do you like being pounded by daddy??" Jim barked "Katelin, do you want a wet sopping hole?? just like a slut???" Tom replied back.

Katelin couldn't hold back anymore "YES, both my daddies are pounding my hole... Please give me your cum" Jim and Tom convulsed at the same time. Sending loads of sperm into her hole. She relaxed as she felt her hole aching from being stretched. Jim retracted first, then Tom pulled out. A small trickle of what they had done escaped from her hole. Katelin laid there on top of Tom, trying to hold in her tears from the pain.

Katelin pulled herself off of Tom and kissed Jim. "I'm gonna take a nap daddy" she whispered. Jim nodded and watched her head towards the stairs. I ran back into my room and pretended to be asleep. I heard Jim and Tom talking as Katelin closed her room door. They were talking about changes and planning them, what changes were they talking about??

Jim and Tom started talking quieter, so I couldn't hear what they said. They both laughed as Tom headed out the door. "See ya Tom" Jim said as he closed the door. I heard footsteps across the hallway and starting up the stairs. I rolled away from the door as Jim came to my room. He came over to my bed and pulled down my panties, a finger inserted in me as I suddenly felt invaded. I moaned lightly as I rolled over to see him.

"Morning Daddy" I said trying to act sleepy. "Morning baby" he replied "You need to get dressed" Jim said with haste. Sitting up in bed I questioned him "Why Daddy??" Jim looked at me and stared before speaking "Because I asked you too" I got up and started to get dressed. Jim went to my closet and picked out some clothes, they were skimpy and sexy for my normal wear.

We walked down stairs together, Jim stopped me as we arrived at the front door. "Ashley" he said "We are going to the doctors office today". "Why" I asked. "Its a special doctor that you will like" Jim explained as he walked me out the front door. Driving to the doctors office there wasn't alot of talk between Jim and I. Mostly he listened to the radio as I sat there.

Jim pulled into the parking lot, and reminded me to lock the door. As we walked up to the door I couldn't read the sign infront. He escorted me inside to a waiting room where 2 other women sat. Jim went up to the window while I found a seat, He came back with some forms to fill out. As he was filling them out I saw the title of the doctor, a cosmetic surgoen. Why would Jim bring me here I thought...

As thoughts raced through my mind I heard the other two women being called back. I leaned over to Jim and asked "What are we doing here". He looked at me and smiled "Giving you what saline injections would for a little while". "Breasts???" I asked suprised. Jim nodded towards me as I sat back and reflected on what he just said. "Today your going to be planned for them, not actually get them" he added.

The nurse called us back to one of the rooms, my heart was beating out of control. I was so nervous that I was actually considering this. We arrived at our room and stepped inside, the nurse closed the door and started asking the usual questions. Name, Age, etc... When she got down to sex she asked which one I would like to be put down as, I froze and tried to stammer out a answer. "Female" Jim said helping me out with my situation. The nurse didn't flinch and wrote down Jims answer.

Instructing me to take off my top and bra, I removed my top clothing and layed them down on the bench beside me. "Hmmmmm" the nurse remarked as she looked at my still budding breasts. "Saline injections??" She asked Jim turning around. "Yes Ma am" Jim answered. "Ok" the nurse replied, "Sir would you come outside with me please" Jim got up and winked at me on his way out.

As Jim left the room he turned to his right, I heard a door shut which I guess was the nurses office. Hearing some thuds and some talking I think, I sat there alone and topless in the room. Jim came back in the room after about 5 minutes with the nurse following him. The Nurse closed the door, and told me to get on my knees. I looked at Jim in question "Go ahead sweetie" he said.

Sinking off the bench and onto my knees the nurse came over and straddled my face. Moving her panties to one side, cum started soaking my face and mouth. I found out what Jim had done, flooded her pussy. It tasted really sweet from her. Licking her pussy clean I came up to her clitoris, but there wasn't one there. I opened my eyes to see a buldge in the front of her panties. I was shocked at first, but then very turned on.

She was a hermaphrodite, one of those born with both sexes. Knowing that I noticed she spoke up, "By the way, my name is Staci... And I'll be coming over to help out" I looked over a Jim, He just had a smile on his face. "Plus" Staci continued "I will get you and Katelin both the implants at no charge... providing you satisfy me" Jim started to chuckle to which Staci interupted "I'm not talking just sexually, I'm talking physically also... They must be kept on a strict diet and in corsets"

As Staci finished her sentence the doctor walked into the room. The doctor looked down at me on my knees, Staci started to explain how I had fell. He paid it no mind and stood me up. Sitting down on the bench again the doctor started to ask questions... "Ok Ashley, how big are we wanting to go??" "D's" I immediately screamed out. The doctor chuckled and measured out my body length, weight, and mass. After a few minutes of silence he spoke.

"I think D's would be too much for your body... C's would accent your figure much more" I looked at Jim and he caught my hint, He grabbed Staci by the arm and led her out of the room. As the door closed I asked "Why not D's??" "They would make you too top heavy" the doctor expained "Your back would be screaming after 1 week of that size" I realized he was probably right, but it would get me noticed.

With me sitting on the bed/table the doctor was alot lower in his seat. I spread my legs to expose my pink panties under my black skirt. The Doctor looked up but acted like he didn't notice. "But Doc" I said pulling my hands up to my breasts "Would you like to see these a beautiful size D??" The doctor swallowed hard knowing the position I had put him in. I slid off the table and walked towards him, straddling his lap I sat down.

The buldge in his pants was apparent as it jumped towards my panties. "Ashley" he said "A full physical is required in order to recieve breast implants" I stood up and moved back to the table. As I bent over I lowered my panties to expose my hole. "Check me out then doctor" I said teasing him. The doctor got up grabbing his thermomiter and lubing it up. He put his rubber gloves on and lubed my hole.

His excitement could be felt as he came hear my hole I grabbed the thermomiter and threw it against the wall. It shattered into many pieces, as the doctor tried to react I reached back to his pants and grabbed his belt. "I want this one" I growled out. The doctor quickly undid his belt and lowered his boxers. Trying to lube up his cock, he nudged my hole.

Inserting his cock was a feeling I will never forget. He put his head to my hole, it felt big... really big. As I relaxed, his cock started to slide in me, further and further he thrust his cock inside me. All 8 inches were inside me, the doctor started slowly thrusting deep and long. It didn't take me long to get worked up, this hard long cock going all the way in me is enough to get any girl off. He picked up his pace, making sure to pleasure every inch of my hole.

I felt his rod swell in me, I started to clinch my hole around his cock. Harder he thrust inside me, Deeper and deeper the emotions came from inside my hole. "Give me my medicine" I said with a very breathy voice. The doctor went wild on my hole, pounding and abusing it. I felt a tingle, something that I had never felt before. More and more it built as the doctor kept pounding me harder.

Our breathing was in sync now, heavy and hard breathing. My tingle now felt like a buzz, something was happening I'm just not sure what. As the feeling continued to build the doctor started swelling more. I could tell he was going to cum. The last few strokes were pure bliss, The doctor took three last strokes into me. Holding on to the buzz turned my body erupting in pleasure. The doctor came in my hole triggering the effect.

My body impaled itself on his cock, convulsing, and shaking uncontrolably. The doctor had to cover my mouth because I was trying to scream. I tried to relax from the orgasm but it was no hope, my orgasm had my body locked in pleasure. Pulling out, the doctor hurried to get his pants up and looking proper. I was still bent over trying to catch my breath. The doctor exited and ordered Staci to come in and help me, that I was feeling ill.

Staci rushed in only to see me bent over, "Is that what it feels like??" I asked still panting. "What feels like??" Staci said, "A female orgasm, does it feel like a enormous burst of joy inside your body??" Staci giggled for a moment and answered "Yes, it feels very good your first time... It only gets better down the road" As Staci continued to talk she saw me leaking and decided to help. Her tongue invaded my sore hole, but it felt so nice and wet.

Staci finished cleaning me and pulled my panties up, "A nice cock he has isn't it" Staci said winking at me. I tried to muster up and answer but all I could do is sigh. She helped me up and let Jim carry me out of the office. When we got home Jim carried me upstairs and into my room. He layed me down on the bed and covered me up. Jim kissed me on the forehead, after that I fell asleep.

Waking up I felt someone laying beside me, I turned on the bedside light to see Staci on my bed. "Hey" Staci said with a smile "You know your friend Katelin is a good little fuck" "A good little fucker for me" I replied with a giggle. Staci smiled again and leaned over to kiss me. While kissing me my mind drifted off to a fantasy, Katelin, Staci, and Daddy all fucking me. Daddy infront while I suck his cock, Staci and Katelin shoving both their cocks in my hole stretching it.

Breaking the kiss Staci got up, "C'mon I have stuff to teach you". As I rolled out of bed Staci threw some clothing my way "Get dressed in that and come see me downstairs". Looking at the clothing it was a Corset, garter belt, stockings, and a very tight looking pair of panties. Also there was a box beside the clothing, I took off the top to reveal a pair of 6" stiletto heels. I adorned the clothing and tried to walk downstairs in the heels.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs I saw Katelin walking around the living room with a book on top of her head. Staci saw me coming down the stairs and walked over to me, inspecting me she looked me up and down. "Turn around" she barked at me. When I turned around she undid the ties I had made in my corset. Staci tied them lightly and handed me two clear globs. They looked like clear water balloons only filled with gel.

"What are these??" I asked, "These are your breast implants that you will have put in on Monday" Staci explained. Looking at them they were big, really big. "But these are huge" I started to wonder if I really wanted them. "Hey!!!!" Staci snapped at me "Your the fucking bitch who wanted D tits... so just fucking accept it" My mind raced as I tried to take in what Staci had just said. "Put them in your corset" she ordered.

As I did she tightened the strings, "Suck in your waist" she barked again. Staci was enjoying this alot, as I sucked in she overtightened the strings on the corset. It felt like someone was preventing me from breathing. "I can't breathe" I said in a shallow voice. Staci looked at me and smiled, "Your going to learn to breathe like this and like it alot" She walked away from me and towards Katelin, Staci stopped her from walking around the living room.

Katelin looked frightened as Staci grabbed her arm and pulled her over to the couch. "Bend over" Staci said, As katelin bent over Staci pulled down her panties to expose a thick dildo in her hole. Staci looked at me "Katelin has been a really good girl for me, she deserves a treat" Staci pulled out the current dildo and replaced it with another one. This one had a hole on the outside, Staci put a tube to the hole and had Katelin put on a back pack that was attached to the tube.

I wondered what it was, Staci whispered something in Katelins ear. Katelin smiled and said "Thank you mistress" Katelin ran up the stairs in her heels, bouncing up and down the whole time. As Katelin closed her room door, Staci turned her attention to me. "Now its your turn, walk over to the couch and bend over" As I walked over staci was right on my heels the whole time.

Bending over I felt Staci pull down my panties, She filled my hole with lube as I started to get nervous. She put a dildo to my hole and pushed in, It felt nice filling my hole though it was kinda thick. I felt a thicker part reach my hole, Staci pushed it in with a plop. I gasp as I felt the thicker part expand my hole. Staci started to giggle saying "That will keep it locked inside you for now" When staci finished her sentence, she turned on the vibrator inside the dildo.

Staci pulled up my panties and made sure they were tight around me. She grabbed my shoulder and stood me up. "Now walk around the living room like you saw Katelin doing, Strut your stuff, Wiggle your ass, and Bounce those tits" I started off very slowly still trying to learn how to walk in these heels. As I kept walking around the living room I learned the limits of my heels, and how much I could shake my ass.

"Mmmmmmm thats it Ashley" Staci coached as I kept trying to perfect my wiggle. Staci came over and stepped infront of me, She had a book in her hand. "Now do it with this on your head, and everytime it falls I will spank you, I nodded in agreement and tried to balance the book on my head. As I walked in the living room Staci barked at me "Do 20 laps then come over and see me"

As I continued my laps Katelin came down the stairs once again. She went over to Staci and started whispering. "That will be fine" Staci answered as Katelin ran back up the stairs. Staci glared back over at me, noticing I hadn't dropped the book once. "Thats good enough Ashley" She said as she got up from her chair. Coming over too me she grabbed the book and dropped it to the floor. Go get dressed in some PJ's and come back down here.

Katelin and I exited our rooms together, as we looked each other up and down we realized we matched. Only her blue and my pink was the difference. We held hands as we wiggled our hips down the stairs. When we got to the bottom of the stairs, Jim threw me my coat while Staci threw Katelin hers. "Lets go for a ride girls"

We jumped in the car with Katelin and I in the backseat. Katelin and I still holding hands started to give a kiss every now and then. Of course when we got to where our trip took us, we were in full make out mode. Katelin on top as always, and me being dominated on bottom. "Alright girls, lets go theres plenty of time for that later" Jim said holding the car door open. I got out on Jim's side as he pulled me to him. "You say nothing of where we are you got it??" I nodded as I continued to walk to the door.

Staci unlocked the door as we entered the building. There was another car parked outside and the inside lights illuminated the place. As the outside door closed, Jim held me back close to him. He slipped a hand inside my PJ's and my panties, taking a finger and inserting it inside me. Katelin continued to walk forward as Staci took a rag and put it over Katelins mouth. Katelin hit the floor with a thud, as I tried to react Staci brought the rag to my mouth.


2007-02-08 09:11:17
I guess I should have read parts 1 & 2 first.


2007-02-08 08:23:12
more this is great you got me so hard i could cum

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