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PART 1 & 2
Part I

The garden was resplendent, richly and brilliantly colorful, & lavish Flora would find it much as she wanted, she was to be married come morning. The man she is to wed is Mav, they both exhibit great love in thought and action, when together, & their marriage wouldn’t seem uncanny, whilst there love is greater than most will know they share in a paphian (pertaining to love, especially its sexual and illicit manifestations; erotic ) relationship. Irrumation (fellatio) isn’t uncommon by Flora, & many a day she hasn’t been able to speak as well ‘cause of this, if this isn’t the case than may be Mav ill-treats her, but he is a gentle man & has never shown any aggression. The marriage is going to be huge. Five-hundred guests are expected to show up while another one hundred are bringing there families as well. Regardless, this will be a day to remember.

The next day at noon
A glorious spring morning & the whole countryside is alive. There is magnificence that gives new meaning to abromania (extreme euphoria). The bride & groom exit the church & the ceremony is about to begin. A commotion suddenly catches everyone’s attention as Georgios, lord to the countryside, closes the distance between him and Flora, his retinue/ancillaries trailing. He is close enough to greet Flora, when his men jet out & grab her. She is struck w/consternation & dread so from this that she doesn’t realize she is being subdued until it’s to late. Mav moves so quick to her assailants that they themselves barely manage to evade his fifth & final strike, then another man lunges on top of him, followed by three more. Georgios in a loud shrill disseminates “droit du seigneur” (feudal lord's right to enjoy female vassal on her wedding night) & the entirety of the congregation falls silent. Not a word is said as Georgios & his men flee w/Flora. Mean while Mav regains composure, understanding the full extent of Flora’s abduction he begins to sob, unable to express the grief verbally. Not long after & what was once a bright sunny day now turns to violent storm & most people flee to the church or to cover. However, Mav sits utterly devastated & dismayed, he lies down & falls into a deep sleep. There he is as a young boy, standing in front of his mom, who is dressed in the same dress Flora wore today, he catches his father’s gaze as two men force his mother on the Lord Georgios, & in a blink of an eye his Dad unsheathes a stiletto missing one man’s face by a hair & fix’ it in another’s throat. Georgios disposes his mom to the ground, drawing his sword in one fluid movement. He charges father & dives into him, they both collapse on the ground, only Georgios rises from the mess.
Mav wakes up in a warm bed, two men he recognizes as Ruggero & Guglielmo sit by a fire, he sits up & realize there is a wound on his side. He grinds his teeth remembering that Flora is not w/him. He gets dressed & greets the men. They tell Mav he's slept through hell, & shortly after Flora was taken, many men rose up against Georgios & the Lord’s castle is besieged. It may take some time to rescue Flora if they do not directly assault the castle. They tell Mav the castle is well defended & it will not be easy.

Part 2

The castle is dirty & gloomy, Flora is enticed into a room where Georgios waits. He’s the man who virgin’s fear most. The reason is that he’s desperate to procreate sons, but has failed to so. Some say he is cursed, others he’s improcreant (sexually impotent). No matter the reason, he is despicable, the few that have lasted come back w/horrible reports. It’s known that he has a neurotic curiosity for algolagnia(taking sexual pleasure in inflicting or enduring pain).

I’m Lord Georgios, whom are you?


Whom do you serve?

I serve no one, but myself

That is going to change Flora

I’m scared

Most who see this room show fear, but that is for them to stimulate me. Do as I demand and you will enjoy me.

Will I lose my husband.

We shall see.

Please show me mercy, I’ll do anything

I want …
Your virginity

I can’t give that to you

No, no you can’t, I must take it from you.

How will you take it from me?

Take away innocence & when all hope is lost, I’ll take it

I won’t disgrace myself for you.

you will Flora, you’ll wish for it when I’m done w/ you.

Slowly Georgios withdraws a whip, gently he straightens out the coils onto the floor & w/ a crack it is flying. He seizes her & w/rope pins her to a wooden frame. Mocking her excruciation, he puts his back into every flogging. She knows now that to scream would only encourage him to go on, so she takes the pain forbear’d & diligently. Her back is a fucking mess, when he gets tired, he spits on her. There is no sign that her whipping disheartened her. Georgios, seeing this, loses his head & begins to taunt her

Mother fucking cunt

I’ll fucking double your fucking beatings if you don’t fucking scream

fucking hell!

Fucking scream!!!!!!

You’re fucking mum will be next if you don’t fucking scream

Then your fucking father, fucking brothers, sister, husband, & whoever so fucking muchs loved you fucking once, will fucking get it!!!!!!

she only gives him a blank stare

you’ll beg for my cock at the end you fucking dirty cunt!!

He then strips her of her tattered dress & flexes her ass on the frame. Selecting leather paddle he begins to beat the shit outs her. This time she can’t withstand it & lets out a terrible scream. Now Georgios smiles, dropping his shorts his cock is shown in the candlelight. It has become hard & steadily he hammers it in her cavity. She squirms in pain. He‘s enjoying himself so much that it becomes clear that he has immersed his whole body into the motion. She can’t take it, she desperately struggles, she doesn’t do anything but Georgios manipulates her & she’s slowly being fucked to death, she strains to murmur her plea, but all she can get out is


He doesn’t hear, but does see she is suffering greatly. & then he let’s go, Flora drops to the floor. Georgios’ cock drops, it is that hard. She wants to grovel & beg for mercy, she’s going to speak, but then a man rushes in.

Sire, they’re attacking the Keep!

Part 3

Coming soon …


2007-09-11 12:22:43
Dont give up! I want to read the rest!


2007-04-25 17:20:32
A poorly told lump of misspelt drivel. Poor grammar and punctuation. Don't bother with any more. Pleae.


2007-02-06 12:05:39
i don't get the resistance to simple rules of structure when writing. The writer needs to be in charge of ensuring that they are commmunicating in the clearest manner possible, not just writing down whatever dribbles out of their head. mediocre 5 / 10


2007-02-04 13:02:58
Hey, ZYZX, I'm not a punk who slams everybody. I'm the Dick Slapper and if you check it out, there are many, many congratulatory comments I've made for writers who deserve it. This one doesn't deserve ti. (I don't know who the other "punk" is who wrote a negative comment.)


2007-02-02 05:52:42
Looks like the same punks that slam everybody.

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