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Alicia gets punished
It was the night that James and Alicia had almost been caught. Alicia's dad was furious and drunk. He wanted to discipline her the best he could, but his drunkenness, and furiousness got in the way.

Her dad threw her to the bed, Mindy watching from a corner. Alicia's father had gotten pissed, he knew what they had been doing, and wanted to punish Alicia, he didn't know Mindy had been involved too. Their father didn't actually know how much Alicia and James had done, he was dead set thinking that he took her virginity.

"He took your flower didn't he!" He screamed at her. He had her pinned on the bed in the darkness.

"No, daddy, no!" she was mumbling back to him. Alicia was crying hard from fear of what her father was going to do and the pain of being pinned.

He began tearing at her clothes until they were all off, Alicia squirming about trying to get free. "Well let's just see, then!" He shouted as he jammed a finger up into her pussy. She screamed loudly as she felt his fingers brush her hymen, inside her pussy. "Nope, I'm not feeling it," he lied.

"But, daddy it's there!" Alicia screamed as her dad yanked out his fingers. "I promise, daddy it's there! It's there!" Her dad got off her and went over to Mindy, whispering something in her ear.

He went over to his dresser as Mindy got undressed. Their father got four belts and began tying Alicia to the posts of the bed. Once that was done Mindy got up on the bed and positioned herself over Alicia's face. "Now, you're going to eat out your sister like the little slut you are, while I make sure one last time that you're not a virgin. Alicia opened her mouth but Mindy was pushed down by their father.

Alicia was a little thankful for a familiar taste in her mouth, and Mindy started moaning quickly. Although she was scared, Alicia wanted her sister to be calm and couldn't stand to see her get punished. Just as she began enjoying the taste of her sister's tiny, wet pussy again she heard a zipper. She squirmed a little but their dad smacked her stomach.

Mindy's hands were grasping Alicia's hair and she was looking down at her big sister, who was looking back up at her. Tears filled both their eyes as they heard their dad's clothes hit the floor.

Alicia squinted as she felt the dick head of her dad at her pussy entrance. In one quick motion his dick was completely imapled inside her and she screamed loudly. Feeling his girth and the sharp pain from her broken hymen, she cried hard and continued to scream. "Wow, I guess you were a virgin," he said and began pounding in and out of her. Alicia started licking her sister again, getting enjoyment out of that. She continued to cry even after the first two minutes of brutal fucking as she felt her pussy walls being ripped apart.

He continued to pump in and out of her, watching his daughter's breasts bounce and his other daughters small ass. The tightness of Alicia overwhelmed him and he wanted to explode inside of her. Mindy started moaning loudly as she came on Alicia's face. That was it for him, he needed to explode, but new he couldn't inside his daughter. "Mindy, get off her!" he ordered as he tore his dick out of Alicia's hole. He moved up to Alicia's face and grabbed her head and shoved it on his dick, exploding in her mouth. He held her head there through her gags.

After a minute or two he got up and kissed both her breasts lightly, "Sorry for not trusting you, now go to bed." He untied her and she ran to her room crying hard. He saw the blood stain on his bed and regretted what he'd done. He turned to Mindy, "Go comfort her." He took the sheet off his bed and lied down and fell asleep.

Mindy walked slowly into Alicia's room, she was in her bed crying still. Mindy didn't say anything, just slipped under the covers with her and went down. Alicia's sobs slowed and stopped as she felt her sister's mouth on her nipples. She let Mindy suck on her like a baby for a few minutes then pulled her up out of the covers and kissed her lovingly. "I love you, Mindy," Alicia said to her hugging her close.

"I love you to, Alicia," Mindy replied holding her back. "And thanks for the orgasim," she said as she giggled.

"Any time baby sister," Alicia said before kissing her and closing her eyes as both girls fell asleep in eachother's arms.

The next morning they awoke, still in eachother's arms. They kissed quickly and then got dressed, their father wasn't there. They took a quick shower together and then had breakfast, "Mindy, never let Daddy take your virginity," Alicia said. Mindy just nodded and kept eating. "I'll take it if you want, just don't let daddy have it."

"How will you do that, Alicia?" Mindy asked confused.

"Oh, I know a way," Alicia replied. She giggled and Mindy quickly joined in.

After breakfast both girls watched some t.v. in silence, but the silence was quickly broken by Mindy. "So how will you take my flower Alicia?" she asked curiously.

"Oh I know a way Mindy," Alicia said and kissed her little sister on the lips. The kiss quickly grew and soon Mindy was facing Alicia on her lap, her hands under her shirt exploring her braless back. Alicia broke the kiss long enough to say, "This is in the way," as she giggled and took off her shirt quickly. Instantly Mindy was sucking her breast, just like James. She remembered him sucking her, and now wanted his mouth on her other breast. Alicia noticed Mindy grinding her pussy hard against Alicia's leg. She pushed Mindy off her and laid her down on the floor. Alicia crawled on her kissing her as she unbuttoned her blouse.

Alicia moved down her little sister's body, pausing breifly to suck in each nipple then continueing on to her Mindy's stomach, kissing around her belly button as she pulled off her sister's pants and panties. She gave Mindy's pussy one big lick before taking off her pants and panties. She lied facing her sister and slipped a leg under Mindy's and one over. They both moaned in enjoyment as their pussy folds mingled. Their clits rubbed against eachother as both girls ground their hips wildly.

A few minutes after they started Alicia got up, the cold air slamming against her pussy, intstincts telling her to go back down and mix her juices and pussy folds and clit with her sister's. But instead she lied down and pulled her sister onto her in the 69 position. They instantly began eating eachother out until they came hard in eachother's mouths.

Just as they were getting up their dad walked in grinning.

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2011-07-10 12:38:07 put R A P E in this. Wrong! Take it out. This is supposed to be erotic. Violence is never erotic.

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2009-03-19 22:59:57
story was going good. now you got violent. shit.


2008-10-13 18:25:11
kind of lame, is that all there is?

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2008-07-28 03:53:20
What CRAP you wrote this time. The first 3 parts were great but this is



2008-05-26 20:40:21
rubbish ruined the series

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