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Zack had known he was bi for several years, but had also decided that he wouldn’t make it public until he had at least hooked up with one guy. Just to be sure. He had already missed his opportunity freshman year to reestablish himself with a clean slate. He constantly fretted over how exactly he was going to have his first experience if no one knew he was willing. Whatever, he thought, I’ll let time and context deal with that one.
Zack’s latest desperately futile man-crush was his good friend Leigh. Making sure to spend as much time with Leigh as possible, he got to know Leigh’s friends, Alex, Ben, Pete, and Rick. Ben was quite tall, maybe 6’3”, and lanky. He walked with a large sway and had the façade of a stoner, long hair and a big smile, but never missed a beat in a conversation and was unusually coordinated physically. He was the sort of guy no one ever got mad at because he was just too nice. Rick was a complete asshole and just seemed to tag along with the rest of them ‘cause no one else was nice enough to jump on the grenade. Alex was Zack’s roommate; Alex was also tall like Ben but much more athletically prone as he was recruited for basketball but quit after a year. Pete was Leigh’s roommate, nice guy, tall, blonde, built. Zack might have thought he was attractive if he could see past Leigh. Leigh himself was about the same height as Zack, 5’11ish, but with a much better body. Zack had caught himself staring more than once when Leigh changed shirts. The kid didn’t work out at all, but managed to maintain a flat stomach and a dynamite chest, both hairless. What really completed the deal on that was the tiny little layer of baby fat that smoothed over the muscles so that they weren’t so harsh to look at. Leigh had short dark hair and naturally green eyes. Zack often suspected he was so attracted to him simply because he was his own ideal. Coming from brown hair, brown eyes, and only a moderately good build, he constantly wanted to look more like Leigh. His cock however, he wasn’t so willing he would have traded. When you’ve got a 7.5x2 straight cut penis, trading with a random person statistically isn’t a good idea.
On a Saturday morning in the fall of junior year, Alex and Zack were coming back from the gym when they ran into the rest of the gang headed out for an early lunch. Famished, Pete and Zack threw themselves in with the rest of the lot and walked on. Zack was still hadn’t dried off from his workout, but was always pleased with the way he looked afterwards and was more than happy to suffer a little cold weather in order to strut his stuff now. Soon after they had joined, the group ran into a group of girls they were all friends with heading in the opposite direction on the same mission for sustenance. They stopped to chat but Zack and Ben pulled ahead. They were gaining distance on the rest of the group when Ben, without turning to look or even changing his facial expression, said, “So what’s the deal with you?”
Zack was completely thrown by the question and decided to be ambiguous, “what’s the deal with you?”
Ben wasn’t buying it, “I think we’ve got the same deal going on.”
They stopped. Zack eyed him carefully to try and gain insight into this new side of Ben he was seeing. Ben’s face revealed nothing. “Where you going with this?”
“I was thinking… Would you want to do stuff?”
Zack burst out laughing; Ben didn’t look embarrassed though. When he calmed down, Zack looked back at Ben and said with a smile, “There’s someone else.”
Now Ben was confused, he hadn’t expected such a reply. As an answer, Zack looked back at the group talking to the girls. He looked straight at Leigh. Damn he wanted him. Ben caught on, “Leigh? Really? You turned him?”
“Oh, no. I would. I want to. It’s just, I’m just not interested in anyone else right now.”
“Besides, I was more thinking along the lines on you and Alex.”
Ben looked back at Alex, chatting away. “Acceptable.”
Zack started laughing again. He appreciated someone knowing, and he figured Ben was going to make a great friend from now on. It was then that Leigh looked up at them, completely ignoring some girl talking to him. Actually, it wasn’t some girl, it was one of Zack’s friends too, but it might as well have been some girl the way Leigh looked at them. Leigh smiled and then went back into the conversation, no one noticing the moment. Ben turned to Zack, “I think you should tell him.”
“Yeah, If I want to scare him off for the rest of college.”
“I’m not so sure. I mean, even if he doesn’t reciprocate, if he’s really your friend, would he run away.”
“Heard that one before.”
“Fine, I’ll think about it.
The rest of the guys caught up with them and they continued on to breakfast. Zack was pretty quiet the whole time. In his mind, he was turning over the idea of confessing to Leigh. People commented on his silence once or twice, but he would just smile, say something stupid and go back to his food. Leigh looked concerned.
After breakfast, Zack and Alex went back to their room. Zack quickly showered and then got into bed to take a nap. Returning from his shower, Alex got dressed and started flipping through channels on the TV. His cell rang and he picked it up and talked for half a minute before hanging up. Alex turned to Zack, “Zack, I’m gonna go hit up a movie with Ben, you wanna come? I think we may see Jackass 2 or something.”
Zack smiled. “Nah, that’s ok, I’m mad tired. I’m just gonna take a nap.”
“Suit yourself. You all right though? You haven’t said much since this morning.”
“Yeah, I’ve just been thinking.”
“Alright, try and figure out the plan for tonight while you’re thinking.”
“I’m on it, see ya later.”
Zack was amazed that Ben had the fortitude to be so quick to move in. But, I guess he hasn’t really admitted anything yet. Oh please, you’re just making excuses. You gonna tell Leigh or not… His self dialogue didn’t usually get farther than that. We’ll see.
Zack slept peacefully for hours and dreamt of naughty things. He awoke to a really annoying ringing sound and it took him a second to realize it was his phone. It was dark outside now. Man I slept for a long time. He reached lazily for his bedside table and slowly picked up his phone. It was Leigh. “Hello?” His grogginess was gone.
“Yo man, what’s the plan tonight.”
“I dunno, what are you guys doing?”
“Well, Rick (asshole) and Pete are on the search for weed. I’m just waiting for them to get back.”
“When did they leave?”
“Five minutes ago.”
“Hah, keep waitin’”
“Well, I’m bored already. You wanna play foosball over here?”
“I’ve got nothing better to do, sure.”
“I feel so loved.” You don’t even know the half of it.
“Let me get dressed, I’ll be over there in a sec.”
“I’ve been sleeping.”
“Same. Alright, see ya in a bit.”
Like it was his job, Zack threw on his best looking clothes and ran across the quad to Pete and Leigh’s dorm, letting himself in through the constantly propped door and opening Leigh’s without knocking. Leigh didn’t have a shirt on. Zack threw his coat onto a chair and walked over to the foosball table, hoping his expediency would prevent Leigh from bothering to dress.
Leigh opened up iTunes and put it one shuffle before getting up to start playing. He hadn’t bothered to put on a shirt. He smiled, “You certainly got here fast.”
“Couldn’t wait to kick your ass.”
“Hah, I’d like to see you try.”
They started going at it. Zack was usually better but every time Leigh spun his guys, all of the muscles on his torso with flex in effort and Zack was getting really turned on and distracted. The game was unnecessarily close and Leigh pulled out his game at the end and clinched the victory. Followed up by a short victory dance that caused his muscles to flex again. Leigh was smiling brightly and looking more irresistible than ever. I’ve got to get out of here! Thought Zack. This is just too frustrating. With no effort to hide his annoyance, assuming it could be played off as frustration over losing, Zack interrupted Leigh’s victory dance, “Yo, I’m gonna head back.”
“Taking the loss that hard?”
“I’m sorta tired.”
“You’ve been napping all day!”
“Well Alex and I gotta figure out our plans.”
“Alex and Ben are MIA. Rick and Pete won’t be back for at least an hour considering how dry campus is right now. How exactly are you gonna figure anything out?” That’s right, the movie should have ended a while ago. Where were they?
Zack reached for the doorknob, “I dunno…”
Leigh grabbed his shoulder roughly stopping him, “What’s the fuck's the matter with you lately!?”
Zack winced, Leigh hadn’t known the words would hurt him so much. He then steeled up and replied, looking Leigh directly in the eyes, “Do you need a hint?”
Zack reached for the doorknob again, Leigh didn’t move to stop him, he only said, “No.”
That caught his attention. Zack spun around and looked at Leigh, “What?”
“No, I don’t need a hint. It’s just confusing.”
“Are you serious?”
“Do I look like I’m joking?” He didn’t.
“I’m practically throwing myself at you right now, what else do I need to do?”
“Nothing.” Zack took of his coat and threw it aside, not caring where it landed. He grabbed Leigh around the waste and leaned in for his first kiss with another guy. Leigh met him half way. He wasn’t sure how to play it with a guy. But they both seemed hungry enough to eat each other’s faces. Their tongues darted about massaging each other and Leigh sensually nibbled on Zack’s bottom lip. Zack wrapped his arms around Leigh’s waste, trying to bring him as close as possible, while Leigh wrapped his arms around Zack’s neck, not letting their faces part. They continued kissing for another twenty seconds when Leigh released Zack and pushed himself away.
“Hold on.” He went over to the door and locked it. Then started pulling up Zack’s shirt. “Too much clothing. I like the feeling of skin on skin.”
Taking it the next step when his shirt was off and started unbuckling his pants.
Leigh stood back and watched him disrobe completely. “You think something’s gonna happen between the two of us?” He said mockingly.
Zack didn’t lower himself to sarcasm, “Take off your pants.” Leigh obeyed.
When they were both naked they came back together and started making out again. Their dicks rubbed against one another or both become rock hard quickly. They moaned into each other’s mouths as they dry rubbed their cocks together. Leigh pulled on and kneaded Zack’s ass as they went at it, while Zack massaged Leigh’s back while trying to pull him closer still. Suddenly, Leigh started to slip out of Zack’s grip and was slowly working his way down Zack’s body. He began by placing little kisses along his jaw and then harder ones on Zack’s neck. It was Zack’s weakest spot and he could barely stand all the sensations. As Leigh started to go lower, Zack reached under his arms and pulled him back up. “No.”
“What? I’m gonna give you a blow job idiot.”
“But I want to.”
“I’m gonna fuck you.”
“Done. Lube’s in the top drawer.”
“Lie down face up on the bed and hold your knees.” Leigh obeyed as Zack fetched the lube. He kneeled on the bed in front of Leigh and inspected the glorious sight of the waiting ass. By some grace of God, Leigh didn’t have a single hair on his ass or around his puckered hole. Instead of applying the lube, Zack decided to be bold an attempt his first rim job. Leigh hadn’t been expecting that one and threw his head back as Zack’s tongue entered his ass. His tongue flittered around a bit and Leigh’s neck veins started popping out and his eyes rolled back into his head.
Amused by his handiwork, Zack started pouring copious amounts of lube onto Leigh’s ass and his own rock hard penis. He inserted two fingers into Leigh, as he knew he should, to make sure he was ready, and pumped Leigh’s dick with the other hand. Leigh looked up from the pillow where his head had be lolling about, “Just fucking fuck me!”
Finally obeying Leigh, Zack shuffled forward on his knees and pressed the head of his dick into Leigh’s ass. The first bit slid in easily enough and he started to push farther. Leigh gasped and Zack stopped. “No, keep going.” Leigh was taking deep breaths and his eyes were closed.
Zack kept pushing in. Watching his mean disappear inch by inch into Leigh’s ass was turning him on more than he thought possible and his dick seemed to be getting even bigger. He closed his eyes and just enjoyed the warm sensation surrounding his cock when suddenly, he was all the way in. Balls deep. He opened his eyes as saw Leigh, his eyes still closed, with a big sexy smile on his face. “Do it!”
Needing no more encouragement Zack started thrusting slowly, just to make sure he didn’t hurt him. But the sensations got the better of him and sped his pace more and more until he was jack hammering Leigh’s ass. Leigh met each down stroke with an ass thrust and had begun pounding his own dick at the same time. Zack was in heaven, the combination of the warm vice grip of Leigh's virgin ass and the cool lubricant was driving him nuts. Sensing he was close, Zack leaned forward over Leigh’s body to kiss him. Leigh leaned up forward to meet him parting his lips and their tongues entered each other’s mouths. Leigh performed his trademark bottom lip nibble and Zack exploded in his ass in that moment. Not being able to top the kiss, warm dick in his ass, and semen spilling out, Leigh came all over both of their chests. He released his dick and wrapped both arms around Zack pulling him down closely. Zack’s softening dick came out of his ass, and he wrapped his right leg around Leigh’s left, nuzzling his face into Leigh’s neck. There was still cum dripping out of Leigh’s ass when they fell asleep.
They drowsily awoke to the sound of Pete turning his key in the door.
“Oh fuck.” Mumbled Leigh.

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