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The glamorous Indian tennis star Sania Mrza learns to play with real balls
It was another hot & humid day at the tennis courts. The Indian men’s doubles team of Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupati had been practising for nearly 2 hours and yet there was no sign of their teammate and sensational tennis star Sania Mirza. The coach, Nandan Bal was also waiting for the arrival of the glam girl of tennis and she was nowhere to be seen.

After another 10 minutes of waiting, Mahesh left and only Leander and the coach were there.

“What the fuck! Why can’t Sania come for practice on time?”,said Bal.

“Really she’s too much! I’ve been slogging for 2 hours and the bitch hasn’t even turned up.”

“She thinks no end of herself. Just because she’s a top 50 player, my foot.”

“I think it’s time you reminded her as to who gave her that break.”

“I’ve tried to, but she always shows me that pretty face and well I can’t do much after that.”

“Oh Nandan! Pity you. She knows how to find her way with you. Aaahhh.. here she is. Today, let me talk to her.”

As she walked towards the court , you could clearly see her tits bouncing in her tight top.

“Does she ever a bra under those tees.?Her nipples are always poking out of them.”

“Hey Lee, I am getting hard just watching those tits.”

“Me too”

“Hey, Lee!Hi,Nandan!”

She walked into the court,placed her bag on the court by the chair and warmed up with a little jog . All through her jog, Leander and coach Nandan Bal’s eyes were fixed on her bouncing tits.

Aftre about 5 minutes jogging, she skipped for a while making her tits bounce even more. She returned to the court and strecthed a bit exposing her firm legsand also her naval ring.

She seemed to stretch a little longer than required showing off her leg to the watchful eyes of the two. Then she bent to get her racket from her kit which caused her short skirt to ride up,sticking tightly to her firm round ass.

The two men were now practically staring and had boners tenting their shorts. As she rose her shorts got stuck between her asscheeks making both of them gasp.

She wiggled her ass to get it out and then turned around. By then, neither Leander nor Nandan had it in them to tell her off. Both had other thoughts on their minds.

“So, aren’t we getting on court?”,she asked.

“Well, why not…Come on Lee, get on court”

“Hang on, Sania.Before we get on court, we need to talk about a few things.”


“Well, me and Nandan are actually worried about your attitude and how it is affecting the team.”

Sensing trouble, she suggested they sit down in the shade and talk.

“Ok, now that we’re in the shade let’s continue.So what were you saying, Lee?”As she spoke she had crossed her legs causing her skirt to ride up and expose her thighs.

Leander noticed this and had to swallow hard before continuing.

“Yaa, I was saying I am worried about your attitude.You walk in late to practice lke today without any message or anything. I think it’s high time you proved your commitment to the team or…”

Sania had bent down to pick her wristband giving Leander an eyeful of her tits. Leander once again lost concentration.

“Or what, Lee???”,she asked in that sweet sexy tone.

“Or…, or as the team captain, I’ll have to drop you from the team. Right, coach???”

The sudden question caught the coach unaware. He had been engrossed in staring at Sania’s tits and was thinking of tit fucking those big tits.

Before he could say anything, Sania said,”I don’t hink that’s the real problem. The real problem seems to be somewhere else.”

With that, she got up walked towards them and slowly touched their cocks through their shorts.

“Well that’s a nice problem, and I know just what to d about it.”

As soon as she said that, both the guys were out of their clothes in an instant.
Both their cocks stood out. Nandan’s was an average sized one, while Leander had a 8 and a 1/2 inch pecker oozing precum from its tip.

Sania dropped to her knees in front of Nandan and took his 6 incher in her mouth. Nandan was in heaven as she sucked on his cock. She drove him to the point when he was about to cum and then she would stop. Meanwhile Leander had removed Sania’s shorts and panties exposing her pussy.

Leander went berserk seeing her clean shaven sweet pussy. Although his own wife was a glamourous model but the sight of this young teenage pussy was driving him crazy.

Eager to taste it, he got underneath Sania and started tounging her pussy lips gently.This sent a shiver through her causing her to suck harder on th coach’s cock.Soon, Bal was beyond the point of return and he sent down a jet of cum down Sania’s throat.

Leander was still tounging her pussy giving her immense pleasure. He decided to get back at her for all the teasing that she had been doing. So he got up and stood in front of her, his cock right in front of her face.
Although annoyed that her pussy hadn’t been pleased, Sania took Leander’s large head into her mouth. She had never been with a guy with such a large cock. She gagged a bit, but soon adjusted to his size.

She sucked and slurped on his cock covering it completely with her saliva. She deepthroated him for a few seconds before letting his cock out of her mouth.

“What happened??? Why aren’t you sucking my cock?”

“Well, it’s only fair. After all you didn’t make me cum, so why should I???”
And she gave hime that naughty, evil smile.

“Ah I see…..Well Sania, I think you’re forgetting that you had to please us and it looks like you’ve just lost your spot on the team.”

“Hey Lee, hang on. I was just joking. Sure, I’ll please you. Come here, bring that cock here.”

Leander stepped forward and just pushed his cock into her mouth completely and held her by her hair.

“Bitch, you made a big mistake…and I am gonna make you pay for it.”

And with that he started fucking her mouth fast giving her no time to react. She wasn’t able to breathe properly and was soon whimpering and squealing. But , Leander continued with his mouth fucking and soon unloaded his thick creamy man cum right into her stomach.

After she had sucked off all the cum from his cock, he released her head allowing her to breathe properly.

Even before she could recover from her face fuck, the coach was ready to fuck her. He positioned his cock against her pussy and shoved in. He started with slow strokes but Sania’s moans and Leander’s urging made him fuck her harder and faster.

This brought out louder moans from Sania. So, Leander pushed his reviving cock into her mouth to shut her up. Coach Bal fucked her for another ten minutes or so before he ccalled out,”I am gonna cum on your tits.”

And he sprayed his cum on her heaving tits.

“Wow, that was a great cum shot.”

Pleased he sat down and called Sania to lick his cock clean. Although Sania found it disgusting, she didn’t dare raise a voice fearing the worst.

She got on her knees and licked his cock. While she was at it, she felt a poke at her pussy. Assuming it to be Leande wanting to fuck her, she got into the doggy style position.

“Sania, just keep licking Nandan’s cock and don’t look back, ok”

Eager to please she agreed. Soon she felt the thick end of Leander’s cock( or what she thought was Leander’s cock). Although she felt something strange about the feel of his cock in her pussy, she didn’t turn back.

As Leander pushed in she knew that it wasn’t his cock in her pussy. Wondering what it was, she turned back and what she saw shocked her. Leander was pushing the handle of her tennis racket into her pussy. As she looked on he pushed it in further bring out a loud scream from Sania.

Soon, Leander started rhythmically moving the racket in and out of her pussy. Sania too was responding to his thrusts and was pushing back to get more of the racket in. A few strokes later she had the whole handle inside her.

Leander pounded her pussy harder with this substitute cock. Sania was enjoying this new feeling in her pussy, and she cried out tat she was cumming.

Her face was a picture of ecstasy as she came on the tennis racket. As she came down from her orgasm, Leander was now ready to fuck her pussy with his massive tool.

He inserted two fingers in her pussy, and takng some of her juices applied it on his cock. He then pushed his cockhead past he pussy lips.

Despite the two rounds of fucking, her pussy was still tight as anything. His big pecker was stretching her pussy wider than it had ever been. Aided by her pussy juices, he managed to get more than three fourth of his cock in her.

After pulling out a little, he shoved in completely and stopped allowing her to feel the whole length of his cock along her tight pussy walls. Sania felt a moment of pain which soon changed into pleasure.

Her pussy was filled completely and Leander’s slow strokes were making her go nuts. Soon she had an orgasm and drenched his cock with her juices.

Leander built up the pace of his fucking and was soon gong in and out of her pussy at a ferocious pace. Sania was in a world of her orgasms as she had another coupe of cums while Leander was fucking her pussy.

They kept fucking for another 15 minutes or so when Leander called out,”I am close to cumming.”

After two more strokes, he removed his cock from her pussy and sprayed his thick white cum on her face and some even landed on her tits.

As she cleaned his cock with her tongue, she was thinking of how she had enjoyed their session. Playing with balls would never be the same for her.

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