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Vengeance 29

It had been three days since our visit to Sarah’s apartment. Ellie’s revenge was coming, but not this time. It had also been three days since Ellie had orgasmed. I had forced her to give me blowjob after humiliating blowjob. I had finished in her mouth, on her face, in her hair, on her tits, and on her stomach.

I had licked her right up to the edge, tied her up and whipped her back down. I’d fucked her and finished early time and time again. So when we were spending the night at her house because her parents were celebrating their anniversary in Vegas, and I told her to get on her knees and start sucking after I’d warmed her up with my hands, she refused.

“What was that? I must not have heard that right.”

“I said no.” she tried to maintain her icy glare, but her lower lip quivered. She stood there with her hands on her naked hips, pussy still dripping from the earlier ministrations of my fingers.

“Just get on your knees and suck me off so I can go home and get some sleep.”

She looked like she’d been slapped, but admirably maintained her composure. Until she opened her mouth, “you’re not staying?” she asked pitifully.

“You’re not sucking my dick?” I echoed.

She dropped to her knees, tears streaming down her face and crawled forward. I grabbed her hair, and immediately pulled her mouth to my dick when she got close enough. “That’s what I thought, you little slut. And don’t even think I’m touching that pussy tonight. The only reason my hands were even down there was because I know you can’t resist a little dick when you’re horny. And look where you are now.”

She slapped my leg, pulled away and stood. “No.”

“No what?”

“No, I’m not doing this. I don’t know what your problem is, get the fuck out.” She turned away.

“I’m not leaving until I get some satisfaction,” I informed her.

She turned back, full out bawling, “you want satisfaction?” she mouthed, and started off into her bedroom.

“Get those lips over here.”

“NO!” She ran. I grabbed my bag and followed.
She tried to slam the door on me, but I forced my way in, and shut it. She pushed mea way, but I tackled her to the bed. “HEL---“ a red ball-gag was in her mouth before she knew what was happening. She tried to fight me off, tried to hit the right spots, but I pressed my weight down on top of her.

Her right hand was forced into a noose waiting on her bed, and tightened off to the top post. Her left roped off to the other post. She tried violently kicking me, but I pulled something else out of my bag and set it on her chest. Her eyes went wide at the sight of the knife and she quit struggling immediately.

She laid, limp and beaten as I tied her ankles to the bottom posts. She had a queen size bed so she was spread pretty wide. I knelt over her stomach, and picked up the knife. We sat there, her eyes wide with fear, muscles tense, while I smiled ever so slightly. So…it had come to this. I grabbed the knife and held it to her throat.

“Gonna suck my dick now?” She nodded ever so carefully, eyes now pouring rain.

For the first time she looked around the room she hadn’t been in since she’d gotten home from work. I’d gotten there a few hours earlier and made dinner. Rose petals carved a path to the bed out of the white carpet, and had been arrayed in a heart on the bedspread before we’d disturbed them. On virtually every surface in her room laid a flower. Some were roses, some pink carnations, some white. A black sheet hid the entrance to her closet.

I pulled the knife away from her throat, still looking her in the eyes. She was still breathing heavily, still sobbing. I leaned down until my lips were next to her ear.

“Baby, no matter where we are, no matter what we do, I will never hold that much power over you. You were so caught up in being my slut, my slave, my impressively skilled cocksucker, (a half sob, half giggle) that you forgot some things.” I removed the gag.

In a quick motion that no doubt made her heart leap, I freed her left arm and brought it in front of her face. I traced the gold and silver sparkling object on her ring finger. “This means you have as much a say as I do in this…well, almost.” Another giggle. “Now when I tell you to suck my cock, I damn well expect you to suck my cock.” Her eyes flitted to my cock and back. I smiled. “But you were forgetting to take some time and some pleasure for yourself. And when you tell me you want to fuck, you should damn well expect me to make you bite down on your lip so hard it draws blood.” I freed her right wrist. She raced her fingertips up and down my arms, the crying having subsided.

“I helped you turn from a conceited selfish bitch into a cock-hungry, pleasure giving nympho. Now I want a little bit, only a little bit mind you, of that conceited bitch back.”

She smiled now, and I waited for the words I knew were coming. “What’s the other thing?” she asked.

“What other thing?” I played along.

“You said I was forgetting a few things, but you only named one.”

I smiled, got up from the bed and smelled one of the roses. “What’s the date?”

“Oh shit!” She tried to get up, and found herself yanked back to the bed by her ankle bonds.

“Now I didn’t say you could go anywhere yet, now did I?” She smiled, and sat up to watch me pace over to her closet. I dramatically tore down the sheet, and she gasped. I swear to god, the tough bondage bitch was going to start bawling all over again.

There hung the wedding dress that she had pined over practically every single day since I gave her the ring. The wedding dress that was so deliciously naughty, yet still somewhat refined. The wedding dress that was going to come off in a hurry. The wedding dress that cost more than all the hookers in Thailand.

Completely forgetting herself, Ellie again tried to scramble out of bed and was again met by the rope restraints. I walked over and slid myself in beside her, stroking her cheek with my right hand. She brought her hands to rest on my biceps, and gave me a look of pure unadulterated affection.

“Oh Baby…”

“You wanna touch it don’t you?” She nodded. I used the knife to slice her ankle bonds, and she rushed over to feel the fabric.

“How did you afford this?”

“Whored myself on a street corner.”

“Stop…” She smiled, and that look of affection turned to one of passion. Her eyes wandered down to my cock, and she began to lower herself to her knees.

I put a finger on her chin, and raised her back up to her feet. Sliding one hand up to her shoulder, and the other behind her knees, I picked her up and hurled her onto the bed. She bounced to a laughing stop as I followed her, sliding to her side.

She begun to wrap her arms around me, but I took her by the wrists and forced them above her head. She arched her back as I brought my lips down to kiss her chest. Gradually working my way farther and farther back and forth, the eventually encircled her right nipple, then the left. Not playing favorites, I alternated between lightly running my tongue in circles over both.

I started kissing lower and lower, her body arching every so sharper with each kiss, trying to bring the right parts as close to my lips as possible. After several minutes, I had worked my way down to her inner thighs. Ellie was panting and playing with her breasts, her head rolled back in ecstasy. She spread her legs further, and I moved to her lips, lightly kissing one, then the other. She moaned each time my lips found her skin.

Finally my tongue wandered to her clit and I licked it gently. I ran my tongue up and down it, harder and harder prompting more moans. My dick grew harder with every subtle reaction Ellie gave me. I opened my mouth wide and blanketed her pussy, running my tongue up and down over her as fast as I could. I went from clit to opening and back again, causing Ellie to twitch with pleasure.

My tongue wandered to the sopping entrance of her pussy. I ran it around the rim, trying to explore each and every single little sensitive part. Ellie’s leg and ab muscles tensed up as she grew hornier and hornier. I sucked her clit into my mouth, and could feel Ellie grip the sheets. She was now screaming my name and God’s at regular intervals.

I began toying with her opening with my fingers, getting just the tips in before pulling out again. Each time Ellie gasped harder and harder, as she knew eventually I was going to penetrate deep. Such mind games could drive Ellie horribly, tortuously close without pushing her over the edge.

But now it was time for the finisher. I rolled my tongue around her clit and began sliding it in and out. It was working her most sensitive spot in the same way that her lips so often worked my dick. I slid two fingers in and immediately put pressure on her g-spot. At this point Ellie lost it. Her vagina tightened with such force and so quickly over my fingers, I thought she was going to break them. She began twitching uncontrollably as my tongue worked her clit. When she rolled her head to the side I could see tears streaming down her face.

She orgasmed so many times, I lost count. By the time she stopped screaming, my hand and lips were soaked, and my fingers were numb. Slowly, carefully I slid them out, prompting a contented sigh from Ellie. Her head rolled to the side to look at me as I gave her pussy one last kiss before sliding up beside her. She dutifully licked her juices off my face, and gave me a long passionate kiss.

Her hair was all over the place, making no secret of what had just happened. By that time it was deep into the night, and both of us were exhausted. Ellie quickly dozed off, and though I was still hard, I soon followed, amidst a bed of rose petals.


2007-11-05 15:02:09
when is number 30 coming?


2007-09-24 13:31:06
where is number 30?


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2007-02-14 01:23:56
Because an ever-willing sex slave, while with her benefits, quickly becomes boring if she can't think for herself. Since the protagonist desires a bit more of a relationship feel than a BDSM lifestyle feel, he provoked her as a means of showing her this. Was it that lofty?

~the author


2007-02-13 13:17:18
i dont get it why were they fighting what the hell is going on

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