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Part 3 to Morning Surprise

My night shift had never been so long, all night I was looking at my watch. My partner must have thought I was nuts. The whole night my mind had been hyper active, thinking about what would greet me at home in the morning.

That morning had just arrived. I parked the car in the garage and had just walked into the kitchen. Joan was making breakfast, a nice surprise. I expected that she would be curled up in bed.

“Hi love your up early, what are you doing today?” I said
I dumped my bag, and took a seat at the breakfast bar; an image ran through my head of the girls draped over that same bar the previous evening. I started to get hard all over again.
Joan said “that the suspect she had picked up yesterday had been left stewing in a cell over night and this morning. I am going to find out what he knows”
She placed a full plate of bacon and eggs in front of me with a steaming mug of tea.
“How was your night?”
I told her that the night had been real easy, a few drunks, brought in a drink driver nothing serious.
“I only waited for you to get home, I am leaving for the office in two minutes she said, enjoy your breakfast”
She kissed me, grabbed her bag and headed for the door.
It was only a few minutes later that I heard the garage door close and she drove off.
I finished my breakfast, and was ready for a shower and a couple of hours sleep.
Mel and Sandie walked into the kitchen, wearing their bathrobes, I did notice that they did not have the tussled look, but both had their hair done nice and both wore makeup.
“Good morning girls, sleep well?” I said looking at them both.
“Dad, this morning we have a surprise for you. Just wait a few minutes then come into the hall”
I counted to one hundred and then went into the hall; both girls were standing on the stairs. My eyes nearly popped out of me head. Both girls were wearing the sexiest little outfits I have ever seen.
Mel had on a pair of very high heel shoes, black stockings, suspender belt a tiny pair of see through panties, or was it a thong, a little black bra that just stopped short of her very erect nipples. She was sporting a huge smile.
Sandie had on the exact same outfit but in white.
“Do you like Dad?”
Do I like, the last time I looked at them with such wonder was when they were born, they looked beautiful then, but now I thought I was looking at a small piece of heaven. My own personal heaven.
They started to gyrate, as if dancing to a silent tune, Mel pulled her thong up tight, and she was showing me a wonderful cameltoe. Sandie bent over and was running her hand from her ankle to her arse; she slipped a finger along her string. Standing up they cupped their breasts, I could already see that their nipples were standing up like bullets.
“Dad, we thought that you might like to spend the morning in bed, but we have needs. You know the needs that you woke in us yesterday.”
I was like stone, my cock was hard as iron. I could have punched doors down with it. Who needs a battering ram?
I walked upstairs with them, an armed draped across their shoulders. I was like a small boy, trying to succeed in grabbing a tit in each hand. Have you heard the expression a kid in a sweet shop? I was that kid, but I had pockets stuffed with money and could have any thing I wanted.
“When did you get the outfits” I said
Sandie told me that when I had left for work, they had called Rachel. Mel’s best friend who had a car, and they had rushed off to a local shopping mal, just to get these outfits. They wanted to reward me for the previous morning. Reward me did they not think that having the pair of them together was reward enough.
“We thought that you would be tired Dad, so we came up with this plan to see if we can keep you awake, for a few hours more at least.”
Tired, all sense of fatigue had left me, I was thinking with another part of my anatomy from the moment I saw them. The purple headed monster lurking in my pants had taken over. He had only one thing on its mind and that was sex and plenty of it.
I lead the way into my bedroom.
“Dad, we want you to just lay on the bed and we are going to dance for. So just lay back and relax”
I have never taken off my uniform so quickly; I kept my boxers on and surrounded myself with pillows, lay back and waited for the show.
Mel and Sandie, paraded around in front of me like my own private fashion show; they bent over, touched themselves, rubbed their fingers over very erect nipples, pulled their panties deep inside them, bent over touched the carpet, exposing parts of them I thought I would never see. The dance lasted for maybe fifteen minutes before, Mel started to orgasm, she was rubbing on her pussy, when she started to shake.
“Dad, look I am coming just for you”. She stuck her fingers inside her pussy, and started sucking on her own fingers. “I have been so horny all night long, thinking about your return”.
Sandie, crawled up the bed towards me, she reached out and started to rub my cock, through my boxers. I was so hard; the head of my cock was beyond the elastic on my boxers, being held tight to my body. She came forward, grabbed the head and put it into her mouth. She started wanking me at the same time as sucking like a demon. In my excited state it only took minutes for me to come in her mouth.
Mel came forward and said “Sandie I want to share Dad’s come with you”
Sandie turned and offered her mouth, which was full of my come, they sort of kissed, but you could see that they were passing my come between themselves. What an incredibly sexy sight.
I reached forward, offering a hand to them both, I parted the string on both their thongs and inserted a finger into them, they were so wet, it was easy to plunge my finger into the knuckle. My fat finger was slipping into them so easy that I inserted two. They were both bucking on my hand, I move my thumb to gently rub across there clit’s. I was rewarded with them both coming on my hand.
“Dad that is fantastic” said Sandie “I came so hard, I was seeing stars, and I have not even had your prick inside me yet”
Listening to the crude words coming out of the mouth of my little angel was starting to get me hard again. The girls started pulling my boxers off. I moved further down the bed. Mel moved into a position, straddling my head. Her beautiful pussy was just over my mouth. I moved her string aside and started lapping at all her juices that was poring from her.
“That’s it Dad, suck on my pussy, all this juice is just for you”
She started rocking backwards and forwards on my face.
Sandie was sucking on my cock, when I felt her get up. She was about to lower herself onto my cock. She was holding the base and was slowly coming down. I felt the smooth skin first, then a little give, then came the very, very tight resistance. Was she really putting me in her arse? Yes that’s it; she was pushing me into her arse. The heat came next. I was four inches into her arse. Did she know what she was letting herself in for? My cock is big, and the first time can be painful. I need not have worried; her next words put me at ease.
“God dad this is fantastic, I did not know that your arse can be so sensitive”
She picked up pace and soon she was sitting on me up to my balls. All my cock buried inside her tight little arse. She was riding me like a bull. A very happy bull.
“Dad” Mel said “I have got to turn round; I want to see your cock in Sandie’s arse”.
She climbed off me, turned herself around and just for a few minutes I watched my little girl bouncing up and down on my cock. She had a look of pure glee on her face. Mel sat back down on my face. I was soon lapping at her pussy again.
Sandie came again, and this time squirted her come all over me, Mel lent forward and was lapping at her sisters come, she started lapping at her sisters pussy, she reach forward and spread her sisters lips and was quickly rewarded, with her sister coming again. I was rewarded by Mel coming on my face.
“Dad, promise me that before we finish here to day you are going to fuck me in the arse, just like you are fucking Sandie”
Hearing those words, from Mel’s mouth had me gushing like a fountain; I was spewed load after load of come in to Sandie’s arse. Sandie continued to pump herself on my rapidly deflating cock. I had to call on her to stop. She lifted off me slowly, and our combined juices ran from her, onto my stomach. Mel increased her pace lapping up every drop.
“Mel, what did my pussy taste like to you?” Sandie said
She had climbed off me; and was now lying down next to me.
Mel got up and said. “Hell, why don’t we do a sixty nine while we wait for the next round, when Dad can fuck us again”
They were soon locked together; all I could do was sit back and enjoy the show. The sound of kissing, lapping and panting was the sweetest of sounds to me. But the sheer sight of my girl’s giving each other such pleasure was fantastic. We have always been close, but never in my wildest dreams did I think that we could get this close.
I had a moment of reflection and thought what will Joan think when she finds out. That was for another day, but not this one.
The girl’s continued to eat each other for a few minutes, before they disentangled themselves.
They removed their shoes, climbed under the covers and said”Let’s get some sleep”.
I must say that I was ready for sleep, and with both my beauties to look forward to when I woke. I resolved to make it only a short nap.
I woke some hours later to find that I had no covers, they had been dragged down the bed so that the girls could get at my cock. Both girls were taking it in turns to suck on my cock, “Afternoon Dad” said Mel, “we could not wait any longer”

It would stick in my mind forever, the joy on their faces. I have video after video of the girls, achievements and happy times. Swimming a length for the first time, countless Christmas gift openings, but looking at them now I could see that they were experiencing a deep inner joy that had spread to their faces. I was so enjoying this day.
“Don’t forget Dad, you are going to fuck my arse for me next” said Mel, getting up and sliding across the bed. She bent over resting her arms on the bed, presenting a wonderful view of her arse and pussy. I reached over and parted her lips, was this girl always this wet, at 16 was she supposed to be this rampant. I flipped my tongue along her pussy, parting the lips, licking all the way to her, little brown arse. She had a wonderful tangy taste that I could not get enough of.
I reached into Joan’s bottom bedside draw and took out a small tube of KY jelly. I squeezed a small amount on my cock; just enough to help my entry into my girl, hell I would never want to cause them pain. I pushed about an inch into her, watching the way that an arse can accept almost any size, it was amazing, she let out a small whimper. “Does it hurt honey”? “No it’s Ok Dad it takes a little getting used to”.
She seemed to relax a bit more and I was able to feed in another four inches, gently push in a bit, pull back a bit. I was steadily increasing the tempo and the pressure. She was breathing in a steady pant, and every now and then a moan.
I was now buried up to my balls, you could hear a smack after each thrust, as my balls smacked into her.
“Dad fuck me real hard and fast, try and push me into the mattress, I have never felt like such a wanton and dirty bitch in my life” she said. I was rather shocked at her, but being shocked was becoming the norm for me at the moment. I increased my pace and how rough I was being, I reached around her and started playing with her clit. “Oh God Dad that’s wonderful, I am coming” she managed to scream.
Sandie meanwhile had taken Joan’s rampant rabbit out of her mothers draw and was frigging herself at the bottom of the bed. She was also coming and coming hard, just listening to her was so erotic. “Having fun love” I said
She looked over at me with a dreamy look on her face “Dad this is not fun it’s a revelation, what else has Mum got in that draw. This little thing has given my multiple after multiple its amazing?”
My senses where being swamped, both girls screaming in ecstasy, still wearing their stockings, suspenders, little see through thongs and those wonderful little bras that still managed to show their perfect nipples. I was taking it all in like blotting paper, absorbing a spill.
“Dad, can we do this every day?” Mel said “Oh yes please” piped up Sandie
“Mel can I have Dad now, I want his cock buried in my arse while you frig me with this little thing” Sandie looking at me was getting me close to coming my biggest load yet.
“Ok Mel, what is that thing your playing with” “I think it’s called a rampant rabbit, I heard one of the girls at school talking about it” Sandie always liked helping to educate her little sister. Their education had now moved into totally new direction.
I withdrew from Mel’s arse and moved over to Sandie, I put a little more KY jelly on my cock and presented it to her arse. I don’t know why I bothered she was soaking wet; I slipped in with no resistance. I lifted Mel so that she was perched on top of me, giving greater access to Sandie who had taken over the rampant rabbit.
Sandie switched it on, and Mel went into over drive, she was bucking like a women possessed, we are all physically fit but the energy this took was very draining.
Mel was screaming at the top of her lungs “Fuck Dad this is fantastic, I just keep coming” she was pumping come all over everything. I was pumping come into her and she was coming and coming. She suddenly stopped and went limp in my arms. I told Sandie to stop. Lifted Mel and lay her down, she had simply fainted, from sensory overload. Sandie fetched Mel a drink of water which she gulped down in one.
“What happened Mel?” Sandie said touching her sisters forehead.
“I just hit a peak, then things went blank for just a minute, I must have blacked out” Mel looked up at us both. “That was the greatest sensation I have ever experienced”
“Girls we need to clean up, shower, straighten the room and get things back to normal, before Mum gets home” I said.
After we had finished we met up at the kitchen table “How do you both feel girls, I mean about what we are doing, and what are your feeling towards me I don’t want things to change for the worse” I said sitting back. I had this stupid grin on my face that I could not shift.
Mel was first to express how she felt “Dad I feel like a complete women, you have made me feel so loved, wanted and what sticks out for me. I feel that I know the love that Mum has for you. When you are inside me, I feel like you and me are one. Together bonded for life, as if we belong together” Saying that she came over and gave me a grown up kiss, not the little pecks that you shower your kids with all their lives, but a full blown kiss. She parted my lips and put her tongue in my mouth; she broke the kiss and sat down.
“Daddy what Mel said goes for me to, it’s not just that you have a wonderful cock, or any thing sexual, it’s just that when we are inside me I feel like you have a link with what I want, when you touch me it’s like we have a joined telepathic link. I am thinking touch my clit, my clit needs attention. You touch my clit and I come. I want you deeper harder, you push deeper and harder. That’s how I feel”
I just sat looking between the girls. Where do we go from here I wonder.

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I was like stone, my cock was hard as iron. I could have punched doors down with it. Who needs a battering ram?

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