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Grace pulled her blue v neck sweater over her head. It was a hot, sticky day and her bedroom was stifling. Her perfect lightly tanned skin had developed tiny beads of sweat, and she was desperate to get in the bath. She unzipped her grey pleated skirt at the back and slid it down over her flat stomach and round arse.

She stood there in her underwear, admiring her body in the mirror. She had just turned 16, and her body showed it. Her long, blonde hair cascaded down her back, and a couple of strands tickled over her lacy white bra, which was cupping her large pert tits. Grace admired her flat stomach, then half turned to look at her round, firm arse. She always wore french knickers, and today was no exception. The cut of the panties framed her arse cheeks perfectly, and Grace knew that stood like this, she could make any man's cock harden and beg to be fucked.
Grace was no stranger to hard cocks. She'd had quite a few boyfriends. But there was one that she wanted badly. She had always fantasised about Mark, whether on her own, or even whilst with other guys." But today," Grace thought, sliding her bra off and panties down, "I'm going to show my brother exactly what I want".

Mark had heard Grace come in and dash straight up to her room.He was watching her this week whilst their parents were on holiday. He guessed she would grab a bath, and probably shoot straight back out again. He stretched and stood up. He opened the door and called out to his sister, "Grace!Let me know when you're out of the bath so I can get a shower". Grace always took ages in the bath, so he knew he'd be waiting a while. She was only 1 year younger than him, and Mark was more than aware of how pretty his little sister was. He had spied her more than a couple of times whilst she was in the bath with the door open, when she thought no one was in. He knew he shouldn't look at his own sister, there completely naked, but he had been drawn to those perfect large tits of hers, with their round erect nipples, and had stood there mesmerised for a few minutes, with his cock starting to harden, before he had pulled himself together and gone into his bedroom.

Just thinking about those tits made him hard. His cock was straining against his jeans and throbbing to be touched.

Grace slid into the bath, and rubbed the soap over her body,taking her time over her nipples. She thought about Mark, and how much fun they would have if they had a bath together. She stood, and smoothed shaving foam over her pussy lips, and shaved them smooth. She lowered herself back into the bath, and began rubbing the shaving foam can over her pussy, fantasising it was Mark's meaty cock.
Mark peered in the bathroom and couldn't believe what he saw. Grace was touching herself! Fuck, she was so fucking hot. He had fucked some pretty girls, but none were as hot as his dirty little sister, who was writhing in the bath. His hand dropped down to his trousers, and he unzipped his jeans and released his cock. It was fully erect at 9 inches and was as thick as the shaving foam can Grace was now teasing her hot little pussy with. Mark began stroking his cock at the sight of his sister frigging herself, listening to her moans, and then stopped-shocked-

Grace had just called out "Mark-I'm done in the bath!"

Does she want me to go in?Mark thought. His head told him not to, but he couldn't help it. He quickly stripped and threw his clothes into the wash basket, and walked in the bathroom. He feigned embarrassment, "Oh...erm..Grace..I thought you said you were finished"

Grace looked at her brother in awe. She had never seen him naked before, and it was not disappointing. His dark hair was mirrored in his pubic hair that framed..Oh my god..She thought...his was the biggest she had ever seen, and standing hard and proud. He made no attempt to cover himself up, and Grace guessed this was her chance.."Mark..come closer"

Mark looked at his sister. She was stunning. And when she told him to go closer, he moved to the edge of the bath, and knelt beside it. "Do you want me to wash your back Grace?", he offered, guessing his little sister wanted more. She played along though, and let out a sigh as he moved his hands over her soapy back. She leaned back, and arched her back, offering her tits up to be soaped. Mark circled her breasts with his hands, massaging them and rubbing over the nipples, making them erect. Grace had closed her eyes and was making little sounds of approval. He looked down at her shaven pussy and was about to run his hand over it, when he stopped.

"Grace, we shouldn't be doing this. You're my little sister.Let me know when you are really finished" He stood up and strode back into his room.

Grace sat upright in the bath. Why had he gone? He was her brother, but she had seen his cock harden as he approached her, and it had felt so right as he caressed her tits. Her clit was tingling and her pussy begging for that hard cock. She knew he had wanted her as much as she wanted him. She was going to have to try harder, She thought, as she wrapped a towel around herself.

Mark threw himself on his bed in temper. "I should not have fucking done that" he thought. "She is my little sister and I was playing with her tits". He thought about what trouble he would get in if his parents found out. "Fuck", he said, out loud. He knew he had just started something that neither him, nor Grace would be able to resist. And he was right. His cock, still hard, knew that before long, he would be pounding that tight shaved pussy and he would be loving every minute of it.

Grace walked into Mark's bedroom without knocking. She saw Mark was lay down on his bed and his perfect cock was still hard. "Good" she thought. "Ive got him now".
Mark said nothing, and just watched as his sister dropped her towel and walked over to his bed. Grace thought it best to say nothing, and instead, decided to show him there was nothing "little" about her anymore. She knelt on the bed between his legs and lowered her face towards his cock.

She ran her tongue along its length, and Mark couldn't help but let out a sigh. Grace's tongue circled his cock, then ran down the side again. Then her mouth opened and encased his cock in hotness, and began sliding up and down his cock.
Mark knew what a good blow job felt like-but this-his little sister's head bobbing up and down was the hottest thing he had ever seen. Her hair was dangling down and tickling his balls, and he could see her nipples were hard. He pulled some of her hair off her face so he could get a good look.

Grace had felt her pussy moisten as soon as her brother's cock touched her tongue.Now here she was letting his cock's full length fuck her throat and mouth, and she was bursting for him to pull her upwards and plunge his huge cock into her tight pussy. Her nipples ached to be touched.

Mark looked down at his cock plunge in and out of his sister's mouth. He imagined how tight her pussy would feel around his hard dick. But then he thought about how his parents had trusted him to look after her. He roughly pushed her off "Get off Grace. Go and find one of your many boyfriends to do this with" He turned on his side and cringed as he heard her start crying, and the door slam behind his sister.

Grace had been shocked when Mark pushed her off. She could see him enjoying her suck his dick. What's more she felt his cock jerk as she pushed it to the back off her throat, and knew he had nearly coated her throat with his hot spunk. She had started crying as soon as he had rejected her, and now, back in her bedroom, she started crying harder. Grace was not used to being rejected by any man. Men fell at her feet, and by the time she had let their cocks fuck her hot little throat, she knew she had them. Not that she manipulated them. Grace was just a horny bitch, who wanted as much cock as she could get.
And the one man she had always secretly wanted..the man with the most perfect cock..the man she had fantasised about..her big brother...had only let her taste his meat for a minute then pushed her away. She was sobbing loudly now. Not for not getting her own way, but because she loved him, and she wanted his cock inside her so desperately...

Mark lay and listened to his sister crying. He had made some of his ex girlfriends cry when they finished, and he had been sorry, but nothing compared to how bad he felt now. He had blamed her for everything, when he had been enjoying it just as much. He had made his gorgeous Gracie cry, and he would have to make it up to her. He thought how his parents were away. No one would know what had happened, unless one of them told. Mark pulled on his dressing gown, and went to his sister's bedroom door. She was still crying. Mark knocked, then walked in "Gracie, we need to talk". Even crying, she was beautiful. His cock had slackened when she had started crying, but now it was twitching, and growing hard under his dressing gown at the sight of her curvy naked body. She looked up at him with her big blue eyes, and tear stained cheeks, and moved to kiss him. Mark held her by the shoulders, and said "Grace, we can't tell anyone what happened before. I am your brother. I am not meant things with you."

Grace looked into her brother's brown eyes, and simply said, "Mark, I have wanted your cock for as long as I can remember. I know you want me too. It will be our little secret, I promise". And before he could protest anymore, Grace kissed him full on the mouth, and explored his mouth with her tongue.

Mark gave up. Grace had always got her own way with him by staring into his eyes. She had promised no one would know, and he didn't have the willpower to refuse her again. He kissed her back, and instantly felt his cock harden to its full length. He pushed her down on the bed, but followed her, lying on top of her, kissing her hard. He let Grace slide his dressing gown off, and lowered his head to the perfect tits he had rubbed earlier. He took one nipple in his mouth, and tweaked the other with his hand. Grace lay back and let him play with them. It felt amazing. She shivered with excitement as he came back up to her face, kissed her, and plunged the whole length of his cock into her tight wet shaven pussy in one jab.

Mark watched the delight on Grace's face as he forced his cock into her. She was so tight, and the walls of her pussy were already massaging his cock, he felt already like he was going to explode. He kissed her again, and quickened his pace in, and out of his dirty little sister's hot cunt, and fucked her hard whilst his balls slapped against her shapely arse.

"You dirty little bitch" he said, losing himself completely now. He pulled out of her, and pulled Grace up. He lay down in her place, and pulled her sticky cunt onto his face.
Grace screamed in delight as her hot brother's tongue probed her bare pussy lips and swirled around her clit. He quickened his pace now, and Grace could feel herself starting to come. Mark sensed it too, and pushed her down his body so she could ride his cock.

Grace eased her brother's nine inches into her sopping wet cunt. It filled and stretched her completely. She rocked her hips, slowly at first, then started grinding down harder, as she felt his cock hit her G Spot, and his pubic bone rub against her clit. Mark looked at his beautiful dirty sister bouncing and rubbing on his cock. He watched her pert tits bounce up and down and reached up so he could tweak them as he fucked her pussy.
Grace was starting to scream she was cumming, and ground down harder on his cock.
He couldn't hold it in any longer, he pushed hard up inside her and exploded inside her, coating her walls with his hot sticky spunk. He had never had an orgasm like this before...her walls spasming around his cock had enhanced the experience, and when he had looked and watched his sister cumming because of his cock....his cock had erupted.

Grace collapsed on top of him,her brother's cock still inside her. She had never even had an orgasm with just a cock before. As she cuddled up to her big brother, Grace knew this was the beginning of something special......

Please let me know what you think-there is more to come if you like it!!

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Great beginning, please continue the story!

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2009-02-06 21:07:19
The way you right I'd duck you any day and I'm nine inch' a too


2007-05-07 13:29:16
nice...make another one


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great story...

like other said, i want too be part of ur story, and lick ur pussy dry. or wet....


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Very formula. This didn't break away from the usual sex stories. They just jumped right into the sex. What about the story? Any plot? Very dull and colorless story. 3/10

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