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first let me introduce my self my name is james i am 30 years old and my girlfriend lisa is 25 this story is all about how i became lovers with her hot sexy mum.

the first time i met susan was 2 months after i started dating lisa i was really nervous but i knew certain things like susan was divorced lisas father opting for a much younger version what i didnt know and was not expecting was that susan was the sexiest women i have ever met and from the first moment i wanted her.
i walked in the living room on that day and was greeted by a women about 5ft 6 with long brown hair she wore a skirt so short you could see the lace on the tops of her stockings and her top was that low you could see most of her 36dd tits my cock was hard the very moment i saw her and my girlfriends mom had noticed that too and spent the rest of the day flirting with me and i must admit i flirted back.

back to the present i have been with lisa for a year now she has just turned 25 and her mum is 43 and i still flirt with her every chance i get but never dreaming of taking it furthur.
as a computer programmer i work from home and thanks to my lap top i was able to stay at my girlfriends house and still manage to do my work.

one friday i was working away when i needed to use the bathroom so i went upstairs has i opened the bathroom door i was greeted by susan standing there naked i always wondered what she looked like naked her tits were huge with massive nipples her ass was perfectly rounded her cunt was shaved my god i had to stop my self from going in and raping her instead i appoligised and quickly left i went downstairs told my girlfriend i had to go home and quickly left.

over the next few days i stayed away not wanting to see susan and dreading seeing lisa incase her mom told her about what i did.
lisa kept ringing but i fobed her off and told her i had to go to america for a very importent meeting this lie she believed and did not question because she thought i was getting lots of work in to pay for our own house. i kept thinking about her mum and i wanted her so bad i threw all my waking hours into my work .
three days later i was working when i felt tired it was only the middle of the afternoon but i deceided to have a shower to try and wake me up a little.
while i was in the shower i did not hear the front door open and somebody climb the stairs and open the bathroom door.
so this is where your hidding is it susan shouted i jumped in panic and grabbed a towel what the fuck i said susan just stood there laughing she said i knew you made this trip up because you wanted to avoid me over the bathroom incident so i thought i would come and check on you and besides you saw me naked so i got to get a bit of revenge.

i noticed that her eyes were pointing at my raging hard on that was easy to see under the towell.james that day in the bathroom did you walk in on me because you want me this is my chance i thought to my self so i quickly responded yes susan i walked in on you because i have wanted to see you naked from the first moment i saw you i flirt with you all the time because i cant stop thinking about you when i fuck your daughter i imagine its you im fucking and its driving me insane because although i am going out with your daughter its you i really want to be with.i was not expecting the reaction i got from her she camre closer to me took hold of my hand and said james i have known for a long time that you love me and i am so in love with you i cant stand it when you fuck my daughter and i want it to be me with that said our lips met in a lustfull kiss i took susan to my bedroom where i practicly ripped her clothes off she said although i want you to make love to me i want a good hard fucking more she threw me on the bed and grabbed my hard cock .before she took it in her mouth she said i hope you know what your letting your self in for because i am the dirtiest bitch you will ever fuck then she took my cock in her mouth all the way to the back of her throut i could hear her gagging but she didnt let that spoil what she did i grabbed a hand ful of her hair and started to fuck her mouth i didnt last long before my cock exploded all my cum down her throut she just kept saying mmmmmmmmm tastes so good baby i love you cock .

next i got her to lie down so i could finally get a handfull and suck those massive tits oh yes suck my fucking titties you naughty boy thats it lick my nipples ohhhhh god that feels good get down to my cunt and eat me out you little bastard i did as i was told licking her huge clit made a cum gushes into my mouth put your tongue in my ass and fist my cunt at the same time she demanded so i did ohhhhhhhhh fuck yes eat my ass babe fist fuck me yes yes yessssssssssss another strong orgasm hit her like a train

my cock was rock hard again she noticed and threw me back on the bed you liked eating my ass didnt you yes i replied as her cunt touched my cock next thing she moved my cock back to her ass and slid her ass down onto my cock i love my ass being dry fucked and with that she rammed her entire body down on to me my cock going all the way in her ass she screamed in a mixture of pain and pleasure i must admit i screamed in pain she started riding my dick in and out her ass so fucking hard i thought my dick would split all the time she screamed in extasy fuck me yes yes oh fuck my ass you little mother fucker she had orgasm after orgasm she felt my cock start to stiffin more and she knew i was ready to cum
if you cum now you going to fucking regret it i have waited so long to have your dick and i am not finished yet but it was to late as i she finished her sentence i started cumming deep inside her ass she too was having a climax and she screamed at me you bastard your going to fucking regret that.

when she finshed she made me go to the bathroom get in the bath boy she said so i did then she stood above me get ready lover boy here comes your punishment what too late she started pissing all over me open your mouth ad drink my piss you fucker i must admit it was a fucking wonderful sight and i let my mouth move to her and started drinking her piss it tasted so nice i wanted more but she was slowing down next thing she started to have a shit and it started to come out her ass all covered in my come and fell next to my cock lick my ass clean what i said you heard boy eat my ass now and clean all that shit from round it so i did at first it tasted horrible but then i notticed my cock getting hard again she lowered her self onto to it this time up her dripping cunt and while she fucked me in the bath she started to spread her shit all over me and i could not stop my self from cumming in her hot cunt.

since that first time we let lisa catch us fucking she moved out i moved in with susan and although we make love most times we always end up at least once a week pissing and shitting on each other

the end hope you enjoy my first story .

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2014-12-16 13:32:21
Boring u can't spell she shit and piss on u that is gross and u clean her ass oooo my god your mouth is going to be smelling bad story REWRITE

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2012-07-02 17:09:13
nice apart from the shit and piss fuck

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2012-06-25 14:36:05
this story was ok until the shit came in that is gross.

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2012-06-20 23:53:15
U guyes r hatters your the who don't write if can write so good then write one your self.... anyways good story i really liked it there r some grammer mistakes but i coudent find many but 10/10


2009-09-07 22:10:25
Baloney! You claim to be 30 but have no idea how to write. Your grammar, spelling, lack of proper capitalazation puts you at about the 6th grade level.

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