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This story is about my childhood, and my first experience with sex., and how I was initiated into the world of gays. This is just eh beginning theres more to follow
Shailesh was 10 years old and he was going to Kerala, his native place for the second or third time. But it was the first time for him, as he could not remember much but a few images and faces, no names of the past visits. He was meeting his paternal relatives for the first time. He was excited on seeing the country landscape. Kerala was beautiful; it is one of the most famous tourist destinations for no reason. There were coconut trees, green fields and a stream near his grandparents’ house. The scenic beauty was amazing.
He was enjoying eating all the different fruits, drinking coconut water etc. But most of all enjoyed playing in the stream. Because Shailesh could not swim, he was usually accompanied by some elder relative whenever he went for a dip in the stream.

Everybody knew Shailesh liked playing in the stream and would jump at any opportunity to go there. His uncle Shashi often took him to the stream. Once it was around 8’o clock in the night, Shashi had just returned home after finishing off some work in the field. He went straight to his room, and picked up a towel and some clothes.
Shailesh was watching TV. He said to Shailesh, “I am going to the stream, to freshen up a bit. Do you want to come along?”
Shailesh jumped at the opportunity, he never said no to this. He had already begun to walk to his room to get a towel and shorts before he said, “OK.”

Shashi was a middle aged man, he had never married. The primary reason for this was he never earned enough to support a wife and a family. He was skilled and knew a variety of works which did not require educational qualification like he could do carpentry, plumbing, masonry and lumbering. In addition to this, he also knew all about farm work. So it was mostly physical work for him. He did all the above on a regular basis, which never earned him much but made him strong and masculine. He had really strong arms and broad shoulders. With fair skin tone and deep brown eyes, a beard made him look pleasant and also gave a strong feel to his personality.

They walked along a narrow path between two fields to the stream and it was pitch dark. Shashi had carried a torch with him to navigate in the dark. They reached the stream in about five minutes. On the way they Shashi just told Shailesh to look out for a sudden steep decline and a rock on the way. That was all they spoke.

When they reached the stream, it was dark all around, not a single person neither a single source of light within a radius of about 300 yards. Shashi just announced to Shailesh “I am not wearing anything.” Shailesh looked up, unsure of what he just heard.
“Yep.”, he explained, “You see, it’s so dark…..nobody can see us, and I don’t want to waste this opportunity.”
He continued, “It feels very nice and comfortable to not wear anything…..I suggest, even you not wear anything”.
Shailesh nodded and did accordingly; he certainly had no idea where this was heading.
Once in water he didn’t even notice the size of his uncle’s cock. He was having too much fun, just splashing around and jumping in the water.
His uncle did some swimming acrobatics. Shailesh observed his uncles cock was standing up in an erect position as he did this.

Shailesh said, “I want to learn swimming”
“Oh” said Shashi, “that’s easy, come here and do as I say.”
Shashi took him to shallow part of the stream, where the water level stood at waist level for Shailesh. It was around mid thigh for Shashi and one could see his cock above water.
He held Shailesh in his hands and said, “Beat your hand and legs in water the way I did, and try to push your self forward. You won’t drown as I am holding you.”

Shailesh did as he was told, but was panting within less than a minute. He had felt his uncles erect cock touching him when he was in his hand. He was curious and asked, “Why is this like this?” pointing on to Shashi’s cock.

Shashi laughed and began rubbing his cock, which made it grow bigger in size. Shailesh had never seen a cock which was this big. He said, “It is very big.”
Shashi said, “Touch it, and you’ll see it grows bigger.”
When Shailesh touched nothing happened, disappointed he looked up again.
Shashi explained, “NOT like that…. Like this.” Saying so; he held the little boys hand putting it on his cock and made him wrap his palm over his cock.

Shailesh had never done this before; he didn’t know what to do. But it was not so, he somehow, unconsciously, without realizing when and why, started moving his hand up and down the shaft.
Shashi’s cock now glistened in the moon light, and precum oozed out of his pee hole. His eyes lit up when he saw his uncle cock grow bigger in his own hands; it grew a bit longer and harder. The cock now stood at SEVEN LONG INCHES thrice Shailesh’s own two-incher.

The fragrance of Shashi’s manhood now filled the air. It gave rise to strange and hereto unknown feelings in the boy. It made him a little uncomfortable for a few seconds or so, but very soon his mind adapted to it, and seemed to like it. It was feeling good, and the boy didn’t know why.

Was it impulse or instinct? Neither of them were to ever know but the boy just for a second moved his lips close to his uncles cock, but unsure, and with reluctance pulled back. The fragrance was intoxicating the boy, and watching the effect of his manhood on the boy was giving Shashi newer highs.

Shashi moved his cock closer to the boy’s lips, and they opened in a grand welcome as if they always knew this was what was to be.
Shailesh tasted his first cock; the first taste of precum filled his taste buds. The boy developed an immediate liking to it. He couldn’t take the whole of it in his mouth but certainly did take a lot more than how much Shashi had expected the boy to take.
Shashi held the boy’s head firmly in place with his hands and began making slow thrusting movements, gaining speed with each successive thrust, going deeper and deeper.
Watching the boy getting mouth fucked by a cock way too big for him took his excitement to newer levels and made his strokes harder and deeper. The boy was struggling to breathe and his eyes bulged as if they would just pop out of their sockets. There was about five inches of cock in his mouth going down his throat.
Shashi could take no longer and shock waves were running up and down his spine, and he was now breathing faster and faster. The boy tried to pull away but Shashi held him on to his cock by his hair. It seemed the boy was struggling for dear life. Shashi kept on going deeper and faster, an intense sensation swept through Shashi’s entire body, his legs let out a shiver, Shashi was ready to cum, he could feel the rush rising up in his penis, his balls aching he could not hold on more.
And Shashi came with a massive force, filled cum into the boy’s throat and mouth. Squirt after squirt filling the boy’s throat with Shashi’s semen. The boy swallowed it all, when Shashi withdrew his cock and it took a few gulps for the boy to put it all in.

“How does it taste?” asked a pride filled Shashi.
“Uh …salty and …”
“Did you like it or not?”
“Then we can do this everyday if you promise not to tell anyone.” To which the boy just nodded.

Next morning, at the breakfast table, Uncle Shashi was there before Shailesh entered the room. They met eye to eye, each saying something to the other which no one else was to understand, in a room full of people.
The entire day was spent restlessly by the boy; he was high on anticipation, looking forward to hit the stream later in the night. More importantly, his eyes it seemed were continually searching for Uncle Shashi.

It was 8 O’clock in the night, and it was the same voice again, saying “I am going to the stream, to freshen up a bit. Do you want to come along?”

To be continued.

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2011-02-22 20:27:21
Pretty good story, I give it a 9


2007-03-24 06:49:09


2007-02-08 22:35:36
this is the first review I have ever given. It was wonderful!


2007-02-05 02:02:12
I am an Indian so I can understand better the innersentiments of this story, but my love, do this with more details... adds orgy-sounds to it. It is not that how aroused you or the charecter/s feeled but how arouse you can make to the readers.


2007-02-04 11:17:53
awesome story...keep on writing

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